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Matt & Molly

We are beyond excited to be on this journey of adoption. We recognize that this comes with many emotions and challenges, but we know that the journey is worth it. We have taken this path knowing that our main purpose is to provide a child with unconditional love, endless support, and ample opportunity. We want to share this journey with you and provide a life for this child that is filled with happiness and love!

About Us

Business Operations Manager
IT Team Lead
Bachelor's Degree in Public Health
Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology
Legally Married

Our Adventures


There isn't anything we like more than traveling and exploring! Whether it is exploring our home town or traveling around the world we are always trying to learn new things about people and places. Every year we take a week long trip to Alaska and explore the beautiful islands, streams, and mountains. We take trips out on the ocean fishing in search of big salmon and halibut every time we are up there. We also have become hooked on traveling in Europe. We have got to explore cities like London and Paris over the past few years. Doing this has allowed us to learn about different cultures and realize how much people all over the world have in common. Our child will become part of our adventures exploring new places and meeting new people as they see the world. During an average week we get out exploring by hiking state parks around our home. We often hike a small area called Gibraltar Natural Area that has amazing views, especially at sunset. We are an active couple that loves to get up move. Many weekends we will travel north to Minnesota or northern Wisconsin to spend time at a cabin with our family. There we continue our adventurous spirit with many hikes, fishing trips, and boat rides.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Paris at Night

Matt About Molly: The thing I admire most about Molly is the joy and passion she lives with every day. Molly can brighten up any room that she walks into because she exudes such happiness in her day to day life. Her ability to look on the bright side and think optimistically about the future is something that I could not imagine my life without. Her little jokes, funny comments, the ability to make me laugh and smile have gotten me through many difficult days. She also is the most loving and caring individual I can think of. She is patient and takes time to consider other perspectives and is always willing to listen to others. I respect no one in the world more than Molly, and I know that her fun loving attitude paired with her patience and understanding will make her an exceptional mother.

Molly About Matt: Matt comes from a family that I can only describe as insanely giving, and he is no exception. Whenever family members or friends are in need of help, Matt is always there for them without hesitation. He has an uncanny ability to find himself in a variety of situations among people from very different walks of life, and he is always able to find some kind of common ground to bond over. However, he never compromises his own beliefs to try to fit in, and always speaks honestly. I especially love that he makes me slow down to enjoy the smaller moments in life, like a beautiful sunset or the first buds on the trees in the spring. On top of it all, he is funny and loves to cook! There has been a lot of uncertainty during our journey to parenthood, but I have always been certain that Matt will be an excellent father.

Cultural Diversity

We understand that there is a strong possibility that if you are reading this you are of a different race and/or ethnicity than us. We could tell you that we understand how you must feel and that we will make sure that our diversity differences will not pose complications as we go through this process. That however, would not be truthful. We recognize that we have vastly different life experiences and worldviews that have shaped who we are. The only thing we can provide you is the assurance that we believe that everyone, regardless of their cultural differences should be treated equally with respect and dignity. We will do our best to introduce our child to their heritage and cultural origins. We intend to find community activities and organizations that offer a wide variety of cultural diversity which provide exposure and education for the child and us. We believe with our whole hearts that race and ethnic diversity should be celebrated! We will provide love and support for a child of any race or ethnicity, with an understanding that learning and educating ourselves is never over. It will always be a constant pursuit to ensure we are able to provide understanding and support to a child as they become curious about their culture. Our unconditional love will be our guiding light as we recognize we always have more to learn!



