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Lindsey & Wei

We are honored and excited share our lives with you. We believe in living life to the fullest by pursuing creative work and striving to make a difference in our community and the world at large. We pledge to love and raise your child to be caring and unique, in a multicultural home filled with art, aloha, diverse experiences, and delicious food.

About Us

Chef & Farmer
Affordable Housing Consultant
Culinary Training
Master's Degree in Business Administration
Legally Married

Our Adventures

Wonderful Views in Italy

As a family, we have had and will have, many adventures together, both around the world and in our own backyard. Because both of our parents live outside the state of Hawaii, we often travel to places such as Taiwan, Nevada or Oregon to see them. Other favorite travel adventures we've had include: Italy, Seattle, Japan, Spain, and Chicago. We also like to have adventures close to home too. That includes going to the beach, snorkeling, diving, surfing, hiking, volunteering, or going to another island.

No matter the location, we always look forward to exploring a new place together; it gets us out of our normal routine, opens up new views, and helps us appreciate all that we have. We believe approaching the world with a spirit of adventuring is crucial to a child's upbringing and helps them be confident in new places. We were both fortunate that our parents recognized this too, and were able to show us the other side of the world or what's just down the road.

Our Professional Lives

We both have non traditional careers that we love. Lindsey is a chef and farmer. In his early career, he worked as a chef in fine dining restaurants and also owned restaurants in Hawaii. He recently left the traditional chef/restauranteur path to explore farming. He currently farms full-time for a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration of alluvial wetlands in Hawaii and to the perpetuation of Hawaiian cultural practices by growing ecologically sustainable foods that were part of the traditional Hawaiian diet.

Wei started her career in the art world, working at art museums and auction houses. She was always interested in how taking arts, architecture and design out of the museum or gallery could make a greater community impact. Not finding any jobs for doing this exact thing, she created her own initiatives that melded these interests. She founded and led a non-profit organization dedicated to this purpose, and also works with local architects and community groups to design and develop affordable housing.

For both of us, each day is different and creative. We love the freedom of being able to combine multiple fields of interest, all in-service to our community.

Our Dog, Marley

Marley Loves All the Attention She Gets from Our Neighbors!

Our dog Marley is a minor celebrity in our neighborhood. She is a 10-year-old white and brown pitbull-mix who we met at the Humane Society 8 years ago. Since she's been with us, she's learned several tricks and in turn, used those tricks along with her beaming smile to convince a dozen or so neighbors and shop keepers to keep treats on-hand for her. The coffee bar, pizza shop, one of the mail carriers, several aunties and uncles, and even firemen from the fire station down the street are all regular stops on our walks. Although she can look intimidating to some, Marley is pretty gentle. At 10-years old, she's considered a senior dog, is mellow and prefers to nap most of the day. She is friendly with the neighborhood kids and likes to greet them by licking their fingers or toes! Marley's favorite time of day is when Lindsey comes home from work and starts prepping dinner - she loves to "supervise"!



Fun Day in Waikiki
Fun Day in Waikiki
Lindsey's Favorite, Shave Ice
Lindsey's Favorite, Shave Ice
We Can't Wait to be Parents!
We Can't Wait to be Parents!
Exploring a Winery
Exploring a Winery
Napping with Marley
Napping with Marley
Visiting a Pastry Chef Friend in Her Kitchen
Visiting a Pastry Chef Friend in Her Kitchen
Beautiful Waterfall at the End of a Hike
Beautiful Waterfall at the End of a Hike
Dressed Up for a Wedding
Dressed Up for a Wedding
Beach Time with Marley
Beach Time with Marley
Spending the Day in Molokai
Spending the Day in Molokai
Exploring the Bay Area with a Friend
Exploring the Bay Area with a Friend
Cuddling Lambs at a Local Farm
Cuddling Lambs at a Local Farm
1 / 12
Fun Day in Waikiki
Fun Day in Waikiki
2 / 12
Lindsey's Favorite, Shave Ice
Lindsey's Favorite, Shave Ice
3 / 12
We Can't Wait to be Parents!
We Can't Wait to be Parents!
4 / 12
Exploring a Winery
Exploring a Winery
5 / 12
Napping with Marley
Napping with Marley
6 / 12
Visiting a Pastry Chef Friend in Her Kitchen
Visiting a Pastry Chef Friend in Her Kitchen
7 / 12
Beautiful Waterfall at the End of a Hike
Beautiful Waterfall at the End of a Hike
8 / 12
Dressed Up for a Wedding
Dressed Up for a Wedding
9 / 12
Beach Time with Marley
Beach Time with Marley
10 / 12
Spending the Day in Molokai
Spending the Day in Molokai
11 / 12
Exploring the Bay Area with a Friend
Exploring the Bay Area with a Friend
12 / 12
Cuddling Lambs at a Local Farm
Cuddling Lambs at a Local Farm

