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Kat & Jess

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about us. We hope this profile gives you a glimpse into our lives and who we are as a family. We admire your strength and deep devotion to your child or children and are grateful for your interest in our family becoming a forever part of yours.

About Us

Director of Community Investments & Engagement
STEM Educator/Program Manager
Master's Degree in Public Administration
Currently Completing a Ph.D. in Education
Legally Married

What Makes Us Unique

Mesmerized by the Redwood Trees

There are a few core values that we hold near and dear to us and that shape our lifestyle. We live simply and care most about spending time with the many amazing people in our lives. We have a deep love for nature and try hard to respect the earth. We aim to always be authentic and creative.

Our wedding day is a unique reflection of us. As a math teacher, Jess has a love for numbers so we got married on 9/10/11 at 12:13. Our ceremony was in one of our favorite state parks where we've taken many long walks together. It was very personal – Kat's stepmother officiated, our dog Kasey was our ring bearer, and we wrote our own wedding vows...Kat promised to make Jess coffee every day! We served some of our favorite foods too – Fenway sausages (a nod to our beloved Boston Red Sox) and a grilled cheese bar with tomato soup. We share these same foods on each anniversary. To symbolize our love of gardening, we grew our own flowers and a special variety of "Nebraska Wedding" tomatoes for the soup.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Kat With Our Nieces & Nephew

Jess About Kat: Kat is the most generous, thoughtful, and kindest person I know. She is incredibly down-to-earth and genuinely committed to making our community a better place. I admire the passion and advocacy she brings to her work every day as a leader in a local non-profit that strengthens the lives of children and families.

Kat is also full of energy! She always has a smile on her face and a goofy story in her back pocket. She is extremely inquisitive too, so she asks lots questions because she loves learning and problem solving. A natural planner, I appreciate that Kat's always thinking ahead and keeping our home and life super organized.

Jess Teaching Our Niece How to Tie Shoes

Kat About Jess: Jess's warm, infectious smile, friendliness, and calm nature make friends and strangers alike feel immediately at ease in her presence. She is extremely gentle and compassionate, always ready to listen intently or help someone in need. She also has incredible patience and a love for learning. Jess enjoys nurturing the curiosity of our nieces and nephews, and I can't wait for her to share these gifts with more children!

Jess is also quick-witted and fun loving, and ready to take on whatever adventure life presents. In meeting Jess, I truly found my better half. She makes me a more well-rounded person, and inspires me to take risks and achieve my dreams through her endless support and encouragement.

Cultural Diversity

When asked what makes Kat who she is today, she always points to the rich diversity of the Boston neighborhood where she grew up. From schools to birthday parties, her early life experiences fostered friendships with people from many different cultures and family backgrounds. Jess is an educator who has been privileged to work in diverse school settings. One of her favorite parts of teaching is learning from her students and their unique strengths and stories.

In 2018, we opened our home to a sweet baby girl who we are currently fostering. This shared experience of fostering an African American girl has granted us valuable insight into what transracial parenting truly entails. We've learned how to care for her tight, beautiful curls. We surround her with books, toys, and friends that look like her. We've discovered in the truest sense the ease at which we are able to love a child unconditionally and beyond what words can ever describe.

Yet while our hearts are wide open, we believe that raising a child of another race also requires a fierce commitment to parenting in intentional ways that protects from injustices, pursues difficult conversations openly, and encourages deep cultural connections. We will strive to create environments that are reflective of any child we raise. Just as we choose to live in a culturally and racially diverse community, we will make decisions about schooling, camps, pediatricians, and social outings with this top of mind. We'll embrace any family stories and traditions the birth family is comfortable sharing with us, and we always remain committed to learning.



