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Patrick & Leia

Hello! We are Patrick and Leia and the little girl you will see, that's Ava, she's the big sister. We love our family and friends fiercely, thrive when embarking on an adventure and feel at peace when outdoors taking advantage of all the Midwest's wonderful seasons. In our family 'I love you' is said daily and good morning hugs and good night kisses are a must. This is our family; silly and imperfect, full of hope and faith, and we want to share our story with you.

About Us

Contractor & Realtor
Bachelor's Degree in Business & Human Resources
Bachelor's Degree in Recreation, Parks & Leisure Services
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

We Love Being Parents!

There is nothing more fulfilling for us than being parents. Early in our relationship we knew we wanted to be parents and committed to each other that we will always do this adventure together. Our adventure has had ups and downs, and we're still always walking together.

One of the ups is Ava! When Ava came into our lives, she was her own person from the start, feisty and sweet. She showed us that parenting would be the most rewarding challenge we have ever been handed and we couldn't imagine not filling our house with more love and the beautiful chaos that only children can bring.

The downs have been the heartbreaking losses of our daughters Vivianne and Emma, who were born on the other side of Heaven at 20 weeks. The loss of our sweet daughters has taught us grace and how strong we are as individuals and a couple. We continue to move forward more compassionate, patient, and empathetic people.

We have grieved their losses and as much as we miss them, we are excited for what's to come, we are excited to continue to build our family and we are thankful for adoption. We are ready to bring another child into our family and Ava can't wait to have another little sister or brother.

Our Leisure Time

We Love Family Bike Rides

We are a family that loves to be outdoors. During the summer we spend the majority of our time at the lake, on the boat, where Ava has saved all her life jackets for her little sister or brother. We also take a big family vacation every year, where we rent out an entire resort for one week. Some of our best memories during that time are watching our family grow up around us and taking that time to play, laugh and remind ourselves how lucky we are to have one another. We also love to camp! We recently renovated a camper that has an extra bunk waiting to be filled. Waking up in nature, exploring trails by bike or 4-wheeler and sitting around a campfire with family and friends have been some of our favorite things to do.

Our Renovation Project & Second Home on Wheels!

As Ava has gotten more involved in activities, we have enjoyed being there to cheer her on! You will find Leia on the sidelines at games and practices and Patrick involved with coaching. It’s important to us that at least one parent is always present on the sidelines and showing support. We are excited for the possibility of having years of cheering and coaching to come with another little one in our family!

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Enjoying Game Day Together

Patrick: When Leia and I first met, I was drawn to her permanent and infectious smile. With her smile and laugh, she has a way of making everyone she encounters feel special. Her kindness, sense of adventure, love of live music and compassion are a constant reminder of how much better life is when you're sharing it with another person. I also admire how much family means to her and how she has shared her extended family and traditions with me and my family. I love Leia's ability to parent with calmness and unconditional love no matter the situation. As a person she is the most loving, kind and supportive mother and wife I could have ever asked for.

Leia:I knew shortly into our relationship that Pat was going to be my forever person. Pat is fun, talented, loving, hardworking, a fantastic cook, loyal, passionate and can make me laugh. I admire Pat's love he has for living his most authentic life. In a world where people try to mold themselves into what they think someone wants, he is unapologetically himself at all times, while remaining true to his values. People love to be around him and there is nothing he wouldn't do for someone he loves. I have more than a husband in Pat, I have a teammate in life. Nothing about parenting is beneath him and he has been an equal partner in our parenting journey from day one. He truly is the best Dad, and Ava adores him. I believe that with Pat by my side, there is nothing that we can't accomplish, and we are better together.


