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Andrew & Shasta

Thank you for taking time to look at our profile and considering us. To us, the most important part of raising a family is having unconditional love, support, and respect for each other. We have looked forward to being parents for many years and are excited to take this journey with you. We know that you have a difficult choice ahead of you and we admire your strength as you make your decision.

About Us

Programmer Analyst
Import Specialist
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
Bachelor's Degree in International Business
Legally Married

What It Means to Become Parents

Whale Watching in California

To us, being parents means more than just raising children. Our children will be our family, our partners, and our closest friends for the rest of our lives and theirs. This includes everything from loving them and taking care of them, to enjoying life's pleasures together as a family. We are both very excited to raise a child and watch them discover the world with age as we all once did. We cannot wait to share hobbies and life experiences with them, while encouraging them to explore their own passions and interests to become their own person. We look forward to taking them on family trips to places like Disney World and watching them experience new wonders and moments they will never forget. Watching them discover their favorite sport or hobby, inspiring them to express their creativity, and giving them the opportunity to explore the world are all things we look forward to as our child grows up.

Our Leisure Time

Shasta With Her Crochet Yoshi Blanket

We enjoy our leisure time with activities we can do together, as well as our own personal favorite hobbies. We love taking our dog Aztec for a walk in the afternoons and watching our favorite shows and movies together at home in the evenings to wind down from the work day. We use this time to catch up with each other on the events of the day and enjoy each other's company.

Touring Blizzard Entertainment Headquarters in California

Shasta likes to read books, crochet, paint, and get creative with various arts and crafts. Her masterpieces always make fantastic gifts for friends and family.

Andrew likes to play and create video games, build computers, and experiment with 3-D printing. When there's a technical problem to fix, he considers it a challenge and a fun puzzle to be solved.

Together, we have a diverse range of activities that we are so excited to share with a child one day soon.

Our Family Traditions

Since we have family both local and distant, we have the opportunity to embrace some unique traditions. In October, we journey to the mountains in Maryland to visit family and enjoy the Autumn Glory Festival. Attending the festival to watch the parade and browse the craft show displays has become an annual experience for us each year to celebrate the changing of the seasons. We also host Thanksgiving for the family each year, inviting our parents, grandparents, siblings, and extended family from both sides to join us for dinner and spend the holiday together. The laughter and joy that fills our house as the younger children play together, and sometimes sneak treats to our dog, Aztec, are memories we cherish and build with each passing year. Christmas is an extra special time of year for our family with multiple traditions. As the season approaches, we always put together a silly holiday card to send out to everyone with a picture of us with Aztec. One year, we made it look like she knocked the entire tree over! Yet again, we have the benefit of having family both at home and distant, so we enjoy multiple family gatherings and celebrate the season with the ones we love every year.


Enjoying a Walk Through the Botanical Gardens
Enjoying a Walk Through the Botanical Gardens
Andrew Finishing a Mud Run
Andrew Finishing a Mud Run
Ready for an Ed Sheeran Concert
Ready for an Ed Sheeran Concert
Shasta Glass Blowing a Christmas Ornament
Shasta Glass Blowing a Christmas Ornament
Our Indoor Skydiving Adventure
Our Indoor Skydiving Adventure
Celebrating Our Anniversary on a Dinner Cruise
Celebrating Our Anniversary on a Dinner Cruise
All Dressed Up for a Friend's Wedding
All Dressed Up for a Friend's Wedding
Enjoying a Summer Day at the Stawberry Festival
Enjoying a Summer Day at the Stawberry Festival
Visiting Neptune at Our Local Beach
Visiting Neptune at Our Local Beach
Visiting Our Niece
Visiting Our Niece
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Enjoying a Walk Through the Botanical Gardens
Enjoying a Walk Through the Botanical Gardens
2 / 12
Andrew Finishing a Mud Run
Andrew Finishing a Mud Run
3 / 12
4 / 12
Ready for an Ed Sheeran Concert
Ready for an Ed Sheeran Concert
5 / 12
Shasta Glass Blowing a Christmas Ornament
Shasta Glass Blowing a Christmas Ornament
6 / 12
Our Indoor Skydiving Adventure
Our Indoor Skydiving Adventure
7 / 12
Celebrating Our Anniversary on a Dinner Cruise
Celebrating Our Anniversary on a Dinner Cruise
8 / 12
All Dressed Up for a Friend's Wedding
All Dressed Up for a Friend's Wedding
9 / 12
Enjoying a Summer Day at the Stawberry Festival
Enjoying a Summer Day at the Stawberry Festival
10 / 12
11 / 12
Visiting Neptune at Our Local Beach
Visiting Neptune at Our Local Beach
12 / 12
Visiting Our Niece
Visiting Our Niece

Our House and Neighborhood

We Love Our Home Dearly!

We live in a beautiful, quiet suburban community in Chesapeake, Virginia - only about twenty minutes from the beach!

We are absolutely in love with our home here - a two-story family home with a cozy living room, den/playroom, office, craft studio, and two-car garage workshop. Our evenings are spent relaxing together in the living room or in the office, enjoying our favorite hobbies. We cannot wait for our home to become a sanctuary for a child as it has always been for us. Our favorite place. Our home sweet home!

We cherish our tucked-away corner of the neighborhood, with a large front yard, fenced-in backyard, and an assortment of beautiful trees for shade and a natural landscape. Our neighborhood's quiet streets are a prime place for children to play and families to go on walks together.