Our Extended Families

Lindsay & His Brothers

Because our immediate family doesn't live in Hawaii, we make it a point to see them once or twice a year, whether they visit us, or vice-versa.

Lindsey has one older brother and one younger brother, as well as five nieces. Last year, Lindsey and his younger brother (who used to be a pastry chef) cooked an elaborate Italian Mother's Day dinner. The preparation started days before with shopping for ingredients, marinating, making sauces etc. Lindsey's older brother and nieces all came over to join the feast.

Wei has one older brother who recently had a baby boy. He and his family live in Singapore. Wei's family loves traveling together to experience the history and cultures of the world. We've done planes, trains, vans, and recently, a sailboat. We've also added extended family, close friends and our sister-in-law to the mix. We're looking forward to having our new nephew join the next trip!

With Wei's Family

We are lucky to have a lot of "ohana" style family close by - these are extended family known as aunties and uncles or friends in general, that we care for and that help take care of us. This is one of the special aspects of Hawaiian culture that we cherish being a part of. There will always be family surrounding and supporting this child.

Our House and Neighborhood

A Cozy Reading Area in Our Home

Though we've lived in our townhouse in Hawaii for nearly 10 years, we still marvel at how beautiful and perfect our home and neighborhood are. We've got three bedrooms and two baths upstairs, and a large open kitchen/living room downstairs. There's art all over the house, most from artists Wei knew or worked with in the past. Big, green mountains frame our views; a stream with fish and ducks runs behind our house. At the same time, we have a grocery store, pre-school, bank and post office just across the street.

Late afternoons, neighborhood kids play tag and imaginary games in the cul-de-sac. Our immediate neighbors have 5 kids of varying ages. The two youngest frequently come to our house to play with our dog, Marley, or see what Lindsey's cooking. They often take their scooters or hover-boards on walks with Marley to the neighborhood park, where there's a swimming pool, two playground areas, ball courts and soccer/baseball fields. The elementary school is next to this park and its classroom doors are painted rainbow colors. We can't wait to raise a child in this wonderful community!

From Us to You

Thank you for considering us to parent your child and taking the time to get to know us.

Community work is what first brought us together ten years ago. Though we thought of ourselves too unconventional for marriage, to our parents' chagrin, we have now been married for three years and counting! For years, we have envisioned growing a family through adoption as the missing piece in our lives. We've often chosen an unconventional path in life and growing our family is no different. Adoption is not where we landed after other disappointments, rather, it is our first choice.

We are first time parents, who may not fit the image of the “average Joe”. Lindsey knew that traditional school wasn't the track he wanted to pursue. Early on, he loved cooking and with his intensity, he became an award-winning chef while still in his 20s. But being a professional chef and restaurant owner was only fulfilling part of the picture for Lindsey.

On the other hand, Wei loved school as a kid and had the report card, degrees and scholarships to show for it. But Wei also had a great interest in the arts and creative approaches to big problems. We both left solid careers in our mid-30s to turn our talents into self-styled, creative jobs that bring us immense fulfillment. We believe in living life to the fullest by pursuing our passions and involving ourselves in community work.

