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Brett & Marissa

Hello! Our lives changed in many wonderful ways with the adoption of our daughter and we are excited to grow our family through adoption again. We have boundless love to give and hope to share our love for travel, adventure, animals, nature, and learning with another child. We know it takes great strength to make this decision and we are grateful to you for considering us to be parents to your child.

About Us

Physical Scientist
Tax Managing Director
Bachelor's Degrees in Film Production & Environmental Science
Master's Degree in Accounting & Information Systems
Legally Married

Our Adoption Story

At the Harvard Arboretum

We became parents through adoption. Adopting was the best decision of our lives. We feel blessed every day. Our love for our daughter is even greater than we could have imagined. We are grateful to her birth parents and respect them deeply. Being parents has brought a deeper meaning to our lives. Every day we are in awe as we watch our daughter grow and develop. It still melts our hearts every time that she says Mama and Dada. We both have close relationships with our siblings and we would love to have another child so they would both have a sibling too. We are hopeful that we will be blessed again by adoption.

We have told our daughter from a very early age that she is adopted. We have numerous children's books about adoption. We read them often. We plan to answer all questions a child has about adoption openly and honestly in an age appropriate manner. We do not want a child to ever feel ashamed about adoption or that there are any secrets surrounding their adoption. We are keeping copies of the pictures and letters that we send to our daughter's birth mother so she can see them when she is older. When she is old enough, we will have her help write these updates and pick pictures she wants to send. We will honor any adopted child's birth parents and be supportive of them knowing their birth parents if that is what the birth parents want.

Our Leisure Time

Zoo Road Trip

One of our favorite leisure activities is travel. We love new destinations, new people, new cuisines, and new adventures. While living in India, we traveled to many unique countries. Our three favorite trips were to Sichuan, China where we were enchanted by the playful giant pandas and the natural beauty of Jiuzhaigou National Park; New Zealand where we met the warmest people and enjoyed the picturesque landscape; and Kenya where we experienced our first safari. While we love going to the zoo, nothing compares to seeing animals in their natural habitats. We have traveled to 34 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. We both enjoy photography and have some great travel shots. We have not made it to an international destination yet with our daughter, but she has visited twelve states already in less than two years. We cannot wait to travel more with our children!

Baby Quilt Made by Marissa

Marissa enjoys craft hobbies including quilting, counted cross-stitch, and crocheting. She made quilts for each niece and nephew and our daughter. Brett loves movies, music, and bird watching. We enjoy spending time with family, cooking, reading, sports, and spending time outdoors. When the family gathers, playing board games and cards is a must. One of the ways we knew we were meant for each other was when we played catch with a baseball in the backyard on one of our first dates. We enjoy learning new things. We enjoy sharing our love of nature, wildlife, sports, and travel with children.

Cultural Diversity

At the Park With Friends

Our daughter is black. We make conscious choices to encourage her to build relationships with the black community. She loved her first visit with black Santa but liked the live reindeer even better! At the local Juneteenth celebration, she got her first piece of art from a black artist. Our daughter attends a diverse daycare and we are searching for a black church where she can meet friends and build relationships with role models. We purchase many children's books with black main characters. We want to help our children celebrate their heritage and be proud of their culture.

We returned two years ago from Marissa's three-year work assignment in India. Living in a different culture had a profoundly positive impact on us. We left the assignment with friends across the globe, an expanded world view and a love for new experiences.

By living in India and having a black daughter, we have gained a new appreciation for ethnic and cultural identity. We will ensure your child knows about their ethnic and cultural heritage. We would love to hear about special traditions or customs you would like passed down. We will strive to find opportunities for your child to interact with and learn from people that share their cultural identity.



