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James & Katrina

Thank you so much for taking the time to review our profile. We are a down-to-earth and family oriented couple. We love spending quality time with our family, friends and dogs, and especially with each other. We have a ton of love to give, and cannot wait to start the next chapter of our lives as parents through adoption. You are in our prayers as you continue through this journey.

About Us

Software Developer
Property Administrator
Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics
Bachelor's Degree in Business Management
Legally Married

Cultural Diversity

In Central Park

James is Caucasian and Katrina is African American. We both have grown up in culturally diverse areas, and each have families that embrace diversity both within the family and with friends and acquaintances. James attended a high school that was predominantly African American. We attend a diverse church where many African Americans are part of the congregation and serve as elders. Our neighborhood consists of people of many races and cultural backgrounds. As an interracial couple we have had the opportunity of educating our families on both of our cultural backgrounds. We look forward to bringing a child into such a warm and inclusive environment. We know that this child will be loved and accepted by all. As an interracial family, we have learned to always be accepting and understanding of new cultures and are excited to adopt a child and integrate both of our cultures into their lifestyle.

Our Passions

We Love Hiking

We both love being outside. That was one of the things that drew us to each other. We both enjoy hiking and love finding new places to explore, both close to home and a drive away. Just recently we discovered a hiking/biking trail within five minutes of our house. We like to camp and travel, be it in our car, on a cruise or flying to some exciting destination. We are excited to watch a child experience the world around them in so many ways.

Katrina loves being creative, and one of her passions is pottery. She loves the pottery wheel and even though she is nowhere near an professional, she loves watching her creations come to life. She also loves painting and other crafts that show her creative side.

James loves backpacking which is camping to the next level, consisting of just a backpack, sleeping bag, tent and light food. James also loves trains, both actual and model trains. He also loves using technology to create fun projects for the house.

Why We Chose Adoption

The reason that we chose adoption is to start a family and bring a child into a wonderful home full of games, dogs, and fun times. We tried for a few months to get pregnant on our own, but we were unable to conceive a child naturally.

James has always wanted to adopt since he was a young adult in college. James thought it was the best way to exemplify the love of Jesus Christ. While we were dating, we had a discussion about starting a family and Katrina had concerns that she may not be able to give James a child. James reassured Katrina that he felt that he was being called to adopt.

After our attempts to have a child failed, we decided to go all in to adopt a child and start a family. We believe adoption is the best display of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we so want to start a family of our own and to also share our progress and love with the birth mother.



Ready For Some Football!
Ready For Some Football!
Our Pups
Our Pups
Enjoying the View
Enjoying the View
Game Night
Game Night
All Smiles in Punta Cana
All Smiles in Punta Cana
James & Our Nephew
James & Our Nephew
Dancing at a Wedding
Dancing at a Wedding
So Happy Together
So Happy Together
A Walk With the Dogs
A Walk With the Dogs
Neighborhood Party
Neighborhood Party
A Day at the Lake
A Day at the Lake
Enjoying a Concert
Enjoying a Concert
1 / 12
Ready For Some Football!
Ready For Some Football!
2 / 12
Our Pups
Our Pups
3 / 12
Enjoying the View
Enjoying the View
4 / 12
Game Night
Game Night
5 / 12
All Smiles in Punta Cana
All Smiles in Punta Cana
6 / 12
James & Our Nephew
James & Our Nephew
7 / 12
Dancing at a Wedding
Dancing at a Wedding
8 / 12
So Happy Together
So Happy Together
9 / 12
A Walk With the Dogs
A Walk With the Dogs
10 / 12
Neighborhood Party
Neighborhood Party
11 / 12
A Day at the Lake
A Day at the Lake
12 / 12
Enjoying a Concert
Enjoying a Concert

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We absolutely love our neighborhood. We say that moving here was one of the best decisions we have made as a couple.

Our neighborhood has a pool for us to cool down in the summer and we are near many parks.

The neighborhood is great in itself, but our neighbors are the icing on the cake. We get together often for potlucks, outings and other events, big and small. We love having game nights where the adults play different card and board games, and the kids all play together.

One of the great things we love about our street, and the neighborhood in general, is its diversity. Most of our neighbors have children of different ages and are families of all nationalities and ethnicities. As an interracial couple, this was of importance to us. Although we did not know our neighbors when we moved in, as we all moved in right around the same time, it was great to see how diverse our street was.

Our neighborhood is one of the main spots in our town for trick-or-treating. So many houses participate and it's fun to see all the kids and adults dressed up for the festivities. We cannot wait to participate in everything as parents.

Christmas is also fun here, as many of the houses, including ours are amazingly decorated. it's almost like a competition. One of James' favorite movies is Christmas Vacation, so the decorating aspect of the neighborhood was a plus for him!

Our Extended Families

Rehearsal Dinner With Family

James has three siblings (two sisters and one brother), and Katrina has one sister and two nephews.

With James' Family

James' immediate family (parents and siblings) all live in the same state and are 100% on board with our adoption plan. James' parents have expressed excitement at growing the family and are waiting for the day to become grandparents. We love spending time with both sides of our family. James' mom is a special education teacher and really enjoys her job and loves the children she teaches. James' dad is a civil engineer and his main happiness is having family nearby. Both James' parents have family in the state within driving distance, so holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are very family oriented.

Katrina's sister lives in another state, but they see each other as much as they can, especially since Katrina's sister works in the airline industry. She has two boys, so this child will already have built-in cousins. Both families love to travel so family vacations are always a blast.

