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Gerard & Celine

It will be our greatest joy on earth to have your child in our family. We are honored and humbled that you are considering us to be the parents of your child. We understand this may be one of the toughest decisions you make and that you truly want the best for your child and we will always respect you for your bravery and love. We have so much love and joy to share with a child, and cannot wait to become parents! We hope that you will consider us.

About Us

Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts
High School
Legally Married

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Date Night

Celine About Gerard: I admire Gerard's deep faith in God, which he allows to influence his whole life. I am so encouraged by his example. I also like his openness to new ideas and acceptance of many people. He has a lot of spontaneity and an adventurous spirit. Most of all I treasure his devotedness to me as a loving husband - Gerard would do anything for me! He will make such a good and devoted father.

Gerard About Celine: I am charmed by Celine's tender heart. She has a motherly spirit towards all (even her pets, which all get daily cuddles). All children seem to love her company. I have no doubt that she will make a wonderful mother. I also thank God for her baking abilities, which keep me happy and healthy. There is always good food and cheer in the house thanks to Celine.

Our Leisure Time

Making a Wedding Cake

We are proud of our country lifestyle and home life. Most week days Celine will be found planting or harvesting her big veggie garden and then turning the produce into delicious meals. Her 19 chickens supply eggs for one of her favorite past times: baking (she had her own cake business in Australia). She can't wait to share the fun of baking with the child, and even carry on the tradition of her childhood where the child gets to choose his/her own birthday cake.

Making Chocolate

Gerard has a similar passion for making chocolate. He buys raw cocoa beans, then he roasts them, and refines them into sweet chocolate. Imagine how fun it would be for a child to help by licking the bowl clean!

Creativity has big place in our home. We sew, paint, carve wood, play piano, etc. Outside the house, we both enjoy gardening and playing with our animals. We go on mountain hikes quite often. This will be fun to do with a baby backpack until the child is old enough to hike on his/her own. We also travel to Wyoming for a camping trip every year to visit Celine's brother and to enjoy cowboy culture. Summer is our favorite season when we hang out with friends for barbecues and outdoor sports. When we can we go for a swim. Celine used to be a swimming instructor and she looks forward to teaching the child to swim.

Cultural Diversity

Picnic With Friends

Since childhood, we have been immersed in a variety of cultures. Celine's childhood friends at the swimming club came from every part of the world. She picked up some of the Hindi language and kept a Singaporean pen pal. Gerard is proud of his African American "Uncle Wayne," a longtime family friend. We intend to have African American godparents for our child and we have already asked a couple from our church to have the honor. Our church community includes many ethnicities. Our child will get to participate in parish activities with children who look like him/her. We both have siblings who married interracially and so there are already cousins who are biracial. There are many African American saints' feast days that we will proudly celebrate with our child. The child will feel welcome and at home with us.


Excited to Be Outside!
Excited to Be Outside!
Board Games With Our Nephews
Board Games With Our Nephews
Cross-Country Skiing
Cross-Country Skiing
Camping in Idaho
Camping in Idaho
On the Beach in Australia
On the Beach in Australia
Niece Time
Niece Time
Fun With Our Chickens
Fun With Our Chickens
Bison in Kansas
Bison in Kansas
Hiking Not Far From Our Home
Hiking Not Far From Our Home
Ready for Church
Ready for Church
Making Gingerbread With Our Niece
Making Gingerbread With Our Niece
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Excited to Be Outside!
Excited to Be Outside!
2 / 12
Board Games With Our Nephews
Board Games With Our Nephews
3 / 12
Cross-Country Skiing
Cross-Country Skiing
4 / 12
Camping in Idaho
Camping in Idaho
5 / 12
On the Beach in Australia
On the Beach in Australia
6 / 12
Niece Time
Niece Time
7 / 12
Fun With Our Chickens
Fun With Our Chickens
8 / 12
9 / 12
Bison in Kansas
Bison in Kansas
10 / 12
Hiking Not Far From Our Home
Hiking Not Far From Our Home
11 / 12
Ready for Church
Ready for Church
12 / 12
Making Gingerbread With Our Niece
Making Gingerbread With Our Niece

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live on a ten-acre hobby farm in the green state of Washington. Our four-bedroom house has a cozy living room with a fireplace and a piano. There's plenty of space for arts and crafts indoors plus a large yard for games. We have a close relationship with our neighbors and we share a common play area with a slide. Our neighbors have two lovely young children who are looking forward to a playmate. Our huge veggie garden produces an abundance of food and our 19 chickens provide many eggs. Soon we plan to add a couple of goats to our farm and maybe even make cheese. The child will also have the opportunity to choose his or her own animal for a pet at our farm.

Our Garden

Less than an hour's drive from our house are great mountain hikes and stunning scenery. Just a few minutes in the opposite direction lies the Pacific Ocean. Though in a semi-rural area, our home is close to a big city where every convenience is available. There are numerous parks nearby, a lake at the end of our street, and good schools close by.

Our Extended Families

Celine's Family

Most of Celine's family still lives in Western Australia. We travel to Australia every other year at Christmas time to visit with all Celine's family. Celine's mom and dad still live in their family home near the ocean. They have a large swimming pool that brings together the whole family of 6 siblings for water games and fun. Christmas is the family's time to hang out, talk, play games, and eat heaps of good food. Best of all they like to sing carols and go to church and celebrate Christmas in a big way. Even in America Celine keeps in close contact with her family. They are excited that we will be adding a member of the family. We can't wait to bring the child on our family vacations. We would love to see the child having fun building sand castles with Celine's dad like she did as a child.