This city has been our home for a long time and we wouldn't have it any other way, with family nearby, plenty of natural parks, and the beach and boardwalk are very close by!

Our Extended Families

With Andrew's Brother & Sister-in-Law

We have always enjoyed the benefit of being part of a large supportive family and relish in the different bonds we have formed with them all. For the family who live closer to us, we often get to enjoy gatherings for dinner and board game nights. It is a wonderful, entertaining way for us to come together and stay connected. Sunday dinners are a regular tradition with our local family that we always look forward to. Every Sunday, we choose a different restaurant to share a good meal and talk about our week and what is going on in our lives. For family who live farther away, we connect over special holidays and events throughout the year. In the spring and summer, we head north to join our family for cookouts around the campfire and family reunions. When the cold weather starts to set in, we travel again for the Autumn Glory festival, a special celebration that Shasta’s hometown holds each year. Together, we watch the parade march through town and marvel at the beautiful natural colors adorning the trees. Then, of course, we gather for Christmas. While we always enjoy the food, decorations, gifts, and time with family, seeing snow is the rare and special treat, where we get to build a snowmen or make snow angels with our loved ones. We love our family, near and far, and every single member has been supportive of our plans for adoption.

Charity 5K With Family

From Us to You

Words cannot express how much we appreciate you considering us as parents for your child. We cannot begin to understand how much courage it must take for you to make the decision you are making right now, but we are ready to support you at every step of the way. We are honored that you are looking at our profile and we look forward to being the potential parents for your child. We hope that the pictures, stories, and values we share help you understand the type of family we are and how much we look forward to raising a child with all the love and care in the world.

We are Andrew and Shasta and we've been together for over ten years, while being married for eight. Together, we've always been able to conquer anything when we work as a team. Shasta is the creative and empathetic one, while Andrew is the technical and logical one. Shasta loves getting her hands into fun new crafts and is always creating something new with crocheting, painting, cooking, and any outlet she find for her creativity. Andrew works as a programmer and loves building computers, playing video games, experimenting with 3-D printing, and always tinkering with technology. We both graduated from the same university with bachelor's degrees in our respective fields and are proud of our alma mater. We have always worked together to handle any obstacle life has ever thrown at us and have been ready to tackle parenthood for a long time. Our journey to adoption is a long one involving surgery and attempts at surrogacy, but we've felt for a long time that we are in a perfect position to become adoptive parents.

We are also very lucky to have a large, supportive family backing us up through this entire process. From local family that we spend regular time with for dinners and board game nights, to more distant extended family that we visit on the holidays, we have all the support we could hope to have during our journey through adoption. Every single one of them is ready to meet their new grandchild, niece, nephew, or cousin. They will always be loved unconditionally from all branches of the family tree.

We are more than ready to be parents for your child and help guide them as they experience the world and discover their own interests and passions. We promise to give them lots of love, support, and a fun and exciting home. Whether they decide to be the next big sports star, a tech guru, or join the marching band, we will embrace it all. With a big family like ours, they will always have their very own cheering section.

Though we do not know you yet, we already have so much respect for you and the choice you are making. We promise to always be open and honest about your child's adoption. If you would like us to, we will send you pictures and letters to you so that you can see the wonderful young person they grow to be. Our goal is to be respectful of the difficult choice you are making and to find the outcome that is best for everyone.


Andrew & Shasta


Liam Neeson
Tom Hanks
Charlize Theron
Drew Barrymore
M.C. Beaton
Harry Potter Series
Candy Bar
Kit Kat
Scooby Doo
Childhood Memory
Playing in tree house
Camping on Fourth of July
Childhood Toy
Children's Book
The Berenstain Bears
The Berenstain Bears
Classic Movie
Forrest Gump
Day of Week
Apple Dumpling
Disney Movie
Toy Story
Peter Pan
Dream Car
Flying Car
Dream Job
Game Developer
Dream Vacation
New Zealand
Family Activity
Watching a Movie
Board Games
Flower / Plant
Bonsai Tree
Sunflowers and Lillies
Form of Exercise
Rowing Machine
Betrayal at the House on the Hill
Settlers of Catan
Video Games
Holiday Song
Jingle Bells
The Holly and the Ivy
Holiday Tradition
Opening a present on Christmas Eve
Taking Christmas Card picture
Ice Cream
Chocolate with brownie pieces
Mint Chocolate Chip
Junk Food
Chips and Dip
Leisure Activity
Watching a Movie
Painting or Crocheting
Game Informer
Memory with a Child
Riding roller coasters with nephew
Holding my nephew for the first time
Memory with Spouse
Special treatment in Disney World for Honeymoon
Going to Disneyworld for the first time
The Prestige
Back to the Future Trilogy
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
Ogres are like onions. -Shrek
Movie Type
Science Fiction
La La Land
Musical Group
Unleash the Archers
The Rolling Stones and The Beatles
Personal Hero
Adam Savage
The Lion King
Quality about my Spouse
Creativity is intelligence having fun. -Albert Einstein
Geisha Japanese Steakhouse
Turkey Sub
Italian sub
Shopping Store
Best Buy
TJ Maxx
Sport to Watch
Sports Team
Chelsea FC
Subject in School
Green Arrow
Iron Man
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Opening a present on Christmas Eve
TV Show
Star Trek
TV Show Character
Type of Music
Heavy Metal
Classic Rock
Vacation Spot
Disney World
Video Game
Animal Crossing

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