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Amanda & Jill

We are incredibly grateful that you are taking the time to review our profile! We admire your courage and strength in considering adoption. We hope our profile will give you a glimpse of the joy and happiness we share. We hope you can see the love we have for each other and our son. We have been truly blessed with our son and we are excited to add another child to our family!

About Us

Data Steward Executive
Account Concierge
Master's Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Life

Patiently Awaiting a New Sibling

We always knew we wanted to be parents. Adoption was always a natural choice for us. Amanda's brother is adopted, so she grew up seeing how adoption can create amazing families. Three years ago, we adopted our beautiful son, Grayson. It's honestly hard to find the right words to describe the love in our hearts for our son! He has blessed our lives in ways we couldn't even have imagined! He brings happiness, laughter, joy, boundless energy and we love that he dives into every experience with gusto!

We talk openly about adoption and share his adoption story with him, being careful to share it in terms that he can understand. We make adoption a part of our everyday conversation, incorporating it through books, movies/shows and playtime. We are very intentional about making sure Grayson feels safe, loved and supported in talking about his adoption and asking questions. We have an open adoption sharing pictures and updates with his birth family, and are also very intentional about honoring his birth family's wishes. Something we are more than happy to do with you as well.

Cultural Diversity

As two moms raising a child of a different race, we are very intentional about discussing diversity and incorporating it into our daily lives. We want our child to know how to talk to others regarding people’s differences, how to respond to questions and how to make their way in a world that still has a long way to go towards equality. One of our frequent phrases when we talk about our family is that "families are all different" - different races, different backgrounds, different genders, different personalities. It's what makes every family special and unique and it's something to be proud of.

Laughter is the Best

It's also important for us to be prepared and educated. We have taken several classes on racial awareness, and we continue to read books that will help us raise a child who is strong and proud of their heritage and culture. We have toys that represent our son’s skin color and books about adoption and diversity. We are also very purposeful in building a network of friends who are of the same race as our son and future child, and in finding strong, positive role models (doctors, teachers, and coaches) for them to be involved with on a daily basis.

Our Lifestyle

Amanda & Grayson at the Beach

We are outgoing, active, social and love to have fun! Most weekdays, you'll find us outside near home making the driveway into a piece of art with sidewalk chalk, jumping in the bounce-house, or just walking the dogs. If the weather's bad, we take the fun inside to paint, build forts, or work giant floor puzzles. On the weekends, we try a new park/playground, take in a festival, have playdates with friends, or go to a special show like Disney on Ice!

We love to travel and explore new places. We try to take a long vacation each year going somewhere new so that we can experience a new culture, try new foods, explore different countries and see new sights. We want our children to explore the world and learn to appreciate the diversity in people and cultures. We also love to visit the mountains for the fall colors and go to the beach several times a year for some sun and sand.

Time is precious and spending it together as a family is a priceless gift. We love our time together whether it's the big or small moments and all the treasured time in between. We can't wait to share this with another child!



We Can't Wait to Grow Our Family
We Can't Wait to Grow Our Family
Giving Rides to Grayson & His Friend
Giving Rides to Grayson & His Friend
Hiking with Our Girls
Hiking with Our Girls
Family Day at the Zoo
Family Day at the Zoo
Kayaking Down the Na Pali Coast
Kayaking Down the Na Pali Coast
Matching Christmas PJs
Matching Christmas PJs
A Beautiful Waterfall on Our Hike
A Beautiful Waterfall on Our Hike
Fun with Friends
Fun with Friends
Jill & Friends at a Basketball Game
Jill & Friends at a Basketball Game
Cheering on the Panthers
Cheering on the Panthers
Fun in the Sun
Fun in the Sun
With Our Silly Boy
With Our Silly Boy
1 / 12
We Can't Wait to Grow Our Family
We Can't Wait to Grow Our Family
2 / 12
Giving Rides to Grayson & His Friend
Giving Rides to Grayson & His Friend
3 / 12
Hiking with Our Girls
Hiking with Our Girls
4 / 12
Family Day at the Zoo
Family Day at the Zoo
5 / 12
Kayaking Down the Na Pali Coast
Kayaking Down the Na Pali Coast
6 / 12
Matching Christmas PJs
Matching Christmas PJs
7 / 12
A Beautiful Waterfall on Our Hike
A Beautiful Waterfall on Our Hike
8 / 12
Fun with Friends
Fun with Friends
9 / 12
Jill & Friends at a Basketball Game
Jill & Friends at a Basketball Game
10 / 12
Cheering on the Panthers
Cheering on the Panthers
11 / 12
Fun in the Sun
Fun in the Sun
12 / 12
With Our Silly Boy
With Our Silly Boy

