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Joe & Sarah

We have a home full of laughter, love, animals, music and delicious food. We feel so lucky to have such a loving home and we would like to share that experience with a child. We can't thank you enough for considering giving us the gift of adopting your child.

About Us

President and Director of Technology
Staff Psychologist
Some College - Studied Fine Art
Doctor of Psychology
Legally Married

What Makes Us Unique

Big Sur

We have been together for 16 years. We know each other, we know how to commit to being a family and we find joy in that. We have waited to add to our family to spend time with educational opportunities, career advancement and growth. We are now in a place of financial stability. We bought a house with children in mind. We have spent time building a very strong foundation financially and relationally to welcome someone else into our family.

We also value creativity, time to play and to build. For example, this weekend we spent time building a shade for one of our grow boxes in our vegetable garden. The two cats and the dog demand to be with us and love to hang out in the garden. Later, we took the dog for a walk together, she barked at some deer that went by our front yard and she rolled in the grass by the pool. Then we went home and we listened to records while cooking and goofing around with each other. We can imagine including this child in exploring the vegetable garden, playing with the animals, and dancing in the living room to songs they like.

Our Professional Lives

At a Friend's Christmas Party

Sarah knew she wanted to be a psychologist since the age of 12. She liked the idea of being able to figure people out and help them. Sarah's first two years in college were spent in England the rest of the time she was in California. It was a long road to get a doctorate in psychology but it's been well worth it. Joe was there for most of the journey. We've moved for Sarah's internship and jobs. Sarah has worked in college counseling centers in three states at three universities. Sarah also co-founded a private practice called Thrive San Luis Obispo. In her private practice she focuses on the LGBT community as a whole and more specifically on supporting transgender people. She has recently started a new job at the VA supporting Veterans. She loves what she does.

Joe excelled in the arts. He decided to study sculpture at the Laguna College of Art and Design. However changed direction to pursue graphic design, website development, and programing. Joe went on to work for several advertising agencies, start his own web development business. These experiences eventually led him to his current role with a non-profit public health research group in which he is the director of technology. Joe's main skill is that of a creative problem-solver.

It is important to both of us that we work in areas that can positively impact the wellbeing of others.

Education We Will Provide

Education is really important to us however we see the term education broadly. Sarah grew up struggling with a learning disability, Dyslexia. Joe grew up with undiagnosed ADD. We both understand that individuals needs regarding learning are diverse. Sarah and Joe chose very different paths. Sarah was determined to get her doctorate in psychology. School was often a struggle but she also found ways to gain the support she needed to succeed. Joe struggled with being able to direct his attention and struggled taking classes that were required but not of interest. He flourished once he was able to learn by doing out in the workforce.

College will certainly be part of the conversation for this child's future. We will prepare for that possibility financially. However, they will have support to pursue other educational avenues depending on their learning needs, temperament and desires. Education is important to us. We both love to teach others about our own passions and interests. Learning should happen both inside and outside of the classroom. One thing we are both clear on is we would like the child to learn how to play a musical instrument.


A Day at the Beach
A Day at the Beach
Fun With a Friend's Son
Fun With a Friend's Son
Our Special Day
Our Special Day
Hiking a Local Trail
Hiking a Local Trail
Going to Our Friend's Wedding
Going to Our Friend's Wedding
Joe Playing Guitar
Joe Playing Guitar
New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve
Sarah With Lilly & Smokey
Sarah With Lilly & Smokey
Sarah & Her Homemade Ursula Costume
Sarah & Her Homemade Ursula Costume
With Sarah's Brother, Jimmy
With Sarah's Brother, Jimmy
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A Day at the Beach
A Day at the Beach
2 / 12
Fun With a Friend's Son
Fun With a Friend's Son
3 / 12
4 / 12
5 / 12
Our Special Day
Our Special Day
6 / 12
Hiking a Local Trail
Hiking a Local Trail
7 / 12
Going to Our Friend's Wedding
Going to Our Friend's Wedding
8 / 12
Joe Playing Guitar
Joe Playing Guitar
9 / 12
New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve
10 / 12
Sarah With Lilly & Smokey
Sarah With Lilly & Smokey
11 / 12
Sarah & Her Homemade Ursula Costume
Sarah & Her Homemade Ursula Costume
12 / 12
With Sarah's Brother, Jimmy
With Sarah's Brother, Jimmy

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We love our community! We live in a gated neighborhood that overlooks a golf course. We see deer roaming around the neighborhood; we love spring time when the baby deer are born. There is a large buck that likes to sit on a hill behind our house. Our dog is pretty upset that the buck is close to the house but the buck does not care about our dog barking at him. It's pretty funny.

Our neighborhood is a mix of families with children and retirees. There is a neighborhood pool that is often filled with neighborhood kids. We live near the end of a street that dead ends, so there is rarely traffic by our house and people who do drive by know us and are careful. Our cat Lilly likes to visit all of our neighbors on the block and they tell us stories about the funny things she does when she is in their backyards.

