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Chris & Nicole

We understand that the decision to consider adoption is difficult and we do not take it lightly. We want to express our gratitude that you are reading our profile. We have so much love to give and laughter to share. To choose us to be your child's parents would make our dreams come true. We hope that you consider us. We are excited to make our family complete.

About Us

Quality Analyst
High School
Master's Degree in Biotechnology
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

Our Family

We began trying for a family as soon as we got married. We quickly learned that we suffered from infertility and would need medical help in order to have children. We discussed adoption at that time, but decided to first try IVF. We were successful and were blessed with our son Chad.

However, we knew that our family was not complete and our plan was always to have more than one child. Before we began trying for baby number two, we agreed that if IVF did not work we would look into adopting again. Once Chad was a year old we began IVF treatments again and suffered a miscarriage. It was very difficult, but we decided we were not ready to stop trying. Six months then passed, a few more IVF cycles attempted and another miscarriage occurred. We realized then that our initial plan of adoption was the best option for us. We truly believe this was the way it was supposed to be all along and we are so excited to be on this adoption journey!

Our Leisure Time

Mom & Chad

When Chris is not home with Chad or working in the evening, he is going to concerts as a photographer. Over the past year and a half, Chris has made a lot of new friends, has improved his photography skills and has been to some amazing shows. Chris has found photography to be very rewarding, brings him so much joy and is going to take classes to improve his skills even more.

When Nicole is not working, she spends her nights with Chad and goes out to dinner with friends to enjoy Indian food, Vietnamese food, and sushi (to name a few). Keeping in touch with the good friends she has is very important to her.

When we are together as a family, we like to enjoy time with Chad and make memories. We enjoy going to a local garden with beautiful flowers, taking Chad to the children’s museum, and taking Chad to the park. We find joy in the simple things and value our time together most.

We also love to travel and explore new places. We have a goal of visiting every state together even if it is just driving through and finding one fun thing to do there. We are up to 17 states! We have also visited four different countries together and have a wish list of other places we would love to go. We have a tradition of visiting Hard Rock Café’s near wherever we are and always purchase a magnet. We have quite the collection and look forward to adding more!

What Makes Us Unique

What makes us unique is that we always find a way to support each other. Whenever life gets tough and one of us is having a hard time, the other always finds the ability to be exactly what the other needs. If one of us is feeling weak, the other takes over and gives the other the strength they are lacking. We have become this unstoppable team that can do anything as long as we are together. Neither of us have experienced a relationship like this before. It really makes us feel like we were made for each other and can get through anything together.


At the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
At the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Chris at Work
Chris at Work
Chad Watering Our Garden
Chad Watering Our Garden
Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls
All Smiles
All Smiles
Fun With Grandma
Fun With Grandma
Out to Lunch
Out to Lunch
Pony Ride
Pony Ride
Christmas Party
Christmas Party
Longwood Garden
Longwood Garden
Dinner Date
Dinner Date
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!
1 / 12
At the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
At the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
2 / 12
Chris at Work
Chris at Work
3 / 12
Chad Watering Our Garden
Chad Watering Our Garden
4 / 12
Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls
5 / 12
All Smiles
All Smiles
6 / 12
Fun With Grandma
Fun With Grandma
7 / 12
Out to Lunch
Out to Lunch
8 / 12
Pony Ride
Pony Ride
9 / 12
Christmas Party
Christmas Party
10 / 12
Longwood Garden
Longwood Garden
11 / 12
Dinner Date
Dinner Date
12 / 12
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We have the perfect neighborhood. Our house is in a cul-de-sac and we have a great relationship with our neighbors. Most of the families have young kids and our children play together often. We go on walks with the kids, celebrate birthdays and tell each other about fun activities occurring in the area. We have a park in walking distance from our home (approximately a half mile) and a few others within a 5-10 minute drive.

Nearby Playground

Our home is a split level house with four bedrooms, two full bathrooms, living room, family room, dining room, and kitchen. The upper level is open concept. We spend most of our time in the living room which is right by the dining room and kitchen.

The back of the house has a large deck that is great for barbecuing, relaxing with friends and playing. There is a large communal area off of our backyard which is perfect for running, playing ball and for our children to grow up.

Our Extended Families

Chris With His Daughter, Granddaughter & Chad

Chris comes from a large family. He grew up with his many cousins and is very close with them. He has two older brothers and they have two children each. Chris is a great-uncle to two great-nephews and a great-niece.

Chris also has a daughter, Miranda, who is married and has two children of her own. We visit Miranda and her family twice a year since we do not live close. She loves Chad so very much and is very excited to have a new sibling.

Quality Time With Papa

Nicole comes from a smaller family and is very close to her parents and one sister. Her family adores Chad and is very eager to have another baby in the family. We get together every month and Facetime every Sunday. This way Chad can interact with them and they don't feel like they are missing out on any part of his life.