Ava Took a Picture of Mom & Dad at the Lake!
Ava Took a Picture of Mom & Dad at the Lake!
Exploring Lake Superior on a Camping Trip
Exploring Lake Superior on a Camping Trip
We Will Always Be Our Children's Biggest Cheerleader!
We Will Always Be Our Children's Biggest Cheerleader!
Dad Loves Coaching!
Dad Loves Coaching!
Family Vacation Is Great for Getting Dirty on the 4-Wheelers
Family Vacation Is Great for Getting Dirty on the 4-Wheelers
Outdoor Concerts Are a Perfect Date Night!
Outdoor Concerts Are a Perfect Date Night!
Trick or Treat
Trick or Treat
Watching Dad Train to Fight Fires
Watching Dad Train to Fight Fires
Christmas Is a Magical Time in Our House
Christmas Is a Magical Time in Our House
Pool Time While on Vacation in Tybee Island
Pool Time While on Vacation in Tybee Island
Ziplining in Costa Rica
Ziplining in Costa Rica
On the Hunt for Our Christmas Tree
On the Hunt for Our Christmas Tree
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Ava Took a Picture of Mom & Dad at the Lake!
Ava Took a Picture of Mom & Dad at the Lake!
2 / 12
Exploring Lake Superior on a Camping Trip
Exploring Lake Superior on a Camping Trip
3 / 12
We Will Always Be Our Children's Biggest Cheerleader!
We Will Always Be Our Children's Biggest Cheerleader!
4 / 12
Dad Loves Coaching!
Dad Loves Coaching!
5 / 12
Family Vacation Is Great for Getting Dirty on the 4-Wheelers
Family Vacation Is Great for Getting Dirty on the 4-Wheelers
6 / 12
Outdoor Concerts Are a Perfect Date Night!
Outdoor Concerts Are a Perfect Date Night!
7 / 12
Trick or Treat
Trick or Treat
8 / 12
Watching Dad Train to Fight Fires
Watching Dad Train to Fight Fires
9 / 12
Christmas Is a Magical Time in Our House
Christmas Is a Magical Time in Our House
10 / 12
Pool Time While on Vacation in Tybee Island
Pool Time While on Vacation in Tybee Island
11 / 12
Ziplining in Costa Rica
Ziplining in Costa Rica
12 / 12
On the Hunt for Our Christmas Tree
On the Hunt for Our Christmas Tree

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Forever Home

We live in a great area of Minnesota! Our home is on eight acres of land that is full of trees and open space for the kids and pets. Our home is open and has big windows in every room to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. We enjoy the small town community feel, quietness of the country and nature, while also having access to the city. Our home is set back from the road so kids are able to play freely. One of our favorite things is to enjoy the fire pit and relax in the hammocks we hang from the trees. You will always find family and friends gathered at our home having fun!

Our home is surrounded by parks, community centers, trail systems and lakes. Our community is a nature lovers dream and we take full advantage of it! It's also important to us that we are able to enjoy all four seasons Minnesota offers. Most weekends in the summer are spent on our boat, at the lake that is only 10 minutes from our home. During the fall and spring we take full advantage of the biking trails and in the winter we utilize the trails on our snowmobiles.

We are fortunate to live in a top school district. The class sizes are small and there is a strong focus on academics. Patrick is on the volunteer fire department, which allows us to stay connected in our community. We look forward to riding on the fire trucks in the community parades every summer!

Our Extended Families

Pat's Wonderful Parents

We love being so close to family! Ava and our future children are fortunate to grow up having a loving relationship with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We also have a close group of friends that have become family. There is nothing better than to have the constant support of family surrounding you.

Leia's Family Ready for the Thanksgiving Fun Run

The importance of living close to our families and our friends means that holidays are never dull. The holidays are about the people we share them with, the love we share for one another and a kitchen full of food. You can't not have fun with all the laughing and dance parties that take place. A few of our favorite holiday traditions are the family Thanksgiving fun-run with about 75 friends and family members, gathered in costumes, finishing a 5K. And Christmas where we trek through the woods in search of the tallest tree to cut down. The reason why these holiday traditions are so special to us, is we get to share them together, with our family and friends. These experiences also show Ava the amazing support she has surrounding her.

Family continues to evolve for us. The word family extends past blood and encompasses the friends we have, the people we work with, the community we live in and the special people we continue to meet along the way. Please know this, it would be our privilege to raise the child that you chose for us and for you to forever be a part of our family.

