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Kyle & Katy

We are so grateful that you want to learn more about us and cannot wait to share more about our lives. We truly have an infinite amount of love to give and cannot wait to experience a lifetime of special adventures and memories with a child. We feel so privileged to be on this adoption journey and we know that the adoption of a child will be a blessing to us and our entire family.

About Us

Business Operator/Owner
Clinical Social Worker
Bachelor's Degree in Construction and Carpentry
Master's Degree in Social Work
Legally Married

What Makes Us Unique

Winter Family Walk at Our Beach

We think what makes us unique is that we live very colorful lives; full of special memories and adventures. We find ways to create special moments each and every day together as a couple and with our close friends and family. We also seek adventure in everyday life even if it is in the smallest of tasks or activities; a bike cruise to grab ice cream, a walk to the beach to watch the sunset, going to see a band play outdoors on a weeknight, or taking an impromptu paddleboard day trip to go fishing with our dogs. We are also unique in the sense that we are very different as individuals and enjoy different activities and hobbies, but that is what makes us strong and happy as a couple. And we have come to enjoy activities that the other enjoys, which gives us so many different options for spending time together.

Kyle graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Timberframing and can build pretty much anything now because of his training. He is constantly taking on projects at our home and making upgrades. He also makes furniture, including several dining room tables and coffee tables.

Katy also enjoys a creative outlet through painting and drawing. She completed a minor in Studio Art while in college. She loves painting and drawing for family and friends and has many of her pieces in our home as well.

What it Means to be a Parent

At the Park with Our Dogs

We became foster parents about one year ago; we knew we had so much love to give a child and felt this was a way to serve others and give back to children in our community. We also knew this was a way for us to experience parenthood in some capacity. In February, we fostered a beautiful baby girl (our first foster child), bringing her home from the hospital at just two weeks old. Our foster daughter was only with us for four months, but we loved every minute of parenting her during this time. We thrived as a couple while parenting her; we were very much in sync in sharing the duties of caring for her. We truly enjoyed spending time with her, holding her and feeding her, taking her out on walks, and introducing her to new sights and sounds. Despite the unique and at times chaotic way we entered into parenting, it felt so natural to us. We knew prior to our foster daughter that we had a love for children, but parenting her only solidified this love and longing to be parents. Being parents would mean sharing our lives with children of our own, introducing them to all of the activities we love the most. The joy that we experience having children in our lives like our nephews and our foster daughter is something we could simply never live without. We hope that having children of our own will only multiply that joy.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

At a Concert in Colorado

Katy on Kyle: Kyle is truly an incredible partner. He gives more to me on a daily basis than I could have ever imagined. Kyle is a very gentle soul who has been so devoted and patient even in the most difficult of times. Kyle is also a very hard-working and honest person in all his personal and professional endeavors. I love Kyle’s personality because he can be reserved and quiet at times, but he is also very easy going, friendly and personable. And he enjoys being social and spending time with friends and family. He also has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. Kyle is highly intelligent and loves to spend time continually educating himself on a wide range of interests and topics.

Kyle on Katy: Katy is incredibly devoted to everything she is involved with including family, friends, work, hobbies, and her various philanthropic endeavors. Once she sets her mind to something, she will dedicate herself to achieving it. She will also go out of her way for her friends and family no matter what is going on in her personal life. Katy is also very loving and generous and would give anything to someone in need. People are naturally attracted to her energy and outgoing personality. Katy is incredibly kind and loving towards everyone around her. She is energetic, lively, and ambitious, and projects her exuberance on everyone around her.


Our Trip to California with Close Friends
Our Trip to California with Close Friends
Katy Painting
Katy Painting
Beach Picnic with Katy's Family
Beach Picnic with Katy's Family
Biking the Boardwalk
Biking the Boardwalk
Fun with Our Nephew
Fun with Our Nephew
Visiting a Tea House in Canada on Our Honeymoon
Visiting a Tea House in Canada on Our Honeymoon
Attending a Football Game with Katy's Cousins
Attending a Football Game with Katy's Cousins
Backpacking with Our Friends Emily and Dylan
Backpacking with Our Friends Emily and Dylan
Celebrating Katy's Grandmother's Birthday
Celebrating Katy's Grandmother's Birthday
Dinner with Our Nephew Henry
Dinner with Our Nephew Henry
Family Pyramid
Family Pyramid
Katy Face Painting Our Nephew
Katy Face Painting Our Nephew
1 / 12
Our Trip to California with Close Friends
Our Trip to California with Close Friends
2 / 12
Katy Painting
Katy Painting
3 / 12
Beach Picnic with Katy's Family
Beach Picnic with Katy's Family
4 / 12
Biking the Boardwalk
Biking the Boardwalk
5 / 12
Fun with Our Nephew
Fun with Our Nephew
6 / 12
Visiting a Tea House in Canada on Our Honeymoon
Visiting a Tea House in Canada on Our Honeymoon
7 / 12
Attending a Football Game with Katy's Cousins
Attending a Football Game with Katy's Cousins
8 / 12
Backpacking with Our Friends Emily and Dylan
Backpacking with Our Friends Emily and Dylan
9 / 12
Celebrating Katy's Grandmother's Birthday
Celebrating Katy's Grandmother's Birthday
10 / 12
Dinner with Our Nephew Henry
Dinner with Our Nephew Henry
11 / 12
Family Pyramid
Family Pyramid
12 / 12
Katy Face Painting Our Nephew
Katy Face Painting Our Nephew

