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Bill & Amelia

Just by looking over profiles, you're doing something noble - trying to find a child's best possible start in life. We think that could be us! Maybe we're a little goofy, maybe a little nerdy, but we're affectionate, compassionate, supportive people who are excited about sharing the world. Let us bring your child into our family.

About Us

Novelist, Pro-Bono Attorney
UX Designer
Law Degree
Master's Degree in Modern Chinese History
Legally Married

Our Adventures

Bill in the Tea Gardens of Wuyi, China

In 2011 Amelia was offered an opportunity in Japan, and while Bill had never lived overseas, she assured him it would be a great adventure. And it was!

Our home was, for a time, on the edge of a jungle in a tropical paradise. With Bill working from home, we were able to take in two stray puppies -- now our dogs Riley and Dyna. While Amelia worked her new job, Bill was able to write his first novel.

While being so far from family and friends was hard (although many visited!), we immersed ourselves in the opportunity. We were able to explore the islands, as well as visit China and Taiwan. We saw more of the world's great cities, but also explored remote countrysides. Everywhere we went, we learned to love the local cuisine, and Bill, who had long been a connoisseur of Chinese tea, was able to visit gardens in China and Taiwan where it was grown.

Travel is a great educator, and having spent years away, we were able to return home with new eyes, fortified with new experiences, and enlightened by new perspectives! While we have no immediate plans to live abroad again, we might consider new opportunities as they arise.

A love of the great wide world is something we hope to give our child someday, and an experience we hope to share!

Our Leisure Time

Bill & Friends at a Star Wars Event

We're big nerds!

Both of us share a favorite childhood memory -- our parents reading the Hobbit to us as a bedtime story.

We love sci-fi and fantasy. We're big readers, but we also love to movies and TV, and even watch a lot of cartoons. Bill is a huge fan of Transformers and Star Wars, but Amelia prefers a bit of time travel, with things like Doctor Who. Bill loves building costumes and attending sci-fi conventions.

Both of us are long-time tabletop gamers, and we love to get together with our friends on the weekends for story-telling games like Dungeons & Dragons.

At the core, all of it springs from a love of storytelling. We think sci-fi and fantasy are a way of expressing and thinking through life's struggles and coming to terms with complex issues in more concrete, relatable forms. Which is to say, unique stories teach unique lessons, and by exploring those stories, and crafting stories of our own, we better understand the world around us. We also love spending time with each other and our friends, and playing games and telling stories together is a great way to find a deeper connection while having fun.

Our Passions

Amelia's Art Journal

We like doing a lot of things together, but we also have separate interests...

Amelia loves doing art of all kinds. She does abstract art, draws cartoons, realistic painting, and loves exploring other arts and crafts, as well as teaching them to others! She believes that everyone is an artist, and that creating art is a great way to experience the world, and also a great way to slow down and take a look at what's around you.

Apart from doing art, she enjoys exercise. She plans to run a half-marathon later this year, and goes to a local gym almost every day to lift weights and get in some cardio.

Bill loves to build elaborate costumes, and attends many events related to that...conventions, movie premieres, and charitable events. Through that, he's met celebrities, political figures, and helped raise thousands of dollars for charities, such as cancer research.

He also loves toys, and has quite a collection of transforming robots! Some of them are from his own childhood, a small handful of them are rare collectibles, but most of them are just toys that he looks forward to sharing with his own child some day.

Aside from those, he also loves Chinese tea, imports various types, and is always hunting down new favorites.



Amelia & Bill
Amelia & Bill
Admiring a Lotus Garden
Admiring a Lotus Garden
Best Friends
Best Friends
Enjoying a Good Book
Enjoying a Good Book
Taking Our Dogs for a Walk
Taking Our Dogs for a Walk
Amelia & Bill Together
Amelia & Bill Together
Walking the Dogs
Walking the Dogs
Bill at the Beach
Bill at the Beach
At a Coffee Shop
At a Coffee Shop
Amelia at NASA
Amelia at NASA
Enjoying an Afternoon Together
Enjoying an Afternoon Together
With Dyna
With Dyna
1 / 12
Amelia & Bill
Amelia & Bill
2 / 12
Admiring a Lotus Garden
Admiring a Lotus Garden
3 / 12
Best Friends
Best Friends
4 / 12
Enjoying a Good Book
Enjoying a Good Book
5 / 12
Taking Our Dogs for a Walk
Taking Our Dogs for a Walk
6 / 12
Amelia & Bill Together
Amelia & Bill Together
7 / 12
Walking the Dogs
Walking the Dogs
8 / 12
Bill at the Beach
Bill at the Beach
9 / 12
At a Coffee Shop
At a Coffee Shop
10 / 12
Amelia at NASA
Amelia at NASA
11 / 12
Enjoying an Afternoon Together
Enjoying an Afternoon Together
12 / 12
With Dyna
With Dyna

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a suburb of Washington, D.C. Our townhouse is in one of the first integrated developments in the U.S., and as a result, the town has blossomed into a vibrant multi-cultural community. There are lots of children in the neighborhood, from the newborn next-door to the teens down the street, and it feels like nearly everyone has a dog. Our town was designed for walkability, with space for parks and trails, but it's also just a short train ride from some of the best museums in the world.