The three family dogs, Pinnie Lou, Teddy and Lucy also can't wait to expand the family!

From Us to You

Hello, we are James and Katrina. We have been married for just about 4 years and we are excited about the prospect of growing our family through adoption and cannot wait to add a little one into the equation. We would also like to thank you for reading our profile and learning more about us. We know that the time that you are investing in this difficult and emotional decision is very important, and we respect that.

Since the day we started dating, we openly talked about adoption. We tried for some time to conceive a child naturally, but after a while, we turned our attention back to adoption as we both felt that the Lord had another plan for us.

We are both so alike, and yet so different in many ways, and that works so well for us. Being an interracial couple, we have learned to honor and respect our differences as well as learn from each other at the same time. James has become almost an expert at African American natural hair and Katrina has learned that she can watch a documentary and not fall asleep. We ensure that our environment, and our friends circle reflects the diversity and life that we live every day.

For a future child we value the importance of honesty, integrity, a strong work ethic and the ability to be compassionate and stand up for those that can't stand up for themselves. We highly believe that a child should grow in the Lord daily and we expect to have family devotions that will help reinforce these beliefs and values. We cannot wait to encourage a child to be the very best they can be and allow them to grow up as a strong, productive, responsible member of the community. With all of that said, your child will grow up in a relaxed, fun and playful household. We both have hilarious senses of humor, and love to joke with each other. We both can be kids at heart, and have spent days at home playing games with each other. A simple game of UNO can turn into an few hours of hilarious competition. Both of us have no problems getting on a kids' level, especially James. He is usually the one at gatherings who is teaching the kids how to draw chalk Star Wars figures, or being bombarded by the kids during water fights. Our neighbors all love and comment on how much he resonates with their kids. We can't wait for that energy to transfer to our own child.

Family and friends are very important to us, and one thing we are very happy about is that we moved into a neighborhood where our neighbors are like family. We spend a lot of time together for game nights, birthdays, holiday parties and other events. Many of our neighbors have children or are growing their family so your child would already have built in playmates in the neighborhood. Most of James' immediate and extended family lives within driving distance. His parents and siblings are very excited for a little addition to the family. When we talk about our plans for adoption, you can see the joy and excitement on all of their faces. Katrina's sister and nephews live in a different state, but they too cannot wait for the day another niece or nephew joins the family.

We are more than committed to share with you your child's growth, experiences, and all around milestones in their life through photos, letters and other updates. We are also flexible and willing to work out anything else with you. But, most importantly, we will ensure that your child knows how amazing you are and how hard the decision was for you. We will always speak highly of you and will always reflect a positive light on you.

Thank you for considering us as potential parents for your child. We cannot wait to provide all the love, devotion, and support that any child could ask for. You will be in our prayers and we will lift your name up constantly to the Lord, because the journey in front of you is very difficult.

James & Katrina


Matt Damon
Kevin Costner
Halle Berry
Angela Bassett
Mark Twain
Danielle Steel
Robinson Crusoe
The Firm
Candy Bar
The Simpsons
The Simpsons
Childhood Memory
Playing catch with my dad.
Trips to Disneyland and to see my grandparents in Alaska
Childhood Toy
Dalmatian Stuffed animal
Melissa Jane (Cabbage Patch Kid)
Children's Book
The Pokey Little Puppy
Manhattan Beach
Classic Movie
Anatomy of a murder
Breakfast Club
Day of Week
Keylime pie
Boston Cream Pie
Disney Movie
Robin Hood
Dream Car
Ashton Martin
1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ
Dream Job
Island Host
Opening a sanctuary for shelter dogs.
Dream Vacation
Two week cruise around Europe
Family Activity
Flower / Plant
Lazy Susan
Calla Lilly
Bacon Cheeseburger
Homemade pizza
Form of Exercise
Hand and Foot (card game)
Painting and Crafts
Holiday Song
Winter Wonderland
Jingle Bell Rock
Holiday Tradition
Hanging Christmas lights
Egg Nog and being with family.
Ice Cream
Rocky Road
Cookie Dough
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Playing video games
Watching movies
National Geographic
Real Simple
Memory with a Child
Playing Minecraft
Helping to raise my first nephew.
Memory with Spouse
Watching a meteor shower with Katrina on the beach at night
Purchasing and moving into our house
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Breakfast Club
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"You must unlearn what you have learned." - Yoda
The limit does not exist.
Movie Type
Romantic Comedy
Sound of Music
Musical Group
Boards of Canada
New Kids on the Block
Nursery Rhyme
Humpty Dumpty
Little Miss Muffett
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Scott Hanselman
My mom.
Waiting for Godot
Seamus Heaney
Edgar Allen Poe
Quality about my Spouse
Her creativity and her compassion for people and animals
His patience and his ability to reach out to those others would not.
"Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens." -J. R. R. Tolkien
If you're not having fun in life, are you really living?
Sunny's BBQ
In n Out Burger
Tomato Sandwich
2 Corinthians 12:9
Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see
Shopping Store
Dayvan Cowboy
Luther Song
Sport to Play
Flag football
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Sebastian Aho
Sidney Crosby
Sports Team
Carolina Hurricanes
Los Angeles Dodgers
Subject in School
Beast (X-Men)
Iron Man
Thing to Cook
Homemade pizza
Time of Day
Trips to Gatlinburg
TV Show
Criminal Minds
TV Show Character
Dr. Reed
Type of Music
All types
Vacation Spot
Punta Cana
Video Game
Sims 4

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