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Ryan & Natalya

We have always dreamed of having children. We were both raised to believe that family is the most important thing in life. Any child that joins our family will be surrounded by love and support. We recognize that you have a difficult decision to make but we hope you will consider joining us on our journey to start a family.

About Us

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Doctor of Medicine
Legally Married

Our Professional Lives

Toes in the Water

Natalya is a Pediatric Rheumatologist and cares for children with juvenile arthritis and other chronic diseases. She helps sick children every day. She truly enjoys working with these children and seeing them grow into young adults. Each summer, she works at a camp for kids with arthritis where she gets to see her patients having fun, outside of the doctors office. Natalya also teaches and mentors medical students and residents. Natalya works part time, 3 days a week, which will allow her to spend time with a child and continue to do such rewarding work.

Ryan is a Gastroenterologist. His workday ranges from talking to patients in the office, to preventing colon cancer or taking care of critically ill patients in the hospital. He truly helps save lives. Ryan is humble and caring, and is beloved by his patients, colleagues and office staff. When a staff member or a member of their family needs to see a Gastroenterologist, Ryan is the one they request to see.

We get to travel for work and these trips are usually a lot of fun. Ryan loves animals and during a work trip to San Diego, we were able to visit the famous San Diego zoo. Our work colleagues are like family. Most of our colleagues have children, so they understand the importance of balancing work with home life. We all help each other out. Our colleagues have been tremendously supportive of our journey to start a family through adoption.

Our Leisure Time

Colonial Williamsburg

We love to travel. We take road trips to Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and nearby states including New York, Maryland and Virginia. We travel to Colonial Williamsburg every year. We have traveled to lots of great places for work including California and Hawaii. We enjoy going to concerts and amusement parks including Hersheypark, Busch Gardens and Universal Orlando. We can't wait to take our first trip to Disney World but hope to do this when we have a child someday. We have each traveled out of the country, but have not done this together. Our dream vacation would be a trip to Ireland and Scotland.

Natalya's Dance Recital

Around home, we enjoy going out to eat, shopping and going to the movies. We relax by our pool in the summer. In the fall and winter, Natalya loves watching Pittsburgh Steelers football or University of Kentucky men's basketball. Ryan enjoys working in the yard and improving our gardens and landscaping. Natalya likes to read. Natalya also takes an adult dance class where she learns ballet, jazz and tap dance. She dances in a recital every June. Ryan plays the piano and fills our home with music every day. We love to get together with family and friends, many of whom also have young children. This year we went to Rehoboth Beach with Natalya's family. It was so much fun that we hope to make it a new tradition.

Adoption in Our Family

Natalya's father and uncle were both adopted. When Natalya was growing up, her father would occasionally talk about this. His adoption was closed, so he wondered for a long time, who his birth mother was and why she chose adoption for him. He eventually decided to seek out his birth mother and was able to get answers to those questions. His birth mother was comforted to learn that he had been raised by a loving family and had a good life. Natalya's brother was adopted by her father. Her brother never knew his birth father and he thought about this often, especially when he was a child. These experiences have helped us to realize the benefits of an open adoption for everyone involved. We understand how important it is for a child to know their birth parent and their adoption story. We also know that some birth parents want to know about their child's life and want to know they made the right decision.

We have other family members that have adopted children, so we are confident that our families are accepting and understanding of adoption. As we have continued on this journey of starting a family, we have talked to family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers who have happy adoption stories to tell and have encouraged us to adopt. We hope that one day we will have a happy adoption story of our own that we can pass on to a child and to others.



