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Brian & Becky

To us, the idea of being there for a child as they grow and explore the world is so special. Children notice the little things in this world that we as adults often overlook. We live very stable lives and are so excited to watch a child learn and grow, guiding them along the way. Thank you for taking the time to consider us on your adoption journey. We know this is a very difficult decision for you to make, and we want you to know that we are here for you and your child.

About Us

Senior Software Engineer
Public Health Specialist/
Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree
Master's Degree
Legally Married

Our Hopes for an Open Adoption

We Can't Wait to Become Parents!

We both developed a respect for adoption at a young age because we grew up with close friends who were adopted. Becky also provides childcare for a young girl who was adopted by her two dads and visits her birth mother every year. Her situation allows us to develop love and appreciation toward open adoption. We are also very close to Becky's cousin, Melissa, who was adopted. After Melissa was married, she adopted her daughter, Angel. Becky was ten years old when Angel was adopted and remembers her being welcomed into the family with love and embracement. They are all so excited for us to build our family through adoption! They live 5 minutes away from us and we would love for this child to bond with our family members who were adopted.

We will talk about adoption in a positive light with this child. We want this child to know their story, know where they come from, and most importantly, know they are loved. We will talk openly and honestly about their adoption and make sure your child knows you made a decision with their best interest in mind. You gave your child life and that connection cannot be taken away. We want to give you the opportunity to say "see you later," not "goodbye." We will do our absolute best to meet your desired level of communication with your child, whatever that may be. In our eyes, you are family, and you are loved.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Going for a Walk Around the Park Near Our Home

Brian is very laid back, calm, level headed, and kind. Becky admires the fact that Brian does not let anything hold him back. Brian struggled with communication skills during his childhood. He used self-help books to improve his social interaction and now he is extremely confident, extroverted, and holds strong relationships with his many friends. Brian also thrives in his career as a software engineer. He is intrinsically motivated and is constantly working on side projects to increase his knowledge and further his career. Becky also respects that Brian always prioritizes spending time with her and she has no doubt that he will do the same for this child.

Becky is very good at making light of a situation and has a lot of wisdom. Becky is always interested to hear what people think or have to say, and never judges or makes generalizations about people. Becky is very well-traveled and excellent at planning trips. Brian has grown to love traveling as well, because of Becky's passion to learn about and experience more of the world. Brian also appreciates how protective she is about family and friends and is confident that she will be a loving and caring mother. Becky is honest, trustworthy, and has a strong sense of morals. Brian also loves how great Becky is with children and adores seeing the joy in her eyes when she babysits and teaches swim lessons.

Our Life Priorities

We place great value on family, especially our elderly relatives. We both have numerous great aunts and uncles that we visit frequently. Also, we both cherish Brian's grandmother who is 91 years old. We believe that spending time with elderly family is essential to their well-being and allows younger generations to develop love and respect for their elders. We both had strong relationships with our grandparents and would love for this child to have a strong bond with their grandparents. We are also close with our parents and siblings. We talk to them every day and see them multiple times a week. We are very close with Becky's mom who frequently travels and visits with us. In addition, we value experiences over possessions. We enjoy bargaining at yard sales so we are able to save funds for travel and vacations. We are very resourceful and nonmaterialistic. Lastly, we value love and kindness and will raise a child to respect others. We value people having the freedom to be their true self and express their self without judgment.


