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Nitin & Thomas

We are so very grateful that you are considering us to care for and love your child. We look forward to the opportunity to share our lives with your child and we know we will provide a warm and joyful place to call home. Choosing us would mean the world and we look forward to starting a new chapter in our lives!

About Us

Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering
Bachelor's Degree in Mechatronics
Legally Married

Our Lifestyle

At the Movies With Close Friends

We live a very down-to-earth lifestyle. We both have office jobs, where Thomas works as an engineer and Nitin works in business management. During the week, after the cat gets her breakfast, we make it a point to sit down and have breakfast together before we start our day and head off to work. Most evenings we also sit and have dinner together to wind down, and enjoy quiet time relaxing with tea. Eating together as a family means a lot and provides a sense of stability through the week. We feel it is important to catch up with our friends and visit Nitin’s mom, making dinner together or just having a cup of coffee at the cafe in our neighborhood.

On the weekend, we take care of chores around the house, visit with friends for a movie or barbecue in our back yard, or go for a jog with our running group. Depending on the weather, we also buy flowers from the garden center for our yard. We make time to call Thomas’ relatives just after morning coffee. We watch very little TV, where instead we would read, relax, or see the people we love.

Our Family Traditions

Enjoying Our Christmas Tree

A weekly tradition, we have video calls with Thomas’s long-time friends and family in Germany to keep up to date on the latest changes in each other’s lives. These video calls are helpful when actual visits home are far more rare. Since Christian traditions are typically celebrated in Germany, Thomas and his family spent each Easter and Christmas together. Growing up Nitin celebrated both Indian and Christian holidays as well, as he went to a Christian school. The local Indian community in our town holds parties at key holidays, making traditional Indian foods and desserts from scratch and having Indian classical music and dance performances.

We cannot wait to share with your child the traditions we have weaved together in our household. Each year, Nitin and Thomas celebrate the Indian festival of Diwali, or “festival of lights,” with family friends in the fall. At Halloween we carve pumpkins with friends and drink cider. We share Thanksgiving dinner with Nitin’s aunt and at Christmas, celebrate by bringing home and decorating a tree from a local farm.

With our close circle of friends, we also made it a tradition to go camping on Independence Day weekend each year. These trips create a lot of funny memories, like Thomas floating on an inflatable unicorn in the middle of a lake or barbecuing and eating way too much food for lunch, where everyone had to take a nap!

Education We Will Provide

Thomas Celebrating the First Day of School With Our Nephew

In our opinion, a quality education can open many doors. Fortunately, the school district we live in is one of the best in the state. Since Nitin grew up here, he has first-hand knowledge.

The most important factor for us is that your child enjoys their school curriculum and additional activities, like art, sports, or music. We want to encourage your child to develop and pursue interests, be it playing basketball on the school team or learning a new language.

We both were fortunate enough to have a college education and we will strive to offer your child the same opportunity.

Growing up in a multicultural home, your child will have the chance to learn about two very different heritages and traditions. We feel it is important to impart a sense of curiosity about the world though trying new foods, taking in live music and art, and also sharing ideas about how the world works.


With Penelope On Our Front Porch
With Penelope On Our Front Porch
Just Before Our Wedding at the Coast, Wearing Traditional Indian Clothes
Just Before Our Wedding at the Coast, Wearing Traditional Indian Clothes
Getting Some Fresh Air & Sunshine
Getting Some Fresh Air & Sunshine
One of Nitin's Biggest Talents - Painting
One of Nitin's Biggest Talents - Painting
Exploring Machu Picchu
Exploring Machu Picchu
Thomas Enjoying a Bike Ride
Thomas Enjoying a Bike Ride
Hiking to a Glacial Lake
Hiking to a Glacial Lake
Cooling Off at a Clean and Cold Waterfall During a Hike in Peru
Cooling Off at a Clean and Cold Waterfall During a Hike in Peru
Our Wedding Day
Our Wedding Day
Sunset in Puerto Vallarta
Sunset in Puerto Vallarta
Thomas Snowshoeing at Mt. Hood
Thomas Snowshoeing at Mt. Hood
Exploring the Local Art Scene on Vacation in Mexico
Exploring the Local Art Scene on Vacation in Mexico
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With Penelope On Our Front Porch
With Penelope On Our Front Porch
2 / 12
Just Before Our Wedding at the Coast, Wearing Traditional Indian Clothes
Just Before Our Wedding at the Coast, Wearing Traditional Indian Clothes
3 / 12
Getting Some Fresh Air & Sunshine
Getting Some Fresh Air & Sunshine
4 / 12
One of Nitin's Biggest Talents - Painting
One of Nitin's Biggest Talents - Painting
5 / 12
Exploring Machu Picchu
Exploring Machu Picchu
6 / 12
Thomas Enjoying a Bike Ride
Thomas Enjoying a Bike Ride
7 / 12
Hiking to a Glacial Lake
Hiking to a Glacial Lake
8 / 12
Cooling Off at a Clean and Cold Waterfall During a Hike in Peru
Cooling Off at a Clean and Cold Waterfall During a Hike in Peru
9 / 12
Our Wedding Day
Our Wedding Day
10 / 12
Sunset in Puerto Vallarta
Sunset in Puerto Vallarta
11 / 12
Thomas Snowshoeing at Mt. Hood
Thomas Snowshoeing at Mt. Hood
12 / 12
Exploring the Local Art Scene on Vacation in Mexico
Exploring the Local Art Scene on Vacation in Mexico

