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Tristan & Donna

We are so grateful for adoption. Thank you for looking at our profile! Our home is full of love and we can be a little silly at times. We love being parents and all of the things that come with it. We look forward to beginning this adoption journey!

About Us

Pharmacy Manager
Online ESL Teacher
Doctor of Pharmacy
Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

Our Family

Early in our relationship we both talked about how we might want to adopt one day. Neither of us knew what that would look like at the time. We weren't sure when, or how we wanted to adopt, just that it was something we were open to.

In 2017, we got pregnant and had our daughter, Sydney. We knew right away we wanted to have another child. We have always dreamed of a home with multiple kids and all of the fun and excitement (and chaos) that brings. Unfortunately, it wasn't in the cards for us to have another baby ourselves. After having two miscarriages, Donna had to have a hysterectomy in 2019. We had already decided that surrogacy and egg retrieval wasn't for us. It was clear that adoption was the right path for us to take when adding to our family. We are excited about beginning our adoption journey and see where it takes us!

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Best Friends

Donna About Tristan: I love that I can count on Tristan to be there for me no matter what. He has stuck by me through some difficult times and I know we are in this for life. I love his kindness. He has been known to help a stranger if they need groceries or gas to fill their tank. I love that he is always trying to learn more about the world and how it works. He values education and is always reading a book. He is very handy. If something needs to be fixed he is always good at figuring out how to fix it. I love how nurturing and caring he is with our daughter. He is such a good dad and I really enjoy watching them together.

Tristan About Donna: Donna is the most understanding and empathetic person I know. No matter the situation she always tries to see things from the other person's perspective. She is always considerate of what someone else is going through. She is very good at dealing with children. She always does a great job caring for our daughter. When I am not sure what to do, Donna always has an idea. I admire how principled Donna is. She has a firm conviction regarding the things she believes in.

Cultural Diversity

We recognize that adopting a child outside of our race or cultural background holds a unique set of challenges. We believe that every child has their own story and that where they come from is an important part of who they are. We want to celebrate our child's story by recognizing what makes them unique. Luckily we live in a world in which people are very connected. Because of this we have many resources at our fingertips to learn about and support a child that is different from us. We know that we are not alone in raising our children. We have a diverse group of friends who play important roles in our family. Our community which we both live and work in is full of people from different cultural backgrounds. What we don't know, we can learn from others. We are sensitive to how the world may view someone that looks different than we do, even though we wish that wasn't the case. We know that no matter what background our child comes from, they will have all the love we can give them.


We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family!
We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family!
Planting Flowers
Planting Flowers
Donna & a Friend Making Bows & Tutus for the Dance Team
Donna & a Friend Making Bows & Tutus for the Dance Team
At the Zoo
At the Zoo
Tristan & His Dad Ready for a Bike Ride
Tristan & His Dad Ready for a Bike Ride
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
In Montreal
In Montreal
Tristan Hiking With His Sister
Tristan Hiking With His Sister
Walking in Race for the Cure
Walking in Race for the Cure
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We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family!
We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family!
2 / 12
3 / 12
Planting Flowers
Planting Flowers
4 / 12
Donna & a Friend Making Bows & Tutus for the Dance Team
Donna & a Friend Making Bows & Tutus for the Dance Team
5 / 12
At the Zoo
At the Zoo
6 / 12
Tristan & His Dad Ready for a Bike Ride
Tristan & His Dad Ready for a Bike Ride
7 / 12
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
8 / 12
In Montreal
In Montreal
9 / 12
10 / 12
Tristan Hiking With His Sister
Tristan Hiking With His Sister
11 / 12
Walking in Race for the Cure
Walking in Race for the Cure
12 / 12

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a medium-sized suburb in Arkansas. Our neighborhood has many families with young kids. It is an active neighborhood where people walk, ride their bikes, and spend time outside. We live next to a golf course and our daughter has a great time finding the golf balls that bounce into our yard.

Our house has three bedrooms and an office for Donna to work from home. We spend most of our time either outside or in our living room, which often looks like a play room because of Sydney's toys. Our yard has some amazing, big oak trees. Even when it is hot in the summer, we always have some nice shade.

The city we live in always seems to have something going on. There are several parks to choose from where there are walking trails, fishing, playgrounds, and a splash pad. It is a very kid friendly area. Our city organizes events for every holiday. There are Christmas parades, carnivals, egg hunts, and fireworks for the Fourth of July.

Our Extended Families

Donna's Mom With Sydney & Our Niece

Both of our families live fairly close, which means we get to see them often!

Donna's mom lives really close to us and comes to visit at least once a week. She loves to spend her time with our daughter, Sydney. Their favorite things to do together are reading, building things with blocks, and playing with Play-Doh. She is retired, so she gets to enjoy being a Nana to the fullest! She spoils her grandchildren!

