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David & Stacey

Hello! Thank you for reading our profile. We are so excited to be on a path to adopt a child. Becoming parents is a dream of ours! We have so much unconditional love and laughter to share with a child. We are here to support you and appreciate that you are taking your time to learn more about us.

About Us

Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Hiking in Our Home Town

We make time to do what we enjoy! We each have interests that we explore individually and also interests that we share. David loves professional sports, follows weather patterns, and is a Dave Mathews Band fan. He has been to over 40 Dave shows and can’t wait to introduce a child to their music. He also collects Nike Shoes and takes amazing pictures of the sun rising and setting.

Stacey loves being outdoors, particularly in the spring, which is her favorite season. When the weather allows, she paddles the lake and bikes the trails. During the cooler months she enjoys yoga at the gym. She is a Chicago Cubs fan. Stacey is also committed to her church community and volunteers with them. Her friends are so excited to meet our adopted child.

As a family, we love morning walks and look forward to bringing a child in the stroller with us. We enjoy having friends over to BBQ and play games. Our friends have children and they are ready for another playmate! We also like to plan new adventures together. Lately we have been exploring cities within driving distance like Nashville and Kansas City. We look forward to having many new adventures as a family. Stacey can’t wait to explore Disney World with your child.

Our Dogs, Tucker & Winnie


We have two amazing fur kids named Tucker and Winnie.  Tucker is a laid-back Golden Retriever who loves to go on long walks and likes to be by our side when it storms.  Winnie is a cuddly little English Bulldog who snores in her sleep and loves her stuffed animals.  We know their favorite treats and favorite parks to play at.  We love to spoil them.  In return, they spoil us!  Tucker and Winnie know when we are joyful and celebrate with us; they also sense when we are upset and are extra affectionate.  Both dogs are great with kids!  We would like to raise a child in a home with pets.  We feel the loyalty and playfulness of a pet can bring a child joy.  We also feel a pet can help a child understand empathy and responsibility.  Tucker and Winnie can’t wait to be a big brother and big sister!        


Cultural Diversity

We feel that diversity is what makes life special! In our home, we play music from different cultures, cook recipes from around the globe, and watch films from all types of producers. We embrace becoming an interracial family. A child’s heritage is an important part of their identity and we will make sure to celebrate their heritage in our day-to-day life. We want your child to have action figures, dolls, and children’s books that represent them. We will purposefully seek physicians, teachers, neighbors, and community leaders of a similar background who can become friends and role models to your child. As your child matures, we will encourage open and regular conversations about current political, social, and pop culture events related to diversity. We will do everything possible to ensure that your child is proud of what makes them unique! We hope their confidence in themselves will inspire them to celebrate differences in others.


Feeling Fancy
Feeling Fancy
Kayaking Selfie
Kayaking Selfie
Stacey & Her Brother in San Francisco
Stacey & Her Brother in San Francisco
Relaxing with the Pups
Relaxing with the Pups
Holding a Baby Aligator
Holding a Baby Aligator
Picture with Santa
Picture with Santa
Weekend Getaway to Tennessee
Weekend Getaway to Tennessee
Hanging Out with Our Niece & Nephew
Hanging Out with Our Niece & Nephew
Night Out with David's Brother
Night Out with David's Brother
Stacey's Birthday Cupcake
Stacey's Birthday Cupcake
Rangers Cubs Game in Texas
Rangers Cubs Game in Texas
Dinner at Our Favorite Restaurant
Dinner at Our Favorite Restaurant
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Feeling Fancy
Feeling Fancy
2 / 12
Kayaking Selfie
Kayaking Selfie
3 / 12
Stacey & Her Brother in San Francisco
Stacey & Her Brother in San Francisco
4 / 12
Relaxing with the Pups
Relaxing with the Pups
5 / 12
Holding a Baby Aligator
Holding a Baby Aligator
6 / 12
Picture with Santa
Picture with Santa
7 / 12
Weekend Getaway to Tennessee
Weekend Getaway to Tennessee
8 / 12
Hanging Out with Our Niece & Nephew
Hanging Out with Our Niece & Nephew
9 / 12
Night Out with David's Brother
Night Out with David's Brother
10 / 12
Stacey's Birthday Cupcake
Stacey's Birthday Cupcake
11 / 12
Rangers Cubs Game in Texas
Rangers Cubs Game in Texas
12 / 12
Dinner at Our Favorite Restaurant
Dinner at Our Favorite Restaurant

Our Extended Families

David's Family

Both of our families are thrilled about our adoption plan! Stacey’s family lives in or near Chicagoland, where she is originally from. We love that no matter how long we go between visits to Chicago, we have a great connection to her brothers and cousins. Growing up Stacey celebrated all major holidays at her Grandparents’ home with her extended family, and they also had a ‘cousins’ day’ once a week during the summer. Stacey’s extended family continue to celebrate holiday’s together and now have cousins’ evenings. We travel to Chicago for Thanksgiving and Memorial Day to join in the fun. Stacey’s family is excited to meet our adopted child and can’t wait to surround them with love!

Stacey & Her Cousins

David’s immediate family moved to the United States from Canada when David was five. We are blessed to have David’s parents, two brothers, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew live near-by! His parents’ home is the main gathering place for Holiday dinners and Birthday celebrations. The nine of us celebrate Christmas Eve together by sharing a special dinner and exchanging gifts, we swim in their pool over Labor Day, and have a BBQ on the Fourth of July. We look forward to creating a ‘cousins day’ for David’s niece, nephew, and our adopted child!

