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Eric & Lea

We are so excited that you are considering us as parents for your child. Thank you for taking the time to look through our profile. We are looking forward to sharing our love and joy for life by adding to our family, as this is something that we've wanted for a long time. We are thinking of you as you take the time to get to know us.

About Us

Commercial Sales Representative
5th Grade Teacher
Bachelor's Degree in Operations Management
Master's Degree in Education
Legally Married

Leisure Time

Cheering on Our Rival Teams

The majority of our leisure time involves time spent with our dog and our closest family and friends. We enjoy grilling out at our house or going over to our friends' houses for a game night or time spent around the fire pit in their backyards. Most of our closest friends have children so we are looking forward to having a child of our own to grow up with them. During the summertime, we love to go to Lea's parents' cottage on the lake, or Eric's Mom's house on the farm.

Enjoying Summer with Our Niece

Lea is a teacher, so the summertime also provides more opportunities for leisurely activities or traveling to experience the outdoors, new places, and various MLB stadiums. Coaching young athletes has also been an important part of our leisure time. Lea currently coaches high school varsity softball, and Eric coaches youth basketball. When we become parents, we will certainly value and prioritize time with our own child, and we see ourselves potentially coaching their teams or being an important part of their support group in whatever activities they decide to do.

Cultural Diversity

Hanging Out with Bentley

We understand and are continuing to learn that adopting a child means welcoming and loving the whole child, and all that they are, which absolutely includes their cultural and racial heritage. We know that we will love our child profoundly, but we also know that we have greater obligations as their parents. This is where we will work hard to affirm and value our child's cultural and racial heritage.

If the birth mother is comfortable with it, we would like to know more about their specific heritage, to continue to incorporate it into their lives. We will make sure that our child can see themselves in the books that we buy, the relationships they create, the music that we play, and the places that we go. Much of this work will be continuing to educate ourselves to learn and grow, and carrying this into our child's life, but also into the greater good of the world in which they are living.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

At a Family Wedding

Eric About Lea:

Lea is the most caring person I have ever met, especially when it comes to children. Every school year, she talks about how important the kids are and why she cares for each of them. The love she shows to her niece and nephew proves why she would be a fantastic mother. Lea has and always will put the people she cares about first. Lea is selfless, even through the hardest times, and she cares deeply about the ones she loves.

Lea About Eric:

Eric's joy for life is something that I've always valued about him. He is the kind of person that people want to be around, and I'm so lucky to share that with him in our relationship and daily lives. He also wants people to feel loved and important. These qualities are a big part of why he is so great with kids, specifically with our niece, nephew, and close friends' kids. I used to think that the number one thing I've wanted in life is to be a Mom, but the number one thing that I want in life is to see Eric as a Dad, and to get to be a part of that.



Our Nephew Loves to Read with Lea
Our Nephew Loves to Read with Lea
Universal Studios in Florida
Universal Studios in Florida
Our Friend's Kids are Like Family to Us
Our Friend's Kids are Like Family to Us
Having Fun Painting All of the Frozen Characters
Having Fun Painting All of the Frozen Characters
Eric Swimming with Bentley at the Cottage Up North
Eric Swimming with Bentley at the Cottage Up North
Whale Watching in Alaska
Whale Watching in Alaska
A Good Catch While Fishing Up North
A Good Catch While Fishing Up North
Building a Snowman and Hoping for Golf Season!
Building a Snowman and Hoping for Golf Season!
Pure Happiness!
Pure Happiness!
Hiking Together
Hiking Together
Apple Picking
Apple Picking
Christmas with Family
Christmas with Family
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Our Nephew Loves to Read with Lea
Our Nephew Loves to Read with Lea
2 / 12
Universal Studios in Florida
Universal Studios in Florida
3 / 12
Our Friend's Kids are Like Family to Us
Our Friend's Kids are Like Family to Us
4 / 12
Having Fun Painting All of the Frozen Characters
Having Fun Painting All of the Frozen Characters
5 / 12
Eric Swimming with Bentley at the Cottage Up North
Eric Swimming with Bentley at the Cottage Up North
6 / 12
Whale Watching in Alaska
Whale Watching in Alaska
7 / 12
A Good Catch While Fishing Up North
A Good Catch While Fishing Up North
8 / 12
Building a Snowman and Hoping for Golf Season!
Building a Snowman and Hoping for Golf Season!
9 / 12
Pure Happiness!
Pure Happiness!
10 / 12
Hiking Together
Hiking Together
11 / 12
Apple Picking
Apple Picking
12 / 12
Christmas with Family
Christmas with Family

Our Extended Families

Lea's Family

We have the types of extended families that when someone has a wedding, birthday party, or a special event, every person shows up. Beyond that, many of our special weekends are filled with fun times with family members. Although our extended families do not live super close to us, many live within an hour or two, making the weekend visits feel extra special. Lea's parents live about a two hour drive away, with the family cottage just a little further.

