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Jason & Julie

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about us; we're happy to share a glimpse into our lives. We have so much love for each other and we can't wait to share that love with a child. We are grateful that you are considering us to be the family for your baby and admire your desire to give your child the best possible start in life.

About Us

Insurance Advisor
Bachelor's Degree in Communications
Master's Degree in Literacy Education
Legally Married

What it Means to be Parents

We Can't Wait to be Parents!

We can’t wait to be parents. We are excited to help a child grow and become their own person. We will share family traditions like going to see Christmas lights and are excited to create new traditions with a child. We look forward to celebrating milestones such as first steps, kindergarten graduation, prom, and the many events that fill a child’s life. Julie can’t wait to share favorite books while Jason looks forward to playing games outside. We will attend school field trips, sports practices, and provide a welcoming place for childhood friends.

We understand that raising children takes patience and understanding. We live in a safe, child-friendly community but we know growing up is not easy. There could be arguments with friends, struggles with homework, or other childhood problems. We promise to provide support by loving and communicating openly with them. We will teach them to respect others, to treat others with kindness, and to genuinely care about those around them. After all, raising a happy and healthy child is our ultimate goal.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Best Friends

Julie About Jason:

Jason is amazingly compassionate and caring. He takes an interest in everyone he talks to, no matter how brief the interaction, and makes them feel important. He compliments and encourages friends and family and I know he’ll be such a supportive father. He has a good sense of humor and is quick to make a joke to put a person at ease. He is very loyal to his friends and family and goes out of his way to help out when he can. Jason believes in treating others compassionately no matter their background or life circumstance. He is the best person I know.

Jason About Julie:

Julie is the most caring person I know. From the time I met her, and still today there is no other person I enjoy being with more. Julie is a positive, fun person who always looks on the bright side. She is always thinking about the needs of other people. Every Christmas she donates presents for kids in foster care. Julie is calm when problems arise and starts planning and organizing to solve the problem. She loves cooking, especially breakfast. Julie is sweet with her nieces and nephews and I can tell she is going to make a great mother. We have so much fun together and we can't wait to share that love and fun with a child.

Why We Chose Adoption

We have long dreamed of having a child. We were unable to have biological children and, in our hearts, know that adoption is the right choice to build our family. We’ve experienced the joy adoption brings through our extended family and close friends who have chosen to adopt. We know that adoption is the right path for us, and we can’t wait to shower a child with love and affection. It will be so exciting watching them develop into their own unique self.

Discussing adoption with them from birth and reading books to them explaining the joys of adoption is very important to us. They will know their story and will understand the courage, love and selflessness you showed in placing them with us. We understand that they will have different questions about adoption as they grow up. We look forward to having many conversations over the years. Our parents are very supportive and already play an important role in our nieces’ and nephews’ lives. They can’t wait to be grandparents again and are always there when needed. In fact, our entire family is excited that we are growing our family through adoption.



Go Cards!
Go Cards!
Walking Our Pup, Louie
Walking Our Pup, Louie
Coaching the Girls on the Run 5k
Coaching the Girls on the Run 5k
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Cuddles with Our Nephew
Cuddles with Our Nephew
Biking with Our Nephew
Biking with Our Nephew
Batting Practice with Our Nephew
Batting Practice with Our Nephew
Having Fun Trying on Hats
Having Fun Trying on Hats
Papa Loves Playing for the Grandkids
Papa Loves Playing for the Grandkids
Celebrating a Friend's Birthday
Celebrating a Friend's Birthday
Swim Time with Our Niece
Swim Time with Our Niece
Enjoying a Beautiful Summer Day
Enjoying a Beautiful Summer Day
1 / 12
Go Cards!
Go Cards!
2 / 12
Walking Our Pup, Louie
Walking Our Pup, Louie
3 / 12
Coaching the Girls on the Run 5k
Coaching the Girls on the Run 5k
4 / 12
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
5 / 12
Cuddles with Our Nephew
Cuddles with Our Nephew
6 / 12
Biking with Our Nephew
Biking with Our Nephew
7 / 12
Batting Practice with Our Nephew
Batting Practice with Our Nephew
8 / 12
Having Fun Trying on Hats
Having Fun Trying on Hats
9 / 12
Papa Loves Playing for the Grandkids
Papa Loves Playing for the Grandkids
10 / 12
Celebrating a Friend's Birthday
Celebrating a Friend's Birthday
11 / 12
Swim Time with Our Niece
Swim Time with Our Niece
12 / 12
Enjoying a Beautiful Summer Day
Enjoying a Beautiful Summer Day

