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Steve & Jimmy

It's fair to say that we've been preparing to be parents our whole lives, and we're honored that you're considering us! Since we first met, we knew we wanted to adopt - but our former lives overseas as Navy officers made that challenging! Now that we're civilians, we're finally ready (and ecstatic) to start this journey together with you!

About Us

Vice President of Business Development
Product Manager
Master's Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Legally Married

How We Met

Dressed Up for a Friend's Wedding

We met under very non-traditional circumstances in 2012. We were both active duty in the Navy and stationed in Japan when we met - Steve as a pilot, Jimmy as a ship driver. After meeting briefly in Yokosuka we lost touch for a couple of months. However, through some crafty private investigator work, Steve was able to contact Jimmy using the Navy's shipboard email system - thus beginning a one-of-a-kind, long distance romance between two ships in the Pacific Ocean!

After several months of email dating, Jimmy moved to Florida on a new set of orders and deployed to the Persian Gulf. Steve received a new set of orders to California. Though it took almost three years of very long distance (8,000 miles!) digital courtship, Jimmy finally moved in with Steve upon receiving his final set of orders to the same duty station. We've been living together ever since, and tied the knot in 2016 at an intimate rooftop wedding in San Diego.

Our Dogs, Tanuki & Kaiju

Our Pups

We are so lucky to have two AMAZING dogs! We jokingly tell new acquaintances that it is California state law that two men must adopt a dog within 30 days of moving in together, but that's exactly what we did. After several trips to the shelter, we were introduced to two small dogs that we hadn't initially considered. But, the volunteer at the shelter insisted we meet them because she was sure we'd fall in love. And we did - one day later, our new dog babies were safe in their new home!

Since we met in Japan we felt it appropriate to give them Japanese names. Our Pomeranian is Tanuki, a Japanese raccoon who's quite popular in folklore. Our Boston Terrier mix is Kaiju, which means "giant terrifying monster" in Japanese. We gave him this name as a loving joke because he's the nicest and most cuddly dog on the planet. Our dogs are great with kids, including our nieces and nephews (though that may be because they love stealing their waffles during family breakfast time). They enjoy spending time at the dog park two blocks from our house, which is conveniently right next to the playground. Kaiju and Tanuki especially love getting pets (and scratches and tugs) from the neighborhood kids!

Discussing Adoption

Every child develops differently so, we have not pinned down an exact age or moment when we plan to discuss adoption with our future child. Rather, the discussion will happen organically over many moments, openly and with age-appropriate language and techniques (i.e. for toddler years, using story books that portray diverse/adoptive families and pointing out “That’s just like you!”; for school age years, answering questions directly and honestly with thoughtful language; at all times, being forthright about appropriate and known information regarding you and your adoption decision). In other words, it’s not a “big reveal” type of conversation; it’s a million beautiful little conversations that happen throughout life. We recognize that as the child of two dads, your child is going to understand pretty quickly that he or she is different than the other kids. For this reason, we will make sure they recognizes that their uniqueness is their biggest strength.



Jimmy Baking Something Delicious
Jimmy Baking Something Delicious
On a Trip to Bixby Bridge
On a Trip to Bixby Bridge
Playing at the Dog Park
Playing at the Dog Park
Wine Country with Friends
Wine Country with Friends
Jimmy Meeting His Nephew
Jimmy Meeting His Nephew
Enjoying Steve's Reunion
Enjoying Steve's Reunion
Steve Hanging Out with Our Niece
Steve Hanging Out with Our Niece
Hiking in California
Hiking in California
At Stanford with Poppy
At Stanford with Poppy
Brunch with Friends
Brunch with Friends
Ugly Sweater Party
Ugly Sweater Party
Celebrating Steve's Graduation
Celebrating Steve's Graduation
1 / 12
Jimmy Baking Something Delicious
Jimmy Baking Something Delicious
2 / 12
On a Trip to Bixby Bridge
On a Trip to Bixby Bridge
3 / 12
Playing at the Dog Park
Playing at the Dog Park
4 / 12
Wine Country with Friends
Wine Country with Friends
5 / 12
Jimmy Meeting His Nephew
Jimmy Meeting His Nephew
6 / 12
Enjoying Steve's Reunion
Enjoying Steve's Reunion
7 / 12
Steve Hanging Out with Our Niece
Steve Hanging Out with Our Niece
8 / 12
Hiking in California
Hiking in California
9 / 12
At Stanford with Poppy
At Stanford with Poppy
10 / 12
Brunch with Friends
Brunch with Friends
11 / 12
Ugly Sweater Party
Ugly Sweater Party
12 / 12
Celebrating Steve's Graduation
Celebrating Steve's Graduation

