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Stephen & Emily

As we sit in our future child's nursery, we are praying for the words to say that will let you know how much we will love your child. We believe that adoption is a beautiful gift, and we have prayed for years about expanding our family this way. Thank you for considering us as potential parents for your child. We are praying that you will have peace in your decision and throughout your journey.

About Us

Managing Director
Elementary Special Education Teacher
Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

Stephen's Family

Adoption has always been very close to our hearts. Emily has several friends who were adopted as infants, and Stephen has four younger siblings who were adopted. We both knew from a young age that we wanted to adopt. Once we started dating, we discussed what we thought our future family would look like, and adoption was a big part of that picture. Stephen was able to see the beauty of adoption through the adoption of his four younger siblings, and Emily was present for the adoption of his youngest sister. His younger siblings are precious to his family, and his family wouldn't be complete without them. Adoption has been an amazing gift for his family and it gave both of us a deep appreciation and sense of gratitude towards mothers who choose adoption for their children. As we have gotten older, we now have friends who have adopted. We feel very blessed to have these connections to adoption. Our future child will be surrounded by children and adults who have walked through the adoption journey as an adoptee, and adoption will always be seen as the beautiful gift that it is.

Our Lifestyle

At the Top of Stone Mountain

Our lifestyle is so fun! We love to be outdoors, workout, spend time with loved ones, and just enjoy life. Stephen does Crossfit workouts in our garage gym every afternoon after work, and several times each week Emily joins him. We also have friends that come over to work out as well. We really enjoy this time to have fellowship with our friends and share our love for fitness with others. Emily enjoys doing Yoga a few times each week. We go out almost every evening and take our dog for a walk by the river or a jog in our neighborhood. After a walk, we love to go up the street to get frozen yogurt. We are so excited to take our child with us and teach him/her to love being active with us! On the weekends, we enjoy going for hikes. While being outdoors and being active is always our first choice, we also enjoy having slow weekends and just chilling out and watching movies or binging The Office. Every Sunday evening we host dinner with Emily's family. We often begin the evenings together preparing dinner, and end the evening with a game of Skip-Bo or Phase 10. We both love to read as well and try to make time in the evenings or early mornings for reading. We have a ton of fun together, and we can't wait to bring a child into our home to share our life with!

What it Means to Become Parents

So Excited to Become Parents!

We can't wait to be parents! To us, being parents means telling bedtime stories, building forts in the living room, watching Disney movies, and most importantly, giving our child unconditional love. We have dreamed of becoming parents for years. We want to give our child everything we had growing up and more. We envision bringing our baby home and taking them on long walks in the stroller with our dog, who will definitely become the baby's best friend. We envision our child growing up with their cousins, who will be close in age. Our child will be surrounded by close relatives who love them. We want our child to always know that they can come to us with any problems and trust us to have their best interest in mind. Becoming parents will be the greatest adventure of our lives, and one adventure that we can't wait to start!



Exploring Washington, D.C.
Exploring Washington, D.C.
On a Riverboat Cruise in Savannah, Georgia
On a Riverboat Cruise in Savannah, Georgia
In Front of the Golden Gate Bridge
In Front of the Golden Gate Bridge
Emily & Her Baby Cousin
Emily & Her Baby Cousin
Thanksgiving With Our Nephew
Thanksgiving With Our Nephew
Stephen During a Spartan Race
Stephen During a Spartan Race
Roll Tide!
Roll Tide!
Ice Skating With Our Niece
Ice Skating With Our Niece
One of Our First Pictures Together When We Started Dating - Emily was 16 & Stephen was 17
One of Our First Pictures Together When We Started Dating - Emily was 16 & Stephen was 17
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning
At a Baseball Game
At a Baseball Game
Hiking With Our Niece & Nephews
Hiking With Our Niece & Nephews
1 / 12
Exploring Washington, D.C.
Exploring Washington, D.C.
2 / 12
On a Riverboat Cruise in Savannah, Georgia
On a Riverboat Cruise in Savannah, Georgia
3 / 12
In Front of the Golden Gate Bridge
In Front of the Golden Gate Bridge
4 / 12
Emily & Her Baby Cousin
Emily & Her Baby Cousin
5 / 12
Thanksgiving With Our Nephew
Thanksgiving With Our Nephew
6 / 12
Stephen During a Spartan Race
Stephen During a Spartan Race
7 / 12
Roll Tide!
Roll Tide!
8 / 12
Ice Skating With Our Niece
Ice Skating With Our Niece
9 / 12
One of Our First Pictures Together When We Started Dating - Emily was 16 & Stephen was 17
One of Our First Pictures Together When We Started Dating - Emily was 16 & Stephen was 17
10 / 12
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning
11 / 12
At a Baseball Game
At a Baseball Game
12 / 12
Hiking With Our Niece & Nephews
Hiking With Our Niece & Nephews

