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Chase & Abby

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. We believe that adoption is an amazing journey that we are meant to pursue. We know that every child is a precious gift and we can't wait to meet the one destined to be a part of our family. We have so much love and joy to share as parents and we appreciate you considering us.

About Us

Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Sports Medicine
Associate's Degree in Creative Writing/Music
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

Our Family

Adoption has changed our lives so dramatically! We adopted our daughter Zoe two years ago and can't imagine life without her!

Abby got diagnosed with a condition called ulcerative colitis as a teenager. There were many complications and surgeries which led to infertility. We had been wanting to start a family for a while and got the news that it wouldn't happen naturally. We began to explore the possibility of adoption and our hearts became more and more open and excited to the idea. We knew that God had a plan and that we would figure it out.

We pursued the adoption journey with American Adoptions and one day we got a call that a little girl had been born and needed a family. We immediately knew in our hearts that this was our daughter. We got on a plane the next day and our lives have never been the same since. The love, fun and adventure has only increased over the past two years. Zoe is incredible and is the biggest blessing in our lives. We can't wait to see Zoe be a big sister. This child will be so protected and loved. We can't wait for our family grow!

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Fun on the Carousel

Abby About Chase: Chase is an amazing, loving, protective and affectionate person. He is truthful, strong and also has a great sense of humor. I am very fortunate to be married to my best friend. Chase is really good at talking to and reading people and always has the right thing to say in any given situation. He knows how to make people feel comfortable and secure. As his wife, Chase provides me with an atmosphere of love and security and I always know that he has my best interests in mind, above his own. Before we adopted our daughter, I knew that he would bring all of these qualities into fatherhood. Chase has exceeded my expectations as a father. He is so kind, encouraging, protective and loving to our daughter and we can't wait to welcome another child into our family.

Matching Mommy

Chase About Abby: Abby is the perfect mother and wife. Before we were married she quickly got my attention with her cute personality and funny sense of humor. I love the way she genuinely cares for others and has the ability to really get to know a person. She is the first person I go to for advice and always knows the right thing to do. Her confidence and integrity make me feel secure as a husband and father. I think her greatest strength is thinking about others before herself which makes her such a great mommy!

Our Family Traditions

Birthdays are a really big deal in our family and it's really important to make sure the birthday person feels special. We make time to celebrate every birthday in the family. For the birthday celebration we always congregate at Abby's parent's house and there is always a lot of food involved! The birthday person gets to pick the meal and what type of birthday cake they would like. Anything from pie to cheesecake to ice cream cake and everything in-between. There are always presents but just being together and celebrating is the best part!

Christmas morning is probably the next biggest tradition that we have together. Once again, we all gather at Abby's parent's house to exchange gifts every Christmas morning. There are a lot of us in the family so it's chaos and fun! This is really special because this is where Abby grew up and she remembers doing this as a child in the exact same room. We are so excited to involve another child in these special family times.



A Beautiful Hike Together
A Beautiful Hike Together
Fun at the Pool
Fun at the Pool
Ready to Ride a Rollercoaster at Six Flags
Ready to Ride a Rollercoaster at Six Flags
Winter Fun
Winter Fun
Christmas Family Time
Christmas Family Time
Sunset at the Beach
Sunset at the Beach
Fun in the Backyard
Fun in the Backyard
A Fall Afternoon Together
A Fall Afternoon Together
Matching Glasses
Matching Glasses
Daddy Caught Dinner!
Daddy Caught Dinner!
All Dressed Up
All Dressed Up
1 / 12
2 / 12
A Beautiful Hike Together
A Beautiful Hike Together
3 / 12
Fun at the Pool
Fun at the Pool
4 / 12
Ready to Ride a Rollercoaster at Six Flags
Ready to Ride a Rollercoaster at Six Flags
5 / 12
Winter Fun
Winter Fun
6 / 12
Christmas Family Time
Christmas Family Time
7 / 12
Sunset at the Beach
Sunset at the Beach
8 / 12
Fun in the Backyard
Fun in the Backyard
9 / 12
A Fall Afternoon Together
A Fall Afternoon Together
10 / 12
Matching Glasses
Matching Glasses
11 / 12
Daddy Caught Dinner!
Daddy Caught Dinner!
12 / 12
All Dressed Up
All Dressed Up

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Desert Home

We live in a beautiful desert neighborhood located at the base of some Arizona foothills. We experience breathtaking sunsets almost every night as we are surrounded by very unique cacti called saguaros along with other desert scenery. The neighborhood that we live in is the same one where Abby was raised (they moved there when she was one). Her parents still live in the same house and all four of her married siblings, three nieces and two nephews live less than a mile away. Two couples, both of which are our closest friends, live in the neighborhood as well. They each have three kids and we spend a lot of our free time together so our daughter Zoe can play with them. We can't wait to introduce another child to this wonderful circle of friends. It is amazing and very supportive having so many family and friends right in the neighborhood.

Our property is a little less than an acre and our home has three bedrooms and three bathrooms and a lot of living space. Our favorite aspect of our home is the open space of living areas that makes it ideal for entertaining. It feels very warm and makes it easy to spend time together as a family. We have a large, walled in backyard with a big lawn which our daughter Zoe uses to run around and play games with the dogs and we can't wait for another child to come and join the fun!

Our Extended Families

With Grandpa & a Cousin

We both come from very supportive, loving families and share very close relationships with all of them. A lot of our immediate and extended family live close by and we see them often. When we adopted our daughter Zoe both of our families were so incredibly supportive and welcomed her with so much love and we can't wait for another child to experience the same loving acceptance.

