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Chris & Rob

Hello and thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We've always dreamed of becoming dads - something that we believe is the ultimate gift and greatest responsibility. Our promise to you is raising a child to love and respect others, to love themselves, and to work hard and dream big. We hope you'll join us on this adoption journey. Thank you!

About Us

Assistant Vice President
School Counselor
Master of Business Administration
Master's Degree in Education & Counseling
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

Our Family

We chose adoption because of our personal understanding and connection to adoption. Chris was adopted as an infant from Seoul, South Korea. In addition, we have three cousins who were also adopted. Because of our families' love and appreciation for adoption, this was a natural path for us to head down as we have been seeking to grow our own family. When Chris was growing up as a child, his parents were always so open and encouraging about his background. Adoption in his household was celebrated as something unique and special, illustrated by things such as celebrating his "adoption day" just like a birthday. Chris also knows from personal experience how important it is to know, understand, and appreciate his story. In 2014, he "went home" and travelled back to Seoul, South Korea, to explore his heritage and his background – something he will never forget and that he plans to do again in the future. With our future child, we plan to carry on that tradition and sentiment that adoption is special – because it truly is. Finally, Chris' adoption was an international closed adoption, which was a very common and standard practice back then. However, as times have changed, and because we are seeking a domestic adoption within the United States, we look forward to an open adoption and maintaining a relationship with you at whatever level of openness you desire.

Our Leisure Time

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Life is short and we believe in sharing in meaningful experiences. Impromptu gatherings with friends and family are always the best, such as weekend BBQs or just meeting up at a local restaurant, or better yet, the local donut shop (for the kids!). We also enjoy watching "the game" and rooting on our favorite Kansas City teams – football, baseball, and soccer. Holidays are always a big event as well – whether we host or travel. Speaking of travel, this is something very important to us. While Rob prefers to jump in the car for a road trip, Chris would rather fly somewhere exotic. We've made room for both and love a good get away. We enjoy road trips to explore parts of our states (Kansas and Missouri) that we've never been to before. And since we are landlocked, our long trips usually involve the beach – our favorites are Hawaii, Florida, and California! Also, both of us grew up in the music world (yes, we were both band geeks –and proud of it!), so we enjoy going to concerts and musicals. We look forward to creating new memories with our future child and are anxious to see what they will want to explore – be it sports, music, or something completely different. We believe it is important to expose him or her to as many diverse experiences as we can offer so that they can explore their own curiosities and develop a well-rounded upbringing.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Standing Under an Arch Known for Bringing Good Fortunes

Chris About Rob: Rob is a genuine, gentle, and caring person, and these are the traits that caught my attention from the moment I met him. He is an introvert at heart and embodies traits such as being very thoughtful and a good listener. I honestly can't imagine a better person, devoted partner, and best friend. These are also traits which I know make him such a great counselor to his students (officially) and so many friends and family (unofficially). I know that Rob will be such a wonderful dad, providing a nurturing, loving, and caring environment for our little one. I can't wait to see him be a father!

Rob About Chris: Chris puts others first and loves to bring joy to people through surprises. He never knows a stranger and can connect with anyone – he likes to call it "networking." He also uses his humor to include and welcome others and help others have a good time. Chris is also the extrovert of the family and is a driven and action-oriented person. He is an incredible chef, a great money manager, an Eagle Scout, and a very creative person. We balance each other very well! Because he grew up in Kansas City, he is well connected throughout the city and you can see his love for his hometown shine through brightly! I know he will make a great dad!



