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Steven & Megan

We are thrilled to be embarking on the adventure of adoption. We have both been blessed with wonderful parents that shaped us at an early age, and have become our closest friends in adulthood. We have looked forward to building that same relationship, as parents, for a long time. We are deeply grateful to you for taking the time to review our profile, and we hope it will give a glimpse into our life.

About Us

Financial Advisor
Licensed Interior Designer
Bachelor's Degree in Financial Management/Economicss
Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

Our Niece's Adoption Party

Adoption has played a significant role in our family. Our sister-in-law was adopted when she was a baby. She and her husband (Megan's brother) have adopted two of their four children. They are fostering another of their sons with the intent to adopt. It has been neat to watch their journey of becoming parents, and seeing how that has had an impact on them as people.

All three of their adoptive children have had some sort of special medical needs, and it has been nothing short of inspiring to see their journey of growth. Their tenacity and zeal for life is a testament to all that is good in the world.

Our niece and nephews have brought a newfound joy to our family and we can't imagine life without them. As their aunt and uncle, we have been so profoundly blessed to watch their personalities take shape, and to see the wonderful people that they are becoming.

Our Leisure Time

San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, Spain

One of our greatest passions in life is travel. We love to explore new places together and create memories. Our travel can span from camping in the woods with our friends to exploring other countries. We find that travel allows us to learn about other cultures and have time to bond without the distractions of daily life.

Recently, we decided to take a trip to Spain with Steven's brother and our sister-in-law. The experience was incredible and we are already trying to figure out when we can go back!

Steven loves to travel anywhere with a beach, and Megan would prefer to spend all of her time in Disneyland! We have found a good balance to make sure our travel plans have something each of us will enjoy.

Both of us traveled with our families as children and young adults, so we look forward to continuing the tradition with our growing family!

Education We Will Provide

Education is extremely important to us because education is the foundation for growth. We have both committed to lifelong learning, and would encourage our children to do the same. For us, education is not something that is limited to the classroom, although that is an important way to learn. We believe that the most impactful ways that one can learn are learned from experiences.

For this reason, we will encourage our children to pursue the things that interest them. If they are excited to learn a sport, we will encourage that. If they would like to dedicate their time to art or to science, we will encourage that as well. The most important thing to us in this area is that they dedicate themselves to something challenging, and that they be willing to put themselves out there. We would love to see them dedicate themselves to a purpose that is larger than their own wants or desires.

From a formal educational standpoint, it is tough to say what their specific path will be, as every child will have different needs and paths, but we are absolutely willing to invest time, energy and resources in learning. That will have a profound impact on how they grow and the people that they will become.



A Day at the Beach
A Day at the Beach
Exploring London
Exploring London
Megan's Birthday at Disneyland
Megan's Birthday at Disneyland
Visiting the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain
Visiting the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain
Dancing at a Friend's Wedding
Dancing at a Friend's Wedding
Hiking in the Sandia Mountains
Hiking in the Sandia Mountains
Holiday Party Painting Night
Holiday Party Painting Night
Exploring Sedona, Arizona
Exploring Sedona, Arizona
Overlooking Sebastian, Spain
Overlooking Sebastian, Spain
Seattle, Washington
Seattle, Washington
Snowboarding With Friends
Snowboarding With Friends
Dinner in New Orleans
Dinner in New Orleans
1 / 12
A Day at the Beach
A Day at the Beach
2 / 12
Exploring London
Exploring London
3 / 12
Megan's Birthday at Disneyland
Megan's Birthday at Disneyland
4 / 12
Visiting the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain
Visiting the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain
5 / 12
Dancing at a Friend's Wedding
Dancing at a Friend's Wedding
6 / 12
Hiking in the Sandia Mountains
Hiking in the Sandia Mountains
7 / 12
Holiday Party Painting Night
Holiday Party Painting Night
8 / 12
Exploring Sedona, Arizona
Exploring Sedona, Arizona
9 / 12
Overlooking Sebastian, Spain
Overlooking Sebastian, Spain
10 / 12
Seattle, Washington
Seattle, Washington
11 / 12
Snowboarding With Friends
Snowboarding With Friends
12 / 12
Dinner in New Orleans
Dinner in New Orleans