Tristan's Family

Tristan's family lives a couple of hours away, so we see them frequently. We go and see them usually at least once a month for the weekend. Tristan's sister has kids too, and it is so fun to watch all of the cousins getting closer as they get older. They can get loud and crazy when they are together, but we love it!

One of the best things about living so close to our families is being able to see them for holidays. We love celebrating Christmas with them! We like to make ornaments for the Christmas tree. We eat crackers with cheese and sausage for Christmas Eve, so no one has to worry about cooking. We are always excited to get up early and open gifts in the morning. The kids get to spend time playing with their new toys while we all just enjoy each other's company.

Our family is so excited about us adopting!

From Us to You

We know that considering adoption can be a difficult thing to do and figuring our what is best for you and your child can be even harder, so it means a lot to us that you are even looking at our profile. While we cannot know what you are feeling, because we have not been there ourselves, we do know that it takes courage and strength to face what you are going through.

Everyone has their own story and you will always be a part of your child's story no matter what path you take. Because of this, our lives will be connected. We know that having an open adoption is important for you and your child. What that means will depend on what you want and feel comfortable with moving forward. We are open to all forms of communication including emails, letters, and phone calls. We will send pictures and updates regularly. We are also open to in-person visits. Every person's situation is different and we can work together to figure our what is right for everyone.

As for us, we have been together for ten years and married for seven. Currently we are a family of three: Tristan, Donna, and our daughter Sydney. We are surrounded by family and friends that support us and are excited for us to add to our family. Tristan is a pharmacist who manages a grocery store pharmacy near our home. Donna is a teacher who taught elementary school for six years and is currently teaching English classes online from home. We are fortunate that Donna's job allows her to stay at home and be with our kids during the day.

We absolutely love being parents. We both love kids and the joy and wonder they bring. Our daughter Sydney is two years old and has brought so much fun and excitement into our lives. Before we even had Sydney we knew we wanted more than one child. Our family doesn't quite feel complete just yet. Donna had to have a hysterectomy in 2019, so we are unable to add to our family naturally. Other options like egg retrieval and surrogacy didn't feel right for us. Adoption has always been something we have thought about for our future, so we felt drawn to take this path.

We know that being a parent to any child (adopted or otherwise) comes with a great responsibility. They need love and encouragement. They need freedom to learn and be themselves, but also someone to help guide them and teach them about the world. We promise to provide a home that has all of these things, and most importantly we will give them love, kindness, and patience. We are excited to watch our children grow and discover who they are and celebrate their uniqueness.

We will forever feel an immense amount of gratitude if you choose us to adopt your child. They are so wanted and will be loved and supported wherever life takes them. It is a journey we are excited to begin.


Tristan & Donna


Robert DeNiro
Patrick Stewart
Emily Blunt
Anne Hathaway
Philip K. Dick
Brandon Sanderson
The Grapes of Wrath
Candy Bar
Looney Tunes
Sailor Moon
Childhood Memory
Summers at the lake with family
Taking dance classes with my dad.
Childhood Toy
Super Nintendo
A stuffed rabbit
Children's Book
Any Goosebumps
The Poky Little Puppy
Washington D.C.
Classic Movie
Dr. Strangelove
Day of Week
Pumpkin pie
Disney Movie
Dream Car
Porsche 911
Mini Cooper
Dream Job
Dream Vacation
Hiking the Appalachian Trail
Family Activity
Spending time in the backyard
Being outside
Flower / Plant
Oak tree
Buffalo chicken and blue cheese pizza
Form of Exercise
Book and Run
Holiday Song
Anything from The Muppet Christmas Carol
Holiday Tradition
Watching The Muppet Christmas Carol every Christmas
Making Christmas ornaments
Ice Cream
Americone Dream
Cookies and cream
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Electronic Gaming Monthly
National Geographic
Memory with a Child
Sydney's first Halloween. She was a hedgehog.
Digging for worms with Sydney.
Memory with Spouse
Floating the river
Going canoeing
O Brother, Where Art Thou
The Lord of the Rings
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"Potatoes. Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew"
Movie Type
Action/Science Fiction
Musical Group
Pink Floyd
Nursery Rhyme
Wise Men of Gotham
Olympic Event
Shel Silverstein
Quality about my Spouse
Sense of humor
Pho and More
Tacos 4 Life
Vietnamese style sandwich
Grilled cheese
Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Formula One racing
Formula 1 racing
Subject in School
Math and Science
Sailor Moon
Thing to Cook
Potato soup
Stir fry
Time of Day
Night time
Getting together with family for holidays
Type of Music
Anything Disney
Video Game
Super Mario World
Mario Kart

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