Our House and Neighborhood

Welcome to Our Sunny Home!

Our warm and friendly home is located in a suburban neighborhood in Oregon. Our house has three bedrooms, and is painted in cozy colors. Big windows that face the street and the backyard allow daylight to flood the house and will enable your child to never miss a friend playing on the street.

Our fenced backyard backs up against a green space, and offers plenty room for your child to play safely outside.

Shady and quiet trails start right next to our house and connect to parks, green spaces and playgrounds in our neighborhood. Most of the trails lead to a lake in the middle of our neighborhood. Kids love to play and run around a water fountain on the shore of the lake during hot summer days or cool off with a scoop of ice cream.

Our street is busy with kids of all ages, playing, riding their bikes, and coloring with chalk together, while the parents stand outside and watch over them. We can imagine your child playing and making friends with the neighbors’ kids. As your child grows older, he or she can join the other kids on their daily walk to school.

Our Extended Families

With Both Sets of Parents

We look forward to welcoming your child into our multicultural family. Thomas is a first-generation immigrant from northern Germany and Nitin grew up here in Oregon, but his parents were born and raised near the large coastal city of Mumbai, India and immigrated to the U.S. after college. We keep in close contact with our extended families outside of the U.S. and our home is a fusion of traditions and holidays.

In Germany With Thomas' Family

Thomas stays in touch with his cultural background by attending group dinners with the local German community. Weekly, he also video chats with his sister, niece and nephew, parents, and friends in Germany. Thomas’s parents travel to Oregon regularly to make memories and Thomas visits his hometown each year to see how much his niece and nephew have grown.

Nitin’s mother lives nearby and we catch up each week over dinner. Nitin connects with his sister and her family, who live in Houston, with lots of phone calls and pictures. We celebrate Indian holidays with Nitin’s family friends in the neighborhood, getting together for potlucks and tons of delicious food.

Our friends also form a crucial support structure in our lives, some of whom will be parents soon too. Your child will have immediate playmates! Together, with this group, we enjoy the outdoors immensely and take trips in the Northwest throughout the year. Your child is joining a warm and supportive family in a truly lovely part of the country.

From Us to You


We can only imagine the gravity of the decision you are making and we appreciate that you are taking a moment to get to know us better. We have always considered adoption as our first choice to build a family and we are so excited by what the future might hold. Through this letter we hope to give you a clearer picture of who we are and show you the kind of family we wish to create.

Your child would join a German-Indian-American household! Thomas grew up in Germany and took a big step moving to the United States over a decade ago. While far away, we keep in close contact with family and friends in Germany through Sunday morning video calls over coffee. Last year, Thomas’s parents joined us in Oregon, where we all stayed in a beach house together to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Thomas also recently flew home for his nephew’s starting elementary school ceremony, a significant event for German children. Thomas is very close to his sister and loves to stay up to date on his niece and nephew. We want our child to have a close relationship with Thomas’s family and grow up understanding German culture.

Nitin, whose parents moved to Oregon from India, grew up making trips to India each summer to visit his grandparents and cousins. Nitin’s mother lives nearby and we have a weekly family dinner or breakfast to catch up on how the week went. We keep up to date with Nitin’s sister, her husband, and nephews who live in Houston, though weekly phone calls, sharing photos, and trips on holidays. We most recently visited Houston over Thanksgiving and had a blast just watching movies and playing games. Nitin’s nephews love to share their latest school projects over video calls. During their annual summer vacations to Oregon, they spend time both with us and Nitin’s mother.