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

What we love most about New Mexico is the accessibility of the outdoors. Our home is in a historic neighborhood and is the location for many fun events throughout the year. We love the parks with mature trees that are within walking distance of our home, and we visit them often. We initially chose this area because of the proximity to the different amenities that our city offers. Our neighborhood has an old, eclectic, slightly artsy vibe, and we really enjoy that. We are located near a major university that we enjoy taking walks to. It is a popular part of town for young professionals so there are many young families in this area.

Our house was built in the 1930s and still has that old-world character despite various updates over the years. We have two bedrooms, and a guesthouse. The guesthouse is especially handy if our many out of town friends come to visit, as we each have our own space. We spend most of our time in our comfortable living room at the center of the house. Because the house was built in the west in the 1930's, we have a larger lot than most. This means we have a huge backyard with mature trees. In the late spring through early fall, we enjoy spending a lot of time outside for this reason.

Our Extended Families

Steven's Family

Steven's parents live about thirty minutes outside of the city that we live in. Steven loved growing up in the country. When they were growing up, Steven could be found exploring the woods behind their home with his younger brother and sister. Steven's extended family has a cabin in the mountains of Southern Colorado. His family makes it a point to travel there every year to enjoy time to relax, hiking, and exploring all that the mountains of Colorado have to offer. Even into adulthood Steven and his family maintain a love for the outdoors and try to get outside whenever we can. Steven's brother lives in Colorado with his wife, and Steven's sister lives in Florida.

Megan & Our Niece on Halloween

Megan's parents live in the same city as us, and they are thrilled to have another grandchild in the family. Growing up, they would regularly take Megan and her older brother on family vacations. This is where her love for travel began. Keeping with the tradition of our childhood, our family still enjoys taking family vacations together. Megan's brother lives in Washington with his wife and their four kids, three of whom were adopted. Part of our desire to adopt has come from our experience with our niece and nephews. They have brought so much joy to our family and we look forward to growing our family even more.

From Us to You

Adoption is an interesting process. On one hand, there is an immense feeling of joy. You are having a beautiful child. Their opportunity is limitless, and they have yet to experience all that makes life both wonderful and crushing at the same time. On the other hand, beyond the scope of the child's consciousness, life has not gone as planned for all the adults involved. As prospective adoptive parents, our life has not gone as planned. As the birthparent, we imagine you can relate. Upon much reflection of this idea, we are supremely confident there are no accidents in this life. Things are going exactly as they were intended, and while that can be devastatingly painful in the short term, we believe hindsight has a way of demonstrating its perfection.

Having a family is something we have wanted for a long time, probably since before we even knew that was a desire. That yearning is nearly impossible to convey with words. We believe part of that desire was inspired in us by our wonderful parents. We would love to create the relationship with our child that our parents have fostered with us. To be able to love, care for, and challenge our child in that way would be the ultimate gift to us, our families, and to everyone in our life who has been quietly hoping, praying, and desiring this for us.

Our hope for our child would be that they never have to question whether they are loved. In life our hope would be that they live with abounding joy. As parents, our goal will be to empower them to foster and pursue their passions, so they live life to the fullest. As they discover their place in this world, we would hope they always seek opportunities to contribute to a worthy cause larger than themselves so they can experience the joy and fulfillment of a lasting impact on others.

