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If you would like to learn more about us, please call 1-800-ADOPTION (2367846), fill out the form at the bottom of our on-line profile page, or email us at

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Adam & Megan

We truly believe adoption is an amazing gift and we are thankful for your choice to share in that gift. We have so much love, support, adventure, and laughter to share with a child. The opportunity to become mom and dad to a beautiful soul is one that we are deeply ready for. Thank you for giving us a chance to share our hearts with you.

About Us

Private Banker
Juris Doctor
Bachelor's Degree in Business Management
Legally Married

Cultural Diversity

Exploring Austin

Cultural diversity is something that we will face knowing that we are adopting a child of another race, but it is not something that we are intimidated by. We want to know everything we can about our child's culture and history so we can celebrate it as a family together. We will also raise our child with other children of similar heritage, as we believe this is important for our child to feel a sense of belonging on all facets. We will celebrate diversity by teaching our child that each person is unique and different, but yet we are all part of one race; the human race. We will teach our child to accept others that are different than themselves, while being proud of the history that creates the story of him/her. We will also celebrate the cultures that each of us come from. Adam's family has a strong Italian background, while Megan's family history is mostly Dutch. Our future child will know all sides of the family history that creates the story of who they are, both through our family heritage as well as the birth family that blesses us with the opportunity to be parents.

Our Dogs, Robbey & Brody

Hiking with the Dogs

Pets are a large part of our life and we want to continue to have pets as a part of the family. We both grew up with various pets, including: dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and birds. At this stage in our life, we have 2 beagles whom we adore. Both beagles, Robbey and Brody, were adopted via a dog rescue. We have had them for 10 years and have seen them grow as a part of the family.

Pets, and dogs specifically, add a warmth to the home. They greet us with a wagging tail and a happy heart when we come home and cuddle up with us at night on the couch after dinner. Our dogs are playful and love to run around and explore the world around them. We take them on walks around the neighborhood and on hikes on trails near the house, and we would love to share this with our future child as well. We know Robbey and Brody will be wonderful companions for a child.

Education We will Provide

We plan to be active in our child's education. Both of us have attended a significant amount of schooling beyond high school, and therefore understand that it takes support from your family to receive a quality education. As a result, our goal is to be extremely hands on to ensure our child can succeed. Moreover, Adam's mother was a school teacher so he experienced first-hand the benefits of an attentive and "hands on" parent.

We both understand that not all children learn the same way so it is our goal to constantly strive to identify how our child learns best and to put them into situations most conducive to their learning abilities. Being active in our child's education encompasses many things and we plan to ensure that our child receives the best possible education in order to ensure they can do anything they want to do in their lives.




Checking Out the Farmers Market
Checking Out the Farmers Market
Hiking Our First 14er
Hiking Our First 14er
Our Annual Trip to Disneyland
Our Annual Trip to Disneyland
Beach Time with Our Niece
Beach Time with Our Niece
Just Finished Our First Half Marathon
Just Finished Our First Half Marathon
Adam Golfing with Friends
Adam Golfing with Friends
We Love Going to Disney World!
We Love Going to Disney World!
Adam Running the Trails with Our Dogs
Adam Running the Trails with Our Dogs
Checking Out the Ruins in Belize
Checking Out the Ruins in Belize
Megan Loves to Hike
Megan Loves to Hike
Snowboarding with Friends
Snowboarding with Friends
Best Friends
Best Friends
1 / 12
Checking Out the Farmers Market
Checking Out the Farmers Market
2 / 12
Hiking Our First 14er
Hiking Our First 14er
3 / 12
Our Annual Trip to Disneyland
Our Annual Trip to Disneyland
4 / 12
Beach Time with Our Niece
Beach Time with Our Niece
5 / 12
Just Finished Our First Half Marathon
Just Finished Our First Half Marathon
6 / 12
Adam Golfing with Friends
Adam Golfing with Friends
7 / 12
We Love Going to Disney World!
We Love Going to Disney World!
8 / 12
Adam Running the Trails with Our Dogs
Adam Running the Trails with Our Dogs
9 / 12
Checking Out the Ruins in Belize
Checking Out the Ruins in Belize
10 / 12
Megan Loves to Hike
Megan Loves to Hike
11 / 12
Snowboarding with Friends
Snowboarding with Friends
12 / 12
Best Friends
Best Friends

Our Extended Families

With Adam's Parents

We love spending time with friends and family and will continue to do so as our family grows. We believe it takes a village, and our village is strong and loving!

Megan grew up in Texas & Arizona, and her parents and sister still live in Texas and she has extended family still in Arizona. Adam also has immediate and extended family in Arizona so we try to visit often.

Family Christmas

With siblings on each side of our family, we hope to not only raise a child with their cousins (currently there are 5 cousins), but love the idea of growing with siblings as well and hope to continue to grow our family. We enjoy time with friends and family camping, spending time playing games, hosting dinner at home, and traveling.

When we have friends and family around, we love to play games, spend time in the yard (Megan loves making smore's by the fire and Adam loves the backyard putting green!), or time at the neighborhood pool when the weather permits. We can truly have a great time doing anything with our family.

Our friends and family are VERY excited and accepting of our plan to adopt and are ready to meet our future child! With friends that have children for our child to play with, and cousins to grow up with, our group is warm and accepting and ready to expand our family.

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in beautiful Colorado and are within a short drive to hiking trails, skiing and snowboarding, lakes, and amazing camping spots. We love spending time outside and Colorado provides almost year round activities.

We recently built our home and created a space that we knew we could raise our family in. We were drawn to the neighborhood when we were choosing our home, as it is the perfect place for a family to grow. Our neighborhood is comprised of couples and individuals of all ages with many families and children that our child will grow up with. We are a short walk to a community pool where many children spend summer days playing together, as well as a lake with a beachfront for playing in the sand, and a small park just across the street.  