We hope to instill in your child similar values of pursuing your passion and striving to make a difference in the world at large. We believe in nurturing talent and being unique. We will give your child unconditional support and opportunity for success in whatever endeavors they pursue. Most of all, we pledge to love and raise a child to the best of our ability, in a multicultural home that is filled with art, diverse experiences, hard work and delicious food.

Hawaii is our home where we have the best of "town" and "country," and live in one of the most open and caring cultures. ‘Ohana, the Hawaiian concept of family, goes beyond birth parents and their children. True to this, we consider our neighbors a part of our ‘ohana, along with aunties and uncles that have mentored us, friends of all walks of life, as well as our friends' families. Though we are both close to our own birth parents and siblings, this extended ‘ohana is an important part of the picture when we think of "family," and we know that our ‘ohana is so excited to welcome you and your child into our lives.

We look forward to opportunities to share your child’s development and journey at each step of the way. Through letters and pictures, or even FaceTime or Skype, we hope you’ll share in the experience of his/her firsts, the small struggles and triumphant breakthroughs, the milestone celebrations, and everyday quirks.

We would be honored if you chose us to parent your child and genuinely support whatever role you wish to play in their life. One of the reasons we chose this route to adoption is because we will not only have an opportunity to bring a child into our family, but because in you, we also hope to gain a brave and caring addition to our ‘ohana.

With much love, Aloha nui,

Lindsey & Wei


Paul Giamatti
Jason Mamoa
Maggie Siff
Mindy Kaling
Jack Kerouac
Dr. Suess
On the Road
The Handmaids Tale
Candy Bar
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
Childhood Memory
Family Reunions in Hawaii
Riding bikes with other neighborhood kids
Childhood Toy
Star Wars toys
Stuffed dog
Children's Book
A Light in the Attic
Where the Wild Things Are
Classic Movie
The Hustler
Sound of Music
Navy Blue
Day of Week
Aloha Friday
Lemon Meringue Pie
Apple Cobbler
Disney Movie
Alice in Wonderland
Dream Car
'49 Mercury
Dream Job
Traveling Man of Leisure
Fashion Designer
Dream Vacation
Sicily and Amalfi Coast
Surf Safari
Family Activity
Going to the beach with our dog
Cooking and eating together
Flower / Plant
Curry and Rice
Form of Exercise
Lychee or Passion Fruit
Cooking and Gardening
Chinese New Year
New Years
Holiday Song
Holiday Tradition
Taking out the Christmas decorations
Making dumplings
Ice Cream
Cookies and Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Junk Food
BBQ or Sour Cream and Onion Chips
Leisure Activity
Beach time with our dog
Art Culinaire
Memory with a Child
Meeting my nieces for the first time
Taking the subway home from school with my godson
Memory with Spouse
Snorkeling in Kauai
Meeting our dog Marley at the Humane Society
Good Fellows
Star Wars
Movie Munchie
Popcorn with Butter
Movie Quote
"As far back as I remember, I always wanted to be a gangster"
May the force be with you
Movie Type
Gangster films
Book of Mormon
Avenue Q
Musical Group
The Doors
Nursery Rhyme
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
Wheels on the Bus
Olympic Event
Downhill slalom skiing
Figure Skating
Personal Hero
George Helm
Rosa Parks
Julius Caesar
Shel Silverstein
Audre Lorde
Quality about my Spouse
Very Caring
Damned if you do, damned if you don't
Less is More
In n' Out Burger
anything Pizza
Grilled Cheese
Shopping Store
Williams Sonoma
All Hawaii Stand Together
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Cal Ripken Jr.
Colin Kaepernick
Sports Team
Seattle Seahawks
Trail Blazers
Subject in School
Art History
Thing to Cook
Roast Chicken
Rice and Eggs
Time of Day
Dinner time
Taking shoes off before coming in the house
Making dumplings for new year
TV Show
Park and Rec
TV Show Character
Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec
Michael Scott, the Office
Type of Music
Hip Hop, R&B, Indie Rock
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Street Fighter

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