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If you would like to learn more about us, please call 1-800-ADOPTION (2367846), fill out the form at the bottom of our on-line profile page, or email us at

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Ty & Bailey

We are so excited that you are taking time to read our profile and consider us as potential parents to your child - thank you! We couldn't be more thrilled to grow our family through adoption. We know the months ahead will be full of challenging and emotional decisions. Please know we are praying for you every step of the way and should you choose us, your child will be loved and cherished all their life.

About Us

Air Force Officer
Digital Marketer
Master's Degree in Christian Ministries
Master's Degree in Social Work
Legally Married

Cultural Diversity

Bailey Coloring With Our Nephew

It is very important to us that we raise our child in an environment that is culturally diverse.

We have many close friends who represent different nationalities and races. Additionally, because others in our family have adopted our extended family is quite diverse. Ultimately, we hope this will help our child feel welcome and at home. We are also committed to ensuring that our child has positive role models that will look like them and have experienced similar life situations growing up.

Racial and cultural representation matters and we recognize that. We have also made a conscious effort to be a part of communities that embrace diversity. From the neighborhood we live in to the church we attend, we have chosen to do life with people from different backgrounds and that represent different beliefs.

Our Lifestyle

Beautiful Heidelberg, Germany

Ty works outside the home but is typically home early in the evening. Bailey works remotely so she is able to do her job from home. On a typical day, you might find us enjoying a run around our neighborhood or taking our dog, Quinn, on a walk. Bailey loves to cook and bake, so evenings are spent around the table with good food. We are big college sports fans. Ty loves to support his alma mater, the University of Alabama, while Bailey cheers for her alma mater, the University of Kansas.

We are a very active family! We are happiest when we are on the go. Whether that is exploring our own neighborhood or traveling the world, we love to experience new places and things. That is actually one of our favorite things about being in the military! We have been able to see so many amazing places and meet so many people because of Ty's military career. Because Bailey works remotely, she can often travel with Ty on work trips. Most recently, we enjoyed an amazing week in Germany. We can't wait to expose our child to new cultures and places.

We are also very rooted in our faith. That is a huge part of who we are. We are very active in our church, Ty serves as a deacon and Bailey spends many Sundays greeting and serving coffee. We believe that raising our child to know and love Jesus will be our most important job as a parent.

Our Family Traditions

Decorating Cookies With Our Nephew

We love family traditions and are so excited to share ours with our future child. We both love the holidays so many of our traditions center around those dates. We enjoy buying silly, matching PJs each Christmas, watching our favorite Christmas movies, and playing our favorite holiday songs on repeat. We also like to host a special Friendsgiving with our closest friends each year. Bailey's family loves decorating sugar cookies each Christmas and frying turkey at Thanksgiving. The cookies never look very good but they always taste delicious. Bailey's family also loves the 4th of July and her whole extended family gathers for a huge firework show and cookout. Ty's family enjoys making fancy layer cakes for every holiday. The bigger the better! While holiday traditions are fun, we also have some everyday traditions that help keep our family grounded and connected. Each Sunday we stop to talk about the week ahead and share what we are thankful for from the last week. We love having dinner together each night and do our best to make sure that happens as often as possible. We can't wait to start making new memories and establishing new traditions with our child.



