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Stephen & John

For years, we've been waiting patiently for the right time to become parents, and we're filled with every kind of emotion now that the time has finally come. Adoption has always been our plan and we're thankful that you've taken this step in considering us to be part of your own plan. We don't know where we'd be without our support team, and we'd like to be part of your team, too.

About Us

University Administrator
Master's Degree in Dance Studies & Economics
Master's Degree in Theatre Arts
Legally Married

Our Passions

Excited for Hamilton!

Arts and culture are hugely important in our house. Most of our free time is spent seeing plays or dance, visiting new art exhibits and seeing as many movies as we can. Wherever we travel, we go out of our way to find the local art and food scenes (we’ve eaten some weird stuff!). Since most of our friends work in the arts, we look forward to not only taking our child to their first Broadway show, but letting them run around on stage afterward. They can learn to play any instrument they want (but the family band really could use a brass section). And maybe this child will grow up to not be interested in any of those things! But at least for a little while, they’ll enjoy making silly dances with Stephen and memorizing Shakespeare with John. Our #1 goal is that our child will develop their own curiosity about the world and a passion to explore everything.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Summer in the City

John About Stephen: Stephen sees the good in everyone and it’s the first thing he sees. I’m frequently astonished by how open and trusting he is, and how easily he can talk with anyone. He’s that guy to whom everyone says, “You’re going to be a great dad one day.” I can’t wait to watch how he’ll teach our child to believe in themselves and to see the best in everyone around them.

Stephen About John: John has an infectious sense of humor. He’s witty and quick and always makes me laugh. No matter where we are or who we’re with, he’s always finding ways to crack me up. He’s not afraid to be goofy! When we are visiting family, his primary goal is to entertain our nieces and make them laugh. I know that he will fill our child’s days with joy and amazement.

Cultural Diversity

Our favorite part about where we live is just how friendly and welcoming it is—a feeling that has only gotten stronger as we’ve settled in and gotten to know our community. The diversity in our community is what makes it so inviting to us since it reflects the diversity of our own family, friends, and experience.

Living in a small city allows us to engage with so many different cultures in personal ways. The theater company downtown offers Spanish-language and bilingual plays for families. In summer, there’s a Native American Powwow held in our neighborhood, and also a major statewide one nearby. Our movie theater usually has a few foreign language movies to offer in addition to their popular Bollywood series. And we love our Caribbean restaurant without a menu - we just call them up and say, “We’ll take two of whatever you’ve got today!” To us, diversity is something we seek out in order to enrich our lives. No matter what racial and ethnic background our child comes from, we know that we are prepared to teach them to value diversity the same way we do.



San Diego's Balboa Park - One of Our Favorite Places
San Diego's Balboa Park - One of Our Favorite Places
John's Happy Place
John's Happy Place
Fun With Uncle Stephen
Fun With Uncle Stephen
Splashing Around
Splashing Around
A Slytherin & Hufflepuff Walk Into a Castle ...
A Slytherin & Hufflepuff Walk Into a Castle ...
We Can't Wait to Visit the San Diego Zoo With a Child!
We Can't Wait to Visit the San Diego Zoo With a Child!
A Day at Sea
A Day at Sea
A Quiet Moment With Uncle Stephen
A Quiet Moment With Uncle Stephen
Our Family Loves Nap Time!
Our Family Loves Nap Time!
A Very Serious Conversation With Uncle John
A Very Serious Conversation With Uncle John
Making New Friends at the Farmers Market
Making New Friends at the Farmers Market
Finding a Quiet Moment Before Our Wedding
Finding a Quiet Moment Before Our Wedding
1 / 12
San Diego's Balboa Park - One of Our Favorite Places
San Diego's Balboa Park - One of Our Favorite Places
2 / 12
John's Happy Place
John's Happy Place
3 / 12
Fun With Uncle Stephen
Fun With Uncle Stephen
4 / 12
Splashing Around
Splashing Around
5 / 12
A Slytherin & Hufflepuff Walk Into a Castle ...
A Slytherin & Hufflepuff Walk Into a Castle ...
6 / 12
We Can't Wait to Visit the San Diego Zoo With a Child!
We Can't Wait to Visit the San Diego Zoo With a Child!
7 / 12
A Day at Sea
A Day at Sea
8 / 12
A Quiet Moment With Uncle Stephen
A Quiet Moment With Uncle Stephen
9 / 12
Our Family Loves Nap Time!
Our Family Loves Nap Time!
10 / 12
A Very Serious Conversation With Uncle John
A Very Serious Conversation With Uncle John
11 / 12
Making New Friends at the Farmers Market
Making New Friends at the Farmers Market
12 / 12
Finding a Quiet Moment Before Our Wedding
Finding a Quiet Moment Before Our Wedding

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We’ve both lived in a lot of places, but when it came time to grow our family, we felt called to move back to the town where we met. It has all the best parts of a small city, and we live in a three-bedroom house on a quiet hill overlooking the town. Our neighborhood is full of families, old houses, big trees, and it’s a paradise in summer! We’re a five-minute walk to the children’s library, toy store, the Puerto Rican bakery and our favorite Indian takeout place.

Melvin Cuddles

Everyone on our block knows us by name, partly because our dog Melvin is the mayor of our street. On Saturdays, we bring him to the farmers market in the park, even though just grabbing some vegetables can take all morning because everybody wants to meet Melvin. There’s a food truck there that makes the best hushpuppies John’s had since he was a kid, so sometimes we go just for those!

