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Bobby & Michael

Hello! We're Bobby and Michael from Chicago. Your strength and love in even considering adoption means everything to our family. We hope these stories and photos give you a sense of how much our family means to us, and the unconditional love we would be grateful to share with your child. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

About Us

Strategy Director
Master's Degree in Business
Master's Degree in Architecture
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

Bobby's Sister & Her Family

We're thankful that from day one, our child will have a strong support network of family and friends with personal ties to adoption. They will have family who can relate to the experience, and will know and love other families who look like ours.

Seven years ago, Bobby's sister Gina, and her husband Joe, adopted a baby boy (also named Bobby)! They've since been blessed to adopt Emory and Theo. Like all of our nieces and nephews, we can't imagine our lives and family without them.

Reading Comics With Our Nephew

Gina's family lives close by and is such a big part of our lives. We're so grateful that our child will be able to grow up with and bond over adoption with their cousins.

Bobby's other sister Sara, worked with birth moms as an adoption counselor. She knows a lot about the love birth parents have and she's not shy to talk about it. We're thankful our child will have an aunt who can speak to that love.

We also have many friends with personal ties to adoption, who can't wait to be honorary "aunts" and "uncles."

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

We're Best Friends

Bobby Through Michael's Eyes: It's hard being on Bobby's team when we have game nights because he doesn't care about winning, all he cares about is making everyone laugh. His sense of humor and big heart are what made me fall in love with him. He's the type of guy who'll spend a Saturday mentoring teens at an arts program, and then spend Sunday photo-shopping our family's faces onto cartoons to make a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Nephews" coloring book. He's ridiculous, loves kids, and at heart, is one too.

When I think about him being a dad, I picture him being a big, sentimental softy ... heavy on the "I love yous," and always ready with a corny dad joke or two.

Michael Through Bobby's Eyes: Michael didn't just bring back souvenirs from our trip to Japan, he put together a slideshow to share all of the sights, sounds, and smells with our families. He is the smartest and most caring person I know. His passion for food, art, and travel is contagious. His excitement alone is enough to convince me to try mystery seafood, go to art exhibits on "Butter Sculptures," and overcome my fears to fly halfway around the world.

When I think about the type of dad he'll be I see a teacher, ready to explore the world with our little guy or girl; ... and hopefully, a dad who can use that "contagious excitement" to get them to try vegetables at dinner.

Cultural Diversity

As gay men we both know a lot about identity, being "different," and the importance of being connected to one's community and culture.

Growing up neither of us had gay role models, gay teachers, or gay friends. Bobby had never even met an openly gay person when he came out at 16, and Michael moved to Chicago as an adult largely because he wanted to know and be around other gay people. Feeling a part of the LGBT community was the first time we felt safe, confident, and understood. We had to wait until we were adults to feel those things, which is why as dads it's important to us that our child feel connected to their racial, ethnic, and cultural communities from day one.

We will do everything we can to celebrate and take part in our child's culture. We will do everything we can to make sure our child lives, plays, and goes to school in places where they won't feel "different."



Adventures in South Africa
Adventures in South Africa
Bobby Goofing With the Nephews
Bobby Goofing With the Nephews
Busy Tokyo
Busy Tokyo
Michael at the Pumpkin Patch With Our Nephew
Michael at the Pumpkin Patch With Our Nephew
At the Women's March
At the Women's March
Crafting With Our Nieces
Crafting With Our Nieces
We Love Making Art in Our Sunroom
We Love Making Art in Our Sunroom
A Kiss in Paris
A Kiss in Paris
Friday Donut Date
Friday Donut Date
We Love Christmas!
We Love Christmas!
Picnic With Our Nephews
Picnic With Our Nephews
We Love World Travel
We Love World Travel
1 / 12
Adventures in South Africa
Adventures in South Africa
2 / 12
Bobby Goofing With the Nephews
Bobby Goofing With the Nephews
3 / 12
Busy Tokyo
Busy Tokyo
4 / 12
Michael at the Pumpkin Patch With Our Nephew
Michael at the Pumpkin Patch With Our Nephew
5 / 12
At the Women's March
At the Women's March
6 / 12
Crafting With Our Nieces
Crafting With Our Nieces
7 / 12
We Love Making Art in Our Sunroom
We Love Making Art in Our Sunroom
8 / 12
A Kiss in Paris
A Kiss in Paris
9 / 12
Friday Donut Date
Friday Donut Date
10 / 12
We Love Christmas!
We Love Christmas!
11 / 12
Picnic With Our Nephews
Picnic With Our Nephews
12 / 12
We Love World Travel
We Love World Travel

Our House and Neighborhood

Having Fun at the Neighborhood Park

We live in a diverse neighborhood on the north side of Chicago, home to many young families with children. You can always hear kids playing in the front yard of our courtyard building, and there are three playgrounds, a swimming pool, and two elementary schools within walking distance of our home. We moved to this neighborhood because it's very family-friendly and offers easy access to all of the places we love and can't wait to share with your child: art and history museums, farmer's markets, parks and gardens, the aquarium and zoo, Lake Michigan, the opera, and theater district.

