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Ronnie & Kim

We would like to thank you for reviewing our profile and considering us as adoptive parents to your child. Sharing our home and raising a child had been a dream that we both have shared for as long as we can remember and we can promise that your child will be cared for, and most of all loved. We deeply and truly thank you for considering us to be your child's parents.

About Us

Master at Arms Manager
Personnel Specialist Manager
Bachelor's Degree in Emergency Management/Homeland Security
Associate's Degree in Health Science
Legally Married

How We Met

At the Beach

We initially met while stationed together in California, both were at the same gym doing various activities when we crossed paths. The second meeting was actually at a basketball game held at the same gymnasium only this time, we both made eye contact and established a connection which ended up leading to our first date. It started off as a typical first date, dinner, drinks, nice conversation, very nice conversation. It seems that our connection was much stronger then both of us could have imagined. As the evening was winding down, we realized that we both had such a good time that we were not ready for the night to end. We took a trip to a local park, where we could see the ocean, feel the breeze of the night air. We walked and talked for at least an hour. We shared our first kiss that night confirming the attraction and love between us. That was almost over 18 years ago.

Why We Chose Adoption

A Night Out

We tried multiple times and multiple ways throughout our marriage to have children and unfortunately to we were not able to conceive. But we chose not to give up. We knew we would have complications with conceiving and therefore adoption was always in our plans if things did not work out with that route. Now we know that this is the route that was written in the stars for us to have the family we been dreaming of. Choosing adoption for us is like receiving two gifts in one. We get the opportunity to be parents and fulfill a dream that we have had since we were both children ourselves but we also get to give a mother the assurance that their child will be well taken care of and loved and provide the baby with a home full of happiness and laughter.

Our promise to you is to provide a loving, safe and happy home for your baby to be raised in. That your child will grow up knowing who you are and how much you loved him or her. We will make sure he or she understands the ultimate act of love that you showed and the sacrifice you made in considering adoption. And we applaud your strength to consider such a difficult decision. We will ensure that your child understands the decision you had to make and, we will do everything in our power to love and support your child.

Our Pup, Drizzle

Valentine's Day

Seven months ago we came across a sad-looking three-month-old puppy on a shelter's website. We knew that we had to rescue her. We fell in love with her instantly. She was such a sickly little thing but once we got her healthy and potty trained it was all uphill from there. She looked like she was caramel drizzled with chocolate so we gave her the name Drizzle. She is a medium mixed puppy who is very smart but knows how to tug at our heartstrings. Her personality seems to be almost identical to that of a child herself. She is so loving but also gets into mischief. She eats a lot, pouts when she's in trouble, she even talks back. At times we let her get away with it but she is well disciplined and well behaved. While at daycare, other dogs would bark while she just stays quiet and wonders what the big deal is. She's definitely her own character. She loves everyone and is very good with all our nieces and nephews that come to visit. Our wish is for her and the baby to become great companions and best friends.


Exploring Rome
Exploring Rome
A Great Day at LegoLand
A Great Day at LegoLand
Snuggles With Our Niece
Snuggles With Our Niece
Playing Guitar
Playing Guitar
National Park Hike
National Park Hike
Happy Together
Happy Together
Having Fun in Dubai
Having Fun in Dubai
Christmas PJ's
Christmas PJ's
Kim Hiking in Guam
Kim Hiking in Guam
1 / 12
Exploring Rome
Exploring Rome
2 / 12
A Great Day at LegoLand
A Great Day at LegoLand
3 / 12
Snuggles With Our Niece
Snuggles With Our Niece
4 / 12
5 / 12
Playing Guitar
Playing Guitar
6 / 12
National Park Hike
National Park Hike
7 / 12
8 / 12
Happy Together
Happy Together
9 / 12
Having Fun in Dubai
Having Fun in Dubai
10 / 12
11 / 12
Christmas PJ's
Christmas PJ's
12 / 12
Kim Hiking in Guam
Kim Hiking in Guam

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We happily reside in a quiet, friendly and diverse neighborhood in southern California.

We have a three-bedroom home, with a great yard and lots of room to play! Our favorite room is the living room where we spend most of our time together. Our home also has a cute little front porch and also a gated side yard to enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning or tea in the afternoon.

There are always people exercising and walking their dogs at and around our two parks, community pool, and schools.

The neighborhood is filled with children of all ages, ranging from newborns to college students. Many of the families are in the military, and few are retired. While this is our first home as homeowners, it is the perfect neighborhood to start and raise a family in. When we first moved here our neighbors brought over cookies welcoming us to the neighborhood (yes it's that kind of neighborhood), and we truly look out for one another.

There are lots of fun things for families in our community. During Halloween, most of us sit outside our homes and pass out candy to the many children that come by. There are also community activities happening throughout the year.