Becky & Some of Her Swim Lesson Kids
Becky & Some of Her Swim Lesson Kids
Taking a Walk at Our Neighborhood Park
Taking a Walk at Our Neighborhood Park
Hiking in Upstate New York
Hiking in Upstate New York
Brian Holding a Sloth in Honduras
Brian Holding a Sloth in Honduras
Exploring Caves in Virginia
Exploring Caves in Virginia
All Smiles Together
All Smiles Together
Becky Babysitting
Becky Babysitting
Exploring Florida
Exploring Florida
Annual Trip to Vermont
Annual Trip to Vermont
Relaxing at Home
Relaxing at Home
Becky Traveling in Croatia
Becky Traveling in Croatia
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2 / 12
Becky & Some of Her Swim Lesson Kids
Becky & Some of Her Swim Lesson Kids
3 / 12
Taking a Walk at Our Neighborhood Park
Taking a Walk at Our Neighborhood Park
4 / 12
Hiking in Upstate New York
Hiking in Upstate New York
5 / 12
Brian Holding a Sloth in Honduras
Brian Holding a Sloth in Honduras
6 / 12
Exploring Caves in Virginia
Exploring Caves in Virginia
7 / 12
All Smiles Together
All Smiles Together
8 / 12
Becky Babysitting
Becky Babysitting
9 / 12
Exploring Florida
Exploring Florida
10 / 12
Annual Trip to Vermont
Annual Trip to Vermont
11 / 12
Relaxing at Home
Relaxing at Home
12 / 12
Becky Traveling in Croatia
Becky Traveling in Croatia

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

In our Connecticut home we have four bedrooms, one living room, and a large kitchen. Our favorite room is the kitchen because it is the center of the house and we enjoy cooking together. We recently finished our attic and plan on making it into a playroom for a child. Our yard is small, but there is plenty of room for a swing set and a kiddie pool! We enjoy many family and friend gatherings in our back yard.

Our Neighborhood Park

There are many children in our neighborhood who play together. We are lucky to have a large field across the street for your child to run and play in. There is a playground and a park within walking distance from our home. There are also numerous playgrounds all within 10 minutes from our house.

Our neighborhood is very diverse and welcoming. There is a Nature Center with year-round activities for children. Each Autumn, there is a fair downtown with great food and fun activities such as face painting, a bounce house, and many games. In the winter, Santa takes a ride on the firetruck and goes up and down every street in our neighborhood to throw popcorn balls to all the children (and adults)! Becky really loves this event because she used to go to her uncle's house and wait for Santa every Christmas.

Our Extended Families

Family Cruise

We both have strong relationships with our parents and we see them almost every day. They are very excited to welcome their first grandchild! Brian also has two siblings and his paternal grandma. Grandma is in her 90s and we adore her! We were both very close with our grandparents and want to give this child the chance to bond with his or her grandparents. We also enjoy traveling with Becky's mom. We are very excited to have a child to share our trips with. Our extended family is also very excited and supportive of our adoption plan. Becky's cousin was adopted and she adopted as well! We recently told her family our plans to adopt and they were overjoyed. We also have many other cousins, aunts, uncles, and family friends who are supportive and excited for our adoption. This child will be cherished with love and attention.

Becky & Her Mom in Greece

Most of our family members live less than 20 minutes away. We all love spending time together and playing the card game Skip-bo. We also enjoy being around the water and lucky for us, Becky's uncle lives 5 minutes away with a pool and water slide! Also, both of our parents live a block away from the beach. Our favorite holiday tradition is to go to Becky's parents' house and be surrounded by fireworks close by and across the water on Long Island Sound.

From Us to You

We truly appreciate you taking the time to get to know us. We understand that this is a difficult time for you. We will fully support you in this process and we promise to give your child a life full of love, laughs, safety, and stability. We hope that learning more about us will give you peace of mind as you consider adoption for your child.

We did not meet in the most "romantic" way, but our first date was perfect! We met on a dating website and after a few weeks of talking, we decided to get coffee at the boardwalk. Coffee turned into lunch and lunch turned into dinner! We spent the entire day together. We enjoyed walking on the beach, sitting in the sand, and most of all we enjoyed each other's company. After a few months, we started dating. We dated for five years and married on June 1st, 2019.

We planned to start a family as soon as we were married. However, we quickly learned that we have unexplained infertility. This was not a big surprise to us because Becky's parents also faced fertility issues. They conceived Becky naturally after 13 years of failed fertility treatments. Becky grew up with her best friend and cousin who were adopted and once she learned about her parent's struggles with fertility, she had a strong feeling adoption would be in her future. Becky shared this with Brian early on in their relationship and both of us have been on board with adoption from the very beginning.