Our house has three bedrooms, and a very small yard, but we're also positioned between two different parks, each barely a block away! It's a ten minute walk from there to the center of town, where something is always going on, from concerts, to art festivals, and even an annual competition for sidewalk chalk drawings. In the summers, we always love walking down to pick up ice cream and seeing what's going on.

Our Extended Families

Amelia & Her Mom

Amelia was raised as an only child, although she has half-siblings she met as an adult and now spends vacations with. She is very close with her mother, and we frequently visit, but her father has recently passed. She has a large extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews.

With Bill's Father & Siblings

Bill's family is a little more complex! His parents divorced when he was young, but both were determined to be part of his life. They both married warm, supportive people who brought him into their extended families -- as a result, he grew up with four parents, eight grandparents, and plenty of aunts, uncles and cousins. Between the two families, he grew up with a brother and three sisters.

Bill's two youngest sisters were both adopted, and his older sister's children have recently adopted as well. They're all very excited about welcoming our newest addition! Adoption is a natural part of our extended family's growth, and always has been. For our child, that will be a part of their life's story that they have in common with aunts and cousins. They will be unique, but never alone.

Much of our extended family is scattered, some just a few states away, others as far as Spain or Brazil! Others are closer to home, and Bill's younger sister lives just down the street, so we get to see them much more frequently.

From Us to You

This has to be a hard choice.

Bringing a new person into the world is tough, and it seems to us that you want to make sure that person has the best life you can arrange for them. Our hope is that we can meet, and talk, and make this hard choice one you feel confident in, and one you'll feel proud of in years to come. A choice you will always know was the right one.

It's stressful for us too, and we sympathize with your dilemma. For us, this letter is going out into the world to find someone who will be in our lives forever ?" the birth mother of the child we will raise. We're looking forward to sharing pictures and updates of this child's life with you, but the rest will be up to what you want. We will always respect your choice in how you want to be involved, and no matter what, you'll always be there, as a part of the child's story.

What we can promise to you is that we will always give this child all of our hearts. We know that every child comes with personality, health issues, complications of all sorts. Some we'll be ready for. Some we won't, and couldn't be. What we promise is that we will do everything we can. We'll provide our child with love, and education, and financial support, and we'll do everything in our power to raise them to be the best version of themselves. Ultimately, that's all anyone can do.

We also wanted to tell you more about who we are. We're married, and have lived together for over twenty years -- by now we've spent more of our lives together and in love than we had even lived before we met! It's been a wonderful relationship. We've traveled the world together, lived in other countries, changed hobbies and interests dozens of times, had sickness and health, and all of it has always bound us closer together. Sharing that life with a child is the next step on our journey.

We were ready for a child years ago, but biology didn't cooperate. We come from families where adoption is common -- two of Bill's sisters were adopted, for example. We have a lot of experience in dealing with adoption, and our extended families don't see any difference between children: all are loved in our family.

We're both intellectuals with advanced degrees, and we believe strongly in the value of education, of being curious and jumping into life to experience it to the fullest. We tell stories, and we read stories. We play story-telling games with our friends. We let the dogs up on the furniture, but we love to play with them on the floor. We're a little sarcastic. We love watching cartoons. Bill loves toys, Amelia loves drawing comics. We're quirky, and we love sharing our passions and discovering new interests.

Our hope for you is that in the years to come, you'll feel confident that you made the right choice. We want you to feel safe knowing the door is always open for you to be in the child's life. We are ready to provide a loving and supportive home, and a welcoming extended family. We want you to know that, placed with us, this child is cherished and adored and have every opportunity to grow into their best self.