Our Extended Families

Steve's Family

We both come from smaller families. Steve is one of two. He grew up in a beautiful coastal suburb of San Diego, CA, where his family still lives. Steve's older sister now resides in Los Angeles and is a writer for some great comedies you may have seen on TV! Jimmy is the youngest of four. He grew up in a small town on the Jersey Shore, about an hour from New York City. Most of his family still lives there, but his oldest brother lives in Westchester County, New York (and no, he's not related to Snooki OR Pauly D).

Fun with Our Cousins

We're uncles to two nephews and three nieces that are all under the age of seven, so we're excited for this child to be brought up with a great group of cousins who absolutely LIVE for visits to the beach and activities galore. Though our families are split across the US, you can expect us to do the cooking no matter who we're visiting - it's the activity that brings us all close together! We like to alternate between coasts for Thanksgiving and the Holidays to make sure we spend time with both of our extended families and keep things balanced. Our Moms are going to be so excited to have another grandchild to smother with their love!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

When we made the decision to move to Florida, about a year ago, the neighborhood was definitely one of the primary factors that influenced our decision. Our neighborhood is beautiful and filled with historic craftsman bungalows, including the one we now call our home. We are zoned to the best public-school district in the county, and one of the best in the state of Florida, and can't wait to start getting involved in school activities as a new way to engage with our community.

We Love Our Cozy Home

Every year in January, our city hosts a pirate-themed parade and festival. We're fortunate to live within walking distance of the parade route, and we can't wait to share in the arr-worthy festivities with a child by our side! We live two blocks away from a great playground and dog park that is always filled with the neighborhood kids and pups, and we're there almost every day with our own two dogs.

We own a two bedroom, two bathroom home that is cozy and perfect for our small, growing family. The best part of our home is the front porch, which has a lovely porch swing that's perfect for afternoon naps and greeting neighbors as they pass. We take a ton of pride in our home and we work fastidiously to make it one of the most attractive and welcoming in the neighborhood!

From Us to You

We feel so fortunate that you've taken an extra moment to keep reading our profile. Hopefully what you've read so far communicates that we're a super open, caring and hard-working couple and we've always dreamed of having kids. The fact that we can't have a child biologically doesn't in any way diminish our fierce commitment to being the best parents we can be.

We have been together for more than eight years, and we celebrated our four-year wedding anniversary in May! We have a completely committed relationship and we're each other’s biggest fans and supporters. We don't go into decisions individually, we always communicate regardless of how trivial or enormous a situation may be. It hasn't been a perfect life for either of us, and we've had our fair share of challenges, setbacks, and sadness. But through it all, we forge ahead, optimistic that our hard work and commitment to being good people will present us with bigger and better opportunities and a richer, more vibrant life.

We have no assumptions or preconceptions about you or the position you're in. We're open to many adoption opportunities because we believe that no one child's life is more or less valuable than another's. Every child deserves a loving home, and we're prepared to extend that to a child in need. We definitely understand that you're making a very difficult, brave and loving decision. We're prepared and enthusiastic to be adoptive parents, and we recognize that a huge part of that responsibility is having a healthy relationship with you. We of course intend to provide letters and pictures to you (because let's face it, we're going to be very proud parents!), but we also intend to do much more to keep a healthy line of communication between you and your child. We're open to phone calls, video calls, email, social media and even future visits if that's what you want. With healthy communication as a guiding light, we're open and happy to accommodate your wishes and desire to remain part of this child's life.