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We live in Northwest Arkansas. Our neighborhood is welcoming and safe. Our home is located within walking distance of a diverse and highly rated elementary and middle school. Several families in our neighborhood have young children who we see walking to and from school and playing outside together. Northwest Arkansas has a great mix of family friendly activities! These include the Amazeum, a display of over 400,000 lights decorating downtown for the Holidays, Fourth of July Fireworks, water parks, Beaver Lake, restaurants, theater, shopping, and Crystal Bridges museum. We can’t think of a place we would rather raise a child!

Local Playground

We love our cozy one story, three-bedroom home and its open backyard! The heart of our home is our living room; it has large sliding glass patio doors that open to the backyard and a fireplace. At the end of the day, we curl-up on the couch together with our dogs and relax. During the Holiday season we decorate our Christmas tree in the living room. Down the hall from the living room we have already designated a bedroom and bathroom for our future little one. The bedroom is spacious with two closets, a pretty window, and soft new carpet to play on.

From Us to You

Thank you for reading this letter and viewing our profile. We hope it gives you a glimpse of who we are and communicates how honored we would be to give your child a nurturing and loving home. We also want to thank you for your courage, love, and selflessness in considering adoption for your child. We are here to support you.

We met fall of 2016. We knew shortly after we met that we were meant to be together and we married a year and a half later. We love to make one another laugh and we truly are one another’s best friend. From the beginning of our relationship we discussed our shared dream of becoming first time parents. The heartbreak of infertility and unsuccessful fertility treatment challenged us. Loving each other thru that challenge has made us a stronger couple. We are so excited to be on a path towards adoption with you!

We look forward to your child’s first steps, first time seeing the beach, and first little taste of ice cream on a summer night. David can’t wait to do the fun little things that make toddlers laugh like blowing bubbles, clapping, and making silly faces. Stacey is excited to explore evening stars and read bedtime stories to your child. We are both looking forward to the day we get to chaperone our first field trip!

We value education and experiences that will help your child learn about themselves and the world they live in. In our home your child will have books, paint, stuffed animals, and legos to play with. As a family we will explore museums, attend dance performances, and go to concerts together. We also plan to travel together - we can’t wait to visit the Grand Canyon, eat pizza in Chicago, and fly oversees to explore Barcelona. We will support and encourage your child’s unique talents so they can develop into the individual they aspire to be!

We are open to adopting a child of a different racial background than our own. Our family and friends are in full support of this decision. We feel strongly that every person should be treated equally and with respect; we act accordingly. We will explore and celebrate your child’s cultural history.

If you choose us to be your child’s adoptive parents, we are open to as much contact as you would be comfortable with. If desired, we would like to send you emails or texts with updates and photos of your child. We would love to connect with you and your family over videos and make plans to visit if that is something that you are interested in. No matter your decision on the amount of contact you would be comfortable with or if the contact you desire changes over time, we will respect it. We will always honor you in our family and make sure that your child understands your love for them.

We are very thankful that you took the time to read about us. We would love to get to know you and answer any questions you have for us. We will be thinking about you and praying for you as you make a decision about what is the best for you and your baby.

With love and respect,

David & Stacey


Michael J Fox
Tom Hanks
Jodie Comer
Sandra Bullock
Sea turtle
Dan Brown
The Da Vinci Code
To Kill A Mockingbird
Candy Bar
Canadian O Henry
Winnie the Pooh
Childhood Memory
Going to baseball games with my dad
Playing with the heighbor kids
Childhood Toy
Care Bears
Children's Book
Charlottes Web
Oh, The Places You Will Go by Dr Seuss
New York
Classic Movie
Breakfast at Tiffanys
Sound of Music
Day of Week
Anything Chocolate
Chocolate lava cake
Disney Movie
Mary Poppins
Dream Car
Dream Job
Sports Agent
Dream Vacation
Amalfi Coast, Italy
Family Activity
Date nights
Cooking together
Flower / Plant
Wood oven pizza
Form of Exercise
Lifting Weights
Bike riding
Working out
Holiday Song
So this is ChristmasJohn Lennon
So This Is Christmas - John Lennon
Holiday Tradition
Eating fish on Christmas Eve. Polish Tradition.
Eating herring, lentils, and rice pudding for health, wealth, and good luck New Years Day
Ice Cream
Chocolate Anything
Junk Food
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate chip cookies
Leisure Activity
Walking the dog/playing
Spending time with our dogs
Memory with a Child
Traveling to Canada for family reunions
Reading with my niece
Memory with Spouse
Our first vacation as a married couple.
Wedding day
Christmas Vacation
Forest Gump
Movie Munchie
Chocolate covered pretzels
Movie Quote
I feel the need, the need for speed. Top Gun
"Just Keep Swimming" -Dori from the movie Nemo
Movie Type
Musical Group
Dave Matthews Band
Nursery Rhyme
Humpty Dumpty
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Canada winning Hockey Gold in 2010
Personal Hero
My brother
Michele Obama
Robert Frost
Maya Angelou
Quality about my Spouse
Her initiative
He is kind, funny, and loving
"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou
Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words. Becareful of your words, because your words become your actions. Becareful of your actions, because your actions become habits. Becarful of your habits, because your habits become your c
Oven and Tap
A Girl and A Goat. Chicago, IL
Philly Cheese Steak
Italian Beef with peppers
Psalm 23:4
Shopping Store
Best Buy
Banana Republic
Dave Matthews Band
All Night Long, Lionel Richie
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan
Sports Team
Texas Rangers, SF 49ers, Toronto Raptors, Toronto Maple Leafs.
Subject in School
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Watching Christmas Vacation over the Christmas break
Yearly vacation in Northern Woods with extended family
TV Show
Somebody Feed Phil
TV Show Character
Villanelle on Killing eve
Type of Music
Jam Bands
Vacation Spot
In the US San Diego. International would be the Europe
Kauai, Hawaii
Video Game
Mario Brothers

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