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Steve & Kate

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. The road to parenthood for us has been long and complicated. However, we remain hopeful, as we believe we have so much love to offer a child. We recognize that placing your child for adoption can be a difficult decision, and therefore we promise you that should we be the right couple, your child will be in a home filled with love and happiness.

About Us

General Manager
Principal Employee Relations Partner
Master's Degree in Business
Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
Legally Married

Discussing Adoption

Christmas With the Ones We Love

We plan to talk with our child about the miracle of his/her adoption from the beginning of their life, in two specific ways.

First, we will tell them that you, their birth mother, gave them two very precious gifts. The first is the gift of life. You created them and cared for them, allowing them to develop and grow in a safe place until they were ready to take on the world. You then gave them the gift of love. You loved them so much that you made the selfless decision to choose adoption, because you felt that would be the very best option for them. We will always be thankful for those two gifts that you gave to our child, and ultimately to our family.

Second, we will tell them that we too, as their parents, want to continue to give them these two very precious gifts every single day. We will give them the gift of life by creating space for them to grow, play and love safely, while learning to navigate the world around them. We will also continue to provide them with unconditional love, and they will always know that they are wanted and supported, and were from the very start.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

We Love Apple Picking in Central Virginia

Kate About Steve: I most admire Steve's drive and compassion. Despite not having a Bachelor's degree, Steve had a meaningful and successful career. He always stated he would never get his degree, because it was just a "stupid piece of paper." School had never been enjoyable for Steve, as he lacked a confidence in his ability to focus and/or achieve good grades, based on his earlier life experiences. However, during a horrible period of medical uncertainty in my life in 2018, Steve made the decision to do everything he could to ensure that he would be able to take care of us, even if I should need to take time away from work. Therefore, on top of picking up two side jobs, Steve went back to school for his Bachelor's degree and managed to graduate with honors. After that, he achieved his MBA. When Steve sets his mind to something, he will accomplish it, no matter what he needs to do. And if there is someone that needs to help, he will move mountains to ensure they are taken care of.

Steve About Kate: I most admire Kate's loyalty, positive attitude, and objectivity. I have always been able to utilize her as a sounding board for ideas on solutions to current and future goals that come to mind. With her being the supportive partner that she is, she always provides feedback that is needed. I am always able to rely on her, in even the most difficult situations. She is my rock. Whenever a goal comes to mind, she enthusiastically helps implement a plan and looks forward to taking the strategic next steps. With her encouragement and loyalty, I have been able to accomplish goals that were previously considered impossible. I appreciate everything that she has to offer and she is my best friend.

Our Family Traditions

New Year's Eve Party

We enjoy many traditions with both sides of our family that have been embedded in each individual family for years. However, in the twelve years we have been together as our own little family, we have created many traditions together that are special just for us, because we know how important and memorable traditions will be for the bigger family we look forward to one day raising together.

It's rare that a year will pass without us hosting a New Year's Eve gathering for all of our friends, family, and neighbors, complete with outrageous food, group games, prizes, and a big countdown around the TV at midnight!

We always dress up on Halloween, even if we don't have any place to go.

Every year on our dog Hank's birthday, we get him a birthday treat and make him wear his birthday business tie!

On every wedding anniversary, we always do something special whether it be going away for the weekend together or going to our favorite restaurant. Regardless of where we go, the one thing we always do is reflect on what we accomplished together in the past year, and marvel at how far we have come in our life and relationship since our modest beginnings. This is a tradition we will look forward to carrying through with our children on each of their birthdays.


Easter With Our Family
Easter With Our Family
Hiking Great Falls
Hiking Great Falls
Our Pup, Hanky
Our Pup, Hanky
Teaching Diana How to Bake Cookies
Teaching Diana How to Bake Cookies
Kate Letting Our Niece & Her Friend Do Her Make-Up
Kate Letting Our Niece & Her Friend Do Her Make-Up
Friendsgiving at Our Home
Friendsgiving at Our Home
Camping at the Top of Flagpole Knob
Camping at the Top of Flagpole Knob
Motorcycle Ride
Motorcycle Ride
Uncle Steve Teaching Our Niece About Kites
Uncle Steve Teaching Our Niece About Kites
Kate & Our Niece
Kate & Our Niece
A Winter Family Wedding
A Winter Family Wedding
At the Top of Freedom Tower in NYC
At the Top of Freedom Tower in NYC
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Easter With Our Family
Easter With Our Family
2 / 12
Hiking Great Falls
Hiking Great Falls
3 / 12
Our Pup, Hanky
Our Pup, Hanky
4 / 12
Teaching Diana How to Bake Cookies
Teaching Diana How to Bake Cookies
5 / 12
Kate Letting Our Niece & Her Friend Do Her Make-Up
Kate Letting Our Niece & Her Friend Do Her Make-Up
6 / 12
Friendsgiving at Our Home
Friendsgiving at Our Home
7 / 12
Camping at the Top of Flagpole Knob
Camping at the Top of Flagpole Knob
8 / 12
Motorcycle Ride
Motorcycle Ride
9 / 12
Uncle Steve Teaching Our Niece About Kites
Uncle Steve Teaching Our Niece About Kites
10 / 12
Kate & Our Niece
Kate & Our Niece
11 / 12
A Winter Family Wedding
A Winter Family Wedding
12 / 12
At the Top of Freedom Tower in NYC
At the Top of Freedom Tower in NYC

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a diverse neighborhood in the middle of a beautiful oak forest in Virginia. Our single-family home sits on five acres of land which is mostly wooded, with three quarters of an acre of yard where we love to enjoy outdoor games, our beautiful seasonal flowers, and look forward to one day building a playground on for our children.

