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Attilio & Jolie

Hello! We are Jolie and T (short for Attilio). We are grateful and excited to begin this journey. We understand that the decision you are faced with is more difficult that we can understand and we want to be able to support you. We are both doctors and we really love each other, our families and friends, adventure and travel. We look forward to getting to know you more!

About Us

Family Doctor
Doctor of Radiology
Doctor of Medicine
Legally Married

Our Lifestyle

Machu Picchu

We love our jobs but our true love is to travel and spend time with our loved ones. T works at several hospitals in the area and has about 10 weeks off a year. Jolie works at a clinic in one of the smaller nearby towns 3 weeks out of the month. We chose jobs where we could have more time off in order to spend more time together and are looking forward to having that extra time to spend at home with a child.

Paddleboarding in the Harbor Near Our Home

We enjoy nightly walks on the beach with our dog, riding our bikes downtown for a quick bite, stand up paddleboarding in the harbor, running, and learning how to surf and sail. We also have several close friends in the area who we enjoy spending lots of time with. Normally a large chunk of our time off is also filled with travel, both visiting our families and friends spend out all over the country, and exploring new places that we haven't been to yet.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Best Friends

Jolie About T: There are so many things to love about T but the one that always stands out is his kindness. He always wants to make sure that the people he loves are taken care of. He cares deeply about those he loves but also the world as whole. Just seeing the way he adores and cares for his friends and family reminds me how lucky any child will be to have him as a father. He's also very smart and handy around the house and can usually fix something once he tinkers with it for a while. T is also extremely adventurous and is always pushing us to try something new, whether it's scuba diving in Thailand or taking sailing lessons at home.

T About Jolie: Jolie is an extremely upbeat and bubbly person. One of her best qualities is that she can always see the bright side to anything and use that positive energy to make the best out of a situation. She's great at cheering up her friends and family (and most of all her husband - especially if he has a bad day at work). She's completely dedicated to the relationships she forms - whether it be her family or her patients - and is there for you at any moment. She's also very adventurous and is usually 100% on board with my latest obsessions!

What it Means to Become Parents

We Can't Wait to Explore the World With a Child!

We are so excited about the opportunity to become parents and know that we have so much love to give a child.

What we expect to like most about being parents is teaching our children important values throughout their life. For us, the importance of love and kindness to others around you is at the forefront. We also want them to develop a healthy worldview and give them the opportunity to see and travel the globe to broaden their perspective on the world.

We are also excited about the small details and love the thought of sharing things each of us loves with our child. In addition to travel this includes running and hiking, reading, playing with the dog, walking on the beach, paddle boarding, and spending time with our family. We know that being a parent is not an easy job, but we feel as prepared as we can be for this new adventure.


Hiking San Bernardino Peak
Hiking San Bernardino Peak
Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving
Our Wedding Day
Our Wedding Day
T & Sawyer Swimming
T & Sawyer Swimming
Jolie Going in for a Shift at the Hospital
Jolie Going in for a Shift at the Hospital
At the Rainbow Mountain in Peru
At the Rainbow Mountain in Peru
At Delicate Arch in Arches National Park
At Delicate Arch in Arches National Park
Snowshoeing in Northern California
Snowshoeing in Northern California
Celebrating Sawyer's 4th Birthday on the Beach
Celebrating Sawyer's 4th Birthday on the Beach
Exploring Thailand
Exploring Thailand
All Smiles
All Smiles
Hiking Down the Grand Canyon
Hiking Down the Grand Canyon
1 / 12
Hiking San Bernardino Peak
Hiking San Bernardino Peak
2 / 12
Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving
3 / 12
Our Wedding Day
Our Wedding Day
4 / 12
T & Sawyer Swimming
T & Sawyer Swimming
5 / 12
Jolie Going in for a Shift at the Hospital
Jolie Going in for a Shift at the Hospital
6 / 12
At the Rainbow Mountain in Peru
At the Rainbow Mountain in Peru
7 / 12
At Delicate Arch in Arches National Park
At Delicate Arch in Arches National Park
8 / 12
Snowshoeing in Northern California
Snowshoeing in Northern California
9 / 12
Celebrating Sawyer's 4th Birthday on the Beach
Celebrating Sawyer's 4th Birthday on the Beach
10 / 12
Exploring Thailand
Exploring Thailand
11 / 12
All Smiles
All Smiles
12 / 12
Hiking Down the Grand Canyon
Hiking Down the Grand Canyon

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Living Room

We live in a small beach town in Southern California and the street we live on dead ends right at the beach! We really love our town and our neighborhood. We know most of the people who live on our street and there are lots of young families with children that we are friends with. We have several neighborhood parks with playgrounds, but honestly the best playground is the beach. We love taking nightly walks with our dog, Sawyer, while he chases his sticks into the ocean.

