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If you would like to learn more about us, please call 1-800-ADOPTION (2367846), fill out the form at the bottom of our on-line profile page, or email us at

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AJ & Devin

Hello! To begin, we want to thank you immensely for reading our profile and giving us a chance. Adoption has always been incredibly important to both of us and we know we will make amazing parents. We have so much love to give, laughter to share, and adventures to embark on. To choose us, would be the greatest gift we could ever receive. We are bursting with excitement for what lies ahead.

About Us

Soldier - U.S. Army
Registered Nurse
Some College
Master's Degree in Nursing
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Italy Is Beautiful - But Anywhere We Are Together Is Beautiful!

We currently live in the beautiful country of Italy! It’s no secret that our favorite hobby since moving to Italy is ... traveling! There is so much to see, and it is so exciting to us that we can fly/drive/train just a few hours and be in a different world. We can simply drive to Slovenia to hike the most beautiful gorges and trails we’ve ever seen, fly to Greece to see historic monuments like the Acropolis, or train up to Switzerland and sight-see the infamous Alps. There is so much at our fingertips and we believe it is the opportunity of a lifetime for a child to be able to experience this with us.

Aside from traveling, we love going to concerts, football games, the beach, Bahama weekend cruises, trying new places to eat, and going to the dog park. As we integrate a child into our family, we know some of our hobbies will change! We can’t wait to visit Disney World more often, be involved in little league sports, visit zoos and parks, explore more cities, and see more oceans.

As fun as all that is, we are just as much homebodies. There is something special to us about just staying home, watching movies, spending quality time together... enjoying the simple things. We truly can’t wait to add a child to this cozy home. It is easy to picture ourselves playing on the floor with a child, laughter filling the room, cuddling up, and thanking God we finally have our family.

Fun Facts About Us:

We Love Disney!

  • We got engaged in a retail store! AJ just couldn’t hold it in anymore and popped the question in aisle 7.
  • If we could spend one day absolutely anywhere, 10/10 times we would pick the beach!
  • We love to volunteer together. Either at summer camps, shelters, church, or whatever other opportunity comes our way.
  • We named our dog after a character on Harry Potter (Minerva!).
  • Our all-time favorite shows are The Office and Friends! We have watched every single episode multiple times.
  • We are Disney World regulars (more so when we lived in Florida, not as much now that we are in Italy)! It really is the happiest place on earth.
  • The next big thing on our European bucket list is a hot air balloon ride over Tuscany.
  • We are huge football fans. AJ’s favorite team is the Seattle Seahawks and Devin’s favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • AJ does not enjoy any sweets (ice cream, candy, etc.), but Devin LOVES sweets.
  • We love cooking together, learning about food (whether it be for health, or learning about a culture) and trying new foods when we travel. We just love to eat.
  • Addressing Cultural Diversity

    Growing up in an inter-racial family and in a very diverse area, we are not blind to the importance and significance of cultural diversity. We believe it’s important to acknowledge and embrace your cultural and ethnic background. We will teach this child about their heritage, their background, their history, and will make every effort to emphasize why it is relevant in modern society.

    Naturally, society will have questions about our family. We are an open book and will address those questions with love and understanding, but also truth. Likewise, when this child naturally has questions, they will be answered in the same manner. Life is full of ups and downs, triumphs and struggle, confusions and chaos ... but our family will be full of unity, acceptance, and love.

    We can’t allow ourselves to make the mistake of thinking we know everything or have mastered cultural diversity. However, we will make every effort possible to learn, understand, and immerse ourselves in every opportunity to widen our perspectives. We will always do everything in our power to give this child the very best.



