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Matt & Jara

We are Matt and Jara from Kansas. We are very excited about the opportunity to grow our family through adoption and we know you have a very difficult decision ahead of you. We hope that you find the answers you are looking for and may you find peace and comfort with your decision on this journey.

About Us

Design Engineer - Mechanics
Sourcing Specialist
Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Master's Degree in Business, Finance
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Cheering on the Royals

We are fortunate that we don't have to commute for work and we both work in the town we live in. It allows us to have plenty of free time at home. Our favorite activity is walking our dogs, Toby and Specko. They've been our main source of entertainment during the last couple of years especially during the work week. We try to take them to the local dog park at least once a week and walk with them daily.

We love sporting events and live close to the University of Kansas. During the fall we like to go to KU volleyball games and we catch as many basketball games as we can. Kansas City is known for having the loudest fans in the country at Chiefs football games so during the winter, Sundays are for football. We have a group of friends that gets together often to watch the games.

Matt enjoys wood working projects. He made a dresser and is currently working on a desk. He also remodeled most of our previous house on his own. He is very talented.

Jara stays active and takes yoga classes at the local recreation center. She likes to sew and has made several quilts.

We also love to watch movies and binge watching TV series. We are looking forward to what leisure time will look like with a child and expect that we will spend a lot of time at the neighborhood park and making memories.

Our Favorite Vacation Spot

Sunset at the Beach

Our absolute favorite vacation spot is Orange Beach, Alabama. Jara started going there with her family when she was about 10 years old. Her family tries to go twice a year. Her parents have a condo down there so it feels like a second home to us.

The Orange Beach or Gulf Shores area of Alabama has an amazing beach. It is known for having soft white sand and emerald waters. It is a really popular destination during the summer months so we try to go before memorial day or right after labor day. The last three years we've been able to go with Jara's parents over the school's spring break.

When we are there we love to relax and play on the beach. We go for walks and look for seashells. There is a state fishing pier that we try to go to every year. We love to try a few new restaurants when we are down there, but we also love to eat at our favorites.

We try to go ride go-karts every year and if there is ever a rainy day, we go to the arcade.

We even had our wedding there at a resort. So we have been able to share our favorite vacation spot with a lot of our family and friends.

Fun Facts About Us:

  • Matt has been to 11 countries outside of the US (Canada, The Bahamas, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Latvia, and Australia).
  • Jara has been to six countries outside of the U.S. (Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Mexico, St. Thomas, The Bahamas, and Canada).
  • Jara played collegiate soccer and basketball for a small university.
  • Matt visits his brother and a friend from college in Chicago 3-4 times a year.
  • Jara's name came from the bible, but spelled differently.
  • Our retirement goal is to live in a condo on the beach.
  • Jara likes to bake delicious deserts, especially sugar cookies.
  • We try to go somewhere new every year- This year it was Great Sand Dunes National Park.
  • Matt has rebuilt two cars into working condition and hopes to have another project car.
  • Jara loves to splurge for breakfast on the weekends.
  • We try to run a 5K or half-marathon every year to help us stay active.
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    All Smiles
    All Smiles
    We Love Time With Family
    We Love Time With Family
    5K With Matt's Siblings
    5K With Matt's Siblings
    Happy New Year!
    Happy New Year!
    Kisses for Uncle Matt
    Kisses for Uncle Matt
    With Toby & Specko in Colorado
    With Toby & Specko in Colorado
    Colorado Vacation
    Colorado Vacation
    Fall in Kansas
    Fall in Kansas
    Matt With Little Clara
    Matt With Little Clara
    Jara With the Pups
    Jara With the Pups
    We Can't Wait to Become Parents!
    We Can't Wait to Become Parents!
    1 / 12
    All Smiles
    All Smiles
    2 / 12
    We Love Time With Family
    We Love Time With Family
    3 / 12
    5K With Matt's Siblings
    5K With Matt's Siblings
    4 / 12
    Happy New Year!
    Happy New Year!
    5 / 12
    Kisses for Uncle Matt
    Kisses for Uncle Matt
    6 / 12
    With Toby & Specko in Colorado
    With Toby & Specko in Colorado
    7 / 12
    Colorado Vacation
    Colorado Vacation
    8 / 12
    Fall in Kansas
    Fall in Kansas
    9 / 12
    10 / 12
    Matt With Little Clara
    Matt With Little Clara
    11 / 12
    Jara With the Pups
    Jara With the Pups
    12 / 12
    We Can't Wait to Become Parents!
    We Can't Wait to Become Parents!

