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Matt & Ruth

We are a family that has been looking to expand for some time and we are really looking forward to sharing our love and adventurous life with another child. We have a home and family that is so excited and full of love already for this person who we haven't yet met but are really ready to share our lives with.

About Us

Officer - U.S. Coast Guard
Stay-at-Home Mom
Currently Pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Management & Leadership
Bachelor's Degree in English & Secondary Education
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

Our Family

Ruth grew up with quite a few kids who were adopted; all of them knew they were adopted and had loving families with great childhoods. The idea of adoption has always been in the back of our minds as a possibility. As a military family we meet and develop quick relationships with all kinds of people from all over the country and the world - many families have adopted children and are very open to discussing it and sharing their experiences. We have a daughter, Callie, who is the apple of our eye! We have tried and been unsuccessful to have more biological children, but we've seen so many positive adoption experiences around us and really would love to welcome a new little person to our family. We have a cup running over with life and love and closeness, and we want someone to share it with.

We would also really like our daughter to have the experience of having a sibling; we both grew up with brothers and there is something so important about having someone to share with, care for, grow together, and be linked for life. Callie has been asking for a baby brother or sister for years! This kid has baby fever worse than we do! Every time she sees a baby or toddler or any kid, she goes right up and wants to hold them or play with them or care for them. Callie is in kindergarten now, loves it, is doing really well, but still really wants a sibling. She cannot wait to become a big sister!

Our Leisure Time

Ready for a Trail Race

We're a very active family. We love to run (Matt has a trail half marathon coming up, and our daughter is doing her first 5k soon), we enjoy hiking, biking, and generally any exploring of an area new to us.

Ruth volunteers quite a bit - she's a troop leader with our daughter's Girl Scout troop, volunteers at the elementary school once a week, does work for PTA special projects and events, and volunteers around recital time for our daughter's dancing (ballet and tap).

Together one of our favorite things is to go to a brewery a few towns over - on our way we pick up either tacos (there is an awesome street taco window that is just like what we had in California) or pizza (again, awesome, stone fired, so good) and go to the brewery to eat and color in coloring books, play UNO or Monopoly, or just spend time together or with friends. Afterwards there is a place that sells pie by the slice a few doors down and we'll walk down and bring some back for dessert.

Cultural Diversity

Ruth is Scottish, Irish, English, and Matt is French Canadian; we are both pretty pale! But we are open to any child of any race because we believe that love is love and we don't need a child to look like us for us to love them or fold them in to our family and grow together.

As we mentioned before, we're constantly around and forming friendships with a lot of people from all over the country and the world; when your circle is that diverse, you love all the kids and their parents and their families.

However, we do also understand the importance of knowing where you come from. We would like (if the birth mother is willing) for our child to know where they came from, what their heritage is, and help them explore that and experience that in any way we can. We hope to raise our children so that they feel 1) secure with us, but 2) able to pursue any questions or needs they may have as they grow up and begin to explore their heritage.



Welcome Home Daddy!
Welcome Home Daddy!
Road Trip
Road Trip
Rowing Out to See Seals in Maine
Rowing Out to See Seals in Maine
Matt in a Trail Race
Matt in a Trail Race
Christmas Cookie Tradition
Christmas Cookie Tradition
Enjoying the Christmas Lights at the Local Zoo
Enjoying the Christmas Lights at the Local Zoo
Dinner With Friends
Dinner With Friends
Exploring Seattle's Pike's Market
Exploring Seattle's Pike's Market
Feeding Horses at Nona's House
Feeding Horses at Nona's House
Pool Fun
Pool Fun
Working on Our Tans on the Sideline of a Soccer Game
Working on Our Tans on the Sideline of a Soccer Game
She is the Admiral
She is the Admiral
1 / 12
Welcome Home Daddy!
Welcome Home Daddy!
2 / 12
Road Trip
Road Trip
3 / 12
Rowing Out to See Seals in Maine
Rowing Out to See Seals in Maine
4 / 12
Matt in a Trail Race
Matt in a Trail Race
5 / 12
Christmas Cookie Tradition
Christmas Cookie Tradition
6 / 12
Enjoying the Christmas Lights at the Local Zoo
Enjoying the Christmas Lights at the Local Zoo
7 / 12
Dinner With Friends
Dinner With Friends
8 / 12
Exploring Seattle's Pike's Market
Exploring Seattle's Pike's Market
9 / 12
Feeding Horses at Nona's House
Feeding Horses at Nona's House
10 / 12
Pool Fun
Pool Fun
11 / 12
Working on Our Tans on the Sideline of a Soccer Game
Working on Our Tans on the Sideline of a Soccer Game
12 / 12
She is the Admiral
She is the Admiral

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

Our home is a three-bedroom, single-story house about an hour south of Seattle, Washington.

