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Kiet & Meghan

We are honored that you have taken the time to consider us as parents for your child. Adoption has been a blessing, a way to give us a child that otherwise we would not be able to have. We adopted our son in 2016 and we cannot wait to grow our family and provide a sibling for our son. We are excited and will cherish taking this special journey.

About Us

Mechanical Engineer
Registered Nurse Case Manager
Bachelor's Degree in Engineering
Bachelor's Degree in Nursing
Legally Married

Our Most Memorable Moment

Our Happy Family

Our most memorable moment was when our son was born. We received the call that our birth mother's water broke and we quickly packed our bags and drove 3.5 hours to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital around 11 p.m. on a Tuesday and were placed in a birthing suite next to our birth mother and anxiously awaited his arrival. Shortly after we settled into the suite we heard a knock on our door and it was the birth mother's grandmother who introduced herself and gave us a brief update. Finally around 7 a.m. a nurse walked in and told us everything with the birth went great and asked us if we wanted to meet our son! He had been born around 5 a.m. and we were blessed to be able to meet him within a few hours after his birth. We entered the room where we met the birth mother and some of her family along with our son. At the time we had chosen two "boy" names, but we quickly settled on Grayson after we saw him. Just as the first day we met him we fell in love and have loved him unconditionally every day since. We have written letters and sent many pictures to Grayson's birth mother in the few years since he was born. We have also purchased a few children's books which have an adoption storyline which we regularly read to Grayson. We plan to share his adoption journey with him sooner than later.

Our Leisure Time

Learning How to Cook Thai Food

We have many interests as a couple/family, but mainly we just enjoy spending time together. Since we met at the gym, fitness is an important part of our lives, whether it's kickboxing, biking, running or going on long walks with our family. We enjoy taking long weekend trips and in addition love traveling to new places. We enjoy taking our son to the zoo, beach and park. We consider ourselves "foodies" who enjoy trying new restaurants and cooking meals from scratch.

Besides spending time enjoying interests as a couple/family, we also have many individual interests. Meghan enjoys entertaining and party planning and has loved planning "theme" birthday parties for our son. Meghan also enjoys baking and every year she has a tradition of making Concord grape pies with her mom and baking Christmas cookies with her dad. Aside from baking and entertaining, she also enjoys doing barre fitness. Kiet enjoys playing tennis, basketball and taking short and long motorcycle trips with his brothers. Kiet also enjoys fixing cars and motorcycles.

Meghan's parents own a lake house in northern Wisconsin, which has been a wonderful place for our family to spend time together boating, swimming, and fishing. We go to the lake house all year round so we enjoy summer and winter activities and everything in between.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Meghan About Kiet: I was attracted initially to his smile but found Kiet to be very genuine and such a gentleman. He is one of the hardest working people I know. Kiet has a great sense of humor and a very laid back attitude. The way Kiet loves his mother is so endearing and she has helped to shape the man he is today. Kiet makes me a better person and loves me unconditionally. He is very loyal and truly my best friend.

Kiet About Meghan: I was immediately attracted to her single dimpled smile! Once we started talking outside of the gym, I was attracted to her laugh and the fact that she seemed very well grounded, driven and close to her family. She also has a tremendous heart. She would do anything for her family and friends. She is constantly putting others ahead of herself, which I have only seen grow with each day as Grayson grows.



Hiking in Hawaii
Hiking in Hawaii
Kiet Riding in the Mountains of Wyoming
Kiet Riding in the Mountains of Wyoming
Biking Along the River in Boston
Biking Along the River in Boston
Fishing With Momma
Fishing With Momma
Go Hawkeyes!
Go Hawkeyes!
Carousel at the Zoo
Carousel at the Zoo
Running for Children
Running for Children
Muir Woods in California
Muir Woods in California
Roasting Marshmallows
Roasting Marshmallows
So Happy Together
So Happy Together
1 / 12
Hiking in Hawaii
Hiking in Hawaii
2 / 12
Kiet Riding in the Mountains of Wyoming
Kiet Riding in the Mountains of Wyoming
3 / 12
4 / 12
Biking Along the River in Boston
Biking Along the River in Boston
5 / 12
6 / 12
Fishing With Momma
Fishing With Momma
7 / 12
Go Hawkeyes!
Go Hawkeyes!
8 / 12
Carousel at the Zoo
Carousel at the Zoo
9 / 12
Running for Children
Running for Children
10 / 12
Muir Woods in California
Muir Woods in California
11 / 12
Roasting Marshmallows
Roasting Marshmallows
12 / 12
So Happy Together
So Happy Together

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in the suburbs in a newly constructed two story, Craftsman style home in Wisconsin. All of the bedrooms are located on the second floor while the living room and playroom are located on the first floor. We have an open floor plan layout which allows for the kitchen to open into the morning room and family room which has a fireplace. We spend a lot of time in our kitchen/living room/morning room area since all rooms are next to one another and make for one bigger living space.

Our neighborhood is made up of many younger families with kids and empty nesters. On summer nights a lot of neighbors walk the neighborhood or kids are playing outside together. There is a community pool in our neighborhood which is a two-block walk from our house and there are numerous parks which are a few minutes drive away as well. We are within minutes from shopping, boutiques and restaurants and a 5-10 minute drive to the elementary, middle and high schools.

