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Levi & Kelly

Welcome! We are so grateful that you are considering making an adoption plan. We're very excited to add to our family and to watch our son, Wade, become a big brother. We're eager to share our love, family, and fun-filled lives with another child. Take a look around, get to know us, and see if we are the right fit for you and your child. We wish you the best on your journey.

About Us

Structural Engineer
Elementary Speech Language Pathologist
Master's Degree
Master's Degree
Legally Married

Our Adoption Story

Our First Family Photo

In August of 2017, we got the call that we had been waiting for - a birth mother had selected us to parent her child. We were matched with our son's birth mother two weeks before delivery, so we quickly prepared for his arrival. We dropped everything and drove across the country to meet him and his birth family.

The first few days of Wade's life are a wonderful blur. We met his birth mom for the first time two hours after he was born. She let us hold him for the first time, and we shared hugs with her and her mother. The next few days we spent in the hospital, often spending time in her hospital room so she could be with him and we could get to know one another. We loved and cherish that time together.

We often think of Wade's birth mom at big events like his birthday, Mother's Day, and Christmas. But we also think of her at random times, like when his curly hair reminds us of her hair or when we wonder if she loved to do flips off the couch when she was little, too. Adoption has brought us our greatest joy so far in life, and we can't wait to add even more joy with another child.

Cultural Diversity

Our extended family is already diverse. Kelly's brother-in-law is African American, and three of our nieces and nephews are biracial, as is our son. We have already learned so much about being in a racially diverse family from them. As a family, we continue to grow in our awareness of racial diversity and how to celebrate the differences.

With our son, we have done a lot of research and invested time to cultivate African American role models. We take him to a barber shop that specializes in biracial and African American hair, we made sure his pediatrician was African American, and we send him to a racially diverse daycare. We also love reading books to him about racial diversity like Shades of People. We are working hard to find ways to celebrate his differences, like his beautiful curly hair!

No matter the ethnicity of this child, we will love them no differently than a biological child. However, we won't ignore our child's cultural and racial heritage. As a family, we will work together to address issues that come with being a transracial family. We would also like to know traditions that your family has that we can share with this child.

Our Dogs, Yoshi & Guinness

Our Sweet Pups

We have two dogs: Guinness who is a 17-year-old hound dog mix, and Yoshi who is a 12-year-old Taiwan Mountain Dog. They add so much joy to our life!

Pets are important to us for many reasons, especially because of their unconditional love. Whenever we are down, we can count on the dogs to do something that makes us smile. They also help keep us active. We love to wrestle, run, and play fetch with them. We can't go too long without a walk before the dogs start getting antsy- especially Guinness. They are definitely a source of adventure for our son. He loves helping to hold their leashes when we're on walks.

Wade loves the dogs, and they love to follow him around for food scraps! Guinness is especially patient with him and gives him lots of kisses. We are teaching Wade to gently pet the dogs, and he loves lying next to them on the couch. It’s so sweet how much he already loves them, and we're sure this child will love them, too!



Our Happy Family
Our Happy Family
Enjoying the Renaissance Fair
Enjoying the Renaissance Fair
Levi Hiking with Friends
Levi Hiking with Friends
ATVing in Colorado
ATVing in Colorado
Pumpkin Patch Fun
Pumpkin Patch Fun
Target Practice at the Cabin
Target Practice at the Cabin
Snuggle Buddies
Snuggle Buddies
We Love to Spend Time at the Cabin
We Love to Spend Time at the Cabin
Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Kelly's Family
Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Kelly's Family
Made it Out of the Escape Room
Made it Out of the Escape Room
Pool Time!
Pool Time!
We Can't Wait to Grow Our Family!
We Can't Wait to Grow Our Family!
1 / 12
Our Happy Family
Our Happy Family
2 / 12
Enjoying the Renaissance Fair
Enjoying the Renaissance Fair
3 / 12
Levi Hiking with Friends
Levi Hiking with Friends
4 / 12
ATVing in Colorado
ATVing in Colorado
5 / 12
Pumpkin Patch Fun
Pumpkin Patch Fun
6 / 12
Target Practice at the Cabin
Target Practice at the Cabin
7 / 12
Snuggle Buddies
Snuggle Buddies
8 / 12
We Love to Spend Time at the Cabin
We Love to Spend Time at the Cabin
9 / 12
Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Kelly's Family
Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Kelly's Family
10 / 12
Made it Out of the Escape Room
Made it Out of the Escape Room
11 / 12
Pool Time!
Pool Time!
12 / 12
We Can't Wait to Grow Our Family!
We Can't Wait to Grow Our Family!

