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Ken & Cristina

We are humbled that you are taking the time to look at our profile. We can't imagine the difficult decision ahead for you and we admire the strength and courage you have to do so. If we are blessed enough to bring your child into our home; we will spend the rest of our lives loving them as our own and giving them a place in this world where they are safe, loved and accepted.

About Us

Financial Analyst
Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Finance
Master's Degree in Education
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

Christmas Family Portrait

Our journey to adoption has been an emotional rollercoaster. It has included the joy of learning we were pregnant after returning from our honeymoon in Costa Rica, and the loss of two miscarriages. It has included the pain of a failed IVF cycle and the wonder of the birth of our daughter. The quality of Cristina's eggs is not sufficient to sustain a pregnancy naturally, but we are otherwise healthy. On a vacation to Ecuador a year after we married, we met with one of Cristina's cousins and had an amazing connection with her. She agreed to be an egg donor for us, and in February of 2016, our daughter, Kayleigh, was born. She has been the most amazing gift either of us has ever received and we cherish every moment with her. Just before Kayleigh's third birthday, we attempted egg donation a second time with Cristina's cousin. It was unsuccessful, and while we were disappointed, we remained thankful for the gift we had received. Cristina's cousin is now at an age where she is not an ideal donor, and we could not envision anyone else in that role. We still very much want to grow our family. Each of us is one of four siblings and we want Kayleigh to know the joy of growing up in a full house. Adoption is the best path forward for us, and hopefully, it will allow us to pay forward some of the kindness we were so lucky to experience.

Our Lifestyle

Kayleigh's First Dungeon Crawl With Dad

Our lifestyle revolves around sharing time together as a family. Weekends are when we have the most fun as a family. We are members at all the local museums, including our world-renowned zoo. We enjoy time at the park, gatherings with friends, and playing games at home. We take a few vacations a year, usually including a trip to Cape Cod where we visit Ken's family and spend time on the beach.

Ballet Class

Cristina likes to garden and dance salsa with friends. She lives for the change of seasons and holidays when she can decorate the house and try out a new baked good. Cristina loves cuddling on the couch and is often asleep within minutes of her favorite show or movie while Ken is a night owl and can stay up for anything.

Ken likes to spend time playing board games with his buddies and the more challenging and strategic the game the better. He can't wait for Kayleigh to be old enough to graduate from Memory and Trouble to the likes of Gloomhaven and Magic: The Gathering. Ken loves passing his time sketching the dream home that he longs to build. He is an artist at heart and will always make time to create Kayleigh's latest desire whether it's an alligator made out of cardboard for a birthday party theme or a cabin for her favorite dolls.

Together, we both enjoy cooking and baking, especially when hosting birthday and holiday parties. We all love a good party!

Our Cultural Heritage

Cristina is originally from Ecuador. She and her family emigrated to the United States when she was four years old. Although she was raised practically her whole life in Chicago, she grew up learning about Ecuador. She admires her parents' persistence in expecting her to learn and speak fluent Spanish which in turn inspired her to become a bilingual teacher. Cristina's parents often visit us from Ecuador and much of their time is spent in the kitchen recreating traditional foods like seco de chivo (goat stew) or sweets like buñuelos (breaded dough), sharing the latest family stories, and reminiscing their childhood memories from Ecuador.

Ken's family has been in the United States for generations and doesn't identify much with any specific other country, as he is more of a self-described European mutt. The traditions we have adopted from his side of the family all center around large family gatherings. At Thanksgiving we often host a large traditional turkey dinner and family joins us from all over the country. We typically travel to Massachusetts around Christmas to visit Ken's extended family and give Kayleigh some quality time with her cousins.

Both of us put a high priority on celebrating life's special occasions and holidays with family and friends. It isn't really a holiday in our house unless we are surrounded by those we love.