In a Sea of Sunflowers - The Perfect Kansas Sunshine
In a Sea of Sunflowers - The Perfect Kansas Sunshine
Chris Cooking His Favorite - Spaghetti & Meatballs!
Chris Cooking His Favorite - Spaghetti & Meatballs!
Chris in the Sun Porch Playing His Childhood Piano
Chris in the Sun Porch Playing His Childhood Piano
Sailing Away
Sailing Away
Rob Being Recognized at the White House
Rob Being Recognized at the White House
Relaxing After 26.2 Miles for the Dallas Marathon
Relaxing After 26.2 Miles for the Dallas Marathon
Playing Peek-a-Boo With Our Godson
Playing Peek-a-Boo With Our Godson
With Our Neighborhood Friend George
With Our Neighborhood Friend George
Having Fun on Vacation at a Beachside Carnival
Having Fun on Vacation at a Beachside Carnival
Enjoying a Hike & Enjoying the Beautiful Colors of Fall
Enjoying a Hike & Enjoying the Beautiful Colors of Fall
Waiting for Santa
Waiting for Santa
Date Night With Friends
Date Night With Friends
1 / 12
In a Sea of Sunflowers - The Perfect Kansas Sunshine
In a Sea of Sunflowers - The Perfect Kansas Sunshine
2 / 12
Chris Cooking His Favorite - Spaghetti & Meatballs!
Chris Cooking His Favorite - Spaghetti & Meatballs!
3 / 12
Chris in the Sun Porch Playing His Childhood Piano
Chris in the Sun Porch Playing His Childhood Piano
4 / 12
Sailing Away
Sailing Away
5 / 12
Rob Being Recognized at the White House
Rob Being Recognized at the White House
6 / 12
Relaxing After 26.2 Miles for the Dallas Marathon
Relaxing After 26.2 Miles for the Dallas Marathon
7 / 12
Playing Peek-a-Boo With Our Godson
Playing Peek-a-Boo With Our Godson
8 / 12
With Our Neighborhood Friend George
With Our Neighborhood Friend George
9 / 12
Having Fun on Vacation at a Beachside Carnival
Having Fun on Vacation at a Beachside Carnival
10 / 12
Enjoying a Hike & Enjoying the Beautiful Colors of Fall
Enjoying a Hike & Enjoying the Beautiful Colors of Fall
11 / 12
Waiting for Santa
Waiting for Santa
12 / 12
Date Night With Friends
Date Night With Friends

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home - We Look Forward to Playing in the Front Yard With a Little One

We live in a nice suburb of Kansas City and have lived here since 2013. We love our community and feel that it is a perfect place to raise a family. It's a very clean and safe area, with a lot of parks, pools, and green space for kids to play. People are friendly and welcoming, and there are always people outside walking, running, or biking (including us!). Because the schools are some of the best in the city, there are many families in the area, including young couples and their children. Our community has many neighborhood events throughout the year – Independence Day celebration, Jazz Festival, and lots of block and neighborhood parties and gatherings (yay for ice cream socials!). We take pride and ownership in our home and have created a warm and homey environment. We love to host gatherings and enjoy having friends and family over often. Because of this, we spend most of our time in the living room, family room, and dining room – our favorites and the ideal places for food and friendship. We often host Thanksgiving dinner at our place and if the weather is nice, the Thanksgiving gathering extends out to our deck and backyard. But if it's cold, we love a good excuse to make a cozy fire in our fireplace. When it's just us, we enjoy grilling out on the deck, watching a good movie or playing games in the family room, and relaxing in the sun porch.

Our Extended Families

Being Silly With Family

We have a large community of family and friends, and strongly believe that family is defined by more than blood relatives. Chris is an only child and was adopted from South Korea. His parents live only a short 10-minutes away from our home and they are anxiously awaiting the arrival of future grandchildren! Chris also has extended family that live nearby and in the Twin Cities and Philadelphia. Rob's family is mainly in southwest Missouri where Rob grew up. He has close relationships with his four siblings, as well as many cousins and other extended family. Professionally, our family has lawyers, finance professionals (including Chris), and a lot of educators (including Rob). Outside of work, our families are very involved in the communities in which they live, volunteerism, and serving as advocates for issues passionate to them such as social and educational issues. We have one cat, Frasier, who we of course consider our friendly furry friend! In addition, we count many friends as family, and love that we get to be "uncles" to many of their children.

Bedtime Stories by Flashlight

From Us to You

We admire your strength and courage as you seek a loving home for your child. We're also filled with joy that we could potentially become part of your child's life. It has been a dream of ours to become parents and we look forward to nurturing and raising a child in a loving and caring home. And together - along with our community of family and friends - we believe that we could surround a little one with a ton of love, joy, and happiness!

Our journey as a couple has grown in love, experiences, and partnership. After meeting in 2008, moving in together in 2012, purchasing our home in 2013, and getting married in 2017, we feel like this has all been part of our journey and preparation to become parents. Since moving into our home, we have really settled into our community, which we absolutely love. It is an ideal place to raise children - between the families and sense of community, to the neighborhood conveniences (parks, schools, etc.), and discovering all that our family-friendly community has to offer! For the past several years, we have been especially intentional in our decisions to ready ourselves for parenthood. For example, it's been a lot of fun (and great practice) to care for and babysit our friends' little ones. Rob also moved to a new high school to be much closer to home. Chris has also progressed in his career and is on the fast track for very high leadership positions at his company. Between Winter and Spring breaks and the summers, we look forward to the extra time that Rob will get to spend at home. And because of Chris' career growth and path, we feel grateful to be in a position where Rob can retire in the next 2-4 years to be a stay-at-home Daddy.