Our Extended Families

Levi's Family

We are both close to our parents and siblings, but also our aunts, uncles, and cousins. We spend nearly every holiday with family, as well as celebrating other parties throughout the year. Levi is the youngest of three brothers. We often get together at his parents' house with his brothers, their wives, and our two nephews. We also own a cabin by a river with Levi's family. We love going there and exploring outside with our nephews and son. Levi is one of 23 cousins, many of whom live close to us. We enjoy getting together as a huge family to eat, talk, and play games-especially at Thanksgiving.

Kelly's Parents with All the Grandkids

Kelly has an older brother and sister. We spend time at her parents' often, especially when our nieces and nephews are there. She is one of 17 cousins, many of whom have children of their own. Kelly's family loves playing board games and laughing hysterically. At Fourth of July, we get together at her uncle's farm. We play whiffle ball, volleyball, and have a water balloon toss. Cousins come from across the country to celebrate as a family, and we end the night with a fireworks show.

Our family were some of our best friends while we were growing up. We can't wait for this child to meet their brother, cousins, and extended family. Our entire family has been supportive about our adoption plan and are excited to meet the newest member of our family!

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We love our home and continually do renovation projects to make it even better. Levi's favorite room is the kitchen where he prepares delicious food. Kelly's favorite part of the house is the back patio where we love having fires in the fall. Wade loves to play outside in the backyard with his slide, trampoline, and kiddie pool. We have a flower garden in the front of our house, and plan to grow fruits and vegetables in the backyard soon. We love decorating for holidays, especially for Christmas and our annual Halloween party.

Our Favorite Park

Our community is a great place to raise a child. We live on a quiet street in a family-friendly area of the city. There is a walking and biking trail near our house - we enjoy walking the dogs there as a family. One block over, there is a park that we often visit with our son. The city has so many family events and destinations. We love taking Wade to different sporting events - especially baseball games with fireworks afterwards! We look forward to exploring Science City, Union Station, the zoo, and attending various festivals and events often as our children grow.

From Us to You

We are so grateful that you are taking the time to learn more about us. We think that you are courageous and strong for considering making an adoption plan. As you continue making decisions for yourself and your child, know that we will be thinking of and praying for you both.

We have known each other for 16 years, been together for 11, and been married for 6. We love each other deeply, and approach life as a team. Since early in our relationships, we decided that adoption would be a part of how we grew our family. When we discovered that it would be difficult for us to conceive a biological child, we immediately knew that adoption was how we wanted to add to our family.

We prepared ourselves for the adoption process with our first son, and continue to learn and grow daily. We read books on so many topics: how to discuss adoption with a child, how to celebrate their birth family, and being a part of a transracial adoption to name a few. We also discovered that many of our friends also have adopted family members, and talked with them about the process. We can't wait to continue to share all we have and all that we have learned with another child.

When we shared with our families about our plans to adopt again, they were all so excited. Everyone has been supportive and enthusiastic throughout both of our adoption journeys. Our entire family and support system love Wade so much, and we are sure they will do the same with this child. We are so eager for them to meet their aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents! Our families are a big part of our lives, and we are so excited to share our extended families' love and joy with this child.

We enjoy being an active family. We will be engaged in this child's school and church communities. This child will also have opportunities to be involved in sports, art, music, and scouting. We're excited to read with them, explore outside with them, and watch them grow. We look forward to having their friends and other parents to our home to celebrate many occasions or just to play games and have fun.