We look forward to teaching your child our values such as education, learning about the world through exploration, showing kindness and compassion to others, and being happy and healthy! We will raise your child with Christian morals and values while also fostering autonomy and fully supporting the person they chose to be. We are looking forward to celebrating the holidays together, going to parks and museums, and watching a child learn and play every day.

We are young and have an incredible work-life balance. Becky will be a stay-at-home mom. Brian works remotely, which allows him to spend less time driving and more time with his family. Becky's parents and Brian's dad are retired and Brian's mom is a teacher with summers off! We all have so much time and love to give to a child.

This child will be the first baby in our family. Everyone is overjoyed and excited to welcome a new family member. This child will be adored and showered with love. Adoption is already a part of our extended family and everyone is looking forward to us building our family through adoption.

We strongly support the relationship between a child and their birth mother and family. You will ALWAYS be part of this child, and therefore part of us and our family. We are open to sharing photos, letters, text updates, video calls, and annual or biannual visits depending on your location. We are comfortable with any level of contact and are excited for our relationship with you to evolve over time. Whatever degree of contact you wish for, we will do our best to make you feel comfortable, included, and loved.

Thank you again for allowing us to share our hearts with you.

Brian & Becky


Tom Hanks
Zac Efron
Emma Watson
Jennifer Aniston
J. D. Salinger
J.K. Rowling
Catcher in the Rye
Harry Potter
Candy Bar
Take Five
King of the Hill
Childhood Memory
My dad taking my younger brother and I to have a snowball fight during the snowfall right before going to see our newborn baby sister.
Surfing in Hawaii
Childhood Toy
Model trains
Children's Book
Curious George
The Day the Crayons Quit
New York
New Orleans
Classic Movie
White Christmas
North by Northwest
Day of Week
Disney Movie
Lilo and Stitch
Dream Car
Ford Raptor
Dream Job
Software Engineer (what I do currently)
Travel Agent
Dream Vacation
Trip to every country in South America
Family Activity
Playing the card game Skipbo
Flower / Plant
Thai food
Form of Exercise
The Game of Life
Train spotting and researching railroads/trains
Fourth of July
Independence Day
Holiday Song
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
Jingle Bells
Holiday Tradition
Watching The Year Without a Santa Claus or Babes in Toyland with my family
4th of July picnic
Ice Cream
Cookie dough
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Going for drives to new places
National Geographic
National Geographic
Memory with a Child
Walking by the water with my wife and the children she babysits.
Teaching swim lessons
Memory with Spouse
Taking a road trip from CT, to Montreal, to Maine, and back, camping along the way.
Cast Away
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.
Just keep swimming. - Finding Nemo, 2003
Movie Type
High School Musical
Musical Group
Pink Floyd
Jonas Brothers
Nursery Rhyme
This Old Man
Row Row Row Your Boat
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Elon Musk
My mom
A Bronx Tale
Edgar Allan Poe
Emily Dickinson
Quality about my Spouse
That she looks at people as individuals and doesn't generalize.
Laid back and calm
Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.
The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.
Philly Cheese Steak
John 3:16
God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
Shopping Store
Billie Jean
Still in Love with You by the Jonas Brothers
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Alex Rodriguez
Michael Phelps
Sports Team
North Baltimore Aquatic Club
Subject in School
Social Studies
Iron Man
Thing to Cook
Chicken Stir Fry
Time of Day
Just before lunch time
Exchanging common household items as christmas gifts with my in-laws, such as toilet paper or socks. I love that it shifts the focus to the thought of others rather than materialism.
4th of July Picnic
TV Show
The Office
Pretty Little Liars
TV Show Character
Hank Hill
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Type of Music
Pop rock
Vacation Spot
Costa Rica
Video Game
Yoshi's Island
Yoshi's Island

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