As you are considering this decision, with all its gravity, we would like to share our thoughts on ongoing interaction, and the narrative of how they came to be adopted. First, we plan to discuss how tough this decision was, and the depth of character necessary to place them for adoption. We want our child to know their birth parents love them so deeply, and completely, that they were willing to accept profound personal sacrifice so that they have the best shot at a wonderful life. We do not want them to feel as though they were an inconvenience or mistake, but rather that they were meant to be given the gift of life by you, to be raised by us, and are destined to live a life of purpose. Lastly, we will always be conscious of sharing that you want them to be deeply loved, to thrive, live fully, and be their very best.

We would like it very much, if possible, for you to be a part of our family. You will have given us a priceless gift that no one else could. Your decision to entrust us with raising your child shows the depth of your character, and we would love for our child to know you. While this is our hope, relationships take time to build. As we write this letter, we have never met. Considering this, we cannot fully grasp the details of our long-term relationship. We feel that the specifics of our ongoing contact will need to be determined over time. This will allow us to better define what works best for everyone. At a minimum, we are committing to share pictures, to update you (especially early on), and to be available as needed.

We do not believe in accidents. Life does not always go the way we plan, but it always works out better than we could have hoped. It is our deepest desire to become parents. That is a responsibility we do not take lightly. We look forward to the adventure and many memories it will create. We want to thank you for your consideration. Without you, this life would not be possible for us. We look forward to getting to know you more.

All the best,

Steven & Megan


Andy Samburg
Steve Carell
Aisha Tyler
Amy Poehler
Malcom Gladwell
Brene Brown
Daring Greatly
Candy Bar
Childhood Memory
Spending time at our family cabin in the mountains of Southern Colorado
Taking family vacations every summer
Childhood Toy
Wooden swords my dad made for my brother and I at his shop.
Children's Book
I read a lot as a kid. I don't think I could choose only one.
Berenstain Bears
New Orleans
New Orleans
Classic Movie
The Godfather
Singing in the Rain
Day of Week
Brownies with ice cream
Carrot Cake
Disney Movie
Beauty and the Beast
Dream Car
Dream Job
Financial Planner
Dream Vacation
African Safari
Family Activity
Playing card or board games
Flower / Plant
New Mexican
Form of Exercise
What Do You Meme card game
Being outdoors. Activities vary by season.
Holiday Song
Anything by Transiberian Orchistra
Angels we have heard on high
Holiday Tradition
Walking around the city admiring the luminarias displays
River of Lights in Albuquerque. The botanical gardens are decorated with millions of Christmas lights!
Ice Cream
Vanilla bean, not to be confused with French Vanilla. I promise there is a difference.
Chocolate with Peanut Butter
Junk Food
Salty bar food
Green chili cheese fries
Leisure Activity
Anything that allows me to spend time outdoors.
Memory with Spouse
Trip to New Orleans for my 30th birthday
Our wedding
Shawshank Redemption
Marley and Me
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. -When Harry Met Sally
Movie Type
Action and Adventure
Musical Group
Cody Jinks
Maroon 5
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
General James Mattis
Tina Fey
Shel Silverstein
Quality about my Spouse
Her relentless dedication to me and our family
His unconditional love and selflessness
Only the hardest things in life are worth doing.
There is no greater threat to the critics, cynics, and fearmongers than a woman who is willing to fall because she has learned how to rise. -Brene Brown
Cervantes - a local New Mexican food spot
Po Boy
Club Sandwich
Jeremiah 29:11
Proverbs 3:5-6
Shopping Store
Hippies and Cowboys by Cody Jinks
Here, Right Now by Joshua Radin
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Big Papi (David Ortiz) from the Boston Red Sox
Mookie Betts from the Boston Red Sox
Sports Team
Boston Red Sox
Denver Broncos
Subject in School
My wife
Thing to Cook
Turkey soup with leftover turkey from Thanksgiving
Time of Day
Early Morning
TV Show
TV Show Character
Elaine Benes
Type of Music
Depends on mood. I love country, hip hop, rock, and dance music.
Vacation Spot
Anywhere with a beach. Especially anything on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.
Video Game
Crash Bandicoot

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