    Our House and Neighborhood

    Our Home

    We just moved into our house in early 2019. It is our dream house and one we can see ourselves living in for a long time. The house has three bedrooms, a large living room, and our kitchen/dining room is an open area. We have a large fenced-in backyard where we like to play fetch with our dogs. Our neighborhood has several families with young children. It almost feels like our neighborhood is out of a movie to have so many kids riding bikes and running between houses.

    We live about four blocks from the brand new elementary school in town. The school has a new playground and swing sets. We are also close to walking trails, bike trails and a community park. Our town is known for being a playful city. We have a golf course in town and two city pools. They just recently added a ninja warrior type obstacle course, basketball courts, and a skate park on the trail closest to our house.

    Several of our friends and my sister have kids that would be around the same age as your child. The community also has several youth activities available through our recreation center, local schools, and universities.

    Our Extended Families

    Matt's Family

    We both have amazing families, but they are very different. Matt is the oldest of his two siblings. He has one brother and one sister, they are both currently attending college. His dad is a helicopter pilot for an EMS company. His mom works at the elementary school library in Matt's home town.

    Matt's family has a tradition that on Christmas morning they open their Christmas stockings. Everyone, including his mom and dad, get presents in their stockings from Santa. They also get a Christmas ornament that is a memento of the year. His family is very thoughtful. His grandma's birthday is also on Christmas so we take birthday cake to the nursing home to share.

    Our Nieces & Nephews

    Jara is the youngest of her two siblings. She has two nephews and four nieces. Jara's family gathers at least once a month. Most of our gatherings are all about the grandchildren. Family events include watching the oldest nephews baseball games and having water days at Jara's parents. We love that everyone lives close enough to get together so often. Jara's mom works in the library at the middle school in town. Jara's father works at the same company as Jara and Matt.

    We love celebrating birthdays and making the day special for the kids. It is important to us to be involved in their lives. Your child would have several cousins close in age and older cousins that will be great role models as they grow up.

    From Us to You

    Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We hope that this letter helps you understand us better and gives you comfort in your decisions.

    We started dating in July of 2014. We knew early in the relationship that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We got engaged September of 2015 and married in June of 2016. We had a beautiful destination wedding and were fortunate to have over 60 of our closest friends and family members join us. We spent the first year of marriage just enjoying the honeymoon phase and having weekly date nights and weekend getaways. We have a very strong and healthy relationship. It is important to truly be yourself in a relationship and we both feel like we bring out the best in one another. The two of us could have had a great life together, but we wanted more.

    In the fall of 2018, we visited multiple specialists to determine why we were having problems trying to conceive naturally. We tried several different treatments but with every failed attempt, our resentment with the process grew. By the summer of 2019, we decided that the ups and downs of infertility treatments was not for us. We really want children. We really want to be parents and decided adoption is the right path for us.

    We love kids. We love watching them learn and grow with every new day. It is one of the reasons why we decided that we didn't want to delay this next step of our journey any longer. We are ready to welcome your child into our life with open arms. We promise to be the best Mother and Father that we can be. We are ready to be there for them, to guide them, to read to them and to teach them new things. We want to celebrate that they are our child everyday and we want to show them how happy life can be when you have the love and support of a large family. We want to make sure they know they are the most important part of our world and that we would do anything for them.

