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James & Jim

When a baby is born, the world is gifted a unique and beautiful soul. That soul grows and learns in mind and heart. The day we met, together we knew growing our family would someday be in our future. There is no better gift than the ability to join a journey together that is devoted to loving and growing a child. We are honored to join you in this journey.

About Us

Chief Academic Officer
Company President
Doctor of Education
Some College
Ethan, Jacob
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

Having Fun in Palm Springs

We can't wait to share our lives with another child! Jim has two children from a previous marriage. Ethan (15) attends our local public junior high school, just up the street and is already excited to go in to directing and/or videography. Jacob (13) attends private school, across the street from our house, and is interested in becoming a surgeon. Sandra, Ethan and Jacob’s mother, lives on the street behind our house and works for Jim’s company, which is down the road from our home.

When we decided to add to our family, we reflected deeply. James grew up in foster care during a bulk of his childhood. His experiences led him to a life of changing the outcomes and trajectory for others, which is what attracted Jim to him from the moment they met. Unconditional love is what we all strive for in life. And in preparing our own lives for success that transcends overcoming generational poverty, we are now better prepared than ever to devote what we have learned and built to nurture, grow, and support a child through the unconditional love in our hearts and minds. Between our extended family, and our community of friends, we are excited and ready to open up our lives and adventures to help develop a loving and respectful child that will be able and ready to do the same as they grow through the memories and traditions we build together.

How We Met

Our Special Day

A blind date. A cold, rainy, Sunday we remember watching it rain, the smell of the rain. James stood under cover when Jim approached. We looked up and immediately saw a beautiful smile. A smile - the very first thing we noticed in one another – was like a beam of sunshine entering our space, raining around us. That was the day we fell in love. That was the day we knew we would marry and have a family. Five years later, we are expanding the love within our family. Over the course of five years, we have been blessed with some adventures. Some have given clarity to why we love one another, some have challenged us, helped us grow as individuals, and helped us grow as a couple. As we think about that rainy Sunday, and we think about that perfect smile we saw in one another, we think of rainbows. They say, a rainbow occurs naturally - when the Earth is in perfect harmony - a precise combination and balance between sunshine and rain. That combination creates majestic colors that paint the sky for everyone to enjoy - our hearts light up when we see a rainbow. Our love is a lot like a rainbow. On that Sunday, between our smiles and rain that fell around us, the universe brought our hearts together. From that, a beautiful rainbow, our love, began to shine bright. The Earth was in perfect harmony on that rainy Sunday, as it still is today…

Our Family Traditions

Puzzles While Camping

We believe family traditions are a cornerstone to building a loving community that is strong and healthy. Whether it be traditions that create structure or traditions that create laughter, we believe a family with traditions is a family of strength. From a technical lens, every Sunday we sit together and create/post our menu of meals. We also review our weekly chores, an investment in keeping our home clean and healthy. Ethan and Jacob earn a weekly allowance for their bank account, helping them learn the importance of earning and money. Any time to celebrate, is important, so we head to the local club and decorate cookies, share in Valentines, and create community traditions with friends’ families throughout the year. We decorate our home inside and out for Halloween, with spooky scenes and music. We host Thanksgiving with more food than can be imagined on a long table in the dining room, while everyone is laughing, catching up, and outside enjoying the Fall. And during the Winter we set up our tree over music and fire. We are blessed with an RV, so we spend time camping throughout the year, going on hikes, puzzles, s'mores, and lake swimming. We love to ski, so we go skiing multiple times throughout the year. And we love to travel, so we are often out exploring culture, music, and people - admiring what the world has to offer! We are an active family!we make such a good team.



Beautiful Paris
Beautiful Paris
Painting With Friends
Painting With Friends
Helping With Homework
Helping With Homework
Winter Skiing
Winter Skiing
Exploring San Francisco
Exploring San Francisco
Family S'mores
Family S'mores
Christmas in London
Christmas in London
At a Benefit for Kids
At a Benefit for Kids
Summer on the Lake
Summer on the Lake
Kayaking Fun!
Kayaking Fun!
Our Dog - Pumpkin
Our Dog - Pumpkin
Decorating for Christmas
Decorating for Christmas
1 / 12
Beautiful Paris
Beautiful Paris
2 / 12
Painting With Friends
Painting With Friends
3 / 12
Helping With Homework
Helping With Homework
4 / 12
Winter Skiing
Winter Skiing
5 / 12
Exploring San Francisco
Exploring San Francisco
6 / 12
Family S'mores
Family S'mores
7 / 12
Christmas in London
Christmas in London
8 / 12
At a Benefit for Kids
At a Benefit for Kids
9 / 12
Summer on the Lake
Summer on the Lake
10 / 12
Kayaking Fun!
Kayaking Fun!
11 / 12
Our Dog - Pumpkin
Our Dog - Pumpkin
12 / 12
Decorating for Christmas
Decorating for Christmas

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home on Halloween

Our home is located in the historic end of our community. Many of our families grew up in the neighborhood and have stayed to raise their own children. Many consider our home a beautiful cottage that is open and welcoming. Children ride their bikes down the street, neighbors shovel snow off the sidewalk, bring in bins, and take care of one another. We have a pool and tennis club down the street where we swim, craft, and enjoy activities throughout the year. Our home is located across the street from the local elementary school, and our teachers live in the surrounding neighborhoods. During the summer months, we often close off the streets for family block celebrations, where we BBQ and play games. Because our home is also a few blocks from the water, families come together to watch fireworks on the fourth of July. Our street is the most sought after on Halloween as hundreds of families flock to trick or treat, with families decorating their homes/yards and preparing traditions for littles as they gather candy. We also have farmers markets where families come together on the weekends to gather/support local businesses and celebrate traditions of pumpkin patches and cider. During the winter, kids sled down hills that surround our community to enjoy the snow and lights. Our home and community represents love, tradition, and lasting memories!