Willow River State Park
Willow River State Park
Baking Fun
Baking Fun
Molly's Monster
Molly's Monster
Winter in Wisconsin
Winter in Wisconsin
Matt & the Boys
Matt & the Boys
Our Favorite Spot
Our Favorite Spot
Molly & the Girls
Molly & the Girls
Alaska Adventures
Alaska Adventures
Christmas Tree Hunting
Christmas Tree Hunting
Evening Boat Ride
Evening Boat Ride
Tubing Time!
Tubing Time!
Dressed Up For a Wedding
Dressed Up For a Wedding
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Willow River State Park
Willow River State Park
2 / 12
Baking Fun
Baking Fun
3 / 12
Molly's Monster
Molly's Monster
4 / 12
Winter in Wisconsin
Winter in Wisconsin
5 / 12
Matt & the Boys
Matt & the Boys
6 / 12
Our Favorite Spot
Our Favorite Spot
7 / 12
Molly & the Girls
Molly & the Girls
8 / 12
Alaska Adventures
Alaska Adventures
9 / 12
Christmas Tree Hunting
Christmas Tree Hunting
10 / 12
Evening Boat Ride
Evening Boat Ride
11 / 12
Tubing Time!
Tubing Time!
12 / 12
Dressed Up For a Wedding
Dressed Up For a Wedding

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We love our home and think it is a great community to raise children! Our house has a large yard that connects to a wooded landscape. In the spring and fall we are greeted every morning by singing birds and chirping crickets. We often eat dinner outside on our deck while we watch deer and other wildlife walk through our yard in search of their dinner.

Our house is located within a ½ mile of three different parks that have all been updated with new playground equipment in the last few years. In one of the parks there is a baseball field where most nights in the summer it is filled with the sound of laughter as kids play in the local rec leagues. The house is also directly across from a large lake that we use for fishing and boating. Within a few miles we have wonderful hiking trails that we frequently use to get our exercise and walk Sammie.

Our town has a number of festivals throughout the year. One of the local festivals is called "Susie The Duck Days," which is most notable for the children's rubber duck race! Each child is given a rubber duck with a number, then all of the ducks float down the creek, through the town, racing towards the finish near the outdoor pool. The children with the first few ducks to reach the finish win special prizes!

Our Extended Families

Molly & Claire

Our family is excited for our adoption opportunity and looks forward to welcoming a new addition into our fun family.

Because Molly's family lives nearby we are fortunate to do a lot with them. Her brother, Jered, lives only five miles away with his wife Laurel and three young kids. Matt enjoys having our nephew Henry close by so he can take him fishing. Molly loves to play football with H-Man and Joel in their front yard. Baby Claire was recently born and enjoys a good snuggle from Aunt Molly.

Matt's Family

Every year after Thanksgiving, Papa Dan and Grandma Kathy take the family "Christmas Tree Hunting." The kids ride on a horse drawn sleigh and give Santa their Christmas list before we cut down trees and drink hot chocolate.

Matt's sister, Karen, lives in Minnesota with her two young girls, Chloe and Gretchen. We spend a lot of summer weekends visiting them at Grandpa Tom and Grandma Beth's cabin. The cabin is full of fun things to do like boating, swimming, fishing, and water skiing. Our time spent with Chlo-Bo and Gretchy Girl is spent outside exploring and playing in the lake. Matt's parents always spoil the grandkids with boat rides to the candy shop across the lake. Our parents take a lot of joy in being grandparents and are thrilled that they will have another to take to the zoo or the movies, and have them over for fun slumber parties!

From Us to You

We met in college and got married four years after graduation, in 2014. After we were married we focused on building a family, establishing our careers, and seeing the world. We have a passion for being adventurous, but also know the importance of having steady jobs that help fuel our fun filled lives!

Currently, Molly works as an IT Analyst and Team Lead for a healthcare organization. Her job provides her with great benefits and some flexibility to work from home during the week. Molly cherishes time spent with Matt, as well as family. She has a zest for life that keeps her positive and always looking for something new, fun, and exciting.

Matt is a Section Chief and oversees people who protect food safety and public health. Matt enjoys his job, much like Molly. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast and loves to be outside fishing, hunting, or hiking. He always tries to find the best in everyone and loves to engage people in conversation to learn more about people from all walks of life.

It has always been our goal to grow a family and raise kids together. After a number of years of trying, we discovered that the stars were not aligned for us to realize our dream of a family biologically. Once some time settled we started looking into adoption. It did not take long for us to become excited about the prospects of building our family through this wonderful process.