Our Extended Families

Fall Outing with Katy's Family

We are very close with our families and spend most weekends with them. We enjoy cooking, watching sports, and playing games with our families. Our nephews love playing and snuggling with our pups. Our families live in Virginia, South Carolina, Arizona, and Georgia. Katy’s family lives nearby so we spend lots of time with her cousins as well as her oldest sister, brother-in-law, and our nephew, JB. We often have family dinners all together and spend weekends on the beach with them. Katy enjoys taking JB to the beach to surf and swim and Kyle takes him fishing. Katy’s parents live three hours away in the mountains. We visit them often, spending time on the river by their house and hiking the nearby trails. Kyle’s family lives out of state but we visit several times a year. Kyle’s parents live in a coastal community where we love boating to local barrier islands. Kyle’s sister has two sons who we love dearly. We enjoy playing ball outside with them and exploring their city which has great outdoor spaces.

Playing Mini Golf with Kyle's Family

Also, a part of our “extended families” are our close friends and their children. We are considered Aunt Kiki and Uncle Kyle to our friend’s children as well! We love spending time on the beach and outside with them. Our families and close friends are very excited and supportive of our adoption journey and cannot wait to welcome a child into our lives. They are all aware of our difficult journey to become parents and know how much joy a child will bring to us and how much love we have to give.

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home During Christmas

The city that we live in is a very vibrant and family-oriented community to raise a child. Our life here is the beach life- we live three blocks from the beach! Our beach has a 2.5-mile long boardwalk with many restaurants and shops where we love to walk our dogs and bike. From our home we can walk or bike to dinner, to our grocery store, to our friends' homes, the farmers market, the art district, and to get ice cream at our favorite local spot. In the summer there are so many activities at the beach including beach concerts, art shows, and surfing competitions. The elementary school and middle school are within walking distance from our house and many families walk to school every morning. There are several playgrounds within walking distance, including three that are right on the beach. We love visiting our local state park on the Chesapeake Bay as well (about two miles away from our home) where we fish, paddleboard, walk our dogs, and enjoy nature. We live in a single-family home with three bedrooms. Kyle has training as a carpenter and has done many projects at our home including adding a master bathroom, building an outdoor shower, and building an outdoor pergola. We enjoy spending time at our home together and with friends and family, and especially love to cook and grill and spend time on our outdoor patio and pergola.

From Us to You

We imagine that getting to this point has been very challenging for you and we pray that you have the support that you need as you are making your decision and moving forward. We truly admire your bravery and courage to make this choice for yourself and your child. We are incredibly grateful that you are considering us; it brings us great joy knowing you want to learn more about us. We long to share our lives with a child through adoption, and probably the most important part of that process is also sharing a piece of our lives with you. It is difficult for us to fully portray ourselves through this letter, but we hope our love for one another and the love we hope to share with you and your child shines through. We are so lucky to have each other and have such a wonderful life together, but there is also emptiness in our hearts waiting for our child. It is our deepest longing to be parents, and we would go to the ends of the earth to fulfill that dream and find our child.

We met through a mutual friend over 10 years ago. Our love grew early in our relationship and we knew we had something special. Our first few years of dating were full of fun and adventure. Katy has a very large friend group that is extremely important to her. We regularly planned activities with Katy’s friends that Kyle joined without hesitation. We travelled together; spent holidays together, attended friend’s weddings (Katy has been a bridesmaid 13 times), and ate weekly meals together. Kyle quickly integrated into Katy’s group of friends and became one of the “frizzles” as they called themselves. If Kyle could fit in with this group and hold his own, we knew he was a true life partner. We knew we wanted to become parents before we were married, so we started our journey to parenthood shortly after marrying. We had discussed and considered adoption and foster care, and we began pursuing these paths about a year after realizing that biological children may not be part of our path to parenthood. We started by becoming licensed foster parents while also researching adoption agencies.