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We recently purchased our first home! Our three bedroom, two bathroom house sits in a quiet neighborhood and has a fenced in yard that keeps our dog in, but can't keep our neighborhood cats out, which we love. We have a large open floor plan that allows everyone to be together even while in separate spaces. Our neighborhood has yearly block parties in the summer featuring corn hole games, BBQ, and live music. We are the most popular neighborhood for trick-or-treaters each year! We have gotten to know many of our neighbors since we moved in, and everyone is very sweet and welcoming. Our neighborhood is very family oriented. We live behind the elementary school that our child will attend, and there is a path to walk to the school from our home. We cannot wait to walk our child to school each day!

We live in a smaller town, but we are very close to one of the largest cities in the state. We live only 5-10 minutes from several parks (many of which have splash pads for kids!), lakes, and a river. We love outdoor activity and love being so close to these parks. We live very close to our church. Our church is very involved in adoption ministry. Our pastor has adopted both of his children, and we have many families who have adopted. Our church has fall festivals, a Christmas program, and a big 4th of July neighborhood party each year! We love our community!

Our Extended Families

Emily's Family

We are very close to our families. We spend every Sunday with Emily's parents, and her brother and his wife. Emily's brother and his wife are our best friends, and we have always dreamed of having children all around the same time so they can grow up to be as close as we are. We live five minutes away from them, which makes just dropping by for dinner, or going for after dinner walks very easy. Stephen has eight siblings, and the youngest 4 are adopted. We spend time with them as often as we can, but his older siblings live all over the country so unfortunately we don't get to see them as often as we would like. We get together with Emily's family every Sunday for dinner, and we all take turns hosting dinner at our homes. Our families cannot wait for us to expand our family through adoption. They are all extremely supportive. Emily's parents are so excited to become grandparents for the first time, and Emily's mom cannot wait to babysit! Stephen's family has been through the adoption process before, and they know how difficult but beautiful it is. We have seen first hand how rewarding adoption is. We cannot imagine life without Stephen's younger siblings and are so thankful for the gift that their birth parents gave to his family. We feel so blessed to have such close family relationships!

Stephen & His Niece Bowling

From Us to You

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our profile and read this letter. We don't know the circumstances that led you here, but we want you to know that we care about you and your child very much, and we are praying for you to have peace and wisdom during this time. We are grateful to you for considering adoption for your precious baby. We promise to give our child all the love in the world and share with them the joy and happiness we have with each other.

We have been married for seven years, but we have been together for ten. We feel so blessed to have met each other at such a young age because we have truly been able to grow up together. Growing our family through adoption has been a discussion in our relationship from the beginning. We believe that we have been led to pursue adoption at this very moment, and we know that God’s timing is perfect. He has been preparing us for this great adventure for quite some time. We already have so much love in our hearts for our future child. We have a crib, rocker, and a few other things set up in a nursery in our home and we cannot wait to bring our baby home!

We absolutely love children! We will give our child a home that is full of love, happiness, and cute cats and dogs. We love spending time together cuddled on the couch with a movie or playing with our dog in our back yard. We love each other with all of our hearts, but we know that we are missing a piece of our puzzle.

Our child will grow up knowing that he/she is loved unconditionally. We are striving to do what we can to give our child the best opportunities in life. We hope to lead by example. We want our child to love others, do their best at whatever they pursue, finish what they start, and never stop learning. We are committed to raising our child with Christian values and morals, which centers around love. We value education and hard work. We will encourage our child to pursue activities that make them happy whether that be baseball, soccer, gymnastics, theater, or science club. We want our child to be the best he or she can be. That doesn't mean the star pitcher or the straight A student, it just means the child who puts in the effort to do their best at what they pursue. We believe that this is how we can be truly supportive parents. We promise to always put our child’s needs above our own. Above all we want our child to be happy and fulfilled in life.