This child will also have the opportunity to explore the world outside of our community. Travel is very important to us. We will continue to have adventures as our family grows, and will show this child all that the world has to offer. They will learn about history, art, and culture from different viewpoints. Exploring different cultures and having diverse friendships is important to us, and we hope it will help develop understanding and compassion in this child.

Your child will always understand your love for them. We look forward to sharing pictures and letters with you. If it is your wish, we would love to have phone calls and visits, as well. We want you to know that we really do admire you and want what is best for you and your child. You will always be an important part in this child's life, whether that is through stories about your decision for them, made out of love, or by knowing you personally over the years.

Thank you, again, for looking at our profile. We will continue to think of and pray for you and your child.

With admiration and respect,

Levi & Kelly


Harrison Ford
David Tennant
Julianne Moore
Anne Hathaway
J.R.R. Tolkien
J.K. Rowling
The Hobbit
Whale Talk by Chris Crutcher
Candy Bar
Adventure Time
Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra
Childhood Memory
Riding my Bike with Friends
Playing with my cousins at my grandparents'
Childhood Toy
Millennium Falcon
My bike
Children's Book
Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin
Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell
Taipei, Taiwan
Oxford, Mississippi
Classic Movie
Cool Hand Luke
It's a Wonderful Life
Day of Week
Apple Pie a la Mode
Dirt cake
Disney Movie
Robin Hood
Dream Car
Ram Power Wagon
Tesla Model S
Dream Job
Salsa Research and Development
Author & Illustrator
Dream Vacation
Hike to Machu Picchu
Singapore with family
Family Activity
Going to the family cabin
Walking to the park with the dogs
Flower / Plant
Calla Lily
Chips & Salsa
Form of Exercise
Sand Volleyball
Doodling & Drawing
Holiday Song
"Baby Its Cold Outside"
Joy to the World
Holiday Tradition
Thanksgiving Eve family slumber party
Thanksgiving with all my cousins and siblings at my parents
Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Junk Food
Hi Chew
Leisure Activity
Perusing Reddit
Popular Mechanics
National Geographic
Memory with a Child
Naps with our son
Holding our son for the first time
Memory with Spouse
Riding an ATV in Colorado in the snow
Our vacation on Phuket Island in Thailand
Pride & Prejudice
Movie Munchie
Popcorn mixed with Milk Duds
Movie Quote
"Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!" - Wash from 'Firefly'
"What is the average air speed velocity of a laden swallow?" Monty Python: The Holy Grail
Movie Type
Sci Fi/Fantasy
Moulin Rouge!
The Sound of Music
Musical Group
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Hush, Little Baby
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Teddy Roosevelt
Mother Teresa of Calcutta
The Journey to the West
Shel Silverstein
Emily Dickinson
Quality about my Spouse
Her compassion for others
His Intelligence & Patience
"Burn the Boats!" - Hernan Cortez
"Be someone who makes everybody feel like a somebody." - Brad Montague/Kid President
Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs
Italian Sub
Turkey Bacon Melt
"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17
"They that hope in the Lord will renew their strength, they will soar on eagles' wings; They will run and not grow weary, walk and not grow faint." Isaiah 40:31
Shopping Store
Bass Pro Shop
"The Man Who Couldn't Cry" -Johnny Cash
"What I Got"- Sublime
Sport to Play
Sand Volleyball
Sand Volleyball
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Chris Jones
Patrick Mahomes, Jr.
Sports Team
MU Tigers
KC Chiefs
Subject in School
Reading and Writing
Princess Shuri from Black Panther
Thing to Cook
Chicken Casserole
Time of Day
Sunday Brunch
Float Trips
TV Show
Cowboy Bebop
Doctor Who
TV Show Character
Fox Mulder from X-Files
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Type of Music
Electronic Dance Music
Vacation Spot
Summit County, Colorado
The beach!
Video Game
Halo Series
Sonic the Hedgehog

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