    We want to share our life with your child. We want to help them be his/her true self and be comfortable with who they are. We want to take road trips to the beach or just simply a short drive to Grandma's house. We have even joked that we are excited to re-learn about the stuff they taught you in school growing up as we help with homework in the evenings. We are certain that life will be an adventure with us.

    We want to reassure you that we will share letters and pictures of your child with you if you want them. We are open to communicating via email and phone to share milestones your child has throughout his/her life. You will always be thought of positively in our household and we will only show respect when telling our child about you. Thank you for taking the time to read about us and we hope that whatever path you take, it is exactly what you and your child need.

    This next journey in our lives would not be possible without you, your strength and your courage.

    With love and respect,

    Matt & Jara


    Ryan Reynolds
    Chris Hemsworth
    Jennifer Aniston
    Keira Knightley
    John Grisham
    J.K. Rowling
    Enders Games
    Pride and Predjudice
    Candy Bar
    Milky Way
    Road Runner & Coyote
    Marvin the Martian
    Childhood Memory
    Playing in the creek with my brother
    Swimming at the pool
    Childhood Toy
    Thomas the Tank Engine set
    A stuffed Elephant named Ellie
    Children's Book
    Berty the Bus Got Stuck in the Muck
    Amelia Bedelia books
    Orange Beach, AL
    Classic Movie
    Wizard of Oz
    Wizard of Oz
    Day of Week
    Disney Movie
    Toy Story
    Peter Pan
    Dream Car
    2002 Nissian GTR skyline
    Dream Job
    Aeronautical Engineer
    Something that helps others or animals
    Dream Vacation
    Southern European tour
    Family Activity
    Playing in the backyard
    Flower / Plant
    Whatever Jara likes
    Chicken and Noodles
    Form of Exercise
    Lifting weights
    Teaching Toby our dog new tricks
    Holiday Song
    Frosty the Snowman
    Warm and Fuzzy Time of Year
    Holiday Tradition
    Christmas stockings at my parents house
    Making Christmas cookies
    Ice Cream
    Mint Chocolate Chip
    Mint Chocolate Chip
    Junk Food
    Baked Lays potato chips
    Leisure Activity
    Playing with our puppies
    Walking the dogs
    Car and Driver
    Tabloids- OK!/Intouch
    Memory with a Child
    When I tried to hand off Jara's niece and Clara said "Stop! Space!" and signed it in sign language because she was not done hanging out with me.
    My oldest niece bossing my sister around with little pigtails.
    Memory with Spouse
    Our cruise vacation
    Our cruise last spring to the Bahamas.
    Indiana Jones
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Movie Munchie
    Movie Quote
    Punch it Chewy!
    So you're telling me there's a chance
    Movie Type
    Into the woods
    Musical Group
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    Zac Brown Band
    Nursery Rhyme
    Itsy Bitsy Spider
    Row Row Row Your Boat
    Olympic Event
    Anything Track & Field related
    Personal Hero
    Stephen Hawking
    Meredith Grey
    Boeing Boeing
    Boeing Boeing
    Robert Frost
    Shel Silverstein
    Quality about my Spouse
    Her preparedness
    His thoughtfulness
    I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. -Thomas Edison
    In a world where you can be anything, be kind.
    Olive Garden
    Mark 12:30-31
    Ephesians 4:32
    Shopping Store
    Academy Sports
    Dani California-Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    Sweet Home Alabama
    Sport to Play
    Sport to Watch
    Sports Star
    Jordy Nelson
    Patrick Mahomes
    Sports Team
    Kansas City Chiefs
    KU Jayhawks Basketball
    Subject in School
    Iron Man
    Thing to Cook
    Banana bread
    Time of Day
    Going to Orange Beach for spring break
    Going to baseball games on our anniversary
    TV Show
    Game of Thrones
    Grey's Anatomy
    TV Show Character
    Barney Stenson
    Rachel Green
    Type of Music
    Vacation Spot
    Orange Beach, Alabama
    Gulf Shores Alabama
    Video Game
    Mario Kart N64

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