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Tag & Megan

Hi! Thank you for taking time to look at our profile. We are an adventurous, warm and loving couple. We are excited for the opportunity to welcome a baby into our family. We applaud your strength and courage as you navigate the adoption process. We hope this profile gives you an idea of who we are and the type of parents we will be. We can't wait to share our love-filled life with a child.

About Us

Executive Chef
Senior Marketing Specialist
Bachelor's Degree in English
Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations and Marketing
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Fun at a food and wine festival

Megan is a planner and Tag is the laid-back take things as they come guy. This means our leisure time is a mix of adventure and down time. We are both drawn to the outdoors and enjoy spending the warm months camping in our pop up, kayaking, grilling and just relaxing on the deck after work.

We both love to read, Megan with her murder mysteries, something she inherited from her mom and grandma and Tag with his food and outdoor magazines.

With Tag being a chef, food is a big part of our lives and we love exploring new cuisines and trying new dishes both at home and in restaurants.

Music is central to our lives and we enjoy relaxing at home listening to records and attending concerts throughout the year. Our gifts to each other often come in the form of concert tickets.

Our Life Priorities

With our youngest goddaughter

Love and laughter are measurements of success in our lives. We surround ourselves with the people who share our values and bring more love, laughter and joy into the world.

We strive to be successful professionally while maintaining a healthy life balance. We cherish experiences like concerts, travel and time with those close to us over material possessions.

Our lives have had their up and downs, but overall, we are very fortunate and know that to whom much is given, much is expected. We value volunteering our time and talents to help our community and those who are a part of it thrive.

One of our proudest accomplishments are the life-long friendships we have both cultivated. It means the world to us that so many of our friend's children refer to us as Uncle Tag and Aunt Megan and we are proud to be godparents to four amazing girls. This isn't by accident, it is because we make time in our lives for those we love. We show up for each other, for our friends and for our families every day.

Adoption in Our Family

We are fortunate to have several close friends and neighbors who have grown their family through adoption both internationally and domestically. It has been beautiful learning how each family celebrates adoption and cultural diversity in their own way. We enjoy wishing "Happy Gotcha Day" to some our or friend's kids and ringing in the Chinese New Year with others.

Adoption has been woven into Megan's family for some time. When Megan was in her early teens, her Aunt and Uncle twice adopted her baby cousins. Her family recently celebrated the arrival of baby Atlas and the new title of mother that has been bestowed on Megan's cousin through adoption.

Tag's family was built through adoption. Tag's grandpa adopted Tag's mom and her younger brother at a young age. Grandma and grandpa went on to have two more children together. Tag spent a good deal of time with his best friend Chris' family as a child. Chris is one of six kids, all of whom were adopted.


A day at the zoo
A day at the zoo
Megan helped plan this all-inclusive playground
Megan helped plan this all-inclusive playground
Dinner with friends while camping
Dinner with friends while camping
Summer fun in Chicago
Summer fun in Chicago
At the pumpkin patch
At the pumpkin patch
All dressed up for a wedding
All dressed up for a wedding
Happy Halloween from the pumpkin patch
Happy Halloween from the pumpkin patch
A night out watching college basketball
A night out watching college basketball
Family Christmas
Family Christmas
Summer cookouts on the deck
Summer cookouts on the deck
Raising money for our favorite children's charity
Raising money for our favorite children's charity
Happy campers at a concert to celebrate Megan's birthday
Happy campers at a concert to celebrate Megan's birthday
1 / 12
A day at the zoo
A day at the zoo
2 / 12
Megan helped plan this all-inclusive playground
Megan helped plan this all-inclusive playground
3 / 12
Dinner with friends while camping
Dinner with friends while camping
4 / 12
Summer fun in Chicago
Summer fun in Chicago
5 / 12
At the pumpkin patch
At the pumpkin patch
6 / 12
All dressed up for a wedding
All dressed up for a wedding
7 / 12
Happy Halloween from the pumpkin patch
Happy Halloween from the pumpkin patch
8 / 12
A night out watching college basketball
A night out watching college basketball
9 / 12
Family Christmas
Family Christmas
10 / 12
Summer cookouts on the deck
Summer cookouts on the deck
11 / 12
Raising money for our favorite children's charity
Raising money for our favorite children's charity
12 / 12
Happy campers at a concert to celebrate Megan's birthday
Happy campers at a concert to celebrate Megan's birthday

Our House and Neighborhood

Our house

We live in a two story, four-bedroom house just outside of our cities downtown. We have a corner lot on a quiet cul-de-sac with a fenced in backyard and are in walking distance to both the elementary and middle schools. The public library and swimming pool are both a short drive. Two city parks with lakes and walking trails and a wonderful state park are all just minutes from our home.

Our city is home to an incredible science center, one of the top farmers market's in the country, annual festivals, concerts and year-round sporting events. Our city was recently ranked one of the Top 10 Best Cities for Quality of Life.

In the summer we enjoy spending time in our backyard. Whether it is breaking out the pizza oven or grilling, reading on the deck or enjoying a fire in our fire pit, our backyard becomes an extension of our living space when the weather allows. In the winter we enjoy curling up by our fireplace.

Our neighborhood is filled with old and new friends and young families. Several of our neighbors have grown their families through adoption. The diversity in our neighborhood assures us that our child will be welcomed with open arms and will always feel at home.