The outdoors and travel play a big role in our lives. We first met on a spring hike in 2013 and got married in 2015 on the Oregon coast, where 16 of Thomas’s friends and relatives flew in from Germany. Each year we camp with our closest friends all over Oregon, Washington, and California, hiking and enjoying marshmallows around the campfire. Last year we also went for a hike in Peru in the rainforest, visiting llamas, and sampling street food. We feel it is essential for a child to have exposure to new sights, sounds, and experiences, to develop a deep appreciation of what the world has to offer. We look forward to sharing this with your child so much.

We live in a bright yellow home in a quiet neighborhood, where kids play on the street each night with their parents watching over. Each day we make it a point to eat breakfast and dinner together, where we love to try new recipes from all over the world with new and interesting ingredients. Without a doubt our sweet kitty Penelope is very interested in what we are cooking too! Both of us have a joyful and calm temperament with a strong bond with family and friends, which we hope to share with your child.

We take the opportunity for adoption with the most care, respect, and commitment. If we are chosen to be the parents of your child, we thank you so much and feel honored by your trust in us. We are committed to working with you on a child-centric adoption plan, which enables the child to connect to you and other biological relatives. We feel it is very important to discuss adoption with our child from an early age, to help the child form his or her own identity. We know we will provide a warm and supportive home, so that your child grows up to be the happy and independent person you hope for, and we look forward to the opportunity to get to know you better too.

Kind Regards,

Nitin & Thomas


Robert Downey Jr.
Actor Pierce Brosnan, Vin Diesel
Cate Blanchett
Julia Roberts
Stephen King
Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
Candy Bar
Childhood Memory
Family vacation to Bangkok, Thailand to visit beaches, sight see, and eat great food.
Spending time with grandma in the back yard
Childhood Toy
Children's Book
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
The Jungle Book
Classic Movie
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Day of Week
Panna cotta
Ice cream
Disney Movie
The Incredibles
The Jungle Book
Dream Car
Koenigsegg Agera
Porche 911
Dream Job
Dream Vacation
Hiking across New Zealand
National Parks in South Africa
Family Activity
Snuggling out the couch and watching a movie
Spending time traveling, playing games, and chatting
Flower / Plant
Palm trees
Thai food
German Cuisine (e.g., potatoes, asparagus, pork schnitzel)
Form of Exercise
Lifting weights
Ping pong
Backyard and home improvement projects
Holiday Song
"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
Jingle Bells
Holiday Tradition
Thanksgiving is the best, just time with family
Hunting for Easter eggs
Ice Cream
Moose tracks
Junk Food
Burgers and Pizza
Leisure Activity
Playing soccer
Wired Magazine
Memory with a Child
My nephew came to visit, and we went on a bike ride where it was the first time he rode his bike in the bike lane, and we had milkshakes.
Visiting the zoo for the first time with my niece and nephew
Memory with Spouse
Relaxing on the beach on the big island of Hawaii and enjoying the sunset together
Our wedding and first trip to Kauai, Hawaii
The Matrix
Triple X, Tomorrow Never Dies
Movie Munchie
Buttered popcorn
Movie Quote
"The greatest teacher, failure is" - Yoda
"Hasta la vista, baby."
Movie Type
Action or documentaries
Musical Group
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Nursery Rhyme
This Little Piggy
Olympic Event
Ice skating
Personal Hero
Joe Rogan
Romeo and Juliet
Rudyard Kipling
Theodore Fontane (Herr von Ribbeck)
Quality about my Spouse
My spouse is very, very caring and supportive.
Cool minded, strategical analyzing and thinking
"Time flows in the same way for all human beings; every human being flows through time in a different way." - Yasunari Kawabata
Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." JFK
The Outback Steakhouse
Thai Pasta (Thai restaurant)
Vietnamese Banh Mi
Matthew 6:6
Shopping Store
"A New Day Has Come" - Celine Dion
We will rock you - Queen, Wind of Change - Scorpions, Paradise City- Guns and Roses
Sport to Play
Ultimate Frisbee
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Michael Phelps
Dirk Nowitzki
Sports Team
Portland Trail Blazers
Werder Bremen, Germany
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
I love to cook Indian and Mexican food
Time of Day
Evening with my husband
I enjoy an early morning drive out to the Coast with my best friend, where we go for a walk, get a coffee, and catch up on life.
Eating breakfast each day with my husband
TV Show
Real Time with Bill Maher
TV Show Character
Homer Simpson
Bill Maher
Type of Music
Hip Hop and Rock
Vacation Spot
Kauai, Hawaii
Video Game
Starwars Battlefront

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