We made a decision that it was very important for our children to be close to their big sister and our families. We make every effort to ensure this occurs and will continue to do so.

From Us to You

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our profile and consider us as parents for your child. We understand that this is not an easy time for you, but rest assured that we are not taking any of this process lightly and will be forever grateful to you if you should choose us.

We met online on a dating app. Chris reached out to Nicole because he liked her smile. Nicole responded because she thought Chris had the most beautiful blue eyes. Text messages turned into phone calls, which then turned into our first date. The first date went well and Nicole was amazed at some of the similarities between Chris and her family. For example, Chris has blue eyes like her sister, Chris is left handed like her dad, Chris plays guitar like her mom, Chris is color blind like her uncle and Chris has a daughter who is hard of hearing like her other uncle. We continued to talk and our bond grew stronger. We became exclusive and we grew to adore and love each other as we learned more and more about each other. We have now been married for four years and our bond continues to grow as we navigate through our life together.

Almost our entire marriage has been focused on growing our family. We struggled to have our son Chad and are facing a similar struggle to have our second baby. The process has been difficult, emotional and heartbreaking. However, as we sit back and reflect on this journey, we realized that without the adversity we wouldn't appreciate what we have as much. We look at our son Chad and are so thankful and grateful to have him in our lives. We know that when we have our second child, it will be no different. Our hearts are full of love just ready to pour over our second child like we have done with our first.

As we have proceeded in the adoption process, gathered all the required documentation, dotted all of our i's and crossed all of our t's, it gave us plenty of time to think. We think with excitement of having our second child, think of what our life is going to look like and how we will adjust to having a new baby.

This child will be blessed to have a birth family and to have us as it's adopted family. We plan on sending letters and pictures, and staying in touch as much as we all feel comfortable. The relationship between you and us will grow naturally over time and the dynamic of our relationship will develop. We will in no way prevent our child from getting to know you or prevent them from being in your life.

We are so thankful to the birth parents that will choose us. We know that our family is not yet complete and our hearts know that our baby is, in a way, waiting for us as much as we are waiting for them. We are excited to begin our life with both of our children and to begin focusing on watching them grow up, become individuals and seeing where life takes them. We promise to give your baby a happy, loving home with plenty of friends and family. We promise to raise your child as our own, to protect them, and promise they will always know who their birth parents and family are.


Chris & Nicole


Will Smith
Matthew McConaughey
Jessica Alba
Emma Stone
Dean Koontz
James Patterson
Kiss the girls
Candy Bar
Looney Tunes
Looney tunes
Childhood Memory
trips with parents
Baking on snowdays
Childhood Toy
Homemade Cabbage patch kid
Children's Book
The Jungle Book
Go Dog Go
Classic Movie
The Wizard Of Oz
Princess Bride
Day of Week
Ice Cream
Hot fudge sundae
Disney Movie
Toy Story
Dream Car
Audi R8
Dream Job
Succesful Photographer
Dream Vacation
Travel through Europe
Family Activity
Reading to Chad
Playing with Chad
Flower / Plant
Calla Lily
Form of Exercise
Playing guitar
Holiday Song
Silent Night
Baby it's cold outside
Holiday Tradition
Huge Family Christmas Party
My mom making us go around the table stating what we are thankful for on Thanksgiving
Ice Cream
Moose Tracks
Vanilla with Carmel sauce
Junk Food
Sour candy
Anything gummy
Leisure Activity
Walks with Chad
Wathching TV
Guitar World
Memory with a Child
Taking daughter to play miniature golf and seeing the look on my daughter's face when the ball was not in hole on the 18th
The first time our son said Mommy
Memory with Spouse
Our honeymoon in Europe
Our first vaction together when I realized I loved him and wanted to marry him
The Heat
Movie Munchie
Buttered Popcorn
Movie Quote
How you gonna get fired on your day off
Abby Something... Abby.... Normal (from young frankenstein)
Movie Type
Musical Group
Breaking Benjamin
Green Day
Nursery Rhyme
Humpty Dumpty
Olympic Event
Ice skating
Personal Hero
My mom
Quality about my Spouse
Most loving woman I have ever known
He is a hard worker and will do anything for his family
I think therefore I am
Buffalo Wild Wings
Thai or Indian
Shopping Store
(can't pick just one)
The story (Brandi Carlile)
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Troy Polamalu
Sports Team
Pittsburgh Steelers
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Chicken parmigiana
Time of Day
8 PM
8 PM
Annual Christmas Party
TV Show
King Of Queens
The Big Bang Theory
TV Show Character
Kevin James in King Of Queens
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Super Mario Brothers

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