Our Home

We fell in love with our home because it's close to 100 years-old and has all of Chicago's old school charm. Family photos and paintings (some we've made and others we've collected), decorate the walls of our three-bedroom condo. Michael picks fresh flowers for our sun room and entryway every week. Bobby loves to entertain and host big family gatherings in our dining room (where we sat 17 people at Christmas!).

Our Extended Families

We Come From a Big Family

We aren't the only ones excited to welcome your child into our family! Bobby's mom, our 7 brothers and sisters, and our 8 nieces and nephews all live within an hour from our home. Michael's parents also make frequent trips to Chicago and can't wait to meet the new baby.

Laughing With Bobby's Siblings

We visit with family about every other week, and not a birthday, Christmas, Halloween, or Thanksgiving goes by without everyone getting together to celebrate. Every summer we go to a lake house for "family reunions" where we make dinners together, play board games, and wear matching t-shirts.

The love we have for our families was the biggest thing we had in common when we met 10 years ago, and is the biggest reason for us wanting to become parents.

While Bobby's father passed away when he was 19, he too would have been so thrilled to learn about our plans to adopt. He taught Bobby and his siblings so much about love and family.

From Us to You

Thank you.

While we're writers and artists, neither of us can find the words or pictures to express how we're feeling, knowing that you're reading this. Your strength and love in even considering adoption means everything to our family.

Though we've never met you, we're thinking about who you are and where you might be every single day. It's our hope that you're feeling respected, loved, and supported right now. We understand that the decisions you're making are difficult and can't imagine what this feels like for you.

We can tell you that we are ready and excited to welcome your child into our family. We're prepared to offer a loving and secure home for your child, filled with laughter, family, and hope. We have been together as a family for ten years, married for seven, and have been hoping and waiting to become dads for the last five.

The love we would share with your child as dads would be unconditional. We promise to teach them to be kind and compassionate. We promise to encourage their interests and provide opportunities for them to explore their loves, hopes, and dreams. We promise to celebrate who they are as an individual and integrate their cultural roots into our family tree. We promise to do everything we can to give them a strong sense of pride in who they are and where they come from.

From the experiences we have had with adoption through our extended family, we know how important openness is for everyone. We know that every relationship is different, and that relationships change over time. We respect and appreciate that. Our hope is that our child feel connected to their birth family throughout their life. Our hope for openness, is a relationship where you will always know that your child is okay and never have to wonder. And likewise, that your child can know you, and will never have to wonder about who you are and the family they came from.

While we don't know you or your hopes and wants related to openness, we promise to send pictures and letters, and visit when you are able.

Again, we can't thank you enough for taking the time to learn about our family and hopes, as you explore adoption.

With love from the bottom of our hearts,

Bobby & Michael


Dwayne Johnson / The Rock
Melissa McCarthy
Kurt Vonnegut
X-Men comic books
The Corrections
Candy Bar
Childhood Memory
Dancing to Please Mr. Postman with my siblings
Gardening with my father
Childhood Toy
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teddy bear
Children's Book
The Giving Tree
Three Billy Goats Gruff
Tokyo, Japan
Classic Movie
Jurassic Park
Star Wars
Day of Week
My Grammy's recipe for cookies
Chocolate cake
Disney Movie
The Lion King
Dream Car
Dream Job
Art Critic
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Movie night
Flower / Plant
Cherry Blossom
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Form of Exercise
Weight lifting or Running
Holiday Song
Carol of the Bells
We Need a Little Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Making cookies and treats for Christmas Eve with our families
Christmas Dinner
Ice Cream
Peanut butter and chocolate
Chocolate peanut butter
Junk Food
Pork Rinds
Leisure Activity
Going to art museums
Fine Homebuilding
Memory with a Child
Making my nieces and nephews laugh
Movie night with our nieces
Memory with Spouse
Walking all across Tokyo
Travelling across Japan
Movie Munchie
Sour Patch Kids
Movie Type
Science Fiction or Action
Hamilton or Rent
Les Miserables
Olympic Event
Downhill skiing
Personal Hero
My parents
Angels in America
Quality about my Spouse
His curiosity
Sense of Humor
Shaw's Crab House
Shopping Store
Saks off Fifth
Subject in School
Creative writing
Storm of the X-Men
Thing to Cook
Homemade pizza
Any kind of roast
Time of Day
Homemade pizza and movie nights with Michael
Christmas Tree decorating
TV Show
Schitt's Creek
TV Show Character
Karen from Will & Grace
Type of Music
Motown or 80s pop
Vacation Spot
Miami Beach
Miami Beach
Video Game
Old school Mario Brothers

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