Our house is really a dream home for us. We bought this house with growing a family in mind. Our home is 4 bedrooms with an extra space for Joe's office/music room. The center of the house is the open concept kitchen and living room. We live on a hillside overlooking trees and greenery. We have double sliding doors that open up to a balcony that overlooks the golf course. It feels like we are up in a treehouse when we open all the windows upstairs.

Our Extended Families

Joe With His Parents

We value our connections both with blood family and our friends who have become family. We have a close knit community nearby. For example, this past Thanksgiving we had nearly 20 people over which consisted of local friends and their children, some of their parents and Joe's cousin. Your child would be a part of a very loving and accepting community with many playmates available. Everyone close with us is so excited for us to adopt. We have people lining up to be a part of this child's life. We think this child will be one lucky kid because we have a pretty amazing community of warm, giving, educated, thoughtful people in our lives.

Sarah With Her Parents & Grandmother

We have another family that we annually make sugar cookies and decorate them with their kids for Santa. When we go over to their house the kids know we are coming they are so excited to see us. We have been so lucky to have found so many amazing people to include us as part of their extended families.

Our parents and Joe's brother and sister-in-law live about 4-5 hours south of where we live. We have weekly phone calls with all of them. Sarah's little brother lives out of state but he visits every year for Christmas and we are all very close.

From Us to You

We were having our annual Halloween party in 2017. Sarah dressed as the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz, Joe as a garden gnome, and Lucy (our dog) dressed as Wonder Woman. Our friends brought their 1.5-year-old daughter with them to the party. This was the first time we saw Lucy interact with a small child. Lucy and this little girl were instantly in love. Lucy wanted to lick her face and the little girl would play with Lucy's wagging tail. Watching the two of them was the moment Sarah realized, what she had known for so long, she needed to be a mom. Looking around at the fun decorations and all the people we love, Sarah knew that this home was one that any child would enjoy. It took some time but now we are here. We are here because we have so much to give.

Our home is a happy home. Even when we fight we are loving and respectful. We have been together for 16 years. Our house and relationship are filled with love and silliness. Friend's sometimes tease us that we are annoyingly cute and in love. It's all real and true. We have a profound respect for each other. We are very playful. We joke around and are silly a lot of the time. We make up songs and dance in the living room randomly. We are both invested in the other's happiness and will make sacrifices for the other.

Our home is also alive with Lucy our dog and two cats Smokey and Lilly. We've had Smokey for nearly 15 years, he is our grumpy old man. Lucy is our "Southern Belle" we got while living in TN. Lilly is our wild child who is our most recent addition, she brings us so much laughter and joy.

Our home is also filled with music. Joe's office has guitars, a cello, a really cool pump organ, drum kit, bass guitar, and a piano. We have lots of records and we are often playing music. Our home is a place of creativity. Joe built his desk that he works on and often designs and builds things around the house. Sarah likes to make up her own crochet patterns, draw mandalas and paint. Our home is a place where getting things messy is OK. Where doing something because it's fun or feels good is encouraged. It's a place where people gather and feel cared for.

Both of us are nurturing people. Joe loves to tend plants and often cooks for others as a way to show his care and desire to love. Joe is so thoughtful with the animals and feels for/with them deeply. Sarah has often been called "everyone's mom."

We want this child and you to be part of our family. While you may not be in the role of day to day care you are still the child's mother and we want to honor that. Ideally, we want the child to be loved by as many people as possible, we want the child to feel connected to all parts of their family. We want to of course send letters and updates about how the child is doing. We would like for you and the child to have some sort of connection and we hope that can evolve and grow organically over time. We think families can look lots of different ways, much of our family is not related by blood. We hope to find ways that fit for all of us to include you in our family because you will be family.

Lastly, we want to say thank you. Thank you for wanting the best for your child, thank-you for considering us, and thank you for considering such an amazing and likely excruciating sacrifice. We can't express how truly grateful we are to you.