Becoming foster parents to our foster daughter was one of most joyous moments of our life although we recognize it came out of significant hardship for her and her parents. We fully opened our hearts to her knowing she might not be with us long term. The love that grew for her was unlike anything we’ve experienced. We know we will experience this on an even higher level with a child of our own and cannot wait for this. Our love for one another also grew through this experience as we witnessed each other nurture this child with such delicate care and concern. Kyle’s soft spirit became even softer and Katy’s motherly instincts were only heightened. We held each other in tears as we said goodbye to her when we handed her over to her family members who would continue to help her grow and thrive. We continue to maintain a relationship with her and are close with her family. And they have supported us as we pursue adoption- they are such a wonderful family and we love them so much!

We hope to have a very open adoption but certainly want to follow your lead and what’s right for you. We hope to share regular pictures and updates, whether through letters, email and phone communication. We would also love to have in-person visits with you if this is something you would want to consider. We also hope that our child can develop a relationship with you independent of us in the future if you’d like and we hope to help nurture that relationship in every way possible throughout the course of our child’s life!

We cannot begin to imagine the complex nature of your decision and the very difficult emotions that you are experiencing, but we hope to wrap our love and hearts around you and your child, so you know you are not alone. We cannot wait to connect with you, and we only pray that this connection will offer hope and light to you. Thank you again for taking the time to read our story, and we hope to speak with you soon!

Kyle & Katy


John Goodman
Bill Murray
Julia Roberts
Maya Rudolph
John Krakauer
Bryan Stevenson
The History of Nearly Everything
Just Mercy
Candy Bar
Looney Tunes
The Smurfs
Childhood Memory
Going to my grandparents’ house in the mountains
Spending long summer days on the beach until early evening
Childhood Toy
Children's Book
Hardy Boys
The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
Charleston, SC
Charleston, SC
Classic Movie
Indiana Jones
Homeward Bound
Day of Week
Banana Pudding
Chocolate anything!
Disney Movie
Sword in the Stone
The Lion King
Dream Car
Ford GT
Classic Bronco
Dream Job
Race care driver
Part-Time Clinical Social Worker and stay-at-home mom
Dream Vacation
Backpacking in Glacier National Park
Surf trip to Hawaii
Family Activity
Hiking and Cooking
Flower / Plant
Oak tree
Macaroni and cheese
Form of Exercise
Running or Surfing
Listening to live music and painting/drawing
4th of July
Holiday Song
Santa Claus is Coming to Town- Bruce Springsteen
Grown-Up Christmas List- Amy Grant
Holiday Tradition
Making broccoli casserole with my mom at Thanksgiving
Christmas pageant and candlelight church service
Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Junk Food
Potato Chips
French Fries
Leisure Activity
Biking the boardwalk
National Geographic
Memory with a Child
Bringing our foster daughter home from the hospital
Meeting our nephews and foster daughter for the first time
Memory with Spouse
Our engagement in Asheville, NC
Our wedding day
The Big Lebowski
Blue Crush
Movie Munchie
Peanut M&Ms
Popcorn and gummy bears
Movie Quote
“According to the map we’ve only gone 4 inches..” Dumb and Dumber
“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” –Ferris Bueller
Movie Type
Action or Comedy
The Sound of Music
Musical Group
The Allman Brothers Band
Band of Horses
Nursery Rhyme
Humpty Dumpty
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Downhill skiing
Personal Hero
Arnold Schwarzenegger
My Grandfather, a WWII pilot
Much Ado About Nothing
The Lion King
Mary Oliver or Maya Angelou
Quality about my Spouse
Kindhearted and Genuine
Patient and Devoted
“Help thy brothers boat across and lo! thine own has reached the shore.” -Proverb
“Extend yourself in kindness to other human beings wherever you can.” – Oprah Winfrey
Big Sams (local restaurant)
Zeros- our local sub spot!
Tuna Melt
Sub sandwich
Luke 6:31
1 Corinthians 13
Shopping Store
Ace Hardware
Blue Sky- Allman Brothers Band
Life is Better with You- Michael Franti and Spearhead
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Surfing or basketball
Sports Star
Stephan Curry
Bethany Hamilton
Sports Team
Georgia Bulldogs
University of Virginia Basketball
Subject in School
Creative Writing and Art
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
My Grandmother’s Chicken and Dumplings
Time of Day
Oyster roasts with family in the fall
Sunset beach picnics in the summer
TV Show
Top Chef
TV Show Character
George Costanza
Stewy from Family Guy
Type of Music
Classic rock
Vacation Spot
St. Simons Island, GA
Video Game
Super Mario
Mario Kart

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