Discovering Croatia
Discovering Croatia
Ruaha National Park, Tanzania
Ruaha National Park, Tanzania
Fun in the Harvest Festival Corn Pit
Fun in the Harvest Festival Corn Pit
Foggy Chicago
Foggy Chicago
Kanazawa Castle in Japan
Kanazawa Castle in Japan
Boston Commons
Boston Commons
Exploring the Slovenian Alps
Exploring the Slovenian Alps
A Great Day at the Playground
A Great Day at the Playground
Feeding a Giraffe
Feeding a Giraffe
Lunch in Vienna
Lunch in Vienna
Lincoln Park Conservatory
Lincoln Park Conservatory
Birding in Hungary
Birding in Hungary
1 / 12
Discovering Croatia
Discovering Croatia
2 / 12
Ruaha National Park, Tanzania
Ruaha National Park, Tanzania
3 / 12
Fun in the Harvest Festival Corn Pit
Fun in the Harvest Festival Corn Pit
4 / 12
Foggy Chicago
Foggy Chicago
5 / 12
Kanazawa Castle in Japan
Kanazawa Castle in Japan
6 / 12
Boston Commons
Boston Commons
7 / 12
Exploring the Slovenian Alps
Exploring the Slovenian Alps
8 / 12
A Great Day at the Playground
A Great Day at the Playground
9 / 12
Feeding a Giraffe
Feeding a Giraffe
10 / 12
Lunch in Vienna
Lunch in Vienna
11 / 12
Lincoln Park Conservatory
Lincoln Park Conservatory
12 / 12
Birding in Hungary
Birding in Hungary

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a suburb of a medium-sized city within walking distance of the local schools. Our suburb has lovely parks, soccer and baseballs fields, community swimming pools, and a lake that we frequently visit. It is a safe community with many young children in the neighborhood. Our daughter loves playing with the neighbor kids! The neighborhood we live in is family friendly and hosts numerous events throughout the year including an Easter egg hunt, family movies and BBQs by the pool, breakfast with Santa, and the crowd favorite Halloween trail. We are frequent visitors to the local zoo, arboretum, and art museums. There are several art fairs every year where we enjoy strolling around looking at the art, enjoying the live music, and sampling dishes from various local restaurants.

We have a very eclectic style. Marissa appreciates history and family heritage so we have a number of pieces of antique furniture passed down through her family. We also have a collection of Asian art that we acquired during our travels when we lived in India. Finding a way to balance the old and the new is an exercise in creativity.

Our home has four bedrooms and plenty of extra room for when the family visits. We have a fenced yard, great for playing with kids. We look forward to adding another child to games of catch (though we are still rolling the ball to catch at this point), shooting hoops, and building snowmen in the yard.

Our Extended Families

Aunt Coco & Family

We share close relationships with our families which means a great deal to us. We get together with Marissa's sister to see movies, cook, bake, play mini-golf, or attend sporting events. We even explore some of the less well-known sports like roller derby and kabaddi. We have two nieces and a nephew and we have found every opportunity to visit them. Marissa enjoys reading to her nieces and nephew while Brett enjoys playing with them and teaching them things.

Cousins at Christmas

The family gathers at Marissa's parents' house for the holidays. We love this time of year, because we look forward to spending time with our extended families. The festivities are even more fun now that the young children anticipate the visit from Santa, baking sugar cookies, and the joy of Christmas.

We like to play card games and board games with our families. We also enjoy watching football and basketball games and cheering for our favorite teams.

Our parents and siblings are all very excited about our plan to adopt again and look forward to us adding to our family. Our daughter is very social and is excited to have a sibling.

From Us to You

Hello, or Namaste as we might have said during our three years living in India. We are Brett and Marissa and we thank you for reading a little bit about us. We do not know your circumstances but we believe you are strong, courageous, and loving for considering adoption for your child. If you select us to be parents for your child, we will show them love and kindness every day.

We have been married for nearly twelve years and are excited about adding another child to our family. We love nature and animals. We are frequent visitors to the zoo and nature parks. Some days we go to the lake in hopes of seeing a heron fishing. We also love to travel in the United States as well as internationally. While we enjoy art, museums, and history, we always try to find a way to see the natural beauty in each place that we visit. While the historical sites in Rome were amazing, we had the best time pedaling around the park in a quadricycle. In Chengdu, China, we were mesmerized by the juvenile giant pandas playing and tumbling about. We look forward to road trips and family vacations with children. There are many national parks that we cannot wait to explore as a family.

We are excited to have another child as part of our family. Brett loves movies, music, animals, and birdwatching. He enjoys sharing his love for animals and learning with our daughter. He was quick to teach her how to make animal noises. Marissa enjoys crafts and singing silly songs. We definitely share our sense of whimsy with our child. We both enjoy cooking and baking. When our family gets together at the holidays, it turns into a cooking extravaganza where everyone throws in a helping hand. Homemade pies are a must! We both love to read and collected children's books from foreign countries during our travels to share with our children. We have found many wonderful books with black main characters to allow our daughter to have stories with people that look like her. We cannot wait to see what passions a child will choose to follow and will be supportive of their interests even if they are very different from ours.