Sawyer on Our Favorite Walk

Our home is three bedrooms with two large balconies overlooking the town and the ocean. Since quarantine began, T has built an enclosure for our herb garden and we are growing tomatoes and an orange tree. We love being able to watch both the sunrise and the sunset from the balconies.

One of the other things we really love about our town is the education. We are excited that there are two elementary schools close by with bilingual immersion programs, meaning children who go there will grow up being fluent in both Spanish and English.

Our Extended Families

With T's Mom & Grandma

We are very close to our families. T is from Chicago and we try to travel there a few times a year to visit his parents, brother, Grandma, and extended family. They are Italian so we love being there for holidays when it's all one big party! One of our favorite memories in Chicago is tomato picking in the fall with Mom, Grandma, and Sammy (T's little brother). After all the tomatoes are picked we make sauce and get cooking lessons from Grandma!

With Jolie's Parents

Jolie's family lives about 2.5 hours from us in Southern California. She grew up in a small town in the mountains so we love to visit her parents where we go hiking in the summer and play in the snow in the winter. Her parents visit us frequently and we love to all walk on the beach together with all the dogs!

Both our families are extremely excited about our adoption and can't wait to meet the baby!

From Us to You

A letter feels like a strange way to start a relationship with someone we don't yet know, but who we know will be important for the rest of our lives. We know there are many reasons you are making this decision, and all of them must be hard. We want you first and foremost to know that we are so grateful for your decision, that the child will be so SO loved, and that we value you and your relationship with both us and the child.

We are Attilio ("T" for short) and Jolie - a married couple residing in California. We have been together for nine years and married for three. We met the first day of our medical school orientation and just clicked. We have had a long journey since that first day - we dated long distance for three years (Massachusetts to California), gotten married, moved all over the country and even quit our jobs for six months to achieve a lifelong dream of driving to the tip of South America. We have now settled in Southern California and feel ready for the next step of life and becoming parents! We have known for the many years that adoption was the journey we would be taking and we are hopeful, excited, and as prepared as one can be for having our lives changed for the better. We are an imperfect people who love and are committed to each other in everything that we do. Our hearts are so open to loving a baby.

We are extremely excited to become parents. Our lives are filled with love, adventure, and lots of travel that we can't wait to share with a child! T is excited to run with the baby, watch Star Wars with them and do lots of playing outside. Jolie can't wait to read with them and take nightly family walks on the beach. We both really can't wait to share our love of travel and hiking with them.

We both work as physicians - Jolie is a family doctor and T is a radiologist. We are grateful to have very generous time off both to be able to spend at home with the baby and traveling to visit our friends and families. We are also very close to both our families: Jolie's is just a quick drive away and T's is in Chicago. We work to make it a priority to see them both frequently.

It is important for you to know that we are open to whatever type of contact you would be comfortable with. We are happy to call you, send photos to you, and visit if that is something that you desire. We recognize that we all have different hopes and fears when it comes to adoption, but ultimately we want you to feel happy and comfortable, we want to feel happy and comfortable, and most importantly- we want the baby to know how deeply loved they are.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for considering us.

Attilio & Jolie


Candy Bar
Reese's Pieces
The Simpsons
Childhood Memory
Carving pumpkins with my Dad at Halloween
Childhood Toy
My Cabbage Patch doll, Shan
Children's Book
Good Night, Moon
New York
Classic Movie
You've Got Mail
Day of Week
Ice Cream
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Vespa scooter
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Park Ranger
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Traveling together
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Fig tree
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Form of Exercise
Gin Rummy
Paddle boarding
4th of July
Holiday Song
The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole
O Come O Come Emmanuel
Ice Cream
Moose Tracks
Memory with Spouse
Hiking in Peru
Driving through Bolivia
The Empire Strikes Back
When Harry Met Sally
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"They were cones!" - the Wedding Singer
Movie Type
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Musical Group
The White Strips
Simon & Garfunkel
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Track and field
Quality about my Spouse
her compassion
His kindness
In N Out
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Romans 8:28
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Beef Stew
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The Mandolorian
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Ben and Leslie from Parks and Rec
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Vacation Spot

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