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Travis & Kate

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us - we can't wait to grow our family through adoption. We are committed to providing your child a life full of adventure, openness, and unconditional love. Above all, we want what's best for you and your baby. It would be an honor to be part of your adoption plan.

About Us

Vice President
Medical Laboratory Scientist/Stay-at-Home Mom
Master's Degree in Business Administration
Bachelor's Degree in Bioscience and Biotechnology
Legally Married

Life Priorities

New Years at Legoland!

Our number one priority in life is spending time together as a family. One major way we stay connected is by cooking and eating together: breakfast and dinner every single day. Travis flips omelettes like a real chef and Kate is working on perfecting the sauce ratio in her shrimp fried rice. Over breakfast we make plans and practice spelling words and at the dinner table, we bust up laughing sharing our day's funniest moments. Another priority is snuggling up to read together at bedtime. We have a pretty extensive children's book collection, but we also like to check out new titles at the local library. Watching our daughter grow into a reader has been an amazing experience.

Travis has a busy career but does a great job balancing his work and family life. In the evenings after work, Travis and Tess love to build Lego castles. Travis especially looks forward to the weekends when he and Tess go for a bike ride and pretend to search for dinosaur bones at the park. Kate recently stepped back from her part time job in order to spend more time with Tess before and after school, volunteer at her school, drive her to dance and gymnastics, and help out with homework. Together, she and Tess spend free time doing science experiments and making art. We can’t wait to share more moments like this with another child!

Our Family Traditions

Pumpkin Carving

One of the best things about being parents is carrying on with our fun family traditions. Travis's favorite holiday is Christmas and his favorite traditions are decorating the house with lights, collecting new ornaments from everywhere we've traveled, holiday baking, watching Home Alone, and making cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.

Kate loves implementing her Halloween family traditions: visiting the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, and dressing up in ridiculous costumes for trick or treating. (Her favorite was the year Travis was a banana!) As a family of three, we've also been able to make new traditions. Each year we celebrate Family Day to mark the anniversary our daughter's adoption. We also take a professional family portrait each year, which Kate includes in our annual family photobook. In addition to other vacations, we also attend a weeklong annual camp for white adoptive parents and adopted kids of color - it's an amazing learning experience for us and a fun time for all the kids.

Favorite Vacation Spot

Amazing View of a Volcano in Costa Rica

Our favorite vacation spot is exploring somewhere new! Kate's favorite part of travel is visiting places in real life that she's only read about. Travis likes that traveling teaches him to adapt to anything and helps to broaden his perspective.Before we became parents, some of our most memorable trips found us scrambling through jungle-covered ancient ruins in Cambodia and struggling to eat with chopsticks in Beijing. Travis will never let Kate forget that time she chickened out on the world's longest zipline in Costa Rica. Whenever Travis brings it up, Kate can't resist reminding him about the time she rescued him from an angry monkey on the beach in Panama.

With a six-year-old, our travel style is different but no less adventurous! We surprised our daughter by visiting Disneyland for the first time on her birthday. She loved collecting sea shells and practicing her Spanish in Mexico. Sea turtles are now her favorite animal after snorkeling with some in Hawaii. She even convinced Kate to finally try a (much smaller) zipline through the forest at Lake Tahoe!

As a family we like to talk about and look at the pictures of the places we've been so fortunate to visit. We can't wait to have a new travel partner to share new adventures with!



Road Trip
Road Trip
Lego Masterpiece
Lego Masterpiece
Family is Everything to Us!
Family is Everything to Us!
Can't Wait to Be a Big Sister
Can't Wait to Be a Big Sister
About Time for Some Hot Chocolate
About Time for Some Hot Chocolate
Getting Ready for Halloween
Getting Ready for Halloween
Relaxing by the Waterfall
Relaxing by the Waterfall
Dad for the Assist!
Dad for the Assist!
Maui Selfie!
Maui Selfie!
Reenacting Jurassic Park at the Natural History Museum
Reenacting Jurassic Park at the Natural History Museum
Having a Blast!
Having a Blast!
We Love to Visit our Local Zoo on Weekend Mornings
We Love to Visit our Local Zoo on Weekend Mornings
1 / 12
Road Trip
Road Trip
2 / 12
Lego Masterpiece
Lego Masterpiece
3 / 12
Family is Everything to Us!
Family is Everything to Us!
4 / 12
Can't Wait to Be a Big Sister
Can't Wait to Be a Big Sister
5 / 12
About Time for Some Hot Chocolate
About Time for Some Hot Chocolate
6 / 12
Getting Ready for Halloween
Getting Ready for Halloween
7 / 12
Relaxing by the Waterfall
Relaxing by the Waterfall
8 / 12
Dad for the Assist!
Dad for the Assist!
9 / 12
Maui Selfie!
Maui Selfie!
10 / 12
Reenacting Jurassic Park at the Natural History Museum
Reenacting Jurassic Park at the Natural History Museum
11 / 12
Having a Blast!
Having a Blast!
12 / 12
We Love to Visit our Local Zoo on Weekend Mornings
We Love to Visit our Local Zoo on Weekend Mornings

