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Jeff & Debra

We believe that God has given us the tools and opportunity to participate in the gift of adoption and we are very grateful for it. We have two beautiful children who are anxious to be a big brother and sister as our family grows. We hope that God guides you in your decision to help this child achieve all the dreams we all hope for him or her. God bless you and thank you for considering us.

About Us

Chemical Engineer
Master's Degree in Engineering
Doctor of Chiropractic
Robert, Evelyn
Legally Married

Our Lifestyle

We Read Books Together Every Night

We are a close family who really appreciates the little, everyday things we do together. We love passing down all the things our parents taught us, and we work hard to instill the same values in our children — We work on homework and help with chores. We play games and watch movies. We walk the dog or go for jogs. We read. We learn to love learning even outside of school. We learn to save our money in the bank. We learn to fix things rather than just throw them away. We fix our own cars and change our own tires. We fix computers and learn to program as well. We cook and we love to try new recipes. We learn to put healthy things in our bodies so they grow big and strong. We visit with our neighbors. We learn to treat adults with respect when they treat us with respect. We learn to look people in the eyes when we speak to them and shake their hands when introduced to them. We learn that Mom and Dad are always here to listen and help. We learn to appreciate the world and care for it. We learn to pray and love God. We learn to treat others the way we would love to be treated.

Our Leisure Time

A Fun Day Together

Debra enjoys hobbies such as crafts, baking, and exercising. We are fortunate to have enough space for a craft room with plenty of scissors, paper, material, and glue to build whatever our children's imagination might come up with. Debra loves to bake cookies, muffins, and breads to enjoy during the week. Our children often help Debra measure, mix, and add things like marshmallows as they learn to count and enjoy the product of their hard work. The family enjoys cool nights around the fire pit with hot chocolate and talking about our day. We spend weekends around the house playing board games, video games, crafts and building things with the kid's legos or other toys.

Jeff looks forward to seeing the Packers play and yelling at the TV when someone makes a poor play. He often works on the house or the cars while our son helps him with tools. Phone calls and Facetime to the grandparents and other family members is often a part of our weekends and week nights.

Our son likes to play Catan or Monopoly, video games, playing catch, building things with craft supplies, and playing with our dog Jack.

Our daughter spends her weekends from sun up to sun down in a different costume along with Elsa shoes, a crown, sparkly lotion, and hair accessories.

Our Professional Lives

Debra is a doctor and a small business owner. She put herself through school while working and spent several years working for others before opening her own office. The private practice offers her the ability to bring our children to work with her. They get to see a strong, inspiring woman in a role where others respect and listen to her. Patients come to her for skills, knowledge and advice, but most of all for her help. Nothing thrills her more than when a patient leaves healthy and strong enough to continue their personal goals in life. Having her own practice also allows her to have enormous flexibility. She's the boss and that's the only person who has to approve leaving an hour early for activities at school or sports or with family.

Jeff is an engineer with an advanced degree who runs research and development for a midsize company. He has multiple patents to his name and has traveled to 49 states and three continents earlier in his career. He manages a staff now and trains other managers to help support their teams for future success. Jeff's employer offers great flexibility including the ability to work from home when kids are sick.



Festival Fun
Festival Fun
Our Dog, Jack
Our Dog, Jack
Relaxing at Home
Relaxing at Home
Debra Made This Unicorn Quilt for Evelyn
Debra Made This Unicorn Quilt for Evelyn
Date Night
Date Night
All Dressed Up
All Dressed Up
Painting Nails
Painting Nails
At a Wedding
At a Wedding
Picking Strawberries
Picking Strawberries
Shoulder Ride
Shoulder Ride
So Happy Together
So Happy Together
1 / 12
Festival Fun
Festival Fun
2 / 12
Our Dog, Jack
Our Dog, Jack
3 / 12
Relaxing at Home
Relaxing at Home
4 / 12
Debra Made This Unicorn Quilt for Evelyn
Debra Made This Unicorn Quilt for Evelyn
5 / 12
6 / 12
Date Night
Date Night
7 / 12
All Dressed Up
All Dressed Up
8 / 12
Painting Nails
Painting Nails
9 / 12
At a Wedding
At a Wedding
10 / 12
Picking Strawberries
Picking Strawberries
11 / 12
Shoulder Ride
Shoulder Ride
12 / 12
So Happy Together
So Happy Together

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in Texas near the coast. We currently moved to a new house we had built. It has five bedrooms and five bathrooms. We spend a good portion of our time in the kitchen that opens into the living room. Down the hall is the kid's playroom that can be seen from the kitchen. We moved to be closer to Debra's office. This allows Debra to pick the kids up from school and take them to her office every day, where they stay and play and interact with patients.

Sunset View Behind Our Home

There are several children in the section where we live and more are moving in as new homes are being built. There are two newborn babies that live across the street that will be great playmates for a new little one!