The house has four bedrooms and a lot of space, however our favorite part of the house is the large basement, which is perfect for ping-pong tournaments, movie nights, craft work and play time.

There are multiple families in our neighborhood that we have befriended who have children of their own, ranging from the age of 1 to 14 years of age. You will often times see them happily riding their bikes and playing together.

Our home, land and neighborhood community will provide an excellent environment for growth, development and discovery.

Our Extended Families

Fun at an Escape Room With Our Parents

Family is important to us and we love to spend time with family on a regular basis! Our parents are all a short drive away, and all but one sibling live in the immediate area. Steve is the oldest of four siblings while Kate is the youngest of two. Therefore, there are plenty of cousins who look forward to meeting your child and many more to come in the future!

Steve & His Brother

We enjoy tons of holiday traditions throughout the year to include gathering mistletoe ("mistletoeing") together at Christmas and baking Christmas cookies. We also look forward to our annual New Year's Eve and Fourth of July celebrations that we love to host with family and friends.

Both families are extremely musical and love to play music and sing together often. A typical weekend with our family may include a fun board game, trying out new recipes, Steve's BBQ in our backyard while listening to some great music, swimming at Steve's family pool, or enjoying some outdoor games in our backyard.

From Us to You

Thank you for spending the time to learn about us. We don't know what circumstances led you to consider adoption but we want to take a moment to recognize and acknowledge you for making the expansion of our family a possibility. Although we understand that adoption can be a tough decision, we are confident that you have made it because you believe this is the best option for you and the best option for your baby. Both of those things are equally important to us. We want you to know that we appreciate the lengths you have gone to thus far in your journey.

We hope you have come away from our profile with a solid understanding of who we are and what we are about. Most importantly, we want you to know that since we met in 2008, we have been inseparable and have a solid, loving relationship. We married in 2011 and always knew that we wanted to be parents. However, we decided to put it off until we were financially prepared to provide the best life for our children. Once we had reached a point where we felt settled and stable in our careers and had bought our first home, we were ready to start our family. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen medical complications surrounding our ability to have a healthy pregnancy, we have reached the conclusion that adoption is the best decision for our family, and a decision that we are excited about. Through these challenges, we have learned that we can rely on each other in even the most adverse circumstances, and our inseparable bond has been even more solidified.

We intend to provide our children, whomever they be, with an adventurous yet structured life. We live in a beautiful home in a safe neighborhood with a fantastic school system. We have the financial stability to ensure that structure can remain consistent throughout their upbringing. In addition, our home is on five acres of land where we look forward to playing and exploring the outdoors with our kids. We will go on trips together along with our large village of family and friends that all live close by. Our ultimate goal is to provide our kids with an environment where they have all of the resources and nurturing that they need to become whatever they choose to be.

No matter what you decide, your baby is a priceless gift. If you were to choose us, we would take care of that gift with everything that we have. Every year on our child's birthday, not only will we celebrate them, but we will remember you and the life changing gift you gave to us and to your child. We look forward to sending you a letter each year with updates on what they are accomplishing, how they are developing, and the life experiences they are enjoying. Our baby will always know that you gave them life, and you gave us our family, and for that, you will always be honored in our home.


Steve & Kate


Brad Pitt
Tom Hanks
Kate Winslet
Julia Louis Dreyfus
Michael Crichton
George Orwell
Andromeda Strain
Candy Bar
Happy Hippos
Fast Break
Elmer Fudd
Looney Tunes
Childhood Memory
Building with my dad
Numerous Christmas traditions
Childhood Toy
Tonka Trucks
Marble Run
Children's Book
The Giving Tree
The Missing Piece
Valais, Switzerland
Classic Movie
The Wizard of Oz
Day of Week
Disney Movie
Space Jam
Sleeping Beauty
Dream Car
SSC Tuatara
Dream Job
Business Consultant
Famous singer
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Going to an amusement park
Flower / Plant
Japanese Maple
Gerbera daisies
Form of Exercise
Fourth of July
Holiday Song
Carol of the Bells
Carol of the Bells
Holiday Tradition
Deep frying the turkey
Ice Cream
Empowermint (Ben and Jerry's)
Milk and Cookies (Ben and Jerry's)
Junk Food
Sweet potato chips/fries
Leisure Activity
Motorcycle riding
Harvard Business Review
Do It Yourself
Memory with a Child
Teaching my brother to shave
Teaching my niece how to say her name
Memory with Spouse
Honeymoon in Antigua
Figuring out how to sail on a pontoon sailboat on our honeymoon
Boondock Saints
American Beauty
Movie Munchie
Bacon cheeseburger
Reese's Pieces
Movie Quote
"I'm in a glass case of emotion."
You always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.
Movie Type
The Sound of Music
Musical Group
Mumford and Sons
Nursery Rhyme
Humpty Dumpty
Georgie Porgie
Olympic Event
Downhill slalom
Personal Hero
Valentino Rossi
My husband
Sheer Madness
Shear Madness
Edgar Allan Poe
Shel Silverstein
Quality about my Spouse
His compassion
It's not what happens that defines you, it's how you react to it.
There are no mistakes. Just happy accidents.
The Melting Pot
Bacon cheeseburger
Club sub
Shopping Store
Sporting Goods store
Home Goods
No Leaf Clover (Metallica)
Across the Universe (The Beatles)
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Santana Moss
Sports Team
The Washington Redskins
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Breakfast food
Time of Day
Father's Day camping trip
Our annual New Year's Eve party
TV Show
Chopped Kitchen
TV Show Character
Cosmo Kramer
Type of Music
All music
Vacation Spot
VA Beach
Video Game
Gran Turismo
Doctor Mario

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