Abby's Family

Chase is the oldest of 3 siblings. His whole side of the family lives in Colorado. We enjoy visiting every July to see family and experience the amazing Colorado summers. Most of the family lives in the Denver area so we love going to Rockies games, Downtown Symphonies, horseback riding and just enjoying the beautiful Colorado outdoors.

Abby is the second of five kids. Growing up in a big family was fun and loud--never a dull moment. All four of her siblings are married and live in the same neighborhood. Her parents also live in the same neighborhood, actually the same house that she grew up in. So needless to say there is a lot family very close by and willing to help.

From Us to You

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and consider us as parents for your child. We do not pretend to know your circumstances or the incredible decision you are facing, however we do know that you must be amazing, selfless and loving since you are choosing to give another person life. This child will always know how much they are loved and accepted and will be given every opportunity to succeed. We are so excited to grow our family and appreciate you reading little bit about who we are.

We have been married for 14 years now, how time flies. We love spending time together and can still make each other laugh. We are best friends and over the years have learned how to communicate well with one another. This has resulted in a very strong, loving and stable marriage. Our love for each other and faith in God, makes us confident that we will be able to provide this child with a sense of security, support and excitement for the future. We can't wait to see what he or she will become.

We have one daughter named Zoe. We adopted her two years ago and it the greatest thing that has ever happened to us. She has the funniest, most outgoing personality. She never stops going and is so full of energy. She loves other kids and always points out babies either on TV or at the store. We are confident that she will make a great big sister. We absolutely love being parents and can't wait to welcome the next child into our family.

Family is the most important aspect of our lives. We both come from very loving and supportive families who are great sources of strength. We live in Arizona, where Abby was born and raised. Her entire immediate family (parents and four married siblings) all live in the same town and neighborhood as we do. We have three nieces and two nephews and three more on the way, so lots of cousins to play with! The family also attends church together every Sunday, as it is a very important part of our lives. We see each other multiple times a week and make a point to celebrate each persons birthday. We feel very blessed to have such strong family ties. This provides so much security and support and we know how rare and unique that is. We would do anything for each other, and for this child, the entire crew is so excited to welcome him or her into our family.

Leisure time is spent mostly relaxing around the house gardening, cooking and grilling together (Chase grills the best steak in town), watching movies, and our favorite thing to do together, singing and playing guitar and piano. We have two very active pups as well (who humorously often join in to sing along time). Hunter is an all white, 4-year-old Siberian Husky, who is very social. Dakota is a red and white, 4-month-old Siberian Husky, she is very sweet and follows Hunter everywhere. Zoe loves telling them what to do and often tries to put their leashes on to "take them for a walk."

Chase works from home about half of the time and is home all summer long. Abby is a stay-at-home mom and is loving every minute of it! This child will have both parents around most of the time and a mommy around all the time. We feel that it is very important to be fully involved in every part of a child's growing experiences, especially in the infant/toddler years. We look forward to keeping you up to date with pictures and letters about how they are growing, developing and enjoying life and also the important milestones throughout. Thank you so much for taking the time to get know us!

With love,

Chase & Abby


Tom Cruise
Channing Tatum
Rachel Mcadams
Emma Stone
Mountain Lion
Lee Child
Lee Child
Term Limits
Die Trying
Candy Bar
Tom and Jerry
Childhood Memory
Ski vacations
Fishing in Florida
Childhood Toy
Teddy Ruxpin
Talk Boy
Children's Book
Goodnight moon
Goodnight Moon
Classic Movie
White Christmas
Roman Holiday
Day of Week
Monday (day off!)
Chocolate Lava Cake
Baked Alaska
Disney Movie
The Lion King
Jungle Book
Dream Car
Dodge Ram Diesel 2500
Range Rover
Dream Job
Race Car Driver
Food Critic
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Going to the zoo
Flower / Plant
Palm Tree
Form of Exercise
Weight Training
Catch Phrase
Holiday Song
It's the most Wonderful time of the year
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Getting a Christmas Tree
Christmas Eve Dinner
Ice Cream
Cookie Dough
Mint Chocolate Chip
Junk Food
Fritos and bean dip
Salt and Vinegar Kettle Chips
Leisure Activity
Laying out by the pool
Food Network Magazine
Memory with a Child
Playing on the beach
When our daughter said "mama"
Memory with Spouse
Vacation in Hawaii
Exploring Kauai
10 Things I Hate About You
Movie Munchie
Gummy Worms
Movie Quote
I'm your huckleberry
"big gulps, huh?"
Movie Type
Romantic Comedy
Mama Mia
Mama Mia
Musical Group
Brad Paisley
Plain White Ts
Nursery Rhyme
Hey Diddle Diddle
The Wheels on the Bus
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Abby Campbell
My Dad
A Christmas Carol
Jersey Boys
Robert Frost
Quality about my Spouse
It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog
If it ain't broke don't fix it
Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
Buffalo Chicken
The just shall live by faith
Hebrews 11:1
Shopping Store
She's Everything by Brad Paisley
"Can't Stop The Feeling" Justin Timberlake
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
College Basketball
Sports Star
John Elway
Peyton Manning
Sports Team
Denver Broncos
Subject in School
Spider Man
Captain America
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Dinner time
Christmas Tree
Christmas Eve Dinner
TV Show
The Office
The Resident
TV Show Character
Joey from Friends
Joey on Friends
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Anywhere with a warm beach
Video Game
Mario Brothers

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