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Drew & Amber

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile! We know that his journey is filled with tough decisions and we applaud your courage and strength. We have longed to be parents for many years and are so excited to be growing our family through adoption. Your child will be truly loved and cherished by not only us, but all of our family and friends as well. We hope you will consider us!

About Us

Real Estate Agent
Doctor of Medicine
Bachelor's Degree
Legally Married

What it Means to be Parents

We Can't Wait to be Parents!

Love is the foundation to being a great parent. We both grew up in homes where true love was the foundation of our parent's marriages. We were so blessed to be able to see our parents model what it takes to be a truly great parent.

Love is selfless. That is something that is paramount in any relationship. It really is about the other person and looking out for their best interest. That is something we both hope to be to our child. We hope that our child can look back and see that we did the very best we could to raise them in a loving, nurturing, encouraging, stable environment where they felt that we put them first and did our best to encourage them to pursue their dreams. We hope that they can look back and say that they felt safe, loved, and cherished.

Parenting is so much more than just having a son or daughter. It is about serving them, loving them, teaching them, and encouraging them in every area and every season of their lives. We hope and pray that we will be the kind of parents that our child can look back on and say that we loved them completely and unconditionally.

Our Leisure Time

Hiking on Our Honeymoon

We both love to travel. Any time we can get time off work and spend a day, weekend or weeks visiting a new city, state, or country, we do. We both share a mutual love of the outdoors, so most of our travel includes hiking, fishing, surfing, etc. Not too far from our house is a large lake that we will often take weekend trips to as well. The lake is surrounded by multiple small beach towns that make for a perfect, relaxing, weekend get-away.

On days we have off and are not traveling, we love spending time visiting friends and family. They mean so much to us and we always have fun no matter what we end up doing. Usually we will make great food, watch sports, and just sit around chatting for hours. We can't wait until we have a little one to share all of these fun things with!

How We Met

We technically first met back in middle school. We attended the same small private school and Drew was best friends with Amber's brother. In a way, we "grew up" together but never started dating until after college. About 5 years ago, Amber's brother invited her to check out the church he was attending and Drew happened to be there as well. We went out to eat after the church service and Drew sent a text shortly after officially asking Amber to go on their first date. Soon after dating, we began talking about marriage and dreaming of our future life together. The night we got engaged, Drew planned an amazing evening filled with swing dancing, food, friends and family. We got married 7 months later and couldn't imagine a more beautiful ceremony filled with love and surrounded by those closest to us. We will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary this summer and can't wait to soon welcome a child into our small family!


Tahquamenon Falls
Tahquamenon Falls
Horseback Riding in the Smokies
Horseback Riding in the Smokies
Amber with One of Her Closest Friends
Amber with One of Her Closest Friends
Dinner with Friends
Dinner with Friends
Drew & His Mom at His Graduation
Drew & His Mom at His Graduation
Our Dog, Kenai
Our Dog, Kenai
Picking Berries at Our Favorite Farm
Picking Berries at Our Favorite Farm
Christmas Day!
Christmas Day!
Fishing at Drew's Parents' House
Fishing at Drew's Parents' House
Checking Out the Biltmore Estate
Checking Out the Biltmore Estate
Drew Loves to Play Violin
Drew Loves to Play Violin
All Dressed Up for Amber's Brother's Wedding
All Dressed Up for Amber's Brother's Wedding
1 / 12
Tahquamenon Falls
Tahquamenon Falls
2 / 12
Horseback Riding in the Smokies
Horseback Riding in the Smokies
3 / 12
Amber with One of Her Closest Friends
Amber with One of Her Closest Friends
4 / 12
Dinner with Friends
Dinner with Friends
5 / 12
Drew & His Mom at His Graduation
Drew & His Mom at His Graduation
6 / 12
Our Dog, Kenai
Our Dog, Kenai
7 / 12
Picking Berries at Our Favorite Farm
Picking Berries at Our Favorite Farm
8 / 12
Christmas Day!
Christmas Day!
9 / 12
Fishing at Drew's Parents' House
Fishing at Drew's Parents' House
10 / 12
Checking Out the Biltmore Estate
Checking Out the Biltmore Estate
11 / 12
Drew Loves to Play Violin
Drew Loves to Play Violin
12 / 12
All Dressed Up for Amber's Brother's Wedding
All Dressed Up for Amber's Brother's Wedding

Our Extended Families

Drew's Family

We are lucky enough to both have families that are extremely loving and supportive. When we announced our plans to adopt, they both were very excited and eager to become grandparents. Our families live in the same city about an hour and half away from us. We moved away last year for Drew's job, but still travel to see them a couple times a month.

Drew's family owns a lot of land, so when we visit, we like to take our dog on a walk through their woods and go fishing in their large pond. His mom loves to cook, so we usually end up eating a ton of great food while we are there as well. Amber's family loves being outside. Growing up, you could always find her whole family playing some sport or making up some game outdoors. Her family is always laughing and usually playing many different games during family get-togethers.

Amber's Family

We also both have brothers that are the same age. Amber's brother was best friends with Drew growing up. Her brother and sister-in-law are also currently expecting their first child, and we are so thrilled! We are hoping to have a child around the same time so they can grow up together.

