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If you would like to learn more about us, please call 1-800-ADOPTION (2367846), fill out the form at the bottom of our on-line profile page, or email us at

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Benjamin & Alyssa

We are thankful for your time and consideration in viewing our profile. Since a young age, we have felt our family would not be a family without adoption. We want to create a family that is fun-loving, compassionate, respectful, hard-working, God-first, and united. We can't imagine the difficult decision in front of you. You and your child will be in our prayers as you continue on the journey ahead.

About Us

Sales Manager
Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Master's Degree in Soil Science
Associate's Degree
Legally Married

Leisure Time

Hiking with Out Pups at the State Park

We enjoy going hiking in state parks and make it a priority on vacations. There is a river that runs behind our home and we love to kayak on it and the surrounding lakes. Ben has Jet-skis and loves to get out and ride them with friends during the summer. In the winter we enjoy going out in the snow to have snowball fights and to enjoy its beauty. We also have two dogs, a rescue mix and a Newfoundland, that we love to play with. Alyssa and Luna, have competed in water rescue and obedience competitions, which is something we enjoy working on together. We love the idea of having a child in our home with two dog-sisters to look out for him/her.

Being a part of a church community is important to our lives. Both of us have been youth group leaders to middle school students for three years. It has allowed us to learn from the students and see how God is working in each of their lives. We also served with the second and third graders during church services. We are blessed with an awesome family and a great friend community. We enjoy playing board games, exploring new restaurants, going to sporting events and sitting around having good conversations. We want nothing more than to share these memories with a child.

Cultural Diversity

We know it’s a difficult idea imagining your child being raised in a family that is not from the same cultural background. We hope to provide you comfort knowing that we will make sure our child has a community with people who share their cultural background. We look forward to sharing with this child the powerful people that look the same as he/she does. Most importantly, there will always be open communication in our home and we will welcome any questions or desires they have.

Alyssa's best friend, since age of 10, was born in Mexico. Alyssa grew up having meals around their table where no English was spoken. This gave her a desire to learn about and embrace cultures outside of her own. Today, we are a close-knit family and are proud Tia and Tio (Aunt and Uncle) to three amazing children. This has taught us we are better people when we embrace the many wonderful cultures of the world.

We continue to strive to learn more about transracial adoption and ways we can be the best parents to a child through books, building relationships, conferences, and exploring different parts of our city. We don't take this decision lightly and want to provide the best environment possible for your child to grow up.

Our Favorite Vacation Spot

Morning Walk on the Beach

Our favorite vacation spot is Kaua’i. After Ben finished graduate school, we packed up and took at two-week belated honeymoon. We packed so many things into the two weeks. We rode ATVs through the lush countryside, took a helicopter ride to the waterfall from Jurassic Park, hiked two different mountains, visited a fern grotto, experienced a traditional Hawaiian luau, relaxed on the beaches surrounded by mountains, and ate our weight in one-of-a-kind food. On this trip Ben learned how much he loves the Polynesian culture. He always had several questions to ask at each location we visited. Usually about what species of plant we were looking at or the legacy/heritage of the Polynesians. Alyssa was grateful to spend more time with her best friend. Alyssa loved relaxing on the beach and watching Ben try to boogie board. We made wonderful new memories and experience new adventures together in Hawaii and would love to take a child there one day!