We really love our town and our home and truly can’t wait to raise our family here. The future nursery is the room in our house that gets the best sunlight, is warmest in winter, coolest in summer, and overlooks our neighbor's beautiful garden. Even Melvin wanders in there on his own every afternoon for a nap (and sometimes we do too).

Our Extended Families

There's Always Music When the Family is Together

Stephen is the youngest of three sons and everyone lives in the area. Actually, his parents live just two houses away from us (so our child will have two yards!). We make a point of getting everyone together for family dinner at least once or twice a month, and holidays together tend to last a whole week. Everyone in Stephen’s family plays an instrument and it’s a joy to walk through the house and hear music in every room from morning to night. Skiing is also a big deal in the family and Stephen’s dad is already talking about which slopes our child will try first.

With John's Parents

John comes from a family of people who really like to carefully plan everything. His parents are moving to Florida and, even though they haven’t bought a house yet, they’ve already mapped out the annual “grandkid camp” they’ll run every summer for our child and the cousins. Knowing John’s parents, that could mean anything, but we suspect it’ll involve swim lessons, trips to Disney World, and way, way too many cookies (but all on a schedule!).

Everyone on both sides of the family is cheering us on our adoption journey and can’t wait to welcome a new little one into the fold. There’ll be lots of cousins around the same age to play with: we have three baby nieces and many more planned!

From Us to You

Thank you so much for taking this time to get to know us. We hope for the chance to get to know you, too. It is our hope that you take comfort in something we’ve said here and know that we want the best for you and your child, whatever you decide that may be. We can only imagine what you’re feeling, but we have tremendous respect for those feelings and your bravery in just reading this.

In the eleven years that we’ve been together (and married for seven) we’ve worked hard and made some tough decisions to get closer and closer to being prepared to give a child our very best. Though that’s sometimes meant moving to new cities, finding new jobs, or changing careers entirely, we have always prioritized what’s best for us as a family. But no matter how prepared you are, life can be unexpected. We've had to rely heavily on one another and we know for sure that we can depend on each other for all the endless curveballs of parenting. We won’t be perfect, but we promise to try every single day.

We are prepared with all the patience and flexibility it takes to raise a child. Still, we know that sometimes we’ll worry when we don’t need to, and there’ll be mornings when we wake up trying to remember if we even slept at all. And as much as we dream about trick-or-treating and photogenic beach vacations, we know sometimes the best memories will be made when we’re too exhausted to do anything but order pizza and watch the same Disney movie for the 38th time.

As our family expands, our parents and siblings can’t wait to help support us. They’re eager to meet your child and are anxiously waiting to welcome them into their lives, too. Stephen’s parents just moved to our block in order to be even closer to this child, and his mom’s already knitting away on hats, booties, and blankets. Stephen’s brother has a farm and we’re sketching out where the treehouse (or treehouses!) will go. We think maybe one for each kid in the family!

We have both taught children of all ages and get the greatest joy from helping them to learn and grow. We feel it will be our chief role as parents to gently guide this child and support them in discovering the world and their own interests. We will try everything together, and we look forward to our horizons expanding right alongside your child’s. This child already has unlimited potential and we’re so excited to help them figure out what they want to do with it.

As this child grows, we will share regular photos and letters with you. And if you’re not sure yet what level of contact and openness you are most comfortable with, we can find it together. We also want your child to know about you and your love for them, so you will be part of the story we tell them from day one. We want this child to have a fulfilling and happy life, and that includes celebrating your story. We take pride in our decision to build our family through adoption, and we can’t wait to learn more about you and hopefully become part of each other’s stories.

This child will be so, so loved.

Stephen & John


Sea Otter
Celeste Ng
James Baldwin
The Emperor's Children
Candy Bar
Bob's Burgers
Mickey Mouse
Childhood Memory
Road trips to Canada to visit family
Dinner on Grandma's porch
Childhood Toy
Batman action figures
Children's Book
The Giving Tree
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Classic Movie
The In-Laws
King Kong
Day of Week
Pumpkin Pie
Birthday Cake
Disney Movie
The Lion King
Monsters, Inc.
Dream Car
Range Rover
Dream Job
Movie credits designer
Dream Vacation
Alaskan cruise
Amazon River
Family Activity
Going to the zoo
Flower / Plant
Shepherd's Pie
Anything with extra pickles
Form of Exercise
Holiday Song
Carol of the Bells
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Making my grandmother's stuffing recipe
Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
Ice Cream
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Going to the movies
Bon Appetit
Bon Appetit
Memory with a Child
Introducing our niece to cupcakes
Making our niece her first pie
Memory with Spouse
Snorkeling on our honeymoon
The Sound of Music
Jurassic Park
Movie Munchie
Gummy Bears
Movie Quote
It got caught! In Friedrich's teeth!
I have to find my son! I have to tell him how old sea turtles are!
Movie Type
Into the Woods
Olympic Event
God of Carnage
Quality about my Spouse
His sense of humor
His faith in others
Our local French bistro
Cheap messy BBQ
1 Corinthians 13:4-8
Matthew 5:15
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Horse racing
Sports Team
Subject in School
Art History
Thing to Cook
Peach pie
Time of Day
My first coffee
Making doughnuts on New Year's Eve
Eating hot dogs on Amtrak
TV Show
Parks and Recreation
Parks & Recreation
TV Show Character
Leslie Knope
Valerie Cherish
Type of Music
80s rock
Vacation Spot
San Diego, CA
Maryland shore
Video Game
Wii Sports
Spider-Man PS4

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