Mt. Rainier National park is only 20 minutes away to be in nature. We have a playground within sight of our house, lots of kids in the neighborhood, and a huge planned neighborhood next door that has miles of groomed hiking trails, playgrounds and parks.

We have a front yard with a hill (the best hill in the neighborhood for sledding when it snows) and a private fenced in back yard with a big deck, fire pit, and lots of flowers and plants, which makes it so nice in the summertime.

One fun thing about our neighborhood (or our whole town) is that they are all very enthusiastic fireworks people, so for the 4th of July the town doesn't even bother putting on a show! Everyone lights HUGE fireworks right in the street in front of their houses! So on the 4th of July we put chairs in the front yard and sit and light our own, but also really enjoy our neighbors' wild huge fireworks - they go for hours and hours.

Our Extended Families

Ruth's Family

We are a military family, and in Washington state we are currently as far from our families as we can be! Ruth's parents are in Maine, Matt's mother is in upstate New York (half an hour from Canada) and his father is in Savannah, Georgia. Ruth's mom is very close with our daughter and comes to visit as often as she can, and we try to go to Maine for a few weeks every summer - usually in August for "Pop's" birthday where we have a big lobster dinner.

Gondola Ride With Grandma & Grandpa

Although we don't live near any family we are as close as we can be and hope to move back to New England to be near them someday soon. Because we are military, we move every 2-4 years, and the great thing about that is that our families get to see and explore new places with us when they visit. They love that they've gotten to explore and try lots of new things with us in each of the new places we've been. All this adventure has given our daughter an adventurous spirit too - she loves trying new things and going new places - we are so excited to have another child to see the world with wide eyes with us.

From Us to You

Let us open by thanking you for considering us. That you would trust us to love and raise your child as our own is an honor. Thank you.

We are Matt, Ruth and Callie and we are so excited and ready for this new little person to join us! We are full of love and really ready to welcome in another child to share our lives with. We have been married for 12 years, together for 14, and our daughter Callie is 6. Although we are a military family (Matt is an Officer in the Coast Guard) with a somewhat roaming existence, we are a very close and stable family unit that is strong as we explore all that this country and world has to offer together.

Yours is a very big choice and we hope that reading our profile has helped you get a good picture of who we are, and we hope that you like what you see! We have tried to be as open and honest as we can to give you a better idea of not only who we are but the life you may be choosing for your child. Please trust that we will do our absolute best for your baby to ensure they are loved and secure and have the best we can provide to help them form into a well-adjusted and well-rounded capable human being.

Being a parent is hard work, but for us is so worth it. One of Ruth's favorite things is being a stay-at-home parent. She and Callie love going to the library for story hour, the songs, the stories, the rhymes, the games, the consistent routine of returning each week. Ruth loves doing new stimulating things (parks, zoos, children's museums, boardwalks, etc) but also the monotony of going to the grocery store and working on the patience of holding hands in the parking lot, staying in the cart, making it through the whole store. We try to balance things that are interesting and good for all of us (kid friendly, but not always kid-centered) with things that really are all about the kid (visiting the giant playground under the space needle in Seattle or running through the water sculpture nearby).

We would like our child to know that they came to us because we sought them out, but we would also like him/her to know where they came from. How much they know is up to you. We'd like to know as much as we can so that we can answer questions, maybe try to incorporate some of their heritage or culture into our lives, and help them know not just that they belong with us but that there is a greater world they belong to, as well. If you are open to photos, emails, cards, maybe someday some questions as the child gets older, we would be open to these things as well. If you aren't, we understand. We think that entrusting someone else with the care of your child is enormous and the level of contact has to be something we're both comfortable with and will probably fluctuate over time. That's okay. Please know whether or not you would like contact, we will still be embracing and working to raise him/her the best we can.