With Our Pups, Gizmo & El
With Our Pups, Gizmo & El
Cooling Off With Uncle Ryan
Cooling Off With Uncle Ryan
Piano Man
Piano Man
With Ryan's Godson
With Ryan's Godson
Sightseeing in Virginia Beach
Sightseeing in Virginia Beach
Christmastime at Busch Gardens
Christmastime at Busch Gardens
Natalya & Her Sisters Swinging High at Hersheypark
Natalya & Her Sisters Swinging High at Hersheypark
Natalya & Our Nephew
Natalya & Our Nephew
New York City at Christmas
New York City at Christmas
Boardwalk Fun With Uncle Ryan
Boardwalk Fun With Uncle Ryan
All Dressed Up for a Family Wedding
All Dressed Up for a Family Wedding
Out for a Winter Walk With the Dogs
Out for a Winter Walk With the Dogs
1 / 12
With Our Pups, Gizmo & El
With Our Pups, Gizmo & El
2 / 12
Cooling Off With Uncle Ryan
Cooling Off With Uncle Ryan
3 / 12
Piano Man
Piano Man
4 / 12
With Ryan's Godson
With Ryan's Godson
5 / 12
Sightseeing in Virginia Beach
Sightseeing in Virginia Beach
6 / 12
Christmastime at Busch Gardens
Christmastime at Busch Gardens
7 / 12
Natalya & Her Sisters Swinging High at Hersheypark
Natalya & Her Sisters Swinging High at Hersheypark
8 / 12
Natalya & Our Nephew
Natalya & Our Nephew
9 / 12
New York City at Christmas
New York City at Christmas
10 / 12
Boardwalk Fun With Uncle Ryan
Boardwalk Fun With Uncle Ryan
11 / 12
All Dressed Up for a Family Wedding
All Dressed Up for a Family Wedding
12 / 12
Out for a Winter Walk With the Dogs
Out for a Winter Walk With the Dogs

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We are fortunate to be living in our dream home in a wonderful area of Pennsylvania, surrounded by picturesque farmland, green grass, corn fields and beautiful old trees. Our home is a large, new construction house with a swimming pool and a large yard with plenty of room for a swingset someday. More families are moving into our developing neighborhood every year. Our development has a walking path that runs right next to our house and extends all the way to the local elementary school down the road. This path is perfect for family walks with our two dogs. Our neighbor runs a farm stand where we buy fresh vegetables all summer long.

Our town is a historic, lively, small American town filled with "Mom and Pop" coffee shops, bookstores and boutiques, local breweries, and great restaurants. There are several local parks for enjoying the outdoors with our dogs or with children. The town is known for its excellent schools and is also home to one of the oldest colleges in the country.

There is so much to see and do in our area. Every few years we go to Hersheypark with Natalya's nephew and enjoy the rollercoasters, the water park and the chocolate themed treats. We've also had fun with Natalya's nephew at the local science museums. Our area is known for its family friendly activities including plenty of youth sports. We truly feel there is no better place for a child to grow up.

Our Extended Families

Ryan's Family

Family means everything to us! We are lucky that our immediate family members live close by or within just a few hours' drive. Natalya's has three siblings and Ryan has one brother. We enjoy spending time with our families. Get togethers with Ryan's family often involve great home cooked meals or home improvement projects, while get togethers with Natalya's family may involve watching sports or a night of competitive board games. While we don't have any children yet, our family also includes our two dogs, Gizmo and El. They are very sweet, affectionate dogs who are great with kids.

Natalya's Family

Natalya is part of a large extended Puerto Rican family. Growing up, most of Natalya's social life revolved around family and those bonds remain strong today. Many of Natalya's family members live in the area while others live in New York state or Puerto Rico. In keeping with family tradition, Natalya is known as "Titi Nattie" to her nephews and niece. Ryan's extended family is also large. Most of Ryan's family live in Pennsylvania allowing us to maintain strong bonds with his family as well. We get together with our extended families throughout the year for family celebrations and holidays.

We are not the only ones who can't wait to expand our family. Our parents, siblings, extended family, friends and coworkers have been incredibly supportive throughout our journey to become parents. We know that any child that joins our family will be accepted, loved and appreciated.

From Us to You

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to get to know us better. We are Ryan and Natalya. We know you are facing a difficult decision. We hope that providing you with information about us will help you to make the best decision for you and your child.

We met in 2012 through our work as doctors and have been married since December of 2016. We have two sweet dogs who are wonderful with children. Our relationship is based on many shared values including the importance of family, respecting others and hard work. We hope to pass these values on to a child. Ryan has a great sense of humor which helps when life gets hard. Natalya keeps the family organized which helps when life gets busy. We believe these qualities and our shared values will make us great parents.

We both come from large, loving families and have always known that we wanted to have children. We got pregnant almost immediately after getting married, but lost the pregnancy early on. We eventually tried fertility treatments, but our struggle to get pregnant continued. Ultimately, we decided adoption was the best way to start our family. We have always considered adoption a great way to expand our family. Several family members have either adopted children or are themselves adopted, including Natalya's father and brother. When we were trying to get pregnant, we talked to many people who have adopted children and encouraged us to pursue adoption. Our friends, family and colleagues have offered nothing but support for our decision to adopt a child. We are excited to move forward with this next phase of our journey to start a family.