Helicopter Ride to See the Waterfall from Jurassic Park
Helicopter Ride to See the Waterfall from Jurassic Park
Family Photo in Our Home
Family Photo in Our Home
Ben & Luna Love the Snow!
Ben & Luna Love the Snow!
Striking a Pose at Disney World
Striking a Pose at Disney World
Celebrating Ben's Graduation
Celebrating Ben's Graduation
On a Mission Trip in Guatemala
On a Mission Trip in Guatemala
'Tio' Ben Hanging Out with His Little Buddy
"Tio" Ben Hanging Out with His Little Buddy
Out to Dinner in Hawaii
Out to Dinner in Hawaii
Cheering on the Badgers with Alyssa's Brother
Cheering on the Badgers with Alyssa's Brother
Out on the Water with the Pups
Out on the Water with the Pups
Checking Out Falls Park in South Dakota
Checking Out Falls Park in South Dakota
Christmas with Our Girls
Christmas with Our Girls
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Helicopter Ride to See the Waterfall from Jurassic Park
Helicopter Ride to See the Waterfall from Jurassic Park
2 / 12
Family Photo in Our Home
Family Photo in Our Home
3 / 12
Ben & Luna Love the Snow!
Ben & Luna Love the Snow!
4 / 12
Striking a Pose at Disney World
Striking a Pose at Disney World
5 / 12
Celebrating Ben's Graduation
Celebrating Ben's Graduation
6 / 12
On a Mission Trip in Guatemala
On a Mission Trip in Guatemala
7 / 12
'Tio' Ben Hanging Out with His Little Buddy
"Tio" Ben Hanging Out with His Little Buddy
8 / 12
Out to Dinner in Hawaii
Out to Dinner in Hawaii
9 / 12
Cheering on the Badgers with Alyssa's Brother
Cheering on the Badgers with Alyssa's Brother
10 / 12
Out on the Water with the Pups
Out on the Water with the Pups
11 / 12
Checking Out Falls Park in South Dakota
Checking Out Falls Park in South Dakota
12 / 12
Christmas with Our Girls
Christmas with Our Girls

Our Extended Families

Ben's Family

For us, family is a very important component to a fulfilling life. Alyssa’s mom, dad and stepmom, and Ben’s parents live within miles of one another in the Kansas City area. They are looking forward to us moving back and being close to future grandchildren, but are excited to make frequent trips to Wisconsin to visit this child. We are grateful to have grandparents that desire to have grandchild outings to make special memories with this child.

Alyssa's Family

We both have one older brother. Alyssa's brother is nearby and is ready to be the fun-loving uncle. Ben's brother and sister-in-law live near his parents and have a new baby. We are looking forward to the special times cousins can spend together and stay connected as they grow up.

Alyssa's dad works in the mission field in Guatemala annually. Alyssa has been often and this summer will be Ben's first trip. We envision a child being a part of Grandpa's legacy and expanding their cultural knowledge participating in trips when the child is older. Alyssa's mom loves horseback riding and we look forward to giving a child the opportunity to broaden their horizon with learning to ride horses with Grandma. With Ben's family, visiting Disney World has always been a family favorite. With the new additions to the family, we can’t wait for the memories of excitement and laughter that will be made.

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live on a two-acre riverfront property. Our location is ideal for us because it is on the outskirts of town, so it's quieter and more peaceful, but we are 10 minutes away from the larger city for community activities. With many families in our neighborhood, we see many children playing around the community. We are surrounded by four lakes so summer is filled with water sports, kayaking and walks around the lake. No matter where we live, being around lakes is very important to us and something we want for a child.

We Love the Beautiful Views at the Lake

Our home has five bedrooms and an open layout that allows us to call out to one another from most parts of the home. Alyssa has taken over one of the bedrooms with crafts. She enjoys sewing for friend's babies and is looking forward to making special items for this child. Our kitchen is the hub of our home, with a big island and dogs always looking for a handout. We are looking forward in making many yummy home cooked meals with this child.

We have a desire to move to the Kansas City area in the coming years. We want to be close to our family and close friends. Moving to Kansas City will give us a greater ability to provide a community, school, and neighborhood that is culturally diverse for a child.

From Us to You

We want to start by thanking you for taking the time to read our profile, learn more about us and hopefully have a better understanding of the life we want to provide for your child. To us, you are so strong and brave for considering this option for your child's future.

We were first introduced by Benjamin's dad. He was a co-worker of Alyssa's and proceeded to arrange a date for his son (the same day Benjamin broke his collarbone snowboarding). Alyssa really said "yes" because she wanted a free meal. It was evident after our first date that there was something special between us and we fell in love quickly after. We married about two years later in a beautiful winter ceremony in Colorado. After three years of marriage, we have learned to find strength, trust, and an abundance of love in one another. We know marriage is a lifelong commitment and are dedicated to making it an integral part of our family unit.

Benjamin is a Sales Administration Manager at a lawn care company. It is a great company that is family focused and allows him to have a flexible schedule. The same company has a branch in Kansas City, which will be a great option when we consider moving. Benjamin has always hoped to have children to share the joys of life with. Alyssa works part-time at a local Pilates studio, and is our Estate Manager (she is much more than "stay-at-home") the other part of the week. She works on making and selling her handcrafted paper and fabric creations. She worked in the Physical Therapy field for 7 years, so she has the medical background to keep the family educated. Ever since a young child, her biggest life desire has been to be a mom who can raise a child at home.