Our Extended Families

Family Gathering

Even though we do not have family near, they often visit us and when possible we visit them, as well. Spending time with our nieces and nephews has always been the highlight of these visits. Since they are still very young, we make it a point to take them to at least one of the many amusement parks near us like LegoLand or the zoo. Most of their visits are filled with adventures on the beach or fun at the park because they visit every summer, even our four-legged fur baby joins in on the fun.

Our Niece & Nephews

Our sisters and brothers often are the cooks when they visit while we play with the children. Our family is very diverse so the food ranges from Asian to Southern cuisine.

Our family is also very close on both sides and very supportive of this journey to adoption. They want nothing more than to see us become parents and share the love we have for one another with a very special little person.

From Us to You

Dearest Angel in Disguise,

We are Ronnie and Kim. We both have been serving our country for 20 plus years, have been together for over 18 years and married a little over 2. We traveled and lived all over the world and will continue to travel after retirement, and would love to share this with the baby. I think our favorite parts have been the people we encountered and the food (because we love food!). One of the biggest things that this life has taught us is the importance of decision making and the reason for each decision we make. We can ensure you that we as parents will do our very best in raising your child as you would want and hope if that's the path you wish to take. This child will grow up surrounded by love, support, and happiness to become whoever or whatever he/she desires.

We live in the suburbs of sunny southern California within walking distance of a school and 2 parks where children are always present playing. We are always greeted by our friendly neighbors while walking our happy little puppy Drizzle who seems to be overly friendly to all. Not too far away are the calming waves of the beaches, the hiking trails we enjoy and further up are the snowy mountains great for skiing. Our nieces and nephews spend hours at the beach whenever they visit and the weather is not too hot or too cold, building sandcastles and collecting shells and jumping in and out of the water. Even though we have these things to explore, sometimes we just want to spend a quiet weekend at home, snuggled on the couch watching a movie or cooking for an army even though it's just the two of us. That is why we have no choice but to go to the gym, although we do enjoy the workouts.

Family to us is everything. We are a very close family spread out in all parts of the United States and even Canada, but it never stops us from continuous visits, phone calls, and video chats with all 12 nieces and nephews. Sometimes they just want to see our four-legged fur baby because she loves attention. Your baby will have so many cousins who will show him/her so much love and attention not to mention uncles and aunties who will be there when he/she needs and dotting grandparents who are full of life and even more love to give.

You do not know us yet but if you choose adoption and you choose us to raise your precious angel we are open and willing to share with you some parts of our lives. We are also open to communicating in the future through pictures and emails and maybe video chats if you would so choose, showing just how much love and happiness your child's life is filled with. Your child will always know who you are and how much you love him/her. Thank you for viewing our profile. We can't imagine how hard this decision may be for you, and we understand just how much a mother's love is selfless and unconditional. May God continue to bless you and smile upon you.

Ronnie & Kim


Denzel Washington
Lucy Lui
James Patterson
James Patterson
Playing for Pizza
Alex Cross Novels
Candy Bar
Alomand Joy
Hershey's Crunch Bar
Bugs Bunny
Childhood Memory
Spending time with my Grandparents
Climbing up on fruit trees and picking them with my family and friends
Childhood Toy
Munchi Chi Monkey
Children's Book
Comic Books
Green Eggs and Ham
Classic Movie
A Christmas Story
Sound of Music
Day of Week
Thai tapioca
Disney Movie
Lilo and Stitch
Beauty And The Beast
Dream Car
Nissan Skyline
Dream Job
Emergency Manager
Pediatrics Doctor
Dream Vacation
European tour
1 month to explore SouthEast Asia
Family Activity
Flower / Plant
Chicken Curry Noodles
Form of Exercise
Weight lifting
Family Feud
Playing sports
Holiday Song
Oh Holy Night
All I Want For Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Eating with family
Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Rocky Road
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Video Games
Reading outside at the park
Memory with a Child
Conversating english/japanese
Memory with Spouse
First camping trip
The first time we went camping on his birthday he was so nervious he burnt the chicken
Training Day
Movie Munchie
Extra butter popcorn
Movie Type
Romance and Disney cartoon movies
Phantom of the Opera
Musical Group
AZ Yet
Nursery Rhyme
Old McDonald Had a Farm
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My Father
The Christmas Carol
Langston Hughes
Quality about my Spouse
Supoort of me
"What are you leaving behind?"
Turkey, Bacon, Avacado
Vietnamese Bun Me
Psalms 91, verse 2
Shopping Store
Sporting Goods
When I See You Smile- Uncle Sam
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Team
Denver Broncos
Green Bay Packers
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Thai Curry
Stir Fry
Time of Day
TV Show
Sports Center
TV Show Character
Jack Bauer
Doctor House
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Maddden Football

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