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If you would like to learn more about us, please call 1-800-ADOPTION (2367846), fill out the form at the bottom of our on-line profile page, or email us at

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Herlitz & Ayanna

Adoption is an act of love, and we feel blessed to have this opportunity. There aren't enough words to express how much we respect your courage, love and strength in considering this decision for your child. We hope you will see our hearts and choose our family as a forever home. We have a lot of joy and love to share, and we look forward to the journey ahead!

About Us

College Professor
TV Writer/Producer
Ph.D. in Environmental Science & Policy
Master's Degree in Film/Television Production
Legally Married

Our Professional Lives

A Night at the Movies

We both have unique careers and would encourage our child to always think big and pursue their passion.

Ayanna works as a TV writer and producer. She writes for many popular TV shows and loves her work. It's an exciting career that has allowed her to meet interesting people and travel to many exciting places.

Herlitz is a college professor with a focus on environmental science. He teaches students about ways to protect the environment and also teaches biology and anatomy. He loves introducing young people to science and seeing their faces light up.

We believe our passion for our careers will be good for a child to see. It will teach them to think outside the box and to never limit their dreams. Also, although we love what we do, we also wouldn't ever put our careers before family. We believe in a healthy work and personal life balance and would never compromise that.

What Makes Us Unique

Biking to the Marina

We live a very active life in California and we are showing no signs of slowing down. We love hiking trails, biking, going to festivals, cooking together and date night.

We can't wait to discover all the kid-friendly things to do in our neighborhood that we haven't been able to take advantage of. We are going to love taking our child to the park next door to our house, to the beach and traveling to see new and exciting places. Because we've traveled and seen so many wonderful things, we can't wait to introduce our child to those same amazing adventures!

Herlitz's hobbies are camping and bird watching and he carries his binoculars everywhere he goes! For sure this child will be going on lots of camping trips. Herlitz loves California weather and has lots of outdoor activities in store for the child we are blessed to have.

Ayanna would also love to take swimming lessons, and would love to do that with a child.

Our Religious Beliefs

"A family that prays together, stays together" is what we live by. We both grew up in homes rooted in Christian values. Growing up we both went to church regularly, and we would like to continue that tradition in our home when we have children. Religion and faith for us isn't about do's and don'ts, but more about being grateful for what we have and the opportunities we've been given. Our faith keeps us humble and grounded, and helps us through life's challenges. It also keeps our marriage strong, knowing that we can overcome anything through prayer. We want our child to know the Lord and the joy that comes from having a strong faith. We love going to church for the feeling of community and togetherness. When we have a child, we looking forward to finding a church with a strong children's ministry so that our child can grow up around other like-minded families.



The Perfect Selfie
The Perfect Selfie
Christmas in Ohio - Volunteering at a Soup Kitchen
Christmas in Ohio - Volunteering at a Soup Kitchen
Ayanna & Her Godson Saying 'Cheese!'
Ayanna & Her Godson Saying "Cheese!"
Riding ATVs in St. Lucia
Riding ATVs in St. Lucia
Herlitz & His Godsons at the Museum
Herlitz & His Godsons at the Museum
A Sunny Day at the Beach
A Sunny Day at the Beach
The View From St. Lucia
The View From St. Lucia
Christmas With Family
Christmas With Family
Herlitz Learning How to Sail
Herlitz Learning How to Sail
Being This Close Never Gets Old
Being This Close Never Gets Old
Herlitz's Cousins
Herlitz's Cousins
With Ayanna's Godson
With Ayanna's Godson
1 / 12
The Perfect Selfie
The Perfect Selfie
2 / 12
Christmas in Ohio - Volunteering at a Soup Kitchen
Christmas in Ohio - Volunteering at a Soup Kitchen
3 / 12
Ayanna & Her Godson Saying 'Cheese!'
Ayanna & Her Godson Saying "Cheese!"
4 / 12
Riding ATVs in St. Lucia
Riding ATVs in St. Lucia
5 / 12
Herlitz & His Godsons at the Museum
Herlitz & His Godsons at the Museum
6 / 12
A Sunny Day at the Beach
A Sunny Day at the Beach
7 / 12
The View From St. Lucia
The View From St. Lucia
8 / 12
Christmas With Family
Christmas With Family
9 / 12
Herlitz Learning How to Sail
Herlitz Learning How to Sail
10 / 12
Being This Close Never Gets Old
Being This Close Never Gets Old
11 / 12
Herlitz's Cousins
Herlitz's Cousins
12 / 12
With Ayanna's Godson
With Ayanna's Godson

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in California where the weather is beautiful, and there's always something to do.

Our home is located in a gated townhome community next to a park and within walking distance to lots of good schools, hiking trails and kid-friendly activities. We are within driving distance to Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farms. We are also 20 minutes from the mountains and the ocean, and we love packing a picnic basket on a sunny day and going to the beach.

We have three bedrooms and 2½ baths with an outside patio where we love to barbecue with family and friends. Ayanna loves decorating the house with scented candles, while Herlitz has the green thumb in the family and takes care of the yard.

Our neighborhood is residential and safe and there are lots of working families with young children where we live. On special holiday's like Halloween there are always events planned for the kids. It is a wonderful community and we cannot wait to share it all with a child!

