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Jim & Kristin

We are a family created by adoption and we are eager to grow our family once more in this beautiful way. We are humbled that you would consider us as parents and we respect and honor your decision. We want nothing more than to be the best parents we can be and hope to do so with music, traveling and family adventures. Thank you for looking at our profile.

About Us

Design Engineer
Private Music Teacher/Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering
Associate's Degree in Music
Josiah, Levi
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

We Love Our Family & Can't Wait for It to Grow!

Adoption has changed our lives forever. We talked about adoption in high school, when we would secretly talk about the future we wanted to have. We were married for many years before we knew infertility was a reality for us but we knew right away the answer for us was adoption. With that decision, we were given the incredible, humbling, beautiful job of raising our sons and the excitement and joy of looking forward to completing our family.

Josiah (age 5) is intelligent, sweet, social and takes being a brother very seriously. He loved helping when his younger brother was little. Our second son, Levi (age 2) is incredibly happy, curious and in love with his big brother. We love how both boys have characteristics that remind us of their birth mothers! While Josiah and Levi have different backgrounds, they both are a mixture of races and we celebrate that and do our best to share and honor that with them as well as expose them to diverse people and cultures and encourage them in their own skin and heritage.

We know we haven't just gained children but we have also gained relationships with the people who also love them. We are so excited to have another son or daughter join our family and make lasting relationships with those who love him or her. Adoption brought us other people whose bravery, kindness, selflessness and love have taught us in amazing ways. Adoption brought us the opportunity to encourage and be there for people we never would have met otherwise.

Our Lifestyle

We Love Camping as a Family!

Life in our home is simple. We try to keep our schedules light and our hearts lighter. We try to focus on experience over material things. We enjoy healthy, home cooked meals in the evenings and listening to Kristin playing the piano. Sometimes Jim will read the Bible out loud before the boys go to bed. Kristin runs in the morning before everyone else is up and Jim rides his bike a few evenings a week and we all take the dogs for long walks every day. We as a family are almost always listening to or playing music when we are home. Kristin and the boys have at least one dance party every day!

If we aren't at the house, we can be found at church or community events or traveling. We take our kids camping in a few states every year and make sure to give them special experiences like feeding sharks or petting lemurs. We love making s'mores at the campsite in the evenings and waking up early to play in the campground park or pool. Our biggest joy is watching our children learn, grow and experience new things and we love to provide as many opportunities as we can!

Our Family Traditions

Easter With Family

Our favorite family tradition happens on Thanksgiving. We invite all of the people we know who might be alone on that day to join us around our table. We have had people from India and Japan, good friends and near strangers. We love sharing what we are grateful for with everyone who can join us.

At Christmas time, we drive around our town with hot chocolate and festive music. When we see a house decorated well, we sneak to the door and leave a note telling them how much we appreciate the time it took for them to decorate and how much we enjoyed their lights! We spend Christmas morning at Kristin's parents' house across town, the kids are showered with gifts and we have a good meal.

At Easter we typically travel to see Jim's family. We sit around and share family stories or go for hikes with the whole family. All the cousins play all weekend and on Sunday we take up at least one pew at church as a whole family.



Enjoying a Hot Summer Day
Enjoying a Hot Summer Day
Kristin Finishing a Race in Colorado
Kristin Finishing a Race in Colorado
Going on Walks Is One of Our Favorite Dates
Going on Walks Is One of Our Favorite Dates
Jim Playing Guitar
Jim Playing Guitar
All Dressed Up for a Wedding
All Dressed Up for a Wedding
Fall Festival
Fall Festival
Having Fun in a Playhouse
Having Fun in a Playhouse
Enjoying the Lake
Enjoying the Lake
Jim Likes to Ride Fast in Any Weather!
Jim Likes to Ride Fast in Any Weather!
Kristin Loves Capturing All of Our Family's Memories
Kristin Loves Capturing All of Our Family's Memories
We Love to Travel & Go for Hikes Wherever We Are
We Love to Travel & Go for Hikes Wherever We Are
Getting Ready to Watch a Movie at the Local Theater on Date Night
Getting Ready to Watch a Movie at the Local Theater on Date Night
1 / 12
Enjoying a Hot Summer Day
Enjoying a Hot Summer Day
2 / 12
Kristin Finishing a Race in Colorado
Kristin Finishing a Race in Colorado
3 / 12
Going on Walks Is One of Our Favorite Dates
Going on Walks Is One of Our Favorite Dates
4 / 12
Jim Playing Guitar
Jim Playing Guitar
5 / 12
All Dressed Up for a Wedding
All Dressed Up for a Wedding
6 / 12
Fall Festival
Fall Festival
7 / 12
Having Fun in a Playhouse
Having Fun in a Playhouse
8 / 12
Enjoying the Lake
Enjoying the Lake
9 / 12
Jim Likes to Ride Fast in Any Weather!
Jim Likes to Ride Fast in Any Weather!
10 / 12
Kristin Loves Capturing All of Our Family's Memories
Kristin Loves Capturing All of Our Family's Memories
11 / 12
We Love to Travel & Go for Hikes Wherever We Are
We Love to Travel & Go for Hikes Wherever We Are
12 / 12
Getting Ready to Watch a Movie at the Local Theater on Date Night
Getting Ready to Watch a Movie at the Local Theater on Date Night

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Cozy Home a Few Days Before Christmas

We live in a small town in Nebraska, near a beautiful lake with sandy beaches. It's the kind of town where everyone knows your name and we all show up to every parade, which we have about once a month. We have an outdoor and indoor pool and great parks.