Our Extended Families

Jim's Family

Family is not only an extension of who are you born in to, but also the friends you choose to have in your heart. We both come from families who value and enjoy coming together to laugh and share. Jim’s family lives locally, so we gather every Sunday at his Dad’s house for dinner and time together with sisters, brothers, cousins, and grandparents. James’ family lives further away, so we get together during birthday’s and holidays. By extension, we have a very close circle of friends in our neighborhood that have small children. We regularly get together for sporting events, school events, and local community activities that bring our families together. For example, every year on Christmas Eve, we come together and share the importance of love and friendship during the holidays. Many of us belong to the local swim and tennis club, so we regularly swim in the summers together. We also enjoying skiing and camping together as families. As a family and friend community, we value the importance of raising our children as a village while creating lasting memories to carry forward as they get older. We are excited to add a new, beautiful little to our circle of family and friends!

Time With Grandpa

From Us to You

We Finally Meet!

When we sat down to write this letter to you, we imagined you sitting in the chair across from us. We thought about all of the things we might share with you, and what you might share with us. We imagined the feeling in the space, the nervousness and the hopefulness. We thought about what we might ask you, and what you might ask us. We laugh at the craziest of things, so we were imagining all of the things we would laugh about - as the nerves subsided and we looked at each other with great admiration and great strength.

We cannot imagine what may be going through your thoughts and feelings as you read this letter. We cannot attempt to try and imagine. What we can tell you, from our own vantage point, is that you are offering a gift - an act of selflessness. For this, you are incredibly brave and incredibly strong. Please know our hearts will become an extension of your heart, and we honor that incredible gift with every fiber of our being.

You might be asking, “who are they?” We are a couple that met on a rainy Sunday five years ago and fell hard in love with each other from the moment we locked smiles. We have two children, Ethan (15) and Jacob (13), who live with us full time. Their mom, Sandra, lives on an adjacent road behind us. We have a very strong and loving relationship that is rooted on the belief that it takes a village to raise a child. As you read about who we are, we hope you hear that and feel that in what we shared.

We both come from humble beginnings that shaped our beliefs about the world and who we are in the world. Because of this, we individually became attracted to giving back to what provided us with so much -- this heart is what attracted us to one another. Jim is President and owns a company that he built 20 years ago. He also serves as a lobbyist and expert in his field, while serving on multiple service boards throughout our community. James was a school teacher, school principal, and now serves as the Chief Academic Officer for the most diverse school district in our state. He has a Doctorate in Education and also serves on multiple service boards throughout our community. We have one dog (Pumpkin) and one cat (Alley). We are an active family that enjoys basketball, running, tennis, skiing.

Aside from the more technical components of who we are, we have always wanted to raise a baby together. Given what we have experienced, we have built a strong foundation that has more love to give than you can imagine. We all have stories that shape our lens by which we walk in the world. We believe our experiences in shaping this lens to become a strong, unique, and talented individual will be a gift in helping to nurture and shape the gift of a child that awaits our family.

As you continue reading about us, know we are sitting across the chair from you. Please know that we honor that space, we honor you, we honor your gift of life. Raising a child takes a village, and we would be honored to have part of our village, our tribe. With any village that builds a tribe, to sustain the foundation means a continued investment. We will protect the gift you are providing us through love and security - and sustain that foundation through letters and pictures, a relationship between families.

Thank you for your strength of heart and allowing us to share our strength of heart with you,

James & Jim


Tom Hanks
Matt Damon
Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts
Maya Angelou
Curious George
Candy Bar
Peanut Butter Snickers
Tom and Jerry
Childhood Memory
Spending time with my dad
Childhood Toy
Children's Book
Curious George
Where the Side Walk Ends
Classic Movie
Steel Magnolias
Auntie Mame
Day of Week
Chocolate anything
Disney Movie
Beauty and the Beast
Snow White
Dream Car
Dream Job
Chief of Staff
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
Group Fitness
Holiday Song
The Christmas Song
My Favorite Things
Holiday Tradition
Going to friends on Christmas Eve
Ice Cream
French Vanilla
Caramel Cone
Junk Food
Anything cookie
Leisure Activity
Yard work
Car and Driver
Memory with a Child
Memory with Spouse
Wedding Day
Day we met
Mona Lisa Smile
Sound of Music
Movie Munchie
Red Licorice
Movie Type
Musical Group
Britney Spears
Nursery Rhyme
Itsie Bitsie Spider
Olympic Event
Track and Field
Personal Hero
My grandmother
My Dad
Lion King
Book of Mormon
Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou
Quality about my Spouse
Life is about creating yourself
Turkey and Cheese
St. John 3:16
Shopping Store
Pottery Barn
Rainbow Connection
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Team
Subject in School
My grandpa
Thing to Cook
Caprese Salad
Chicken Piccata
Time of Day
Putting up holiday decorations
Summer Vacations
TV Show
Golden Girls
Golden Girls
TV Show Character
Dorothy from Golden Girls
Dorothy from Golden Girls
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Palm Springs

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