Our Extended Families

The Three Musketeers

Our family and friends are supportive of our plans to adopt and can't wait for us to be parents. Everyone is looking forward to us having a child so they can spoil them with lots of hugs and kisses!

Ayanna grew up in the Midwest with her mom and sister. Because of their close bond, they refer to each other as "The Three Musketeers." Ayanna's dad and sister are both school teachers so Ayanna grew up valuing education, a value she will instill in a child. Ayanna is considered the "fun Auntie" and has two nieces in college. Ayanna is also godmother to an amazing little boy who loves eating her famous homemade waffles.

Herlitz & His Mom

Herlitz grew up in Jamaica and comes from a very big family. His father passed away, but his mom, four brothers and two sisters live all across the globe, from New York to Canada to Jamaica. Herlitz and his family FaceTime a lot and travel to see each other quite often. Herlitz also has cousins who live here in California and we love hanging out with them. Herlitz loves playing checkers with them and helping them with their homework.

We have an amazing village of friends that we treat like family. Since we are not in the same city as some of our family, we are extremely close to our friends, too. Traveling the country and internationally, vacationing and spending holidays with family and friends, will all be beautiful memories this child will have.

From Us to You

Thank you for reading our profile and considering us to be parents to your child. It's important to us that you know how much we respect the decision you're making. There is nothing more loving, nothing more courageous, than entrusting your child to someone else. So we want you to know upfront that you can trust us to do right by you. We would never want to minimize what you're going through nor the sacrifice you're making. It's also important that you know you can absolutely trust us to love your child unconditionally. We are going to give this child a great life, surrounded by the love of family and friends who will adore them too. This is our promise to you.

We have been married for four years, and though we love our life, we feel it is incomplete without a child. Over two years ago, we went through fertility treatments and it was unsuccessful. However, we never saw adoption as some kind of back-up plan or last resort. Instead we chose adoption because it is always something we've wanted to do. For Ayanna, the desire started when she was a kid working summers at a youth center. For Herlitz, it was a natural extension of what he already does mentoring kids and students. In fact, adopting is something we talked about when we first started dating. We both see it as a beautiful way to become parents.

To say we are excited to become parents is an understatement. A better description would be that we are overjoyed! Because we have spent so much of our lives getting an education, working, taking care of our families and building a good life, we now feel confident that it is time for us to pour all that we have into a child. It's time to invest, nurture, guide, steer and love this child and give them everything we have to offer. For us, there is no greater calling under the sun than to be parents to a child.

For a future child, we'd like to instill the value of education, respect for one's self and others, strong character and work ethic, and Christian values. We are devoted to what it says in Proverbs 22:6, "Train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." For us this means we are going love this child with all our hearts, mind and soul, enabling them to reach their full potential and grow into a responsible and caring adult.

We are never going to forget your sacrifice and what you mean to this child. We will always treat you with love and respect, and always want to do everything we can to let you know you made the right decision. Things we'd like to do are: we will send you emails and letters throughout the years, and all the pictures you want. We will commit to annual visits for the first few years. If you chose us, before the delivery, we'd also like to talk to you over the phone and/or FaceTime, whatever you're comfortable with. As the birth mom, we want contact with you and we want this child to always know who you are and that you did this out of love. Most of all, we want this child to know you love them.

In closing we want to say that this is your decision and your sacrifice and we want you to feel good about it. We want you to have peace about it. So we will be praying for you to make the best decision for yourself, and that God's divine timing would bring us together at the appointed time.

God bless you and may God keep you safe.

Herlitz & Ayanna


Laurence Fishburne
Denzel Washington
Viola Davis
Angela Bassett
Animal Farm by George Orwell
I Know Why the Caged Birds Sing by Maya Angelou
Super Friends
Childhood Memory
Going to the race horse track with my dad
My dad taking me to the zoo
Childhood Toy
Etch A Sketch
Children's Book
Dr. Seuss
New York
Classic Movie
The Color Purple
Day of Week
Ice cream
Red velvet cupcakes
Dream Car
Dream Vacation
West Africa
Family Activity
A picnic
Flower / Plant
Jamaican ackee and saltfish
Soul food
Form of Exercise
My weights
My spin bike
Birding, Hiking, Camping
Thanksgiving and Christmas
Holiday Song
Let It Snow by Boyz To Men
This Christmas by Donny Hathaway
Ice Cream
Butter pecan
Junk Food
Memory with a Child
Taking my godsons to the museum to see the dinosaur exhibits
Babysitting my godchild when he was a baby
Memory with Spouse
Vacationing in St. Lucia
Vacationing in St. Lucia
Movie Munchie
Popcorn and Raisinets
Movie Type
Superhero/comic book movies
Romantic comedies
Musical Group
New Edition
Olympic Event
Track & Field
Track & Field
Personal Hero
My dad
My mom
Nikki Giovanni
Quality about my Spouse
Loyal and nurturing
Nice, patient and kind
Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
Matthew 6:35-34 Do not Worry
Shopping Store
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Usain Bolt
Lebron James
Sports Team
Any Jamaican team
Whatever team Lebron is on
Subject in School
Captain America
Black Panther
Thing to Cook
Brown stew chicken
Mac & cheese
TV Show
Big Bang Theory
Sex in the City, Orange is the New Black
Type of Music
Reggae, Gospel, Acapella
R&B, Gospel, Hip Hop
Vacation Spot

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