Bill & Amelia


Malcolm Barrett
Definitely one of our two dogs -- don't make me pick!
J.R.R. Tolkien
J.R.R. Tolkien
Catch-22? Dune? It's hard to choose! Lately maybe it's been Bancroft's "Senlin Ascends"
The Hobbit
Candy Bar
Dark Chocolate
Avatar: The Last Airbender. Or maybe Transformers. DuckTales? Too many to choose!
Duck Tales
Childhood Memory
Saturday morning cartoons! Sometimes with family, always with a balogna sandwich.
Walks together with my mother
Childhood Toy
Optimus Prime
Teddy Bear
Children's Book
The Hobbit
Where The Wild Things Are
Los Angeles
Classic Movie
Return of the Jedi (that's old enough to be a classic now, right?)
Blazing Saddles
Day of Week
Carrot cake (but no raisins or pineapple!)
Lava Cake
Disney Movie
Thor: Ragnarok (or Aladdin, if that doesn't count!)
Snow White
Dream Car
Something that drives itself.
Dream Job
I'm living my dream job as a fantasy writer
Time Traveler
Dream Vacation
I've long wanted to tour the tea gardens in Yunnan.
World tour with my family
Family Activity
Watching TV together.
Hanging out without anything to do except have fun with each other
Flower / Plant
Camellia sinensis (tea!)
Gurukun (a small double-fried fish from southern Japan)
Mac 'n' cheese
Form of Exercise
I love social tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons, where people gather together to create stories.
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Roleplaying games, making costumes
Doing arts and crafts
Holiday Song
This is Halloween (from the Nightmare Before Christmas)
O Little Town of Bethlehem
Holiday Tradition
Eating together
Taking advantage of post-Valentine's Day chocolate sales
Ice Cream
Mint chip is an easy one to get right, but I love rose when I can get it!
Whatever I had last
Junk Food
Chocolate covered pretzels.
Whatever's in the drawer
Leisure Activity
Reading in bed
Who reads magazines?
Memory with a Child
When my youngest sister was twelve, she stayed with us and we took a week off to take her to all the museums in DC, introduce her to new foods, and see all the sights!
Blowing bubbles on the national mall on July 4th
Memory with Spouse
When Riley was a puppy, I woke up one morning to find Amelia laying with her on the floor in a sunbeam, feeding Riley bites of freshly baked bread. It was probably the most decadent experience a dog has ever had, but it was adorable to see.
Sledding down a big hill after a snowstorm
It's so hard to choose! Maybe Clue? Or maybe Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Back To The Future
Movie Munchie
Butterfinger Bites
Tater tots
Movie Quote
"Who's the more foolish; the fool, or the fool who follows him?" - Obi-Wan Kenobi
"A person should not believe in an ism, he should believe in himself." -- from Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Movie Type
Action/sci-fi/fantasy... I'm a sucker for all these comic book movies!
Fantasy and Science Fiction
Muppet Treasure Island
Jesus Christ Superstar
Musical Group
The Birthday Massacre
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Nursery Rhyme
To market, to market, to buy a fat pig, Home again, home again, jiggety-jig. To market, to market, to buy a fat hog, Home again, home again, jiggety-jog. To market, to market for a penny bun, Home again, home again, market is done!
Star Light, Star Bright
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My grandmother
Anything by Oscar Wilde
Robert Frost
Dr. Seuss
Quality about my Spouse
She never stops seeking the right answer, even when she thinks she already has it. It's that tireless humility that makes her an expert in everything she sets herself to.
Patience and kindness
"Even the wisest of men and machines can sometimes be in error." -- Optimus Prime
"I've never met someone who wasn't important." -- Doctor Who
There's a fish stew place behind Longshan Temple in Taipei. They've kept the same pot going for over 40 years, and it's amazing.
Anywhere with good food is my favorite.
Pork BBQ bahn mi
The turkey reuben is the perfect sandwich. It even has vegetables! (Sort of.)
"An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge." Proverbs 18:15
Shopping Store
Anywhere I can get in, find what I want, and get out quickly is a good place to shop.
Diga Diga Doo by The Mills Brothers
The Rainbow Connection
Sport to Play
Water Fight
Sport to Watch
Basketball (fun to watch, but I never keep track of teams or stats)
Whatever my friends are playing
Subject in School
I always loved the Black Panther, so it's been surreal seeing him become famous! I'm also a big fan of Ms. Marvel and the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Jushi -- it's a rice pilaf dish we loved in Japan
Pancake breakfast
Time of Day
Late afternoon, when there's that rush of last-minute productivity before the work day ends.
Making Thanksgiving dinner
TV Show
Lately it's been Watchmen. Or maybe The Mandalorian.
"The Good Place," because it's about trying to be a good person, and learning to see the world from other people's perspectives.
TV Show Character
Leslie Knope, from "Parks and Recreation"
Type of Music
Whatever has a good beat and also a bit of poetry. I love both old-school punk and classic opera. But not together!
Vacation Spot
Wuyi, China may be my favorite so far. Beautiful mountains, some of the world's best tea, fresh fish from the river.
I like anywhere you can take lots of walks in nature and still go out for a good dinner.
Video Game
Mass Effect 2 (I love games with story)
Portal (both of them!)

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