Our Extended Families

Jason's Family

We both come from big, warm, loving families. Jason’s parents had four kids and Julie’s parents had six kids. Most of our family, including our parents and our brothers and sisters, live within 20 minutes of our house. We celebrate birthdays and holidays together, but we don’t have to wait for special events to see each other. We often meet at each other’s houses for barbecues or to watch sporting events, and we also frequently gather together on weekends to make s’mores over a fire pit with our nieces and nephews. Our families are so excited about our plan to adopt.

Sunday BBQ with Julie's Family

Living so close means that we can support one another. Julie’s family gets together for Sunday dinners at least twice a month where we laugh, sing, play games and relax with one another. Julie’s dad plays the guitar for the grandkids, while Julie’s mom bakes her famous chocolate chip cookies - a favorite for both the kids and adults. Jason’s parents bought a lake house in 2016. It’s less than an hour away, and we spend many weekends there swimming, boating, barbequing and spending quality time with each other. The cousins get to play together and see their grandparents. Jason’s mother makes up special silly songs for the grandkids and makes the best desserts. Jason’s dad is super supportive and always there to help. Both our families have a great sense of humor and we genuinely have fun when we’re together.

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a family friendly community in the suburbs of a large city. Our neighborhood is fairly large and is filled with young families. The kids here are great friends, and we often see bikes piled on lawns and kids of all ages laughing and playing with one another all day long. We have multiple friends with young kids in our neighborhood. On Halloween, we all put fire pits on the driveway so that families can hang out while the kids trick or treat. We even have a haunted house! One of our neighbors decorates their home as a haunted house and invites everyone in. In the summer, our neighborhood organizes snow cone and food truck events, scavenger hunts for families and even a block party. At Christmas time, all the houses are decked out with Christmas lights, and neighborhood carolers go from house to house singing Christmas songs.

We live in a two-story home that features four bedrooms and three baths. We have a large backyard that will be perfect for a swing set or a trampoline. There’s a park with fishing ponds, playgrounds, and trails within walking distance of our home. Jason’s sister and her family also live within walking distance of our house, so we get to see our two young nephews often. Overall we have a fun, safe neighborhood.

From Us to You

Hello, we are Jason & Julie! We have been together for four years and have been happily married for two years. In that time, we have built a strong relationship based on open communication, shared sacrifice, and love. We have longed to be parents and will be forever grateful to you if you chose us. We promise to encourage, nurture, and love this child fiercely.

Julie’s family is no stranger to adoption. Two of Julie’s first cousins joined the family through adoption, and one of those cousins adopted two boys as well. Our close friends have also adopted, so we are happy to have experienced the joy of adoption first hand. We struggled through fertility treatments for a couple years before learning that we are unable to have biological children. That realization was a blessing in disguise because it led us to our current adoption journey. We find strength in our trials and hard times because we are sure it is preparing us for something wonderful. We have a strong faith in God, and we believe that God led us to each other. We know that adoption is part of God’s plan for our family, and we can’t wait to welcome a child into our lives.

Julie is an early elementary reading teacher and she’s looking forward to nurturing the natural curiosity in a new baby. She has ample breaks from school and looks forward to the little things like dancing to a favorite song while in pjs, playing hide and seek in the basement, and reading favorite bedtime stories over and over. Jason is an insurance advisor. His job is flexible, and he can set his own hours. He looks forward to being a daddy who teaches a child to play sports or one that will help lace up ballet slippers. He is the master of safety and preparation, but he may not be prepared for how quickly he will be wrapped around a new baby’s finger.