Both of Our Families

We often meet at Lea's parents' or at the cottage in Northern Wisconsin to swim in the lake with the dogs, go fishing, and cook and hang out around the fire pit with Lea's parents, brother, sister, nephew, and their significant others. Eric's mom lives about a one hour drive from where we live. We enjoy spending time on her open land with Eric's sister, brother-in-law, and our niece, who also live in the area. Eric's dad lives in Florida and we both enjoy visiting each other often. Extended family members will also visit us often, with our entire basement finished and ready for visitors. Our parents are thrilled to have an additional Grandchild, our niece and nephew are excited to have another playmate, and our extended families beyond these are looking forward to another addition during our time together throughout holidays and fun weekends.

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home!

We live in our location because of our close-knit community, and the feeling of being at home. When Lea got a teaching job in this community in 2013, she knew that this was a place she would call home for a long time. After we married, we decided to buy a house in the community. Many families say that they move to the area because of the great school district. Lea is now on her seventh year teaching fifth grade in the school district, and second year coaching varsity softball.

In our town, we enjoy walking to the local coffee shop with our dog on a Saturday morning, hiking on the lake trail or through the local State Park, attending or coaching high school sporting events, taking the fifteen minute drive into downtown Madison to visit the Farmers' Market, and hanging with friends at one of our houses.

We are lucky to have close friends living nearby with young children who we get to experience life with. We often spend weeknights and weekends with these families, and we are looking forward to having a child similar in age, so that they can learn and grow together.

From Us to You

Thank you for taking the time to read through our profile, to get to know us a little more. We cannot imagine the difficulty of your decision, but we do hope to join in getting to know you soon.

When we got married in 2017, we knew right away that we wanted to be parents. Growing together as a couple since meeting in 2014 has helped us to realize how much we trust each other in raising a child together, as well as how much we want to experience parenthood together. After a couple years of trying to conceive biologically, we reflected on what we wanted together and began to learn about adoption. As we continue to learn, we know that this is the right journey for growing in our family, and we cannot wait to share our love with a child.

The life we've created as a couple is something that we are so grateful for, but we cannot help but feel that bringing a child into our lives will grow our hearts and happiness substantially more. For the longest time, Lea knew that she wanted to be a Mother and a teacher. She is now in her seventh year of teaching (currently teaching fifth grade students), coaching high school softball athletes, and is anxiously awaiting being a Mom. Lea knew that she was completely ready to be a parent with Eric when realizing that even more than this desire to be a Mom, she wanted to see Eric be able to be a Dad. Eric's joy for life brings so much happiness to those around him. Our niece, nephew, and friends' children adore him. We love our time with these kids, and can't wait to have a child to learn and grow with them as well.

In 2018, we added a black labrador mix puppy into our little family, and we've loved our time with him. Whether we are out on adventures, swimming in the lake at the cottage in Northern Wisconsin, or hanging out and relaxing at home, he adds so much happiness to our lives. We know that he is going to make a great pet and playmate to a child and we are looking forward to helping nurture that bond.

Beyond our little family, we are grateful for the lives we have with our extended families as well. We are so excited to bring a child into the relationships and special times that we have with our families, and with our close friends that we consider family. Everyone is extremely supportive of our decision to adopt, learning and growing with us along the way. Please also know that it is incredibly important to us that not only will we love your child, but we will continuously work to affirm and value your child's cultural and racial heritage. We are committed to learning and growing in this way, as it is important and necessary.

We are looking forward to our conversations with you, as we work together to decide how we would like to communicate to share our love with your child. Of course, we will share their growth and experiences through letters, pictures, emails, and stories. We absolutely welcome further conversations about more open communication and visits. We find you to be incredibly brave and strong, and your child will always know how much love you have for them. From the very start of our lives together, your child will know about the incredible love that surrounds their life.

Thank you for considering us as potential parents for your child. We are so excited for our journey ahead, but want you to know that we are thinking of you during this difficult decision.


Eric & Lea


Denzel Washington
The Nightingale
Candy Bar
Childhood Memory
Golfing with my Dad
Fishing with my Dad
Childhood Toy
Swing set in the backyard
Madison, WI
Day of Week
Disney Movie
The Avengers
The Lion King
Dream Job
Baseball Player
Being a Mom
Dream Vacation
Disney World with family
A family trip with kids
Family Activity
Going upnorth
Spending time at the cottage upnorth
Fruit pizza
Form of Exercise
Running with our dog
Walking our dog
Coaching softball
Memorial Day
Holiday Tradition
Seeing family during Christmas
Being together Christmas morning
Ice Cream
Junk Food
Potato chips
Leisure Activity
Walking our dog
Hiking with our dog
Memory with a Child
Monday nights with Oakley
Bringing Oakley to meet her baby sister
Memory with Spouse
Our trip to Harry Potter World
Our honeymoon in Alaska
The Avengers
Remember the Titans
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"I am Ironman."
Movie Type
Musical Group
Darius Rucker
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My Mom
My Dad
The Crucible
Quality about my Spouse
The way she cares for others
His love for life
Buffalo Wild Wings
Supper Clubs
Shopping Store
Dicks Sporting Goods
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Javier Baez
Donald Driver
Sports Team
Chicago Cubs
Green Bay Packers
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Anything on the grill
Time of Day
Late mornings
Hosting Thanksgiving
Decorating cookies for Christmas
TV Show
Vacation Spot
In-Laws' cottage in Northern Wisconsin
My parents cottage in Northern Wisconsin

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