    If There Is a NFL Game Near Us, You Bet We'll Be There!
    If There Is a NFL Game Near Us, You Bet We'll Be There!
    At the Children's Museum With Our Niece
    At the Children's Museum With Our Niece
    Festive for Halloween
    Festive for Halloween
    The Canals in Venice Never Get Old!
    The Canals in Venice Never Get Old!
    Overlooking Athens
    Overlooking Athens
    The Reward of Climbing a Mountain Is So Incredible!
    The Reward of Climbing a Mountain Is So Incredible!
    Having a Nice Dinner on a Rooftop
    Having a Nice Dinner on a Rooftop
    Hiking the Waterfalls in Slovenia
    Hiking the Waterfalls in Slovenia
    We Love Concerts, Warm Weather & Sweet Tea!
    We Love Concerts, Warm Weather & Sweet Tea!
    Feeling Very Small While Hiking in the Alps!
    Feeling Very Small While Hiking in the Alps!
    So Happy Together
    So Happy Together
    Showing Our Niece Disney for the First Time
    Showing Our Niece Disney for the First Time
    1 / 12
    If There Is a NFL Game Near Us, You Bet We'll Be There!
    If There Is a NFL Game Near Us, You Bet We'll Be There!
    2 / 12
    At the Children's Museum With Our Niece
    At the Children's Museum With Our Niece
    3 / 12
    Festive for Halloween
    Festive for Halloween
    4 / 12
    The Canals in Venice Never Get Old!
    The Canals in Venice Never Get Old!
    5 / 12
    Overlooking Athens
    Overlooking Athens
    6 / 12
    The Reward of Climbing a Mountain Is So Incredible!
    The Reward of Climbing a Mountain Is So Incredible!
    7 / 12
    Having a Nice Dinner on a Rooftop
    Having a Nice Dinner on a Rooftop
    8 / 12
    Hiking the Waterfalls in Slovenia
    Hiking the Waterfalls in Slovenia
    9 / 12
    We Love Concerts, Warm Weather & Sweet Tea!
    We Love Concerts, Warm Weather & Sweet Tea!
    10 / 12
    Feeling Very Small While Hiking in the Alps!
    Feeling Very Small While Hiking in the Alps!
    11 / 12
    So Happy Together
    So Happy Together
    12 / 12
    Showing Our Niece Disney for the First Time
    Showing Our Niece Disney for the First Time

    Our House and Neighborhood

    Our Quaint Little Town

    We currently live in Vicenza, Italy! Although we are part of the military community here, we don’t live on base. It has been a unique, mind-opening, and amazing opportunity to live in a truly Italian community. We live in a townhouse, attached to five other townhouses, filled with military families like us. We all frequently have “family” dinners, game nights, and enjoy exploring together on the weekends. This military community abroad is a special one because we really lean on each other; friends are family.

    Our Townhome

    Our house has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large living area, and a downstairs “extra space” that we would love to turn into a playroom. The living area is special to us because it holds many gatherings, laughs, and memories with our community. We have a small fenced-in yard and a large park across the street that both Americans and Italians frequent. Our little town is a quaint one. There is a lot of green space around, but also a small downtown area with cafes and bakeries. Every Sunday, there is a market that everyone attends to get their fresh produce and homemade Italian items. Our town also hosts festivals (ex: Gnocchi festival), Christmas markets, small carnivals, and other fun family activities. We love our little town but the best part is being able to hop on a train or plane to explore Europe at any moment. Living here is an amazing opportunity and we can’t wait to have a child to share it with.

    Our Extended Families

    Christmas Eve With Family

    We believe we have some of the best, funniest, most supportive and loving families on God’s green earth. Together, we have 3 siblings, and between them, we have two beautiful nieces and one handsome nephew. Our niece, Madison, is the oldest at 4 years old. We also hold the privilege of being her godparents! Our families really value quality time, especially for all the cousins. It is special to have them all so close in age and we can’t wait to add to that dynamic with this child.

    Beach Fun With Our Niece

    Our family is spread between Delaware, New York, and Florida. As a family, we love to play board games, eat Italian home-cooking, hang out around the pool and play cornhole, and simply enjoy each other’s company. In Delaware, we have “pasta Sunday” every weekend. The whole family comes together, we cook a big meal, watch football, play games, and spend quality time together all day. In Florida, we are regulars at the beach and Disney World, and in New York we love to visit with family, spend time on the lake, and hike the beautiful upstate trails and gorges!

    When we told our families we were going to adopt, they all burst with excitement. We have always had tight-knit families, so the abundance of support and encouragement was no surprise. Each one of them is elated to meet, love, and support this child in every way.

    From Us to You

    We can’t tell you how much we already care for and value you and your family, and we will never be able to thank you enough for making this brave decision. We can’t imagine walking in your shoes, but we want you to know we are walking beside you. We know this must be a hard journey for you and we want to ease that burden, together.

    We met in the summer of 2015. Just a few weeks after we met, AJ started calling Devin his “wife” to everyone we knew. It was a running joke in our friend group, until we started dating and fell in love! Over the next few years, we endured long distance, job changes, graduate school schedules, and moving to three states and two continents! Our relationship has held a lot of change in the last 5 years, but we have always been each other’s stability. Together, we are home.

    While we are “young” in the adoption community, we know that we are ready. Being young parents will allow us years of boundless energy and limitless adventures with our children, as well as time to add to our family. We hope to one day have a house full of tiny feet running around, weekends full of little league games, and creative little minds making this world a better place. Although we are young, through all of life’s curveballs, our relationship has been steady and committed, and we know we’ll share that bond as a family, too.