Our Extended Families

Visiting the Museum with Grandpa

Both Kate's parents and Travis' parents live nearby, and are thrilled at the prospect of having another grandchild. Kate's parents often host huge Italian family dinners, are active in their golden retriever rescue group, and they love to accompany us on fun museum outings.

Silly Family Photo on Thanksgiving

Travis' parents love to babysit, enjoy hiking and gardening, and adore family holiday traditions. We recently traveled with them to Germany, where we met extended relatives and visited the town where Travis's mom grew up.

Kate has one younger brother who lives in Washington and enjoys keeping up through family video chats. Travis' brother and his wife have two young children, and our families are very close. We love spending time with them and getting the cousins together to play.

Our extended family is also made up of aunts, uncles, cousins, and close friends (who are practically family!) that are enthusiastically supporting our decision to adopt again.

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

Last year we moved from our first home into a larger house in a diverse, family-friendly neighborhood with a fantastic school district. We are having a blast personalizing our new space with art and projects to make it feel like home. Thanks to year-round warm Arizona weather, our family spends lots of time outside playing with our dogs in the huge grassy yard, swimming, or cheering on our daughter as she perfects stunts on the trampoline.

Our home is surrounded by green belts perfect for walking and bike riding, and there are two different parks in walking distance. Our neighbors are mostly younger families with kids of all ages.

We love how our community is centrally located and gives us quick access to downtown. Our city is also home to a large university, which provides tons of cultural events. We often try new restaurants, visit museums, and see plays. Our metro area also has zoos, aquariums, water parks, and hiking trails, which we visit frequently.

From Us to You

We are so grateful that you've given us this opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you about our family. We realize that we can't possibly know what this emotional journey is like for you, but we wish you peace as you work toward making the best possible decision for yourself and your child. It would be an honor to be part of your adoption plan and provide your baby with adventure and unconditional love.

We have been married for 12 years and are still crazy about each other! Our marriage works so well because we are equal, supportive partners with an ability to laugh at ourselves. Travis is more spontaneous and outgoing, and definitely has the mind of an engineer. Kate is more a of logical planner, the family's voice of reason with a sarcastic sense of humor. We've been pretty much inseparable since we first met in college 16 years ago.

Since we knew early in our marriage that we would not be able to have biological children, we have always known that our family would be created through adoption. Three years ago, we adopted our daughter Tess - it's incredible just how much love and energy our family has gained since she joined it! She's already got big plans for her future sibling, and we know she'll make a fantastic big sister. We would love to become parents again and are excited to expand our family.

We are completely committed to raising strong, independent children with a healthy cultural and racial identity. We have intentionally chosen our neighborhood, schools, and activities to provide a diverse environment. We want our children to see themselves reflected in the books they read, the toys they play with, the art on their walls, and the movies they see.

As white parents already raising a Black child, we choose to celebrate our differences rather than take a colorblind approach. We have built an amazing network of coaches, teachers and mentors who demonstrate Black Excellence and encourage our daughter along her own path. We do not take the responsibility of being a transracial family lightly and will always advocate for our children.

In our family, we are always open and honest about adoption. We will make sure your child knows how much you love them, and we would welcome an open, ongoing relationship. We are eager to know you and are hopeful that you would agree to ongoing letters, pictures, emails, calls, texts, and visits. We would love to share your child's growth and milestones with you and other significant people in your life. We would also welcome your input in naming the child. If you are open to it, we are committed to building this relationship with you.

If you prefer, we can also keep in touch at regular intervals by letters and pictures instead. We will always follow your lead and speak about you with love, kindness, and respect. It's important you know that we will continue to respect your wishes for openness, even if those wishes change over time. Opening up our daughter's previously-closed adoption has been powerful for our whole family. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and our family. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.


Travis & Kate


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