Our families are so amazing. Emily's brother and his wife are our best friends. We have always dreamed of having children who are close in age so they can grow up together. We believe that having cousins as your best friends is one of the greatest blessings. Our parents are over the moon about our adoption journey, and they cannot wait to welcome their new grandchild into the family with open arms.

We would love to share with you your child's growth and experiences through letters, emails, and pictures if that is what you desire. We will keep a "life book" for our child so they can always look back on their adoption story and know how loved they have always been. We will make sure that they know that adoption is a blessing and we promise to always guide them through their emotions with love and wisdom. Stephen has four siblings who were adopted, and we have many friends who have adopted, so adoption will always be present in their lives. Our child will know the depth of your love for them.

Thank you again for reading our letter and learning a little bit more about us. We hope that this letter lets you see how deeply we will love and care for any child that we have the privilege of bringing into our home and parenting. We know you have a difficult decision ahead of you, and we are praying for you. No matter what you choose, we hope only the best for you and your child.

Stephen & Emily


John Krasinski
Chris Pratt
Sandra Bullock
Emily Blunt
Jocko Willink
Dave Ramsey
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Wuthering Heights
Candy Bar
Hershey Bar
Phineas and Ferb
Childhood Memory
Playing Outside
Playing with my big brother
Childhood Toy
Western Town Playset
Polly Pocket
Children's Book
Robison Crusoe
The Little Prince
Savannah, GA
Savannah, GA
Classic Movie
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
The Notebook
Day of Week
Peach Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream
Frozen Yogurt with Reeses crumbles
Disney Movie
Toy Story
The Jungle Book
Dream Car
Ford F-150 Raptor
Range Rover
Dream Job
General Manager for an NFL Team
Owning a house remodeling company with my husband
Dream Vacation
European/Mediterranean Cruise
Family Activity
Playing with the dogs outside
Going for walks
Flower / Plant
Aztec Grass
Wings - hot honey mustard
Form of Exercise
Skip Bo
Working Out in the garage gym
4th of July
Holiday Song
White Christmas
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Exchanging one gift Christmas Eve with Emily
Exchanging one gift with Stephen on Christmas Eve
Ice Cream
Cookies and Cream
Junk Food
Beefy 5 Layer Burrito
Taco Bell
Leisure Activity
Sitting on the back porch with coffee
Laying on the beach
The Atlantic
Local magazine
Memory with a Child
Watching Nephew's Flag Football Game
Baking cookies with my niece
Memory with Spouse
California Trip
Every memory made on our California trip
12 Strong
The Blindside
Movie Munchie
Popcorn with butter
Movie Quote
"Are you not entertained?" - Gladiator
You can't sit with us! (Mean Girls)
Movie Type
The Greatest Showman
The Greatest Showman
Musical Group
Old Dominion
Nursery Rhyme
I'm a Little Tea Pot
London Bridge
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Rich Froning
My mom
Twelve Little Indians
Legally Blonde the Musical
Walt Whitman
E. E. Cummings
Quality about my Spouse
Her playfulness
His emotional strength
"On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock."
There is no joy without gratitude.
Vic's on the River
Chick-fil-A Chicken Club
Grilled Cheese with Avocado
Ephesians 5:1-2
1 Peter 4:8
Shopping Store
Local Boutiques
The Best Thing - Relient K
Mud on the Tires by Brad Paisley
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Brett Favre
Rich Froning
Sports Team
Cleveland Browns
Subject in School
Iron Man
Iron Man
Thing to Cook
Scrambled Eggs
Smothered Chicken and mashed potatoes
Time of Day
Coffee in the morning
Watching college football on Saturday's in the Fall with family and friends
TV Show
The Office
The Office
TV Show Character
Ron Swanson
Everyone on The Office
Type of Music
Alternative Rock
Vacation Spot
The Beach
Video Game
Ape Escape

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