In the subdivision, there is one large pool with palm trees and a sunning area for the littles to splash and play. There is a park next to the pool that we frequent when walking around the pond as our kids scooter ahead. The house backs up to the pond where we see families walking their dogs, riding bikes, and walking kids in strollers. There is a green space a few houses down where several kids meet to play catch and other games of tag, etc.

Our Extended Families

Fishing With Grandpa

Both sides of our families live in other states. We are able to travel a few times a year to see them. Our kids love to travel to the other states where it snows during the holidays. Our families often travel to Texas to see our children. Face time allows a good portion of our family to see the children grow, as well as social medial, pictures and videos.

Adoption has been on our minds for a few years now, as we want to expand our family and provide our children with more siblings to play with. Debra grew up with three siblings and several cousins that were a part of all major holidays. Jeff grew up with one brother.

Having friends and family that provide a close community to guide our children in the best direction is a foundation of our relationships with them. Learning from others in a positive way help shape our children's lives as well as our own. Seeing diversity in our friends and extended families help increase our culture. Learning new traditions or recipes or activities that make our lives more enjoyable.

From Us to You

We've thought for several months of how to express to you how much we will love a child that we have never met, never felt kick, and have never seen. We can say that, without a doubt, when we see them we will know that they will be a part of our family instantly.

We have been together for 12 years and married for 11. We met, got engaged in five months and married six months after that. Being in our late 20s at the time, we knew what we were looking for by then - someone to be supportive in life, share our strong faith, and raise kids together. We have found that in each other and we cherish the strong bond we share.

We love being parents and would do anything for our children. We look forward to growing our family and cannot wait for it all - The feel of their tiny hands as they grab ours for the first time, the smell of their hair after a warm bath. The excitement on their face when reading to them each night, a book we have read at least 100 times before, but may still be their favorite. Tucking them into bed and patting their back, one more time, even though it's been the 10th time that night. Taking them back to bed in the middle of the night after they had a nightmare and needed reassurance that it was just a dream. To listen to all their stories, big or small, important to me, or things that are important to them. We want to teach them to be strong when they get their feelings hurt, but try and stand by and learn life's harder lessons while we are just a step away. Waiting to hold them through their struggles of life, big or small.

We are excited to learn what this child will be interested in - whether it is arts, crafts and sports like Debra, or hockey and chocolate chip cookies like Jeff. We can't wait to enjoy summer swims with our children, learning to swim and splashing in the pool. Cool nights on the patio while we eat and watch the fire pit burn, as our dog Jack barks at the people that walk by. Hot chocolate on cold nights and breakfast for dinner, cause that is how we roll some nights. Waking up late on Saturdays and watching cartoons in our jammies. Homemade cinnamon rolls and frosting for breakfast and playing outside with chalk, kinetic sand, light sabers, bikes, soccer, baseball, basketball and the water table.

We are open to sending letters or emails and pictures to you. Our older children, as will this child, make a plethora of hand prints and drawings that can be mailed as well. Seeing pictures and things a child has created can give confidence in knowing that a child is cared for and loved.

We appreciate you, we love you, we can't wait to meet you. Thank you.