Both of our families are ready and willing to pour so much love on our future child. You can be sure that they will be welcomed home with open arms and loved and cherished by all!

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We absolutely love our neighborhood! We have lived here now for about a year and are so glad we found the home we did. Our home has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and is located in a small neighborhood in more of a rural setting about 30 minutes outside a large town. The majority of our neighbors are all young families, so you can always hear children outside playing, laughing and riding bikes.

Our Living Room Decorated for Christmas

There are several playgrounds and other state parks within a 10 minute drive from our house. Our home also backs up to a 10 acre nature preserve that we and the neighbor kids love to walk through. The previous owners of our home had kids that built a large fort in the backyard made with wood from all the trees. The neighbor's kids like playing in it, and we hope to soon have a child that can play in it with them.

Overall, we absolutely love our home and neighbors, and believe it is a great place to raise a family!

From Us to You

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We can only imagine how difficult this choice must be for you. Whether or not you choose us to raise your child, we want you to know that you are loved and that we have been and will continue to pray for you. You are an incredibly brave woman, and for that you should be commended! We hope that by reading this small profile and watching the short video, you were able to learn a little bit more about us.

We have always dreamed of having a large family. Before getting married, we would often discuss our future plans. We hoped to have somewhere between 2-4 children and one day have our whole family be involved in overseas mission work. We both have a heart for helping orphans and providing better medical care to those in foreign countries that don't have access to any. We currently sponsor a child in India and after Drew's residency, hope to be able to travel on more mission trips.

After getting married in the summer of 2016, we tried to grow our family, but were unsuccessful. Three years and 7 miscarriages later, with still no answers as to why we were continuing to miscarry, we decided that more than anything, we wanted to be parents. Doctors kept pushing us to try IVF and additional drugs that they said could help. However, we felt like God was directing us to adopt. The love we have to give for a child is not dependent on genetics or race. Each child is so precious and every child deserves a loving home.

We are so very excited for the future and know that whatever child gets placed in our home is the child that is meant to be a part of our family. That child will be loved by not only us, but by countless friends and family members too. We can't wait to watch the child grow and discover what unique personality traits they have, what their passion is, and what their giftings are. We hope to be able to involve them in our passion for the outdoors, mission work, music and traveling. Education is important to us, but so is creativity and allowing the child to freely express what their true passion is. They will also be surrounded by a loving church family that is comprised of 40-50 adoptive families, so they will have many friends that can identify with them.

We promise to protect and raise your child to the best of our ability. More than anything, we want you to know that your child will be loved unconditionally. Our hope is to be able to share your child's growth and experiences through photos, letters and emails if desired. We plan to talk to the child about their adoption at a very young age and let them know how much you truly love them. We know this decision is not easy, and we would never want the child to think that it was.

Once again, we truly thank you for considering us and pray that you have peace during this time.


Drew & Amber


Ian McKellen
Tom Hanks
Amy Poehler
Julia Roberts
Snow Leopard
JRR Tolken
Katie Davis Majors
The Fellowship of the Ring
Daring to Hope
Candy Bar
Kit Kat
Adventure Time
Dexter's Laboratory
Childhood Memory
Playing outside with my brother
Playing outside with my best friend and brother
Childhood Toy
Rope Swing
Barbie and Polly Pockets
Children's Book
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Love You Forever
Cantwell, Alaska
Charleston, SC
Classic Movie
Original Batman Movie
Singing in the Rain
Day of Week
Carrot Cake
Disney Movie
Sword and the Stone
The Lion King
Dream Car
Range Rover
Dream Job
Dream Vacation
Camping in Patagonia
Backpacking through Europe
Family Activity
Traveling and Hiking
Flower / Plant
Pitcher Plant
Chicken Pot Pie
Steak and Shrimp
Form of Exercise
Weight Lifting
Weight Lifting and Barre exercises
Exploding Kittens
Holiday Song
Silver and Gold
O Come O Come Emmanuel
Holiday Tradition
Cutting down a Christmas tree
Waking up early, having hot chocolate and donuts and opening presents with family
Ice Cream
Moose Tracks
Cookie Dough
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Going on walks, reading and watching a movie
Surf Magazine
Hobby Farms
Memory with a Child
Playing make believe with kids I taught in youth group
Watching my friend's child learn to walk
Memory with Spouse
Hiking in the Smoky Mountains
Our Wedding
Lord of the Rings
Prince of Egypt
Movie Munchie
Movie Type
Disney and Romantic Comedy
The Sound of Music
Sound of Music
Musical Group
Brothers Osborne
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My dad
My mom
Phantom of the opera
Phantom of the Opera
Quality about my Spouse
Her Selflessness
His generousity
Sushi place near my hometown
Small Vietmanese Restaurant near our home
Philippians 4:13
Isaiah 26:3
Shopping Store
Barnes and Noble
Spirit of Radio by Rush
Living by Dierks Bentley
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Christino Ronaldo
Simone Biles
Sports Team
Real Madrid
Detroit Tigers
Subject in School
Art Class
English and History
Thing to Cook
Chicken Pot Pie
Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
Time of Day
Opening Gifts on Christmas Morning
Going Apple Picking & Having Cider & Donuts
TV Show
TV Show Character
Sean Spencer
Ron Swanson
Type of Music
Country and Christian
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Star Fox
Mario Kart

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