We were both raised rurally, but we have big dreams and have had big views of the world. We're working hard with our daughter to balance instilling the values and satisfaction and comfort of small town with the interest and ambition to seek out the adventure of what might be over the horizon. We hope that you will trust us to fold your little one into our family and over the years follow where he/she goes with us and beyond.

Again, thank you.


Matt & Ruth


Matt Damon, Tom Hanks, John Krasinski, George Clooney, Denzel Washington, Keanu Reeves
Kevin Costner
Jennifer Lawarence, Natalie Portman, Lucy Liu, Tessa Thompson
Katharine Hepburn
Linda Greenlaw
Robert Frost
Flying Through Midnight
The Giver
Candy Bar
Tumble Leaf
Childhood Memory
Swimming in the river, Paintball, Dirtbikes in the woods
Building forts in woods
Childhood Toy
Dirt Bike, Paintball Gun
Briar Horses
Children's Book
Keep the Lights Burning Abbie, Flight of the Zephyr
The Seal Mother
Portland Maine, Alameda California
Alameda CA
Classic Movie
The Hunt for the Red October, Blues Brothers, Smokey and the Bandit, Spies Like Us, Caddy Shack
Lonesome Dove
Day of Week
Creme Brulee, Cocunut Cream Pie
Disney Movie
Cars, Planes, Despicable Me, Minions
Dream Car
Subaru STI, Caterham Roadster, 5.0L Mazda Miata Habu
Dream Job
Coast Guard Station Command Officer
Massage Therapist
Dream Vacation
Spain on the Mediterranean Sea
Somewhere warm and sunny
Family Activity
Hiking, Taking a weekend drive, Travel
Flower / Plant
Pine Tree
Pizza, Tacos, Crawfish Boil, Lobster
Form of Exercise
Call of Duty, Uno
Trail Running, House Work
4th of July
Holiday Song
Silent Night
Holiday Tradition
Picture under the tree, Smoking Salmon/Frying Turkey
Putting up decorations together
Ice Cream
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Coffee Toffee
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Reading, Running
Hanging out on the deck with the family on a sunny day
Rinners World, Outdoor Magazine
Runner's World
Memory with a Child
Travelling across the country, Hiking in California, Dinners outside
Riding bikes with my friends, all of us with kids in bike seats behind us, kids touching hands and waving for the whole ride
Memory with Spouse
Sushi and Ice Cream nights, Travelling across the country, Hiking in California, Dinners outside
Freezing together on the Marin side of the Golden Gate bridge waiting for our race to start- a 15k across San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge. It was SO SO SO cold and we were in running clothes.
Super Troopers, Step Brothers, The Other Guys, The Avengers series
Lonesome Dove
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
Any Super Troopers or Step Brothers quotes
"He chose... poorly" - Indiana Jones
Movie Type
Comedy, Action
The Sound of Music
Musical Group
AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, Florence and the Machine, The Rolling Stones
David Bowie
Nursery Rhyme
Pat a cake
Olympic Event
Bobsled, Ski Jump
Figure Skating
Robert Frost
Quality about my Spouse
Patience, Understanding, Caring, Thoughtfulness, Smart, Levelheaded
His persistence, focus, ambition
Putnam: "The lighthouse and the lightship appeal to the interest and better instinct of man because they are symbolic of never-ceasing watchfulness, of steadfast endurance in every exposure, of widespread helpfulness."
"But perhaps it was only an echo." - The Giver
Anything interesting that's not a major chain
Anything! We love to try new things! Its not often we go to chain restaurants.
Jrecks Subs Chicken Stir Fry
Veggie - as many veggies as possible. I like lots of flavor and texture.
Shopping Store
Space Oddity -David Bowie
Sport to Play
Paintball, Swimming, Track, Motorsports
Sport to Watch
Rally Racing
Kid games- kids playing soccer or baseball is so cute
Subject in School
Iron Man
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Fried Turkey, Cast Iron Steak
Spicy Asian Pasta - I cook a lot, my mother was a professional chef, but this is so easy and fast and delicious. And spicy! I love spice.
Time of Day
Early Afternoon
TV Show
Top Gear, The Grand Tour, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
Schitt's Creek, Killing Eve, Grace and Frankie, Bob's Burgers.
TV Show Character
Frankie - Grace and Frankie
Type of Music
Rock and Roll, a lot of individual songs from other genres (rap, country)
All kinds
Vacation Spot
Summers in Maine
Video Game
Call of Duty

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