Our Extended Families

Jill with Her Family

Both of us come from loving, two-parent families and we each have an older brother. Although we don't live in the same town, we get together often during the year to celebrate birthdays and holidays. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, there is always a big family gathering where everyone brings a favorite dish to enjoy. We usually watch football and play board games. Each year, we try to take a family vacation that includes grandparents, uncles and cousins. This year it was a trip to the beach, last year we went to Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone with Amanda's Mom

We are also very lucky to have amazing friends that we consider family. When we got married, we had friends from 7 different states come to our ceremony - which goes to show how close we have stayed over the years and how much we value our "extended family". We have also started some new traditions like "friendsgiving" where we celebrate Thanksgiving with our friends, going to a Fall Festival together and having an annual Fourth of July BBQ. We feel incredibly lucky to have our family and our friends to celebrate with through the years!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We have a four-bedroom home that sits on just over an acre so we have a big yard for playing! We have future plans to build a treehouse with a slide and swings. We have two gentle dogs, Kenzie and Mazie. Our son loves to snuggle with them on the couch and take them for walks in the neighborhood. Our house also has plenty of indoor space for building forts, creating art masterpieces, making a LEGO village and playing make-believe. We like to play board games with our son and to read to him as part of his bedtime routine. Spending time as a family in our home and neighborhood is extremely important to us.

Playing at a Nearby Park

We live in a fantastic, diverse neighborhood with many kids of all ages, gender and race. There is always a pick-up basketball game, an impromptu bike ride, sidewalk chalk and lots of other fun activities in the subdivision. We also have many parks and greenways within a couple of miles. We like to get out most weekends to enjoy the playgrounds and ride our bikes on the trails. Our son loves to go to the numerous splash parks all over town. Our city has museums, music and art festivals, discovery play zones for kids, nature centers, gardens, a zoo, amusement parks and so much more. It’s a great place to raise a family!

From Us to You

We promise to love unconditionally, to make every day count, to create memories and do our very best to provide every opportunity for this child, just as we are doing for our son. We cannot wait to share our lives with another child, and our friends and family are very excited to welcome a new little one into our lives!

In our 17 years together (married for 5), our careers have allowed us the opportunity to live in many different places and to travel around the world but we’ve always focused on family. It is our number one priority with our son and will continue to be the most important thing to us as we continue to grow our family.

We promise to spend time with our children - from reading bedtime stories, sharing dinner together as a family, having play dates with friends, watching a favorite movie and so many more “little” moments that make for a rich, warm, loving childhood. We also promise to provide this child with opportunities to enjoy and excel in life, from providing the best education, participating in sports and pursuing interests/hobbies, and to exploring other countries and learning different cultures. We want our children to pursue their dreams, to live a life that is rewarding and filled with adventure. We want to teach our children that things cannot be taken for granted, and to appreciate every moment, big and small. We will raise them to be thoughtful, caring, and generous, and to know right from wrong. We will celebrate other cultures, honor their heritage, teach them to be kind and to show empathy for others. Most importantly we want to shower them with unconditional love! We want them to know that they can always come to either of us to talk about anything. We want them to know we will always love and support them in everything they set out to accomplish and we will do everything in our power to make sure they have everything they need to be successful in life.