Joe & Sarah


Our dog Lucy might be my favorite animal ever. She is so smart and loving.
I'm mildly obsessed with sea otters and bears. We are so lucky to live in a place where we can view sea otters in the wild. They are just so cute and funny. Honestly, I'm just an animal person.
Charles Bukowski
I've read and reread Harry Potter an embarrassing amount of times.
Candy Bar
Heath Bar or Skor
Milky Way or Score
The Simpsons
Bob's Burgers
Childhood Memory
My dad took me to see the Rose Parade for a lot of my childhood. We'd wake up very very early in the morning, pick up doughnuts, find parking and walk for a long time before the sun was up. We'd look at the floats up close. It was so neat!
Childhood Toy
My Little Pony was my absolute favorite for a very long time!
Children's Book
Frog and Toad, One monster after another
Almost Everybody Farts!!! I bought it for all of my friends and I have a copy for us as well. It's too cute!
Lisbon, Portugal. It's such a beautiful seaside city. I've been twice, once for a conference then the second time as part of our honeymoon trip.
Depends on what it is. For front doors, cars and! I have a lot of black in my clothing wardrobe but I also like bright colors.
Day of Week
Saturday because it's the weekend but you are not dreading Monday like might happen on a Sunday.
Fridays and Saturdays...I like the anticipation of the weekend on Fridays and the relief that comes on Friday evenings. I also like that on Saturdays there is a whole additional day of the weekend.
Creme Brulee or maybe chocolate ice cream.
Creme brulee is top of the list but I'll take an awesome cheesecake.
Disney Movie
The Jungle Book
It's a toss up between Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid. I think I could still sing every word of every song in the Little Mermaid.
Dream Car
A car that never breaks and doesn't require upkeep?
Dream Job
I feel like I am working towards my dream job. I would like to do my psychology private practice full time. I love being a psychologist but the hardest part is working in institutions so I can't wait to transition full time to my own practice.
Dream Vacation
Street food tour of the world
I love to travel so that's a tough one. I'd really like to do a Japan/Vietnam trip. I like vacations to have a good mix of time to relax and being able to connect to local culture.
Family Activity
Cooking and hanging out at home while listening to records, this is my perfect sunday.
Flower / Plant
I love fresh tomatoes so every summer I grow several different types of tomato plants.
We moved into our current house a couple of years ago and I didn't know what wisteria was but when it started to bloom I fell in love.
Chicken shawarma, reminds me of living in Saudi Arabia with my family for several years.
Everything! I love really fresh sushi. My husband is really good at making Mediterranean/Middle Eastern dishes. I've been making fresh pasta lately. We are really adventurous with food.
Form of Exercise
I like to walk our dog and ride my bike. Hiking, Weight Training.
We live in a beautiful area that offers a lot of hiking. I try to go hiking at least once a week.
Avocado on everything.
Mango, hands down.
Draw Something! My brother brings it to Christmas every year and we all laugh so hard every time.
Collecting Records, Playing Music, Building / Making things
Drawing, painting, crocheting, reading, hiking, cooking and connecting.
Halloween is my favorite holiday because of dressing up and gathering with friends.
Halloween! Closely followed by Christmas. I've been known to start making Halloween costumes in August. For both Halloween and Christmas I go all out with decorating the inside and outside of the house.
Holiday Song
Charlie Brown's Christmas Album!
Holiday Tradition
I enjoy decorating for Halloween and carving pumpkins.
My favorite Christmas tradition, which comes from my childhood, is christmas stockings. My parents would put our filled stockings at the foot of our beds after we fell asleep and we'd wake up to feeling a heavy lump at the bottom of the bed.
Ice Cream
Anything chocolate.
Anything chocolate, carmel doesn't hurt either. Although growing up mint 'n chip was my go to.
Junk Food
Nachos, but they must be well layered.
Chips and salsa (Joe makes awesome salsa with garden tomatoes)
Leisure Activity
Riding bikes, flying kites, gardening, playing music, cooking, listening to music, and hanging out with our dog.
Puttering around the house, cooking, listening to music, hanging out with our dog and two cats and working in the garden.
Memory with a Child
My goddaughter recently demanding that she gets to eat the food off my plate and her mother telling me that she usually only does that to her. I felt so honored.
Memory with Spouse
Our honeymoon was pretty amazing. We went to Portugal and Morocco.
Meeting Joe in Turkey after several weeks of being apart because he was there on business. It was amazing to see him waiting in the hotel lobby.
We watch Bad Santa every Christmas Eve.
Movie Munchie
Movie Type
We tend to watch a lot of comedy because both of us have fairly serious jobs and it's nice to take a break. But I do enjoy documentaries and fantasy as well.
Musical Group
That's a tough one. Wilco might be my favorite right now but ask me tomorrow and it might be something different. I just really love music.
This is a very hard one, we had an ever growing record collection and we both love seeing live music. I'd have to say some of my classic favorites are Bjork, Smashing Pumpkins and Bloc Party.
Olympic Event
Ice Skating and Gymnastics
Quality about my Spouse
Ability to Connect with people
That's a tough one, I honestly think he has so many awesome qualities. I'd say his creativity and generosity are a tie for the top.
Zanku Chicken, it's a Lebanese fast food place in Southern California.
Pastrami is always good but an awesome BLT is kind of the best.
Shopping Store
Hardware store, I enjoy making things.
I worked for Nordstrom in my early 20s. I really respect their customer service but we don't really live by any malls or anything like that. So I'd say Trader Joe's is my favorite store I actually go to.
Too many to name
Sport to Play
I did grow up soccer and was on the swim team. I also enjoyed playing basketball as a kid.
I was a rock climbing instructor for several summers in Yosemite at a camp! I still enjoy outdoor activities but I'm never been much of a team sports person.
Sport to Watch
I'm always a sucker for the Olympics. I love the personal stories. I'd say woman's gymnastics and ice skating are my top favorites.
Subject in School
Batman, Spiderman, The Hulk
Thing to Cook
Maybe smoking any type of meat. It's a challenge to get it right but the pay off is great!
Recently homemade pasta dishes.
Time of Day
Dusk, or just before sunset. The colors
TV Show
I think one of my all time favorite shows is 30 Rock. Joe and I quote that show to each other all the time.
Type of Music
Rock, Alternative / Indie, Electronic, Hip Hop
Vacation Spot
Big Sur

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