After a Day in the Sun
After a Day in the Sun
Hamilton - One of Our Favorite Shows
Hamilton - One of Our Favorite Shows
Date Night
Date Night
On the Beach in South Carolina
On the Beach in South Carolina
After the Easter Egg Hunt
After the Easter Egg Hunt
Building a Fort
Building a Fort
Enjoying a Summer Day
Enjoying a Summer Day
Visit to Chicago
Visit to Chicago
Mammoth Cave National Park
Mammoth Cave National Park
Building the Death Star
Building the Death Star
1 / 12
After a Day in the Sun
After a Day in the Sun
2 / 12
Hamilton - One of Our Favorite Shows
Hamilton - One of Our Favorite Shows
3 / 12
Date Night
Date Night
4 / 12
On the Beach in South Carolina
On the Beach in South Carolina
5 / 12
After the Easter Egg Hunt
After the Easter Egg Hunt
6 / 12
Building a Fort
Building a Fort
7 / 12
8 / 12
Enjoying a Summer Day
Enjoying a Summer Day
9 / 12
Visit to Chicago
Visit to Chicago
10 / 12
11 / 12
Mammoth Cave National Park
Mammoth Cave National Park
12 / 12
Building the Death Star
Building the Death Star

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We love our neighborhood in Ohio. We are walking distance to our church, the local library, and Kayleigh's school, as well as many local restaurants and shops. You can often spot us on a stroll to the neighborhood square, where every Sunday during the summer the street is closed to host a wonderful farmer's market. We are thrilled that there are many kids on our street from newborns to high schoolers. Our neighbors are great fun and host an annual Fourth of July celebration that includes a parade for all the kids.

Our city has beautiful parks, countless hiking trails, and awesome splash pads. One of our favorite parks is the city riverfront which boasts fun sculptures to explore, a meditation garden, and a carousel. We love attending MLS games, have one of the best zoos in the country, and the local art museum has great programs for kids.

We chose our home because it has plenty of room to grow our family and host large family gatherings. We have five bedrooms and five bathrooms, so our daughter and our adopted child will each have their own bedroom and their own bathroom. The kids' rooms share an adjoining playroom. We have a gorgeous backyard that allows for so much play, from fairy gardens to mud pies and more.

Our Extended Families

Cousin Sleepover at Papa & Grammy's House

Our extended families are a very important part of our lives. They help to make every holiday, birthday and milestone something special. Ken is the oldest of four and Cristina is the youngest of four, and our daughter, Kayleigh, is blessed with fifteen cousins (and one on the way). Our families are scattered across the U.S. and Ecuador which means we travel quite a bit to stay in touch. We often spend time in the summer on Cape Cod to be near Ken's family, and make a couple trips a year to Chicago to visit Cristina's sister. We've visited family in New Jersey, Florida, and will head next to Washington D.C. to greet the newest cousin in a few months.

Birthday Party With Family

We also love to host. Cristina's parents live in Ecuador. They usually spend about a month with us every year in Ohio. These visits are the perfect time for Kayleigh to practice her Spanish with her Abuelitos. Kayleigh's birthday has involved an annual pilgrimage for both sides of the family. We have hosted as many as 20 people in our home. It gets a bit crowded, but it makes for a great birthday celebration and makes our daughter feel incredibly special on her day. Birthdays are a big deal in our family and we take each one as an opportunity to make each other feel loved.

We may not be close geographically, but we are a very close family, and everyone cannot wait to meet our newest addition when we finally adopt.

From Us to You

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and learn a little bit about our family. We imagine that whatever has brought you to choose adoption, it may not have been an easy choice. We admire your courage and selflessness, and want you to know that we are prepared to welcome a new baby into our home. We look forward to all the challenges and joy that raising a child brings to life. We will love, cherish, and support our adopted son or daughter through all life's ups and downs no matter how big or small. He or she will be a part of our loving family, complete with a big sister, adoring grandparents and abuelitos, many aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. We are grateful for the opportunity to grow our family through adoption. Thanks again for taking the time to get to know us.

We are Ken and Cristina and we are very much looking forward to growing our family through adoption. We have been together for nearly twelve years. As we write this, our seventh anniversary is just around the corner. Our relationship has endured long distance dating when Ken's job moved him to Cincinnati and Cristina was still teaching in Chicago. It has endured many challenges as we endeavored to start our family. And it has been filled with great joys, from celebrating holidays and milestone birthdays together, to international travel for vacation adventures. Then of course there is the greatest joy of our lives, welcoming our daughter into the world. Through it all we have only grown closer together. We are so excited for our next chapter together as adoptive parents and are eager to welcome a new child into our home.