In an Ice Castle in Colorado
In an Ice Castle in Colorado
At the Color Run
At the Color Run
Ty Jetskiing With Friends
Ty Jetskiing With Friends
At the Air Force Museum
At the Air Force Museum
Hiking in Colorado
Hiking in Colorado
With Our Dog, Quinn, at Niagara Falls
With Our Dog, Quinn, at Niagara Falls
Celebrating Christmas at the Tree Lighting
Celebrating Christmas at the Tree Lighting
At a Royals Baseball Game
At a Royals Baseball Game
Visiting Times Square
Visiting Times Square
In Washington, D.C.
In Washington, D.C.
Helping With Coffee at Our Church
Helping With Coffee at Our Church
Ty After a Half Marathon
Ty After a Half Marathon
1 / 12
In an Ice Castle in Colorado
In an Ice Castle in Colorado
2 / 12
At the Color Run
At the Color Run
3 / 12
Ty Jetskiing With Friends
Ty Jetskiing With Friends
4 / 12
At the Air Force Museum
At the Air Force Museum
5 / 12
Hiking in Colorado
Hiking in Colorado
6 / 12
With Our Dog, Quinn, at Niagara Falls
With Our Dog, Quinn, at Niagara Falls
7 / 12
Celebrating Christmas at the Tree Lighting
Celebrating Christmas at the Tree Lighting
8 / 12
At a Royals Baseball Game
At a Royals Baseball Game
9 / 12
Visiting Times Square
Visiting Times Square
10 / 12
In Washington, D.C.
In Washington, D.C.
11 / 12
Helping With Coffee at Our Church
Helping With Coffee at Our Church
12 / 12
Ty After a Half Marathon
Ty After a Half Marathon

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We love our neighborhood! It is filled with big trees and homes with so much character. We love walking our dog in the evening and chatting with our neighbors as they sit out on their porches. We live just a five-minute walk from two different parks that are always full of children playing.

The best part about our neighborhood is we live close to so many of our best friends. Weekly we walk over to someone's house to eat dinner, hang out, and catch up. Many of our close friends have kids or will have kids soon, so we are excited to grow our families alongside them.

We also love that our neighborhood is close to so many great local coffee shops and restaurants. Most Saturday mornings you will find us grabbing a cinnamon roll at our favorite bakery right by our house.

We also live just five minutes from our church which we are very active in. Our church is full of families with kids and is incredibly supportive of our adoption journey.

Our midsize Ohio town has so much to offer to families as well, one of our favorite things being how many festivals they have! Every weekend from May to October there is something new going on. Some of our favorites are the Greek Festival and the July 4th fireworks show. We can't wait to be able to share all these experiences with our child!

Our Extended Families

Ty's Family

Family is very important to us and we are close to our extended family. While we don't live near our families, we make it a priority to see them regularly. We always carve out time to visit around the holidays and several more times a year.

Ty has two brothers who are married and live in Georgia. His middle brother has a daughter and she is eager for a cousin. Ty's parents live in Alabama and can't wait to welcome another grandchild.

Bailey's Family

Bailey also has two brothers, both married. Her older brother and sister-in-law live in Kansas and have adopted three boys. They are all under 4 so family time is fun. We look forward to our weekly Facetime calls with our nephews, they keep us laughing! Adoption is very special to our family and we love that our children will have cousins who are also adopted. Bailey's parents also live in Kansas and are active grandparents. They love babysitting and are so excited to add another grandchild to the mix. Bailey's younger brother and wife live in Colorado. We try to make a trip there once a year to ski or hike.

Both of our families are very supportive of our plans to adopt and can't wait for our family to grow. Additionally, the Air Force has brought a number of wonderful friends into our life that we now consider family. We are blessed to have such a large group of people who will love our future child.

From Us to You

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know more about us! We are so humbled and honored that you would consider us as potential adoptive parents. We admire the courage and strength that you have shown as you navigate this difficult journey. No matter what decisions you make in the coming days and months you and your child are on our hearts daily.

From early on in our relationship we knew that we deeply desired to be parents. There were some pre-existing medical conditions that made it challenging for us to have a biological child, and even with medical support, we were unable to conceive naturally. Thankfully God had placed in us a desire to adopt even before we encountered difficulties. So, while the journey through infertility was challenging, we are thrilled that we get the chance to grow our family through adoption.

