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Dave & Meghan

Our hearts are open and we can't wait to help this child dream big and lead them down a path to great things. We will always honor your courage and love. Your role in our journey will be cherished and will be one of the greatest blessings in our lives.

About Us

Photographer/Studio Director
College Professor
Bachelor's Degree in Sociology & Journalism
Ph.D. in Human Development & Family Studies
Legally Married

What It Means to Become Parents

Having Fun at the Carnival

Our biggest desire is to allow this child to dream, to find passion in life and to know love.

We talked on one of our first dates about where we saw ourselves in 5-10 years and we said we wanted to be parents. Though we have not yet achieved this dream, our journey with infertility (though hard) has actually helped us to more fully understand how much we want to be parents. For us, parenting means working together to teach this child about love, faith, kindness, and how to dream big. Parenting also means tradition and we look forward to sharing our Christmas, Thanksgiving, and summer vacation traditions with this child and starting new traditions together as a family.

We look forward to the little things, first days of school, homework and projects, Halloween costumes, first words and favorite foods and colors, and family vacations. We look forward to sharing a love of pets and nature with this child. Meghan can’t wait to share her favorite Harry Potter books and holiday baking traditions, Dave can’t wait to cheer this child on with sports or acting or singing and to take endless photos to share with you, and family and friends. We also can’t wait to see this child grow up surrounded by our family, many cousins, and the love of all who know this child. Parenting means love and sharing our love of family with this child.

Our Life Priorities

At the Park

As parents we will prioritize showing this child how love, kindness, and faith help them achieve their dreams.

We prioritize family and our marriage along with time with our friends. We are both committed to each other and are lucky to have jobs and shared values that keep us focused on love, family, and friends. We value supporting each other’s dreams and our priority as parents will be the same, making sure this child is loved and supported as they pursue their hopes and dreams.

We also value family time, be it movie night with each other, game night on our deck, enjoying a favorite meal, vacation at the beach with nieces and nephews or sharing Thanksgiving meals with loved ones. We use our shared time to create new memories.

We value having jobs that allow us to give back to others and that celebrate our strengths. Dave loves that his job allows him to create photos that are memories of special moments. Meghan loves that she spends her days teaching about child and family development and that she sees college students at the beginning of their adult lives. We have jobs that allow us to prioritize family and becoming parents, Dave’s job allows him to be flexible with his hours and to work from home at times and Meghan’s job comes with built in breaks around holidays and summers along with a group of colleagues who value family time.

Discussing Adoption

We plan to hang this quote in this child’s room as we feel it reflects how we will talk about adoption and this child: "We love you because the entire universe conspired to help us find you."

We will be honest and open with this child about how much love went into the child’s life: the love of the birth mother, the love we will always have for this child and for each other, and the love of all of the family and friends who have supported this child’s birth parents and who have supported us. We know that families come in many forms and are blessed to be surrounded by many friends near and far who have expanded their families through adoption.

Our goal is also to honor this child’s birth mother for her love and bravery which will change our lives, will allow us to achieve this special dream of being parents. We hope that this celebration of love and bravery will include open connection with the birth mother and other siblings and relatives so that this child can see all of this love and support that we will always emphasize.

Finally, it will always be important that we talk to this child about how we had so much love for the idea of being parents and that despite struggles with infertility, we always knew that our faith and love would guide us to achieve this dream.



Snow Tubing
Snow Tubing
At the River
At the River
Fun on a Waverunner!
Fun on a Waverunner!
Meghan Hanging Out
Meghan Hanging Out
Proud Aunt Meghan
Proud Aunt Meghan
Dave Loves to Play Guitar
Dave Loves to Play Guitar
Exploring New York City
Exploring New York City
At a Scenic Overlook in the Mountains
At a Scenic Overlook in the Mountains
At a Historic Hotel
At a Historic Hotel
Our Family Can't Wait to Welcome a New Member Into the Family!
Our Family Can't Wait to Welcome a New Member Into the Family!
On a Segway Tour
On a Segway Tour
Hanging by the Pool
Hanging by the Pool
1 / 12
Snow Tubing
Snow Tubing
2 / 12
At the River
At the River
3 / 12
Fun on a Waverunner!
Fun on a Waverunner!
4 / 12
Meghan Hanging Out
Meghan Hanging Out
5 / 12
Proud Aunt Meghan
Proud Aunt Meghan
6 / 12
Dave Loves to Play Guitar
Dave Loves to Play Guitar
7 / 12
Exploring New York City
Exploring New York City
8 / 12
At a Scenic Overlook in the Mountains
At a Scenic Overlook in the Mountains
9 / 12
At a Historic Hotel
At a Historic Hotel
10 / 12
Our Family Can't Wait to Welcome a New Member Into the Family!
Our Family Can't Wait to Welcome a New Member Into the Family!
11 / 12
On a Segway Tour
On a Segway Tour
12 / 12
Hanging by the Pool
Hanging by the Pool