Enjoying a Walk
Enjoying a Walk
A Rafting Adventure
A Rafting Adventure
Kat Being Silly With Friends at the Zoo
Kat Being Silly With Friends at the Zoo
Family Lobster Boil
Family Lobster Boil
Top of the Mountain in Bend, Oregon
Top of the Mountain in Bend, Oregon
Ocean Kayaking in Cape Cod
Ocean Kayaking in Cape Cod
A Trip on the Boat
A Trip on the Boat
Exploring Nature at the Beach
Exploring Nature at the Beach
Hanging at Our City's CaribFest
Hanging at Our City's CaribFest
Touring Tall Ships Visiting Our City
Touring Tall Ships Visiting Our City
Teaching Our Niece How to Use Chopsticks
Teaching Our Niece How to Use Chopsticks
Reading With Family Friends
Reading With Family Friends
1 / 12
Enjoying a Walk
Enjoying a Walk
2 / 12
A Rafting Adventure
A Rafting Adventure
3 / 12
Kat Being Silly With Friends at the Zoo
Kat Being Silly With Friends at the Zoo
4 / 12
Family Lobster Boil
Family Lobster Boil
5 / 12
Top of the Mountain in Bend, Oregon
Top of the Mountain in Bend, Oregon
6 / 12
Ocean Kayaking in Cape Cod
Ocean Kayaking in Cape Cod
7 / 12
A Trip on the Boat
A Trip on the Boat
8 / 12
Exploring Nature at the Beach
Exploring Nature at the Beach
9 / 12
Hanging at Our City's CaribFest
Hanging at Our City's CaribFest
10 / 12
Touring Tall Ships Visiting Our City
Touring Tall Ships Visiting Our City
11 / 12
Teaching Our Niece How to Use Chopsticks
Teaching Our Niece How to Use Chopsticks
12 / 12
Reading With Family Friends
Reading With Family Friends

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

When we moved to our community in 2016, we immediately fell in love with our new city's friendliness, diversity, cleanliness, and warmer weather! We live in a four-bedroom home in a walkable neighborhood with quick access to museums, coffee shops, restaurants, parks and playgrounds, and good schools. Our neighborhood is extremely family-oriented with lots of children of all ages and spectacular trick-or-treating (our favorite!). Neighbors often host block parties and cook meals for each other when someone needs help.

Our favorite place to relax is on our large, screened-in porch while our dog enjoys the cool shade of our backyard gardens. On weekends, we take long family walks together and enjoy taking our dog swimming at the nearby beaches. Our city offers many diverse, family-friendly events that we often take advantage of, like free concerts, plays, and Harborfest (a huge maritime festival). We regularly look forward to weekend getaways and vacations to both new places and favorite destinations.

Our Extended Families

Jess & Her Mom

Jess is the oldest of three, and has a younger brother and sister. She grew up surrounded by her close-knit, extended family. Kat's family is smaller and very loving. She has an older brother and a younger step-brother who is adopted.

Kat & Her Dad

We travel to Massachusetts often, where most of our family lives. In the summers, we spend time on Cape Cod where Jess's family has a beach house. You can find us swimming and building sand castles at the beach, or hosting BBQs and lobster dinners. During the holidays, we enjoy big family get togethers and when we are lucky, a white Christmas. Our five nieces and nephews are very special to us! We visit with them several times a year and video chat regularly. Everyone in our family is so supportive and excited to welcome a new baby through adoption!

To us, our friends are just an extended part of our family. We are grateful to have many lifelong friendships and also enjoy expanding our network. We enjoy lots of activities with our friends, like game nights, local festivals and comedy shows, eating out and dinner parties, and anything outdoors.

Our friends and family will play a significant role in the life of a child in our home so that they build a strong sense of community and connectedness. We truly believe it takes a village to raise a child!

From Us to You

The opportunity to become parents through adoption is an incredible privilege. We appreciate you taking the time to read our profile and are delighted to share a little bit about ourselves. We are grateful beyond words for your extraordinary courage and selflessness. As you consider adoption, we have nothing but admiration for you and can only imagine how difficult a decision this is for you.

Our relationship began in 2006 and blossomed over the years as we got to know each other's families, started our careers, and traveled to new places together. In 2011, we celebrated our love and lifelong commitment to each other at an intimate wedding ceremony followed by a backyard reception with all our family and friends!

We feel so fortunate to have such an amazing relationship steeped in love, adventure, and mutual respect. We work as a team to make the best of every day and take time to enjoy the small moments in life. In our hearts, we have long imagined starting a family through adoption and decided we were ready to begin this chapter a couple years ago. We first became foster parents to a sweet baby girl, an incredibly rewarding experience that reinforced our dream of becoming adoptive parents.