Our home is 3 bedrooms with a large living room as well as a loft for kids to play in with their friends. The kitchen is the most loved room in the home as it is truly the heart of the space. With views to the back yard, dining room and living room, the kitchen is perfect for family gatherings and cooking meals together. 

Adam and Megan both wanted to create a yard that would be an inviting space for everyone. It has a fire pit for making smores, outdoor lights for evening play, flowers, plants, trees, and even a putting green, it is a cozy and playful space that is loved.  

From Us to You

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We would like to commend you for the strength, courage, and loving spirit in making a plan for adoption. We truly believe that we have been led down this path to adoption and that we will soon meet the child who was meant to be ours. At all times through this experience, we want you to know that you are important, valued, and loved for your decision to allow us to be considered as Mom and Dad.

We know, as you likely do, that life doesn’t always go as planned. After attempting to get pregnant on our own for 7 years, we realized that the universe had other plans in store for us. We are excited for the opportunity to parent a child through adoption, and hope that this heavy decision which weighs on your heart can be eased by knowing that your child will be loved unconditionally, accepted, and always taken care of. We will celebrate adoption and your child will always know the immense love that you have for them. We look forward to potentially being a part of your story and raising your child to know this part of the story that creates who they are.

We met 12 years ago in a small town in Arizona. After recently leaving long-term relationships, neither one of us were looking for anything serious at the time. The universe had other plans because we quickly fell in love and chose to see where that took us. We bonded over our love of friends and family, movies and music, cooking together, traveling, and quiet nights at home. We have now been married for over 8 years. As in all relationships, we have experienced highs and lows but have always remained focused on learning and growing together, which is important to us and for a strong foundation. We celebrate each other’s successes, lift each other up in times of struggle, practice patience, love, and forgiveness. We plan to teach a child those same traits. We are confident that the next chapter in our book of life includes parenthood and are excited for what the future holds.

Though each of our families are small, they are filled with love and support. Our lives include friends that are more like family and we plan to continue to cherish these deep relationships as our immediate family grows. We look forward to our child being raised with friends and cousins, furry four-legged friends, and hopefully a sibling in the future as we potentially look to grow our family again through adoption.

We believe that understanding and knowing that your child is healthy and happy is important for your healing and well-being after adoption. With that said, we want you to know that we are happy to meet with you prior to birth and will continue to send pictures and letters or emails that outline the growth and love your child has experienced. From the bottom of our heart, we will always want you to know that your child will be loved, supported, and will be the missing piece of our family that we have been searching for.

Hopefully this has provided a snapshot of where our hearts are and how thankful we are that you are considering us. We believe that you are making the ultimate loving sacrifice by making a plan for both you and your child. While we cannot understand all of the complex emotions that you are going through, we want you to know that you are not walking through it alone.

With love,

Adam & Megan


Mark Walhlberg
Dwayne Johnson
Mila Kunis
Kate Hudson
Harlan Coben
Lois Lowry
Harry Potter - all of them
The Giver
Candy Bar
Baby Ruth
Kit Kat
Anything Disney
Childhood Memory
Golf with my grandpa
Spending time at my Grandma's house in the summers
Childhood Toy
GI Joe battle station
Children's Book
The Giving Tree
The Giver- still my favorite to this day!
San Diego
Classic Movie
Top Gun
Dirty Dancing
Day of Week
Ice cream
Ice Cream
Disney Movie
The Fox and the Hound
The Little Mermaid
Dream Car
Range Rover
Dream Job
Professional Golfer
Dance Teacher
Dream Vacation
Trip to Bali
Family Activity
Going to Disneyland!
Flower / Plant
Tropical plants
Anything Italian
Form of Exercise
Heads Up
I LOVE the holiday season of Halloween through New Year's
Holiday Song
All I Want for Christmas is You
White Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Exchange stockings
Spending the day with family
Ice Cream
Chocolate chip cookie dough
Junk Food
Bean dip
Leisure Activity
Walking the dogs
Watching movies
Golf Digest
Memory with a Child
Disneyland trip
Taking my niece and nephew to Disneyland for the first time
Memory with Spouse
Costa Rica trip
Spending our honeymoon in Costa Rica--- on the beaches and exploring small towns
Star Wars
Jurassic Park
Movie Munchie
Hot Tamales
Movie Quote
"You can't handle the truth"
Life finds a way
Movie Type
Action or Thriller
Phantom of the Opera
Musical Group
Panic! At the Disco
Nursery Rhyme
Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty
Olympic Event
Snowboard halfpipe
Personal Hero
My Grandma
Anything that involves dance or music
Dr. Seuss
Shel Silverstein
Quality about my Spouse
He is patient and caring and incredibly supportive of my ideas, dreams, and aspirations
Dance like there's nobody watching, love like you'll never be hurt, sing like there's nobody listening, and live like it's heaven on earth
Ocean Club
Grilled cheese
Leftover Turkey from Thanksgiving
Shopping Store
Travis Matthew
Juicy - Notorious BIG
Dying in LA
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Tiger Woods
Tim Duncan
Sports Team
Oakland Raiders
San Antonio Spurs
Subject in School
English and Dance
Iron Man
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Annual golf trip
Spending Thanksgiving in Disneyland with my aunt, niece and nephew... and our future child!
TV Show
Game of Thrones
TV Show Character
Ari Gold
Rachael Greene
Type of Music
Hip hop
Vacation Spot
Anywhere with a beach... or Disney
Video Game
Super Mario Brothers
Super Mario Brothers

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