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Happy Home

We live in a family-oriented suburb outside a city in Virginia. We have a great neighborhood with a community pool in walking distance of our house and a shared neighborhood field that hosts picnics, movie nights, and sledding parties. The elementary school is excellent and within walking distance of our house. There are playgrounds at the school and pool and also at a park that is a five minute drive from our house. There is also a library nearby. Since we are near the school and in a family oriented community there are many young families around.

We have a lot of great walking trails in the woods behind our house and a small lake that we walk around. Our deck looks out on these trails and lake!

Our house is two stories and has a basement, fenced-in backyard, and garage. We have three bedrooms, two full bathrooms near the bedrooms, an office/playroom, dining room and kitchen, and den. We love our den, where we spend time talking to each other about our days, planning our dreams for this child, and watching TV and movies. Our other favorite part of the house is our deck which is off of the den. The deck is big enough for game nights with friends, a small garden and is a great place for enjoying summer weather with music and good books.

Our Extended Families

Our Loving Family

We have been happily married since Jan 2014 and have always dreamed of being parents together. Our dream is to share our loving, stable, happy home with a child and to raise a child to be kind, generous, and confident. We want the child to always know what love is and how loved they are.

Dave & Our Nephew

We are lucky to have a large supportive extended family, so many nieces and nephews who are waiting for a new cousin to grow up with. Our immediate family are in driving distance to us and we spend most holidays and summer vacations with family. We value time together sharing meals cooked together, going on hikes or exploring parks and beaches, seeing movies or talking about favorite books, sports teams, and family memories. We know it is a blessing to have family who prioritize time together.

Our family have been our biggest supporters for our adoption journey, we are lucky to be surrounded by Meghan’s parents (this child’s grandparents!), our siblings who can’t wait to be aunts and uncles to this child, and many young nieces and nephews who are growing up together and who are joyful, fun loving children (cousins who can’t wait for another cousin). We are blessed to have a family who is diverse and who celebrates diversity in many ways, this child will be loved for who they are and who they will become.

From Us to You

Thank you for considering us as parents for this child. Choosing us means making our dreams of being parents come true; becoming parents is the most life changing moment we can think of and we do not have words that would convey our gratitude and joy for this ultimate act of love and courage. We will always show you how being parents to this child brings joy to us every day, how much this child is loved by us and our family and friends, and how we teach this child about faith, love, bravery, and kindness. We will raise this child to be kind, generous, and loving and will do everything we can to create a happy, fun, and joyful childhood for this child.

We have been married since 2014 and we have known each other since 2012. We have been committed to becoming parents for a long time; on one of our first dates we spent time talking about family and our dreams of being parents. We realized after a few months of dating that we had the kind of love for each other that translated into wanting to be parents together and that we had a shared love for family and tradition. Infertility and miscarriages have made it hard to become parents so far but this journey has shown us that we are strong, we love each other enough to endure hard times, and that we truly do want to be parents. We have continued on this journey because we have faith that we are meant to be parents together. We can’t wait to share how this journey lead to this moment with you and this child; we know that this journey will allow us to show this child about strength, hope, and courage and how love makes us stronger.

We would welcome an open adoption and are open to sharing photos, e-mails, video calls, and yearly visits if that is something you would like. This child deserves to know you because your strength and decision to place this child with us should be celebrated. We will work with you to decide over time what communication is best. Open adoption is also important to us in case this child has or will have siblings as those are important relationships to support. Finally, we consider open adoption important for allowing this child to understand their family history and heritage so they can know more fully who they are.

Adoption is love and is an act of genuine courage and strength. We are honored to be a part of your journey and we hope that if you choose us you will know how you are now a part of our journey to parenthood. We have love in our hearts and in our home and we will do our best every day to make sure this child knows love and feels secure, cherished, and supported.

Although words don’t exist that could truly express the depths of our gratitude for choosing us, please know that our hearts would be full, our joy limitless, and our home complete. We will never forget you and your role in making us a mother and father.