    Children have always been an important part of our lives. For the last seven years we have volunteered with children at a pediatric oncology camp, helping kids learn how to navigate life’s storms and smile in the chaos. Additionally, Devin works with infants and children as a Registered Nurse. We are also very involved in our niece’s and nephew’s lives. We enjoy taking them out and being the “fun aunt/uncle!” It has been a privilege to invest in them, and now, we believe our time has come. We always knew we wanted children and we always felt like adoption would be part of our story, so when we say we can’t imagine anything more incredible than creating a family through adoption ... we mean it.

    We are so excited for our future as a family. Our child will be able to travel the world, will have an enormous support system of family and friends, have endless opportunities, and will know unconditional love. One of the most important things we wish to share with our children are our values: selflessness, service, individuality, acceptance, and never-ending adventure. Over the years, we’ve both made big sacrifices for each other. AJ picked up his life and moved to be with Devin during her schooling, and Devin left her dream job to support AJ’s military career. That is the kind of selflessness and love we’ll raise our kids to value. We also love to have fun--last year we took a spontaneous road trip to Slovenia and went hiking in the mountains! We have worked hard to have the resources and opportunities to give a child everything they deserve in this life, and we can’t wait to give it.

    With Love,

    AJ & Devin


    Robert Downey Jr.
    Jason Bateman
    Sandra Bullock
    Jennifer Aniston
    J.K. Rowling, C.S. Lewis
    The Bible
    Harry Potter
    Candy Bar
    3 Musketeers
    Dragonball Z
    The Little Mermaid
    Childhood Memory
    When my brothers and I got a go-kart
    Having family dinner together every single night, no exceptions!
    Childhood Toy
    Children's Book
    The Giving Tree
    Tampa, Florida
    Tampa, Florida
    Classic Movie
    Top Gun
    Sweet Home Alabama
    Day of Week
    Pumpkin cookies
    Key lime pie
    Disney Movie
    Peter Pan
    The Little Mermaid
    Dream Car
    Honda Pilot
    Dream Job
    Police Officer
    Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
    Dream Vacation
    New Zealand
    Family Activity
    Every Sunday we have "pasta Sunday" at my Mom's house when we all come together to eat and play games!
    Hiking, traveling, the beach
    Flower / Plant
    Form of Exercise
    Weight lifting
    We LOVE board games like Cranium, Code Names, Scrabble, or just cards
    Watching movies
    Holiday Tradition
    The "7 fishes" dinner at my Mom's house on Christmas Eve!
    Christmas Eve pajamas, reading the Night Before Christmas right before bed on Christmas Eve
    Ice Cream
    Mint chocolate chip
    Junk Food
    Potato chips
    Leisure Activity
    Flag football
    Traveling or relaxing at home with my husband
    Memory with a Child
    Any memory with our nieces smiling and laughing
    Any "quality time days" we get with our nieces (visiting museums, going to the beach, swimming)
    Memory with Spouse
    Our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic
    Traveling Europe together
    Jason Bourne
    The Avengers
    Movie Quote
    "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light" - Dumbledore, in Harry Potter
    "Is Aslan safe?" "No, but he's good" - The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
    Movie Type
    Action, adventure
    Comedy, family, documentary
    Musical Group
    Backstreet Boys
    Backstreet Boys
    Olympic Event
    Gymnastics, soccer
    Personal Hero
    Dr. David Kays, Dr. Ben Carson
    Quality about my Spouse
    She's so organized
    He's patient
    "Don't lie, don't cheat, don't steal." - My father
    "Better to get up and dance badly than to just sit and watch the dancing"
    Outback Steakhouse
    Breakfast sandwich
    Veggie sandwich/wrap
    1 John 4:19 - "We love because he first loved us."
    1 John 4:19 - "We love because he first loved us."
    Shopping Store
    Old Navy or Lululemon
    Sport to Play
    Sport to Watch
    Sports Star
    Richard Sherman
    Richard Sherman
    Sports Team
    Seattle Seahawks
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Subject in School
    The Flash
    Thing to Cook
    Time of Day
    I love mornings!
    Christmas Eve dinner
    TV Show
    Brooklyn 99, The Office, Friends
    The Office, Friends, Brooklyn 99
    TV Show Character
    Joey Tribbiani
    Phoebe Buffay
    Type of Music
    Country, Pop
    Vacation Spot
    The Caribbean
    The Caribbean
    Video Game
    Call of Duty
    Mario Kart

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