We have a life filled with love, laughter, and learning. We live in a good neighborhood and the local schools have small class sizes. We both enjoy lifetime learning and we hope to instill this same love in a child. For example, after we finished an elephant ride in Sri Lanka our guide told us that the building next door was an elephant poop paper factory. We asked for a tour and were thrilled when he made it happen. What fun!

Your child will always know that they joined our family through adoption. We already have some excellent children's books to help reinforce the concept in a way that a young child can understand. Your child will know where they came from. We will tell the child about you. We believe it is important for a child to understand adoption. Through letters, emails, and photos we hope to share their life, milestones, and accomplishments with you. It is important to us to be open and honest about adoption with a child from the beginning. We will be supportive if the child wants to connect with their birth family. We are also open to interaction with the birth family throughout the child's life if that is what the birth family would like.

Adoption is a gift and we will love a child with all of our hearts. We look forward to the opportunity to help our daughter become a big sister. She is already excited to have a sibling. We struggled with infertility, but we are thrilled to have become a family through adoption. We would welcome your child with loving arms, big hearts, and open minds. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us. We admire your strength and courage in considering adoption for your child. We send kind and peaceful thoughts for you as you continue your journey.

Brett & Marissa


Chow Yun Fat
Idris Elba
Marsai Martin
Ellen Pompeo
Red Panda
Red Panda
Jonathan Kellerman
Nelson DeMille
Our Magnificent Wildlife (Reader's Digest 1979)
The Winds of War
Candy Bar
100 Grand
Peg + Cat
Dora the Explorer
Childhood Memory
Reading about animals with my brother
Cooking with Mom
Childhood Toy
Children's Book
Little Blue Truck
The Lorax
Vancouver, BC
Venice, Italy
Classic Movie
The Searchers
Arsenic and Old Lace
Day of Week
Ice cream sundae
Gooseberry pie
Disney Movie
Robin Hood (1973)
The Lion King
Dream Car
Long-range electric
'53 Packard Pacific
Dream Job
Wildlife conservation
Travel Writer
Dream Vacation
Antarctic cruise
Galapagos Islands
Family Activity
Card games
Flower / Plant
Roasted turkey
Form of Exercise
Holiday Song
Winter Weather (Squirrel Nut Zippers version)
Frosty the Snowman
Holiday Tradition
Putting up the Christmas tree
Christmas dinner with family
Ice Cream
Lime sherbet
Rocky road
Junk Food
Gummy bears
Leisure Activity
National Geographic
Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting
Memory with a Child
Daily bedtime routine
Silly songs with our daughter
Memory with Spouse
Meeting our daughter
Meeting our daughter
Black Panther
Movie Munchie
Milk Duds
Movie Quote
"I'm your huckleberry."
"Here's looking at you, kid."
Movie Type
My Fair Lady
Musical Group
The Highway Men
Nursery Rhyme
Animal Fair
Tell Me, Little Maidens
Olympic Event
4x100 Relay
Personal Hero
Sir David Attenborough
My mom
The Producers
Shel Silverstein
Shel Silverstein
Quality about my Spouse
Sense of humor
Sense of humor
"The Mariners are going to play for the American League Championship! I don't believe it! It just continues! My oh my!" - Dave Niehaus
"Each is given a bag of tools, a shapeless mass, a book of rules. And each must make, ere life has flown, a stumbling block or a stepping stone." - R.L. Sharpe
Tim Ho Wan
Tim Ho Wan
Matthew 7:12
Psalm 23
Shopping Store
Local quilt shops
"No One Knows" by Queens of the Stone Age
"Seven Spanish Angels" by Willie Nelson and Ray Charles
Sport to Play
Hilarious badminton
Hilarious badminton
Sport to Watch
NCAA basketball
Sports Star
King Felix (Hernandez)
Billie Jean King
Sports Team
Seattle Mariners
Kansas Jayhawks
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Slow smoked pork shoulder
Cheddar potatoes
Time of Day
Semi-regular celebration of first meeting (Friday the 13th)
Sunday dinners
TV Show
The Black List
TV Show Character
Richard Castle
Dr. Sheldon Cooper
Type of Music
Grunge (rock)
Vacation Spot
Ruaha National Park, Tanzania
Sichuan, China
Video Game
Final Fantasy 6 (3 in the US)
Yoshi's Wooly World

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