We have long desired to have a family that is diverse. One that is diverse in heritage, knowledge, strengths, weaknesses and passions. We want to find ways to celebrate what makes us the same and what makes us unique. We plan to raise this child in a home with Christian values and morals. Our daily focus is to grow in our thinking and understanding to be the best individuals we can be in all aspects of life. We are committed to this child so he/she will feel loved, supported, and given many opportunities to succeed in life.

It brings us delight to connect with you in whichever way you feel is best. We will always make you a part of this child's life. We want him/her to know the strength, love and bravery you demonstrated before he/she was old enough to remember. We would love to communicate with you through phone calls, text messages and emails to grow a healthy relationship. We are open to building greater connections with visits when the time is right. It would be a joy to send you letters and pictures that capture the milestones in your child's life. We know that numerous crayon scribbled pages will mean as much to you as they do to us. We want nothing more than to speak about you in the most positive way to your child.

Again, words can't express the gratitude we have towards you and your decision. We would love the opportunity to be parents to this child. We know this is not possible without your strength and courage. Thank you for your consideration!

With love and respect,

Benjamin & Alyssa


Chris Hemsworth
All the Dogs!
Rachel Hollis
Girl Wash Your Face
Candy Bar
Peanut Butter M&Ms
Rocket Power
Winnie the Pooh
Childhood Memory
Going to my grandparent's lake house in Minnesota and making memories at the lake.
Having Daddy/Daughter dates, Getting to helpout in the kitchen
Childhood Toy
Hot Wheel cars and giving them human characteristics
A Baby Doll or Barbies
Children's Book
Any Berenstain Bears book
Guess How Much I Love You
Classic Movie
To Kill A Mickingbird
Day of Week
Coconut cream pie
Anything! I have a second stomach just for desserts
Disney Movie
Big Hero 6
Lion King
Dream Car
Infiniti QX80- room for kids and big dogs
Dream Vacation
Africa! To hike Kilimanjaro!!
Family Activity
Exploring something new together
Flower / Plant
Kentucky bluegrass
Peony- they remind me of my grandma
Sunny Side Up Eggs
A salad with a lot of ingredients with a side of french fries
Form of Exercise
Weight lifting
Fresh peaches or cherries
Forbidden Island
Ticket to Ride
Paper Crafting or Sewing
Christmas Season
Holiday Song
Little Drummer Boy
All of them!
Holiday Tradition
Baking and decorating Christmas cookies
We drive around and look at all the light displays on homes or in parks
Ice Cream
Chocolate chop cookie dough
Junk Food
Ruffles with hot sauce and lime
Leisure Activity
Playing Sports
Walking our dogs or spending time with friends/family
Memory with a Child
Going to Disney World with one of our best friend's child for her first time.
Taking my best friend's son on dates around the city just the two of us.
Memory with Spouse
Honeymoon in Kaua'i
Going to Kauai for our delayed Honeymoon. Exploring the island together while strengthening our marriage.
Thor: Ragnarok
A Walk to Remember
Movie Munchie
Popcorn with lots of butter and jalapenos mixed in.
Good Popcorn with extra butter and jalapenos
Movie Type
Drama or Disney
Lion King
Musical Group
Led Zeppelin
Nursery Rhyme
This Little Piggy
Olympic Event
Any snowboarding event
To Kill A Mockingbird
Quality about my Spouse
Her loving heart
His laid-back personality
Viking Brew Pub
Mediterranean or Southern home cooking.
Chicken salad or roasted veggies
Proverbs 15:1
Phillipians 4:7
Shopping Store
Home Goods
Ramble On by Led Zeppelin
Stronger- Mandisa
Sport to Play
Rock Climbing
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Patrick Mahomes
So Many NFL Players
Sports Team
Wisconsin Badgers
Wisconsin Badgers/ I love the NFL!
Subject in School
Science- Anatomy and Physiology
Captain Marvel
Thing to Cook
Eggs with toast and hot sauce
Something I've never made before
Time of Day
Meal time (mainly breakfast)
Whenever the sun is out
TV Show
Grey's Anatomy
Type of Music
Classic rock
Something with a good beat to boogie
Vacation Spot
Wherever the beach and the mountains meet
Video Game
Legend of Zelda
Mario Party

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