We can only imagine what you are going through. We are grateful for your consideration, and we would be incredibly thankful and blessed to be considered as potential parents for your child. We promise to respect your baby's adoption story, just as we do for our son. We will talk about you often and ensure they understand the selfless decision that you made and how much you love them. We are incredibly fortunate to already know the joy that comes with being adoptive parents, and we look forward to seeing our family grow through adoption again. We want to watch Grayson and his sibling playing together, taking care of each other and bringing all the love and laughter that only siblings can share.

Finally, we want you to know that we will honor your wishes regarding the level of communication and contact in whatever way makes you comfortable. At a minimum, we will share letters and pictures to show you the life your child is living. There will be many pictures to pick from between birthday celebrations, holidays, hobbies, activities, vacations and all the moments in between. Depending on your wishes, we are open to visits and connecting our families together. You can rest easy knowing that our child's adoption story will be discussed openly and most importantly, celebrated because it's such an amazing gift!

Thank you so much for considering us as parents for your child. You will be granting us the most amazing gift we could ever ask for!

With love,

Amanda & Jill


Bradley Cooper
Michael B Jordan
Viola Davis
Ellen Degeneres
Stephanie Meyers
Jodi Picoult
The Chemist
The Art of Racing in the Rain
Candy Bar
Anything chocolate!
Paw Patrol
Childhood Memory
Playing in a treehouse my Dad built
Playing basketball every day in my driveway with friends
Childhood Toy
Barbie van
Barbie Dolls
Children's Book
The Giving Tree
Oh the Places You'll Go
San Antonio
San Francisco
Classic Movie
A Christmas Story
Pretty Woman
Day of Week
Chocolate cake with buttercream icing
Chocolate Eclair Delight
Disney Movie
Dream Car
Dream Job
Working for Oprah on humanitarian efforts
Coaching college basketball
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Hiking, vacationing
Flower / Plant
Roses - any color
Cheesey Potatoes
Form of Exercise
Hiking, Triathlons
Playing Basketball
Clash of Clans
Do-it-yourself projects, Scrapbooking
Sporting events
Holiday Song
Carol of the Bells
Jingle Bells
Holiday Tradition
Seeing Christmas lights and visiting Santa
Photo with Santa
Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Black Cherry
Junk Food
Thin mint cookies
Leisure Activity
Playing games, Watching movies
Movies, playing games, walking and playing in the park
Runners World
Memory with a Child
Building a fort and watching a Movie with Grayson
Taking Grayson to Disney World
Memory with Spouse
Kayaking the Napali Coast in Hawaii - amazing vacation
Getting engaged in Italy
A League of Their Own
Love and Basketball
Movie Munchie
Buttered popcorn
Movie Quote
Are You Crying? There's No Crying in Baseball!
There is no crying in baseball
Movie Type
Drama or Comedy
Drama/Love Story
Mamma Mia
Musical Group
Lady Antebellum
Nursery Rhyme
5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My Dad
My grandmother
Quality about my Spouse
Her sense of humor
Her patience
Love the life you live. Live the life you love. -Bob Marley
Ruths Chris
The Melting Pot
Chicken Salad
The Engineer from Firehouse Subs
John 3:16
Ephesians 4:13
Shopping Store
Apple Store
Sport to Play
Basketball or Golf
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Patrick Mahomes
Stephen Curry
Sports Team
Univ TN Lady Vols basketball
Georgia Bulldogs
Subject in School
Wonder Woman
Blank Panther
Thing to Cook
Steaks on the grill
Time of Day
Spending holidays with family
Spending holidays with family and friends
TV Show
This is Us
A Million Little Things
TV Show Character
Karen from Will & Grace
Ghost from Power
Type of Music
Anything but classical and hard rock
Vacation Spot
Mountains or Beach

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