Our Extended Families

Family luau dinner at Disney World

What an incredible word, "family." We became a family 11 years ago when we married in Megan's parent's backyard. And while we've been blessed to have a family of parents, relatives and friends by our side, we've always dreamed of having kids of our own.

Our families are very important to us and play a huge role in our lives. Our parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and extended family and friends cannot wait to welcome our child with open arms.

Our niece's baptism

Both of our parents and siblings live a few hours away. For not living in the same cities, we see our families quite often and video chat weekly. Our family time centers on playing games, sharing meals and adventurous outings. We recently created a new family tradition of playing bingo as a tribute to Megan's Grandma Sally. Bingo has been a widely embraced new source of family fun by both our families. Who knew Bingo could be so exciting!

Holidays, special trips, time at the lake, camping and cousin sleepovers are all memories our child will have. We are thrilled that our child will grow up with their cousins.

From Us to You

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We cannot even begin to imagine how difficult this decision is for you, but you have our sincere gratitude for your courage, and we promise to provide a safe, stable and nurturing environment for your baby and to provide a life full of love and happiness.

Our names are Megan and Tag and we have been together for 16 years. We married in the fall of 2008 in the backyard of Megan's parents. Our life together is built on our love for each other. It is patient, accepting, nurturing and unconditional. And we cannot wait to share that love with a child.

We are both rational, kind, funny, intelligent, family-centric individuals. We enjoy cooking at home, adventures with our camper, music, traveling and exploring the world around us. Tag is a professional chef and Megan has a highly rewarding career in marketing. We are both blessed to have a level of flexibility in our jobs that is needed when raising a child. We are equally blessed with an incredible network of support through family and friends.

Our extended family and friends could not be more excited or supportive of our plan to grow our family through adoption. Our nieces, nephews and friends' kids cannot wait for another little one to join the crew. We have already had several very sweet offers from some of the older kids to babysit. During this process our family and friends have wrapped us in love and support, and they all are eagerly waiting to extend the same love and support when we grow our family.

Our vibrant Iowa city was recently ranked #5 Best Place to Live in the U.S. and a Top 10 Best City for Quality of Life. Our city is family-oriented and ripe with world class attractions like a zoo, science center, pools and splashpads, parks, festivals, concerts, theater, sporting events and more. We also have a wonderful public education system. We can't wait to share all our city has to offer with a little one.

After several years and lots of fertility treatments, we were unsuccessful on our path to parenthood. We took some time to reflect and heal from our invisible loss and are so excited to be on the path to parenthood through adoption. We are so excited to share our love and grow our family. We will provide a child with the love, support, and guidance they need to choose their path in life as a happy, strong, independent, and well-rounded individual.

Our promise to you is that you are significant to us and always will be. We will always speak highly of you and we will honor you with our words and actions. You have made a very brave decision and we will always respect your choice. We will share with you your child's growth and experiences through photos and letters if desired. We are also open to phone calls, emails, facetime, and possible visits. We pledge to always be open and honest about the adoption process. We want to affirm and encourage you on this incredible emotional journey. We are eager to know you and happy to work together to maintain a healthy relationship. And above all, be assured, your baby will be so loved.

Thank you again for allowing us to share our story with you. We hope that learning more about us will give you peace of mind as you consider adoption for your child.

Tag & Megan


Adam Sandler
Drew Barrymore
Tina Fey
Charles Bukowski
James Patterson
How to Bake a Perfect Life
Candy Bar
Kit Kat
Do skittles count?
Bugs Bunny
Muppet Babies
Childhood Memory
Family road trips and/or camping
Children's Book
Where the Red Fern Grows
Where the Sidewalk Ends
San Francisco
Day of Week
German Chocolate Cake
Hammer Cake (pudding base with heath bars, a family favorite)
Disney Movie
The Little Mermaid
Dream Car
Dream Job
Dream Vacation
A remote island
Island Hopping
Family Activity
Playing Games
Playing Games
Flower / Plant
Peony or Lilac
Form of Exercise
Frozen grapes
Current favorites are backgammon and casino (card game).
Camping and Fishing
Camping and kayaking
Fourth of July
Holiday Song
Percy the Puny Poinsettia
Holiday Tradition
Making Cookies
Making and decorating cookies
Ice Cream
Bunny Tracks
Rocky Road or Heath Bar Crunch
Junk Food
Beef Jerky
Potato Chips
Leisure Activity
Memory with a Child
Playing Bingo with our Niece and Nephew
Memory with Spouse
Our Alaskan Adventure
Our ten year anniversary trip and Paul Simon concert
Caddy Shack
Jaws or Pitch Perfect
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
I think we need a bigger boat
Movie Type
Romantic Commedy
Come from Away
Musical Group
Paul Simon
Olympic Event
Figure Skating (winter), Track and Field (Summer)
Westside Story
Walt Witman
Quality about my Spouse
It's not going to cook itself
Avec (Chicago)
Royal Cantonese
croque madame or a fancy grilled cheese from our local cheese shop
Shopping Store
Nordstroms Rack
Take a Load Off, The Band
Dear Prudence by the Jerry Garcia Band
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
College Basketball
Toss up - Football or Baseball
Sports Team
Chicago Cubs
Subject in School
My Mom
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Mid Morning
TV Show
Mork and Mindy
TV Show Character
Type of Music
Video Game
Pac Man

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