It's tough for anyone to convey their personalities in an online profile, but we've given it our best shot. We're sure that if you give us a chance, you'll see that we're genuinely committed to this adoption with every fiber of our being. And hopefully you'll be able to trust that we'll be undergoing this life event with you, sensitive to your concerns throughout the whole process. We're not the kind of people who only put in 50% effort to something we're passionate about. We want to be good parents, and we want to raise a great child, and we're sincerely hoping that you're willing to come along with us for the ride.

We often have conversations about what it looks like to "have it all". These conversations have lead us to pursue new jobs, leave old jobs, grieve loss, move to the other side of the world, go back to school, and everything in between. But, whenever we think about what part of our lives will bring us the most fulfillment, it's being parents to a bright, happy, loving child (or children!). It's what we've both been planning for, and working for, our whole lives. We're so excited that you’re considering being a part of that experience with us!

Sincerely, thank you!

Steve & Jimmy


John Slattery
RuPaul Charles
Christina Hendricks
Saoirse Ronan
Harper Lee
J. K. Rowling
To Kill a Mockingbird
Any of the Harry Potter Books, but particularly "Prizoner of Azkaban"
Candy Bar
Frozen Mini Butterfingers
Family Guy
Bob's Burgers
Childhood Memory
Going to Space Camp in Huntsville, AL
Going to the beach
Childhood Toy
My green stuffed bunny rabbit
Children's Book
The Polar Express
The Rainbow Fish
Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo & London
Classic Movie
On The Beach
The Sound of Music
Day of Week
Red Velvet Cake
Anything I bake!
Disney Movie
The Lion King
Dream Car
Nissan 280Z
Audi TT
Dream Job
Tech Executive
Dream Vacation
Road trip through Central America
Bringing my whole family to Tokyo!
Family Activity
Holiday Gatherings
Cooking and Eating
Flower / Plant
Bird of Paradise
Mosntera Deliciosa
Fresh-baked bread
All varieties of Curry
Form of Exercise
Orange Theory Fitness (HIIT)
Trivial Pursuit
Settlers of Catan
Flying airplanes
Video Games
Memorial Day
Holiday Song
O Holy Night
Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses
Holiday Tradition
Family White Elephant gift exchange
Ice Cream
Any fruit-flavored gelato!
Any and all!
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Walks with the Dogs
Sunbathing by the pool
The Atlantic
Bon Appetit
Memory with a Child
New Year's with Our Friends and Their Kids
Meeting My First Nephew at the Hospital
Memory with Spouse
Fancy dinner and a Broadway show in New York City
Wine Tours
The Shawshank Redemption
Big Fish
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"James...earn this. Earn it." -- Saving Private Ryan
"Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport."
Movie Type
Jesus Christ Superstar
Musical Group
Pearl Jam
Nursery Rhyme
This Old Man
Old McDonald
Olympic Event
Swimming & Diving
Personal Hero
Barack Obama
Oprah Winfrey
Death of a Salesman
A Streetcar Named Desire
John Ciardi
T. S. Eliot
Quality about my Spouse
His infectious laugh and smile
His work ethic
"Whoever we are, we won't be for long." -- Edward Schwarzschild
Si vis pacem para bellum.
Alejandro's Mexican Food (Carlsbad, CA)
"Local 11 ten" in Savannah, GA
Turkey and Provolone sub
Jersey Mike's, #13, Whole, Mike's Way
Shopping Store
J. Crew
"Everything in its Right Place" -- Radiohead
Elderly Woman Behind the Counter at a Small Town Store - Pearl Jam
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
American Football
Sports Star
LeBron James
Serena Williams
Sports Team
San Diego Padres
Tampa Bay Lightning
Subject in School
AP European History
Computer Science
Thing to Cook
Macaroni and Cheese
Homemade Pasta
Time of Day
Weekly calls to my parents
Traveling home for the Holidays
TV Show
Mad Men
RuPaul's Drag Race
TV Show Character
Archie Bunker
Katya Zamolodchikova
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
California Wine Country
Any thriving city with great food and culture
Video Game
Monkey Island
World of Warcraft

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