Jeff & Debra


Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise, John Krasinski
Julia Roberts
Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts
Dogs, man's best friend and loyal
Weimaraner- the beautiful blue eyes and soft ears
Terry Brooks
Dr Seuss, JK Rowling, Stephanie Meyer
The Sword of Shannara
Oh the places you will go, Harry Potter, Twilight series
Candy Bar
Hershey's chocolate and Reeses
Butterfinger for the nutty taste and peanut butter mixed with chocolate
Bugs Bunny Cartoons
Childhood Memory
Getting off the school bus on Friday while Mom made cookies
Mom would open the attic fan/windows and the smell of grass, the cool air in the spring. Laying on my bed a little sleepy, falling asleep to the attic fan sound.
Childhood Toy
Gem Dolls
Children's Book
Digger Dozer Dumper
Mr. Pudgins
San Francisco- fond memories with Debra
NY, although I have never been, I want to see the Cherry Blossoms in bloom some day.
Classic Movie
Tap Dancing movies with Gene Kelly and swimming movies with Ester Williams.
Light blue, my Dads and husbands eye color
Day of Week
Saturday- don't have to go to work
Saturday, Usually a late morning start with good breakfast, cartoons, exercises, walking or running around the pond with the kids. Not usually a place to go, but a lazy start to a weekend.
Chocolate chip cookies x 2 ..
Cheesecake hands down...
Disney Movie
Frozen as I have seen it at least 100 times...Let it GO
The Little Mermaid
Dream Car
Cadillac CTS-V
Aston Martin
Dream Job
The one I have. My own boss and able to bring my kids to work when I want or cause I can.
Dream Vacation
Disney World, can't wait to take the kids when they are a little older
Anywhere with blue water where we can surf or paddle board or just watch the sun set as the ocean waves come in. Hawaii a few years ago watching the sun set as Jeff and I enjoyed a nice beach walk... Looking out at the lake from our porch is close..
Family Activity
Movie/game nights
Anything where the kids are having a great time and we can sit back and enjoy the laughter and blessings
Flower / Plant
Lilys , white or star gazer
Pizza, pepperoni
A good salad or a good mix of veggies that someone else cooked :)
Form of Exercise
Jogging or running
HIIT, or any body weight exercises with jumping and lifting using kettle bells etc. Have a nice set up at the house to exercise every day. Sets the tone for my day and helps me get something accomplished for myself.
Mangos, Gala Apples
Mad Magazine Game
Like to fix stuff
Crafts of all sorts...I pinterest tons of ideas..quilting has become something new for me along with crochet for blankets etc. Just finished a twin size unicorn quilt for my daughter...
Christmas, especially now watching the kids excitement with Santa and the Elf on the Shelf
Christmas.. I decoreate like crazy. All the lights and trees with a cup of hot chocolate.
Holiday Song
Joy to the World
Mele Kalikimaka. Growing up we had a record player that mom would put on. The record would skip on the second chorus and when we finally got the songs on DVD..we would sing them.. with the skip..
Holiday Tradition
Watching the kids put the cookies out for Santa
Pies and pies and pies, baking, my family all coming over and playing board games.
Ice Cream
Rocky Road , but I'm not a huge ice cream lover.
Junk Food
Chips of all sorts
Anything chocolate. I eat spoons of sunbutter seed butter with mini chocolate chips on them.. my daugther things thats the way you eat the spoonful.
Leisure Activity
Playing video games
Walking with the family around the pond, board games with my kids.
Wall Street Journal
Not a big magazine reader...the only one I read right now is Highlights..cause my son asks us to read it to him at night.
Memory with a Child
Taking them to the first movie at the theatre
Both kids when they were born.. I have a pic of my husband holding them after their baths comforting them.. He's 6'3 and they were always so tiny in his hands.
Memory with Spouse
Dating and driving around in the convertable before we had kids
The kids births, my husband holdling them up against his chest while they were sleeping
Star Wars
In Love and War with Sandra Bullock and Chris O'Donell.
Movie Munchie
Popcorn they serve other things?
Movie Quote
Its too hard to choose just one.."scariest environment imaginable"
"Can I keep you" Casper the Friendly Ghost
Movie Type
Sappy girly Hallmark Christmas movies.
Singing in the rain..with Gene Kelly.. he was so dreamy when I would watch him growing up..I love to dance and he was wonderful at it.
Musical Group
Led Zeppelin
Chicago.. I wore out their CD's growing up.
Nursery Rhyme
You are My Sunshine.. My son still asks me to sing this to him sometimes. Even when I'm tired I oblige
Olympic Event
Swimming. Love to watch them glide like it's nothing... I swim with flippers on my feet and kind of get that feeling of speeding through the water...makes me feel like a mermaid.
Personal Hero
A friend of mine has had cancer for 12 years and going. She has bad bad life and health and if you met her, you wouldn't know how much her life is crumbling around her. She is always ready to do or go anywhere or meet up. She will stop by when sh
Nothing in particular but i remember watching the high school plays growing up and LOVED them!
Shel Silverstein. I can still quote most of one of his books
Quality about my Spouse
Drive to provide for us, calming nature, still loving on me all the time even when i feel like i dont' "have time" for it
So, the scariest environment imaginable, that's all you had to say.
Damn the broccoli, damn you, and damn the Wright brothers.. My husband starts this quote every time we have broccoli for dinner or when the kids
Any steakhouse
Whiskey Cake Cafe- farm to table food with greats options and great food
probably a lettuce wrap with tomatoes, hamburger, bacon, grilled onions , grilled green peppers, and ketchup from Five Guys
2 Thessalonians
Genesis 33:13-14. This is the most recent as this changes in my season of need. A blog I follow: "Loving my children", speaks to this quote of taking time to see your children's needs when you're impatient. How to respond with kindness and understanding a
Shopping Store
Best Buy
White House Black Market
Dazed and Confused
Broken Arrow by Rod Stewart
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
I like the ambiance of Football and the crowd, but dont' understand all of it.
Sports Star
JJ Watt. Down to earth and a giving person.
Sports Team
Packers but thats my husband's doing
Subject in School
Anatomy and physiology
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Cinnamon Rolls
Time of Day
Early morning as the sun rises.
Christmas traditions at church. Lighting all the wreath candles in anticipation of Christ's birth.
TV Show
Friends and Big Bang Theory, but Friends is top for sure
TV Show Character
Monica from Friends, 'I only have two hands"
Type of Music
Classic Rock
Hip Hop and Country
Vacation Spot
Anywhere with blue water and surfing.
Video Game
Sims 3

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