Our Extended Families

Meghan & Her Dad Baking Cookies

We are fortunate to have a majority of our immediate family within a five hour or less drive from us. Our family has been very supportive of our decision to adopt and are very excited for us to continue this journey of ours to grow our family.

Kiet's Family

Meghan's parents live within 15 minutes of us and she is very close to her parents. Meghan is the youngest of three children with two older brothers who are both married and have children of their own. We enjoy family dinners, birthday parties and spending holidays together. Every Christmas, Meghan attends the Nutcracker ballet with her mom and cannot wait to start sharing that with her children someday. Meghan makes Christmas cookies with her dad every Christmas and now it's become a tradition with our son as well. Meghan's parents have a lake home two hours from our home, which has been a great vacation spot for boating, fishing and making s'mores around the bonfire with our son.

Unfortunately, Kiet's father passed away when he was very young, but he is extremely close with his mother who lives 5 hours away who we visit often. Kiet is the youngest of four boys. Kiet's oldest two brothers are married and have two nephews and a niece between them. We visit with his second oldest brother and his family several times a year. Every summer, Kiet and his older brothers go on a motorcycle trip across some part of the US and/or Canada.

From Us to You


We are Kiet and Meghan and we have been together for nine years, married for five. We realize that even though this will result in one of the happiest times in our lives, that it will be one of the most difficult for you. We are honored and humbled that you are considering us to be parents for your child. We can only imagine what you are going through and what an important, selfless and brave decision this is for you.

We knew we wanted to have children since before we were married and when we found out that we could not conceive, the decision to adopt was not even a question. We adopted our son in 2016 and it has been the biggest blessing. Adoption gave us a way to have a child that otherwise we would not have been able to have. We hope that we can provide you with more than a glimpse into our lives and impart onto you a confident, comfortable and genuine feeling that your child will be unconditionally loved by not only our family, but by grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. We have always wanted more than one child, so this is our way of growing our family and giving our son a sibling for our child to grow up with. Through periodic pictures and letters, we will dedicate sharing the love we have for this child with you.

We enjoy entertaining and cooking together so there will be lots of family dinners with friends and family in the child's life. We strongly believe in education, but will also provide outlets for creativity and passion in the child's life so that they will become their own individual. We hope to expose the child to many adventures and everything that life has to offer, whether it's traveling, going to art and science museums, long weekends at our family's lake house, or trying new ethnic foods. We will give our child a safe and secure home, lots of laughter, but most importantly a home filled with unconditional love.

We realize that this is not an easy decision for you as there are many wonderful people wanting to adopt just as much as we do. Even prior to our adoption journey we have learned that life is too precious and we try to take advantage of everything that it has to offer, whether it's spending time with family and friends, traveling to new and old places, exploring new adventures or just spending time together with each other and our dog. We have learned to celebrate all the small and large things life gives us. Entrusting and believing in us as adoptive parents is something we will celebrate each day as we greet our child every morning to the time the last book is read before bedtime.

Your child will always know their birth story and the person that brought them into this world was selfless and courageous to give us the best gift in life. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and considering us as parents for your child. Please know as you are making this most difficult and admirable consideration of adoption for your child, that our arms and hearts are open to loving this child more than life itself and he or she will be the center of our world. With so much love to give, we are excited and anxious to grow our family!

Kiet & Meghan


Christian Bale
Henry Golding
Anna Kendrick
Anna Kendrick
Lee Child
Liane Moriarty
The Martian
Safe Haven
Candy Bar
Family Guy
Tom and Jerry
Childhood Memory
Playing basketball with my older brothers
Grandparent's cottage
Childhood Toy
Optimus Prime Transformer truck
Pink blanket
Children's Book
No Time for Bed
I love you just like this
Banff, BC
Classic Movie
Sixteen Candles
Day of Week
Creme Brulee
Creme brulee
Disney Movie
Finding Nemo
Dream Car
Audi R8
Range Rover
Dream Job
Food travel reviewer
Dream Vacation
Motorcycle trip across Europe
Family Activity
Flower / Plant
Ribeye steak
Buttered noodles
Form of Exercise
Weight lifting
Cards Against Humanity
Cards against Humanity
Listening to music
Holiday Song
So this is Christmas
White Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Christmas present opening followed by a big breakfast
Going to see The Nutcracker with my mom; Baking Christmas cookies with my dad
Ice Cream
Praline and vanilla ice cream
Mint chocolate chip
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Motorcycle riding
Men's Health
Women's Health
Memory with a Child
Going to the zoo with Grayson
When our son took his first steps
Memory with Spouse
Our honeymoon in Hawaii
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"I'm your Huckleberry" from Tombstone
You're killing me smalls
Movie Type
Jersey Boys
Musical Group
Zac Brown Band
Nursery Rhyme
Hush Little Baby
Hush Little Baby
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Quality about my Spouse
Very caring
the way he loves his mother
Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is specifically your own
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain
Ristorante de Monica's in Boston
Ristorante de Monica's in Boston
Let all that you do be done in love
Shopping Store
Three Libras by A Perfect Circle
Somewhere over the Rainbow
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
College Basketball and College Football
Sports Star
Michael Jordan
Aaron Rodgers
Sports Team
University of Iowa Hawkeyes
Green Bay Packers
Subject in School
Math and Science
Thing to Cook
Beef Stew
Homemade spaghetti
Time of Day
Nutcracker with my mom; Baking christmas cookies with my dad
TV Show
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
A million little things
Type of Music
Alternative Rock
Vacation Spot

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