Our love story began over six years ago. We were both new to town and attended the same church. It took us a few months to start dating, but once we did it was clear that we were meant for each other. We have now been married for over five years, and even though we have experienced our share of difficulties from infertility to navigating a career in the military, God has continued to provide us guidance and direction throughout. These challenges have shaped who we are, brought us closer together, and connected us to some amazing people. We are blessed to have a whole community of family and friends who are ready to love and support us as we start our family.

Many of these family and friends have themselves adopted. We are so thankful that our child will be surrounded by people understand and value adoption. Through their experience and our own research, we understand how important it will be to ensure that your child knows as much about their heritage as possible. We recognize the important role you play in sharing that heritage, and we desire to learn as much as we can from you. We will always be open with your child about their adoption and we know that they will always have a special place in your life as well. Your child will know about the difficult and selfless decision you made and that you love them very much. We will make sure that you continue to see your child grow, making sure to mark significant milestones each year through letters and pictures, and we are open to other forms of communication with you if desired.

We want you to know that should you choose us your child will be raised in a loving home. It will be a home where education, respect, and differences are valued. They will be a part of a family that understands mistakes happen, where grace and kindness are always shown, and where they are taught to love God and their neighbor.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to learn more about us. We can't tell you enough how humbled we are that you would even consider us. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We pray for peace and comfort for you and that God bless you and your child.

Our Deepest Thanks,

Ty & Bailey


Tom Hanks
Paul Rudd
Natalie Portman
Reese Witherspoon
Bernard Cornwell
Ernest Hemmingway
Harry Potter
The Great Gatsby
Candy Bar
Reeses Cups
Tom & Jerry
Hey Arnold
Childhood Memory
Going camping with my family.
Christmas mornings. My brothers would run into my room to wake me up and we would all go into the living room super early to see what Santa had brought.
Childhood Toy
Fire trucks and police cars that light up and made sounds
American Girl Doll
Children's Book
Where the Wild Things Are
Lawrence, Kansas
Classic Movie
Day of Week
12 layer homemade yellow cake with chocolate icing
Anything that involves ice cream and chocolate
Disney Movie
Lion King
Lion King
Dream Car
International Scout II
Range Rover
Dream Job
Talk Show Host
Dream Vacation
Anywhere that has warm sunshine and a beach
A whole month in Europe to travel around and explore.
Family Activity
Dinner time
Dinner Time Together
Flower / Plant
Chips and Salsa
Form of Exercise
Frozen grapes
Catch Phrase
Disc Golf
Holiday Song
Little Drummer Boy
I'll I Want for Christmas is You
Holiday Tradition
Big holiday dinners with all the family
Baking! This usually involves the whole family decorating sugar cookies.
Ice Cream
Ben & Jerry's Half Baked
Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate
Junk Food
Ice Cream
Leisure Activity
Memory with a Child
Playing jail with all of Bailey's young cousins
First time my nephew said my name
Memory with Spouse
Our wedding day
Germany Vacation
Avengers: End Game
The Princess Bride
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
Houston, we have a problem.
There's no place like home.
Movie Type
Book of Mormon
Guys and Dolls
Musical Group
DC Talk
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Colin Powell
Romeo & Juliet
Quality about my Spouse
He makes everyone feel special and included
Give me liberty, or give me death. Patrick Henry
"Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world's grief. Do justly, now. Love mercy, now. Walk humbly now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it."
Five Guys
McAlisters Club
Matthew 22:36-40
1 Thessalonians 5:24
Shopping Store
Georgia on My Mind
9 t0 5 by Dolly Parton
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Herschel Walker
Patrick Mahones
Sports Team
University of Alabama / Atlanta Falcons / Atlanta Braves
University of Kansas, Kansas City Chiefs
Subject in School
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Grill burgers
Time of Day
Decorating the Christmas Tree
Baking for the Holidays
TV Show
The Good Place
TV Show Character
Raylan Givens (Justified)
Leslie Knope
Type of Music
All kinds!
Vacation Spot
Big City
Video Game
Super Marios Bros / N64 Golden Eye / Fallout 3

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