In the fall, we have a festival that includes outdoor concerts, a craft fair and car show. In the summer, we have a concert series every Thursday night where everyone turns up in lawn chairs to watch. We are heavily involved in our church and our church family is incredibly supportive and loving. At the end of the school year, our church hosts a celebration with bouncy houses, games and free food.

Our neighbors are mostly young families with multiple children or grandparents who enjoy spoiling the neighbor kids. We rarely leave the house without seeing a neighborhood kid riding their bike or playing outside.

Our house isn't fancy, but it is our warm, comfortable home. We live on a corner lot with a large back yard, an open kitchen and living room, plenty of bedrooms, a play room and a room devoted to music. We enjoy our TV room for movies but spend most of our time in the kitchen where we can bake cookies together or play together while Kristin makes dinner.

Our Extended Families

With Kristin's Parents

Kristin's parents live five minutes from us and relish being grandparents. We visit them many times a week and we help in their garden, bake, or get spoiled by grandma and grandpa. Kristin's parents' home has a room devoted to grandchildren, filled with toys and clothes. Since they live here, they are a large part of all of our traditions. They spoil the grandkids at Christmas and love to make each kid feel extra special on their birthday.

Hiking With Jim's Family

The rest of our extended family spans across the United States but we get together frequently. Jim's family loves to make large, homemade meals including homemade bread and dessert. We often hike as an extended family or tell stories. Jim comes from a family of four kids and Kristin has two older siblings so there are an abundance of cousins in all different age ranges and they all love to get together to run around in the yard or watch movies.

From Us to You

It is a privilege to be considered as potential adoptive parents and we thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves. We are Jim and Kristin and as parents of two adopted children we respect and honor you and your decision as you consider an adoption plan for your child. We are not only committed to raising our children to the best of our abilities but to having an open, honest and true relationship with you. We have always dedicated ourselves to going above and beyond what is required of us to make sure everyone involved knows they are loved and valued.

We are willing to be flexible, knowing that your thoughts might change as time goes on. We are looking forward to speaking with you about contact, including whatever kind of pictures, emails, phone calls or potential visits you might be interested in. We will do whatever we can to make ourselves available to you and are willing to adjust as you see fit. We will always remain open and allow you to make the choice as to how open you would like to be.

Adoption has been such an important part of our lives for so many years now. Without the gift of adoption, we wouldn't have our current family or the opportunity to grow our family one last time. We have both grown so much through parenthood and through the path of adoption that we are forever grateful for the impact it has had and will have on our lives. Adoption is a conversation we have every day in our home. We want to share with our children where they came from, who they are, and how amazing their futures can be.

We have absolutely love being parents from the moment we brought Josiah home. Each child is so unique and watching them through their firsts and watching their personalities develop has been such a joy. We are so excited to experience all the firsts again with another child. We can’t wait to share our family’s favorite books, movies, vacation spots and our love of music with another child. Our boys can’t wait to take care of a younger sibling.

Our home isn't fancy, but it's always clean, except for the little bit of dog hair here and there. Our lives are calm and simple. What we lack in excitement we make up for in joy, happiness, and a solid family life. We have been happily married for 13 years and as high school sweethearts, we have been together for more than half of our lives!

We can't promise the world, but we can promise our corner of it. We promise a lot of music, a lot of travel, and always having at least one dog. We can promise we will do everything we can give our kids the best education possible and to always teach them, above all else, to live by the fruits of the spirit; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and self-control. We can't wait to open our home and our hearts to another little one and look forward to the day we meet them and every single day after.


Jim & Kristin


Chris Hemsworth
Benedict Cumberbatch
Emma Stone
Emma Stone
C.S. Lewis
That Hideous Strength
Lord of the Rings
Candy Bar
Anything Chocolate
Super Why
Childhood Memory
Building and playing in tree houses
Feeding llamas on the farm
Childhood Toy
Hot Wheels
Stuffed Animal Collection
Children's Book
Little Blue Truck
Classic Movie
Star Wars
Wizard of Oz
Dark Blue
Mint Green
Day of Week
Anything Chocolate
Disney Movie
Lady and the Tramp
Dream Car
Porsche 911
Dream Job
Dream Vacation
Tour to see the castles of Europe
Family Activity
Camping and Hiking
Flower / Plant
Pine tree
Celery and Peanut Butter
Form of Exercise
4th of July
Holiday Song
Carol of the Bells
O Come O Come Emanuel
Holiday Tradition
Leaving notes on front doors of well decorated houses at Christmas
Ice Cream
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Dates with Kristin
Watching movies with popcorn and milkshakes
Simple Living
Memory with a Child
Playing with Josiah as he was learning to walk
Meeting both of my sons and every moment since.
Memory with Spouse
Our trip to Ireland
When he changed all the clocks in the house and car so he could take me to breakfast.
Star Wars
Captain America
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
I find your lack of faith disturbing. - Vader
"Do, or do not. There is no try." -Yoda
Movie Type
PG Comedy
My Fair Lady
Les Miserables
Musical Group
Thousand Foot Krutch
New York Symphony
Nursery Rhyme
In The Lords Army
Olympic Event
Synchronized Diving
Double Figure Skating
Personal Hero
My Dad
The Foreigner
Emily Dickinson
Quality about my Spouse
His Patience
PepperJax Grill
Our Local Mexican Restaurant
Spicy Italian
John 1
I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you. Jeremiah 29:11
Shopping Store
Whole Foods
For Those Who Wait
Shake It Off, Taylor Swift
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
The Superbowl
Subject in School
Captain America
Thing to Cook
Fried Rice
Grilling Anything
Time of Day
Early Morning
Thankgiving Meal
Inviting all the bachelors and single people we know to Thanksgiving dinner.
TV Show
My Name Is Earl
So You Think You Can Dance
TV Show Character
Beth, This Is Us
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Gran Turismo

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