Gerard's Family

Gerard's large family lives in rural Kansas. His family is known for big get-togethers that often include a competitive croquet game and lots of ball games for the children. Gerard grew up on an 80-acre hobby farm in Kansas (where his dad still lives). We love to sit out on the porch to chat and watch the chickens meander about in the yard. All of Gerard's family is excited that we are adopting. They can't wait to make another party to celebrate the newest addition when we adopt.

From Us to You

Hello and welcome to our family. We are so grateful that you are taking the time to read our profile and we hope that you will like what you see. For our part, we cannot express enough our admiration for your courage in considering your baby's future by placing him/her in the family of your choice. The possibility that we could provide that future home makes us very excited.

Adoption is something we considered a great option even before we were married. After 2 years of marriage and trying to conceive we wanted to adopt all the more. It is a hard thing to accept infertility, but after a lot of prayer and consideration we decided that adoption was the way to build our family. We feel a lot of peace and joy about this decision and it has been amazing to see how many people have pitched in to help. Truly, this child will have a supportive community of loving people.

We realize this is a big decision for you and we are praying that you find peace in your choice. Believe it when we say that we have a lot of love to give your child! We will treasure him/her as a unique individual, and we promise to encourage the child's own hopes and dreams and provide support in all the good times as well as the bad. We realize that parenthood is not only the greatest blessing but also a huge responsibility. We are ready to devote 100% of ourselves to your child.

Your child will feel at home in a loving and stable family. We have known each other for almost five years and been married for almost three. Our relationship has been steadily growing deeper as we get to know each other better and better. Thanks be to God, we are really in love. This positive relationship will be a huge benefit to your child. He/she can find the confidence and joy that comes with loving parents in a safe home. Whether it's around the dinner table or reading a book together, it will always be as a family. Our extended family and friends have told us that they know we will make the best parents.

We also look forward to sharing our farm life with the child. Children love animals and at our place they will get to have lots of them, even their own pets. The child will also get the chance to travel the world as Celine's family still lives mostly in Australia. Gerard especially is an adventurer at heart. He will take the family on camping trips, hikes in the mountains, and he will lead fun building projects and games. Our life will be exciting for your child.

We will always show honor to you in our words and actions so that your child will think fondly of you. We consider you as part of our extended family since you really did give life to the child who will be our son or daughter. We will send letters and pictures regularly so you can see how much your child has grown and how much love he/she gets. Should you desire to visit us, we are pleased to do that when the time is right. We would love to hear your own story and share it with the child, if you wish. However much you desire to share your story, your child will know. We believe in you because you made the courageous choice to carry your child to term and place him/her in another family, which you thought best for the child.

It is hard to express adequately how much having a child would mean to us. But we cannot have one except for your own loving care for your child, which will place him/her in our arms. We are so proud of your courage and your acceptance of the gift of life. We are truly blessed that you are considering us.

Thank you,

Gerard & Celine


Samuel Jackson
Sean Astin
Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews
JRR Tolkien
Lord of the Rings
Candy Bar
Columbian chocolate
Cadbury Picnic
Bugs bunny
Childhood Memory
6th Birthday party
Holding on to my dad as we surfed a wave in together
Childhood Toy
BB gun
Cabbage Patch Doll
Children's Book
Children's Classics
Happy Christmas, Gemma
Assisi, Italy
Classic Movie
Seven Samuri
The Great Escape
Pink and Orange
Day of Week
Disney Movie
Sleeping Beauty
Dream Car
Giant truck
Old Land Rover
Dream Job
Chocolate maker
Mom or pastry chef
Dream Vacation
South America tour
Somewhere tropical
Family Activity
Reading before bed together
Going for walks and eating icecream
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
Making chocolate
Holiday Song
Silent Night
O come, all ye faithful
Holiday Tradition
Easter Vigil
Setting up the Christmas decorations on Christmas Eve as a family
Ice Cream
Butter pecan
Choc Mint
Junk Food
Fish and Chips
Leisure Activity
National Geographic
Chicken Whisperer
Memory with a Child
Playing flying witch with nieces
Making gingerbread with my niece
Memory with Spouse
Spending the day on an island together
Wedding Day
The Passion
The Sound of Music
Movie Munchie
Celine's desserts
Candied Peanuts
Movie Quote
"Come, Mr. Frodo! I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you."
"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us." Gandalf, The Fellowship of the Ring
Movie Type
Fantasy Fiction
Fiddler on the Roof
Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella
Musical Group
Nursery Rhyme
Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails, That's what little boys are made of. Sugar and spice and all things nice, That's what little girls are made of.
Incy Wincy Spider
Olympic Event
Figure skating
Track and field
Personal Hero
Mother Angelica
Taming of the Shrew
The Pirates of Penzance
John of the Cross
Quality about my Spouse
Tender heart
His deep faith
"The past is not what it was." GKC
"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." CS Lewis
Five Guys Burgers
Double Bacon Cheeseburger.
Chicken and mayo
"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things else will be added."
"Yes, I know what plans I have in mind for you, the Lord declares, plans for peace, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. "(Jeremiah 29:11)
Shopping Store
Home Depot
Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
Somewhere beyond the sea
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Michael Phelps
Brett Lee
Sports Team
Australian Cricket Team
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Midnight Mass on Christmas
TV Show
Jerry Seinfeld
Dr Who
TV Show Character
Dr Who
Adrian Monk
Type of Music
Country Western
Vacation Spot
Bunbury, Australia
Video Game
Sing Star

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