As we have shared, we have a four-year-old daughter, Kayleigh. She is the love of our lives. Every day she fills our home with excitement and wonder and overflows our hearts with love. She loves to read and race, explore our beautiful neighborhood, and spend time with her friends at preschool. Not a day goes by without her sharing how much she can't wait to be a big sister. We know she will fill the role of big sister adoringly, and we are excited for the opportunity to make that dream come true for all of us.

While no one is a perfect parent, we promise you that we will love our adopted child as much as we love our daughter, Kayleigh. We will afford them the best possible education, both at home and at school. We will support their dreams and help them to pursue their passions. We will be there for them in good times, and when things get tough. They will become a part of a large, loving, and supportive family and will be welcomed with open arms by all from the moment they are placed in our embrace. They will also know where they came from, as we believe that an open adoption is important to raising a happy and healthy adopted child. We will provide regular updates to give you peace of mind that they are living the life we have promised, and they will know they are adopted from an early age. Our daughter, Kayleigh, at age four, probably knows more about where babies come from than most kids her age, as we have shared with her how she was conceived through an egg donor. We want her to be proud of how she became a part of our family, and we want the same for our adopted child. We hope this is what you want too. While no one can be a perfect parent, we hope you will find that we are the perfect fit for you. Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents.

All our love,

Ken & Cristina


Ed Norton
John Travolta
Ellen Page
Julia Roberts
Michael Crichton
James Patterson
Jurrassic Park
The Light Between Oceans
Candy Bar
Nestle Chunky
Childhood Memory
Playing with my siblings and cousins in my grandmother's backyard
Reuniting with my parents after successfully emigrating to the U.S.
Childhood Toy
Cabage Patch Doll
Children's Book
The Giving Tree
Curious George
Classic Movie
Star Wars
Life is Beautiful
Day of Week
Pumkin pie with vanilla ice cream
Apple pie a la mode
Disney Movie
Lion King
Lady and the Tramp
Dream Car
Dream Job
Science fiction author or architect
Broadway Actress
Dream Vacation
A relaxing trip to St. Maarten with my wife
A trip to Barcelona, Spain
Family Activity
Playing at the beach / Going for bike rides
Making pancakes for Sunday breakfast
Flower / Plant
Birch trees
Crape Myrtle Tree
Pasta with marinara sauce
Arroz con gandules
Form of Exercise
Playing soccer
Gloomhaven or Magic the Gathering
Settlers of Catan
Board games with my friends
Holiday Song
Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire
Silent Night
Holiday Tradition
Getting together with a big group of extended family at Thanksgiving and Christmas
Wearing matching Christmas pajamas
Ice Cream
Junk Food
Chips and salsa
Ice cream
Leisure Activity
Watching movies
Not a big magazine reader. Does Wall Street Journal count?
Memory with a Child
The day my daughter was born.
Nursing my daughter
Memory with Spouse
Relaxing on the beach in St. Maarten
Our first trip as a couple to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Movie Munchie
Swedish Fish
Movie Quote
Do or do not, there is no try
You had me at hello
Movie Type
Science Fiction / Action
Sound of Music
Musical Group
Led Zeppelin
Nursery Rhyme
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Arroz con Leche
Olympic Event
Winter - Curling, Summer - Swimming
Personal Hero
My dad
My sister
Miss Saigon
A Christmas Carol
Robert Frost
Fred Rodgers
Quality about my Spouse
Her dedication as a mother
His intelligence
Alright, alright, alright
C'est la vie
The Precinct
Turkey club
Book of Job
Philippians 4:8
Shopping Store
The Lego Store
Home Goods
Stairway to Heaven
Learn to be Still - by the Eagles
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Tom Brady
Tom Brady
Sports Team
New England Patriots
Chicago Bears
Subject in School
Iron Man
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Vegetable Paella
Time of Day
Early morning
Dinner as a family every night
Family vacation
TV Show
Game of Thrones
This is Us
TV Show Character
Glenn Rhee from Walking Dead
Type of Music
Classic rock
Hip hop
Vacation Spot
St. Maarten
Video Game
Metal Gear Solid

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