As we learned through fostering, our hearts and minds are wide open to unconditionally loving and nurturing any child who comes into our family. Every choice we make as parents, no matter how big or small, will center on love and what is best for the child. Knowing the early years have a profound impact on development, Jess is excited to be a stay-at-home mom! We believe this decision will build the strongest foundation for the child. When it's time for formal schooling, we will seek out the option that best supports the child's needs and interests. While we value public schools, we also have amazing independent schools nearby that promote fun and engaging learning environments.

In addition to these big choices, we look forward to day-to-day routines and building healthy habits with the child. We enjoy cooking and dinner table conversations, so mealtime is a priority for our family. Kat is especially eager to get the child excited about eating vegetables (she used to run garden and nutrition programs in elementary schools)! We also know that some of the simplest activities are the most fun like bath time, reading books, and walking the dog. One of the routines we enjoyed most with our foster daughter was weekly swim lessons at our neighborhood YMCA.

Through fostering, we also gained direct experience with transracial parenting, which has given us deep insight into raising a child of a race other than our own. We acknowledge that there are unique challenges inherent in this, and we are deeply devoted to making deliberate, thoughtful decisions to ensure a child is surrounded by "mirrors" and role models that look like them. We will work tirelessly at being a child's best advocate and make sure they know they have a valid place in the world.

We truly believe that open adoption is best for children and is a beautiful way to build family, and this includes you. As a hopeful adoptive family, we respect whatever level of openness you want and need, and realize this may change or fluctuate over time. You can expect us to send letters and pictures regularly and we are also very open to engaging through email, phone calls, and in-person visits. We value the effort, open communication, and honesty that are at the foundation of any meaningful relationship and look forward to cultivating this with you, in whatever form is most comfortable for you.

No matter what, we will always hold you in the highest light. Your child will know about their adoption story from the very beginning and the enduring love you have for them. More than anything, we hope you find peace in whatever decision you come to for your child.

Very sincerely,

Kat & Jess


Denzel Washington
Forest Whitaker
Ashley Judd
Meryl Streep
Toni Morrison
Jeanette Winterson
Between the World and Me
A Tale of Two Cities
Candy Bar
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Looney Tunes
Childhood Memory
Baking holiday cookies with my mom
Riding in the snow plow with my dad
Childhood Toy
Pogo stick
Skip It
Children's Book
The Lorax (and all Dr. Seuss books!)
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?
Boston, Ma
Norfolk, Va
Classic Movie
Day of Week
Anything chocolate!
Lemon meringue pie
Disney Movie
Lion King
Lion King
Dream Car
A blue or turquoise Mini Cooper
Dream Job
CEO of non-profit
Stay at home mom
Dream Vacation
Galapagos Islands
Family Activity
Neighborhood walks
Backyard cookouts
Flower / Plant
Indian buffet
Indian buffet
Form of Exercise
Holiday Song
Jingle Bell Rock
Holiday Tradition
Christmas Eve church service with family
Christmas Eve party with extended family
Ice Cream
Double chocolate
Peanut butter oreo
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Walking the dog
Day at the beach
The Atlantic
Real Simple
Memory with a Child
Our foster daughter's first birthday party
Meeting my niece the day she was born
Memory with Spouse
Traveling the Oregon coast together
Our wedding
Dumb & Dumber
Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
Movie Munchie
Peanut M&Ms
Movie Quote
"What is a yute?"
Movie Type
Sci Fi
Les Miserables
Musical Group
Tracy Chapman
Counting Crows
Nursery Rhyme
Wheels on the Bus
Baby Beluga
Olympic Event
Figure Skating
Personal Hero
Malala Yousafzai
my Dad
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
All My Sons
Maya Angelou
Emily Dickenson
Quality about my Spouse
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
The total minds in the universe is one
Cheesecake Factory
Olive Garden
Grilled cheese
Lobster roll
Psalm 23:4
Shopping Store
The Loft
Talkin' 'bout a Revolution
Material Girl, Madonna
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Women's Soccer & Hockey
Sports Star
Megan Rapinoe
Rob Gronkowski
Sports Team
Boston Bruins
Boston Red Sox
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Fresh homemade pasta
Time of Day
Family lobster boil
Family Christmas eve party
TV Show
TV Show Character
Elaine from Seinfeld
Type of Music
Classic rock
Classic rock
Vacation Spot
Puerto Rico
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Video Game
FIFA soccer
Original Super Mario

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