Any child who joins our family will become part of a large, supportive and loving extended family. We have a beautiful home in a terrific area of Pennsylvania. Our local schools are excellent, and as parents, we will make sure that school work and learning are a priority. There are plenty of fun, family-friendly things to do where we live. We have many interests we look forward to sharing with a child including our love of music, movies, traveling, celebrating holidays and getting together with friends and family. While we hope that a child will love and appreciate many of the same things we do, we will support and respect their individual interests and dreams.

A child who joins our family will always know where they came from. We will make certain your child knows you are their birth parent and knows their adoption story. We plan to talk about this openly from the day he or she is born, using appropriate language and details based on the child's age and maturity. We will never refer to you in a disrespectful way, regardless of your circumstances. We will always model respect when speaking to your child about you and about their adoption story. We believe that a photo book will be a helpful way to tell your child their adoption story, so they can see pictures of you and the events surrounding their adoption.

If you choose us as parents for your child, we would hope that you would become an important part of our journey and we would become part of yours. We would hope to have email and telephone contact with you before the adoption. We would also consider meeting you face-to-face before the adoption takes place. From there, we believe it's best to allow relationships to develop naturally over time. We will send you letters and pictures of your child, so you will know what life is like for your child as a part of our family.

We have been looking forward to starting our family for a long time. We know that we can provide a loving and happy home. We trust that you will make the best decision you can and we are grateful that you have taken the time to consider us as potential parents for your child.

Ryan & Natalya


Michael Douglas
Leonardo DiCaprio
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Scarlett Johansson
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Stephen King
Dan Brown
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Lonesome Dove
Candy Bar
Boyer Smoothie Cup
Any chocolate made by Ghirardelli
Scooby Doo
GI Joe
Childhood Memory
Going to Knoebels with my family
Camping trips with my family
Childhood Toy
A red Power Wheels Jeep
Lulu, a yarn doll I've had since I was born
Children's Book
New York
Classic Movie
The Ten Commandments
Day of Week
Lemon bars
Chocolate souffle
Disney Movie
Lion King
Sleeping Beauty
Dream Car
Chevrolet Corvet
I love my CRV
Dream Job
Dream Vacation
Ireland and Scotland
Family Activity
Going to concerts
Going to the Movies
Flower / Plant
Magnolia trees
Magnolia trees
Form of Exercise
Walking the dogs
Playing piano
Holiday Song
The Christmas Song
Carol of the Bells
Holiday Tradition
Assembling our life size Halloween figures
Decorating the christmas tree
Ice Cream
Butter pecan
Chocolate Chip
Junk Food
Cheese puffs
Any kind of Chocolate
Leisure Activity
Watching movies
Entertainment Weekly
Memory with a Child
God son's baptism
When my first nephew was born
Memory with Spouse
Our first trip to Colonial Williamsburg
Our Wedding day
The English Patient
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!"
Movie Type
Comic book/Superhero movies
Phantom of the Opera
Les Miserables
Musical Group
Pearl Jam
Nursery Rhyme
Little Bo Peep
Humpty Dumpty
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
George Washington
My Mom
William Shakespeare's Othello
William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night
James Joyce
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Quality about my Spouse
Sense of humor
We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
Kings Arms Tavern at Colonial Williamsburg
Grilled cheese
Shopping Store
Christmas Tree Hill
Lucky Brand
Summer, Highland Falls by Billy Joel
Hey Jude
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
NFL Football, College Basketball
Sports Star
Larry Bird
Ben Rothlesberger
Sports Team
Kansas City Chiefs
Pittsburgh Steelers, University of Kentucky Basketball
Subject in School
American History
Iron Man
Black Widow
Thing to Cook
Burgers on the grill
Time of Day
Yearly trip to Colonial Williamsburg
Decorating for Halloween
TV Show
Twilight Zone
The X Files
TV Show Character
Buffy (the Vampire Slayer)
Type of Music
Soft rock
90s Alternative
Vacation Spot
Orlando, Florida
Video Game
Super Mario Brothers 3
Legend of Zelda

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