We love to travel and make memories. Whether it’s going to spring training games in Florida, lounging on a beach, or visiting the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Hawaii, we always have fun together. Vacations offer us time to relax and reset. We go on at least one trip a year, sometimes more. We strive to come away from our journeys with a new appreciation or understanding of different places and cultures. We can’t wait for the chance to explore more of our beautiful country with a child.

Our passion for family is something we’d love to share, and we hope you will consider welcoming us into your life. We understand that adoption can cause many different and conflicting emotions, and we seek to honor those feelings. We know that this is not an easy decision for you. We are amazed by your love and selflessness in considering adoption for your child. Please know that we will maintain contact with you at the level you choose, and we understand that the level of contact wanted may change. If pictures and letters are desired, we will happily send them, but we are also open to phone calls, texts, emails, and visits throughout your child’s childhood and adolescence.

We feel that every step of this journey is one to cherish. In choosing us, you will be part of the story that helped make our dream of becoming parents come true. We can promise that your baby will be loved unconditionally each and every day. We have a lot of room in our hearts and would love the chance to care for a son or daughter.

Jason & Julie


Robert Deniro
Matthew Mcconaughey
Julia Louis-Drewfuss
Kate Hudson
Bob Nightengale
Sophie Kinsella
To Kill a Mockingbird
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Candy Bar
Bugs Bunny
Duck Tales
Childhood Memory
Playing with friends in the Neighborhood
Playing freeze tag with my siblings and friends
Childhood Toy
Big Wheel
Pound Puppy
Children's Book
The Cat In The Hat
Chrysanthemum, Lily's Purple Plastic Purse
St Louis
Pensacola, FL
Classic Movie
It's a Wonderful Life
It's a Wonderful Life
Day of Week
My Mother's Poundcake
Disney Movie
Beauty and the Beast
Dream Car
Toyota Camry
Dream Job
Professional Broadcaster
Professional Singer
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Going to the Lake
Weekend Barbecues
Flower / Plant
Chicken Wings
Form of Exercise
Apples to Apples
Watching/Attending Sporting Events
4th of July
Holiday Song
Silent Night
Jingle Bells
Holiday Tradition
Getting Together With Our Families
Watching a fireworks display on the 4th of July
Ice Cream
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate chip
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Relaxing on the Couch
Walking the dog
Memory with a Child
Holding my nephew for the first time
Teaching my niece to roller skate
Memory with Spouse
Proposing to Julie when we were seeing Christmas lights.
Hiking to a waterfall in Hawaii
Terminator 2
Almost Famous
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
The Natural "You're the best hitter I ever had, and you"re the best damn hitter I ever saw."
If you build it he will come.
Movie Type
The Wizard of OZ
Musical Group
Van Halen
The Killers
Nursery Rhyme
London Bridge is Falling Down
Jack and Jill
Olympic Event
Ice Hockey
Personal Hero
My Dad
John Lewis
Walt Whitman
Nikki Grimes
Quality about my Spouse
She is compassionate and loving
He is kind and helpful
"You just never know"
Be the change you want to see in the world.
Chicken club
Shopping Store
Jump by Van Halen
Green Eyes by Coldplay
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Ozzie Smith
Ryan O'Reilly
Sports Team
St. Louis Cardinals
St. Louis Blues
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Anything on the BBQ Pit
Pasta con broccoli
Time of Day
Seeing Christmas lights
Thanksgiving dinner
TV Show
Jane the Virgin
TV Show Character
Larry David
Michael Scott
Type of Music
80's Rock, Alternative
Alternative, Pop, R&B
Vacation Spot
Anywhere in the Gulf of Mexico
Video Game
I no longer play video games, but it was Mike Tyson's Punch Out

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