With deepest gratitude and appreciation,

Dave & Meghan


Matthew McConaughey
Ryan Gosling
Amy Adams
Kristen Bell
Dogs were in the top spot but cats have recently made a run for the favorite
David James Duncan
JK Rowling
The Brothers K
A Wrinkle in Time
Candy Bar
100 Grand!
Snickers or Milky Way
The Simpsons
Powerpuff Girls
Childhood Memory
My older siblings used to swing me in a blanket and toss me onto the couch. Better than a roller coaster!
Beach vacations with my brother and my cousins, playing games, going to the amusement park, water slides... epic memories
Childhood Toy
The G I Joe Command Center Playset
My Little Ponies, Care Bears
Children's Book
Where the Wild Things Are
Oh, the Places You'll Go
San Francisco
New York City
Classic Movie
North by Northwest
It's a Wonderful Life
Day of Week
Mom's fresh apple cake
Disney Movie
Inside Out
Dream Car
A Delorean
Subaru, safe and practical and I learned to drive on my dad's Outback and I wish I still had that car!
Dream Job
I'm doing it - photography
I truly love my job, I love advising students and seeing them learn. It is fun though to think about owning a bookstore with cafe and fun spaces for children to play games and use their imaginations
Dream Vacation
A month-long tour of Europe by train
Ireland, I would like to go and learn more about my family's roots!
Family Activity
Board games
Beach vacations, baking with my nieces
Flower / Plant
Air plants
Taco Tuesday!
Mac and Cheese
Form of Exercise
Anything at Burn Boot Camp, I always feel strong and empowered!; Yoga
Raspberries, I used to pick them with my brother when we were kids at our grandma's house.
Trivial Pursuit
Clue, I love mysteries!
Playing guitar
Reading, I love to read and share books with friends and talk about them with Dave
Thanksgiving, can't beat a day about family, food, and a Macy's parade with marching bands
Holiday Song
Jingle Bell Rock
O Holy Night, Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Holiday Tradition
Singing our ridiculous made-up family holiday song
Elf on the Shelf, Opening gifts while drinking hot chocolate (with marshmallows); Dave's mom's apple cake, I bake this for him as a surprise sometimes
Ice Cream
Butter Pecan
Chocolate chocolate chip, really fresh mint choc chip in the summer (yum!), with rainbow sprinkles!
Junk Food
I'm a salt guy - just about any kind of potato chips
I love Mexican food and Pizza!
Leisure Activity
Movies/TV with Dave, playing with my nieces
Rolling Stone
New York Times Magazine, I love it because there are so many good articles that I end up using in my classes to help students learn big ideas
Memory with a Child
Writing, directing and filming short fictional movies with my nieces and nephews.
First time my niece Charlie was old enough to run to greet me when she came to visit, my heart was full!
Memory with Spouse
Our wedding
When we got engaged as it was just such a nice, special trip just about us; trips to Charleston SC
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Movie Munchie
Popcorn - a classic but unbeatable
Popcorn, Dave makes the very best fresh popped popcorn!
Movie Quote
"This one goes to eleven."
Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light
Movie Type
Romantic comedy
In the Heights
Musical Group
Nursery Rhyme
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Figure skating and gymnastics
Personal Hero
My father
Michelle Obama
Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou
Quality about my Spouse
Her love for children
Kind and open hearted, he is simply the kindest, most thoughtful person I know
Inspiration comes from within yourself. One has to be positive. When you're positive, good things happen.
"So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you. "
Pasture - where Meghan and I had one of our first dates.
The classic Turkey
Turkey Club
Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.
Ecclesiates 3, There is a time for...
Shopping Store
Best Buy
You R Loved by Victoria Williams
Don't Stop Believin'
Sport to Play
Floor hockey
Sport to Watch
College basketball
Sports Star
Simone Biles
Venus Williams
Sports Team
Georgetown Hoyas basketball
NY Giants, my brother is a HUGE fan and I like to cheer them on, it's one way we bond!
Subject in School
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
My Dad's world famous vegetable soup
Spaghetti sauce
Time of Day
Family Beach Trip
Summer family vacations at the beach,
TV Show
Freaks and Geeks - a classic!
Gilmore Girls
TV Show Character
Jason from The Good Place
Lorelai Gilmore
Type of Music
Indie Rock
Pop, rock and roll
Vacation Spot
The beach
Folly Beach, SC, I think of this as my place with Dave
Video Game
I played video games a kid but don't play much these days. We do love going to the local arcade with all of the classics like Ms. Pac Man, Mario and Galaga.
I love to watch Dave play classic arcade games when we are on vacation! I love pinball and skeeball!

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