Now, we just can't wait until the time comes when we'll be able to be parents ourselves - something we never thought would be possible. But, as LGBT adoption has become more accepted and common, we hope that we can realize this dream in the near future. Rob's experience as a school counselor will be invaluable as we raise a child together. His understanding and background of helping youth through social and emotional development will help us to provide a nurturing and support-filled environment. In addition, Chris' experience in the Boy Scouts, as both a leader and member of the Board of Directors, has provided him a valuable background in child and youth development as well.

As a gay, interracial couple, we understand, appreciate, and embrace diversity and inclusion. Our family also has many experiences and a special love for adoption, something that we feel makes us unique. This unique and diverse background is why we don't just define "family" by those who share blood relation. As we look to expand our family in the future through adoption, it is very important to us to raise children in an inclusive and well-rounded environment. This environment would include exposure to some of our values and experiences, including: respect and compassion for other people; learning about and experiencing new things; traveling and seeing the world; community service and volunteer work; fine arts and cultural events; and maintaining an active and healthy life - physically, mentally, and spiritually. We also look forward to discovering your child's hobbies, interests, and passions, so that we may support their own individual growth and development.

Through open adoption, we look forward to the role that you will play and our ongoing relationship, whatever you choose for that to be. You will always be an important part of this journey and we are committed to ensuring that you remain part of your child's life. We believe open adoption is a healthy way to raise a child, allowing them to grow up feeling connected and confident about their background, who they are, and what their story is about. Thank you for considering us as potential parents for your child. We wish you peace, comfort, and strength as you make the best decision for your baby. From our perspective, this is an honorable, brave, and difficult decision, and we send you our love and support.

Chris & Rob


Will Smith
Tom Hanks
Jennifer Lawrence
Sandra Bullock
My cat - Frasier!
My grandmother - author of many children's books
Dr. Seuss
To Kill A Mockingbird
Candy Bar
Kit Kat
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Scooby Doo
Childhood Memory
Weekend camping trips
Traveling in an RV across the country
Childhood Toy
Star Wars action figures
Children's Book
Curious George
Oh, The Places you'll Go! By Dr. Seuss
Washington D.C.
Classic Movie
Wizard of Oz
Sound of Music
Day of Week
Homemade cookies
Warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream
Disney Movie
Lion King
Beauty and the Beast
Dream Car
Red Mustang Convertible
Dream Job
Broadway Musician
Travel Agent
Dream Vacation
Cruise around the World
Travel all over Europe
Family Activity
Family Dinners
Road Trips
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
Blueberries or Strawberries
Traveling and seeing the world
Holiday Song
Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer
It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Holiday Tradition
Baking cookies for Santa
Decorating the house for Christmas
Ice Cream
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Evening walks
Taking a late afternoon nap after a long week
Money Magazine
Runners World
Memory with a Child
Becoming a godfather to my Godson Tommy
Babysitting my nieces and nephews
Memory with Spouse
Running the Dallas Marathon - twice!
Getting Married in Hawaii
James Bond movies
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
Movie Munchie
Peanut MM's
Popcorn and a big Diet Coke
Movie Quote
"Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore" - Wizard of Oz
"You have to do the best with what God gave you." - Forest Gump
Movie Type
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Musical Group
Marching Mizzou!
Anything from the 80's and 90's
Nursery Rhyme
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Ice Skating
Personal Hero
My parents
My students
Hmm... I don't see many plays
Up the Down Staircase
Maya Angelou
Shel Silverstein
Quality about my Spouse
His big heart and the way he surprises others by doing unique and special things for them
"If you think you can, or think you can't... you're right."
"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." - Neale Donald Walsch
Cheesecake Factory
Reuben Sandwich
"Love your neighbor as yourself" - Mark 12:31
"He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless." - Isaiah 40:29
Shopping Store
Amazon Prime
"Happy" - Pharrell Williams
"Running Down a Dream" - by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes
Sports Team
Kansas City Royals
Kansas City Chiefs
Subject in School
Black Panther
Thing to Cook
Sloppy Joes
Time of Day
Nighttime - seeing the stars and constellations
Dusk - just as the sun is fading into the darkness
Seeing the city Christmas lights come on Thanksgiving night
Getting together with family on a Christmas (or Thanksgiving) morning or afternoon and enjoying a big homecooked meal together!
TV Show
Shark Tank
Shark Tank
TV Show Character
Michael Scott from The Office
Robin Williams
Type of Music
Top 40
Anything from the 80's and 90's
Vacation Spot
Anywhere with a warm beach and beautiful ocean
Video Game
Mario Kart
Candy Crush

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