What we also know about this process is that we want to involve the birth mother throughout the child's life journey. We can promise to you that we want to have a relationship with you, communicate with you, and involve you in this child's life so you can see them grow and be assured that they are getting the love and support we previously promised. We believe your involvement will be essential to not only the growth of the child, but also our growth as parents.

Your bravery and strength that has brought you to this point is something that we can only try to understand. We not only want what is best for the child, but we deeply care about you and your feelings. The child will only hear positive things about you and your unselfish decision to choose adoption, that your choice was the ultimate act of love. We hope that through building a relationship with you that everyone in this process can be lifted up and strengthened together!

We believe that diversity is something that should be celebrated! We promise to incorporate your culture in the child's life and positively teach them about where her/she came from. Without knowing from where you came from, it is difficult to know where you are going!

We would be so honored to be chosen to raise this child and provide them a life filled with love, laughter, and happiness. We love to travel the world to see new places and meet new people. The child will be joining us and will be given so many unique opportunities as they grow. We are adventurous people who are active and always getting outside to see the natural world. The child will be along with us as we explore the outdoors to learn about the environment and nature. We spend a lot of time with family and friends to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and life. The child will be family and they will be part of all of our celebrations. Most important a child with us will be loved and respected each and every day!

We are so excited to become parents and be able to share our values and love with a child. We thank you so much for taking the time to read our profile.

With Love and Respect,

Matt & Molly


Kevin Costner
Christoph Waltz
Jennifer Garner
Julia Roberts
Orca Whale
Eric Carle
JK Rowling
Of Mice and Men
Harry Potter Series
Candy Bar
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Childhood Memory
Fishing at the cabin
Fall Festival with my family
Childhood Toy
Super Soaker
Bitty Baby
Children's Book
The Hungry Caterpillar
Where the Wild Things Are
Madison, WI
Classic Movie
Grumpy Old Men
White Christmas
Day of Week
Disney Movie
Toy Story
Little Mermaid
Dream Car
Chevy Silverado
Dream Job
Quality Control at Reese's Factory
Cat Rescue Owner
Dream Vacation
Yacht in Alaska
Family Activity
Cooking Dinner
Flower / Plant
Sitka Spruce Tree
Form of Exercise
Guess Who
Crazy 8's
Holiday Song
All I Want for Christmas is You
Christmas, Baby Please Come Home
Holiday Tradition
Opening presents on Christmas morning
Christmas Tree Hunting
Ice Cream
Salted Caramel
Ben and Jerry's Half Baked
Junk Food
Cool Ranch Doritos
Doritos - Nacho Cheese
Leisure Activity
Crossword Puzzles
Field & Stream
Food and Wine
Memory with a Child
Niece's first dance class
Reading bed time stories with my nephews
Memory with Spouse
Traveling through Austria
Biking in the french county side
Dances With Wolves
Forrest Gump
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
Sometimes, I guess, there just aren't enough rocks
"Big mistake, HUGE mistake! - Pretty Woman
Movie Type
Musical Group
Dixie Chicks
Blink 182
Nursery Rhyme
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Humpty Dumpty
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Muhammad Ali
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
To Kill a Mockingbird
Edgar Allen Poe
Shel Silverstein
Quality about my Spouse
You Miss 100% of the Shots You Never Take
Be thankful for today and hopeful for tomorrow.
Pig in a Fur Coat
Peanut Butter & Jelly
Grilled Cheese
Shopping Store
Van Heusen
Own Thing - Chance the Rapper
XO - Beyonce
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Tiger Woods
Aaron Rodgers
Sports Team
Minnesota Vikings
Wisconsin Badgers
Subject in School
Cat Woman
Thing to Cook
Homemade Pasta
Chicken Taco Bowls
Time of Day
Dinner Time
4th of July Boat Parade
Annual Vacation
TV Show
The Office
Parks and Recreation
TV Show Character
Ron Swanson
Jon Snow
Type of Music
All Music
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Mario Party 2
Diddy Kong Racing

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