From Us to You

We are Patrick and Leia! We are excited for you to get to know us and would feel very lucky to get to know you. Ironically, we both went to the same college and had many mutual friends but we never crossed paths. It wasn't until after college that we were introduced to each other and our story as a couple began. Love happened fast for us and we each knew that we had found "The One". We married in 2014 and have made having and growing our family a priority.

We are a team on the good days and the bad. We take pride in the trust we put in each other, honest communication, respecting our differences, exploring the world and making sure we are having fun in the life we created together.

Our biggest pride comes from the family we are creating. We will raise our children showing them unconditional love in a strong family, rich in traditions and values.

Adoption has always been a piece of how we wanted to grow our family, we just didn't know when. After losing our daughters, we chose not to go through fertility treatments because we knew, at that time, we were being led to start our adoption journey. We firmly believe adoption is just as beautiful, wonderful and amazing as having a child any other way.

We want you to know we admire your strength and heart and we wish you peace and happiness in whichever decision is best for you and your child. We sincerely thank you for considering us if you choose to make an adoption plan. We want you to know we would never take the responsibility of parenting for granted. Our promise to you, and your child is:

We promise your child will grow up knowing and feeling constant love and support from family. We promise to give your child the tools to live a happy and successful life. We promise to share their adoption story with them from the very beginning and celebrate every milestone that happens. We promise your child will have the best big sister, who has been waiting for them as long as we have. We promise to encourage them to follow whatever dreams, no matter how big or small and help in whatever way we can to make sure they are achieved.

We promise to raise your child to be a kind, tolerant, empathetic, strong, hardworking and a loving human. We promise to hold them accountable when needed, be their biggest cheerleader, celebrate their achievements and be there to pick up the pieces on the hard days of life. We are not perfect, but we promise to be present and live in the moment to enjoy every milestone, achievement, failure and opportunity.

Through our experiences of life's ups and downs, we have learned the importance of family. The word family is not inclusive to blood, it's whatever you make it. You would always be a part of our family, however that looks. If it changes or evolves over the years, we will be here to support that relationship with us and your child. We promise to send letters and pictures so you can experience the milestones along with us. We promise to be open minded and respect the communication and relationship you want with us and your child. The most important promise we have is the promise that your child will never question how much you love them.

With Love,

Patrick & Leia


Denzel Washington
Matthew McConaughey
Kate Hudson
Goldendoodle Dog
Any autobiographies written by celebrities'
Candy Bar
Almond Joy
The Flintstones
Childhood Memory
Summer vacations to Myrtle Beach
Summers boating on the river
Childhood Toy
Cabbage Patch Dolls
Children's Book
The Day The Crayons Quit
Tickle Monster
Breckenridge, Co
New York City
Classic Movie
Christmas Vacation
Love the color of a turquoise ocean
Day of Week
Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Warm brownie and vanilla ice cream
Disney Movie
The Incredibles
Dream Car
69' chevelle
Dream Job
Running a real estate empire
Guitar or fiddle player for a band
Dream Vacation
Motorcycle trip from alaska through south america
Family Activity
Boating in the summertime
Boating on the lake
Flower / Plant
Pine trees
Mexican food
Anything Mexican
Form of Exercise
Fresh pineapple
What Do You Meme
Carpentry, Camping, Boating, fishing, snowmobiling, snowboarding
Organizing and cleaning
Christmas. I love see lights on trees, the snow and the magical feeling
Holiday Song
Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas.
Holiday Tradition
Cutting down the Christmas tree
Serving Christmas Dinner to people that don't have anywhere to go and who want to join our family
Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Junk Food
Potato chips
Ice Cream, all things ice cream!
Leisure Activity
Relaxing watching a movie
Relaxing, however that looks. Laying on the couch, camping, biking, sitting outside
Any outdoor magazine
Anything that will give ideas or inspiration to home remodeling
Memory with a Child
Taking my daughter fishing
Going to Hawaii with our daughter, Ava.
Memory with Spouse
Trip to Puerta Vallarta Mexico
Vacation to Costa Rica with 8 of our closest friends
Currently 'Chef'
Dazed and Confused and the original Footloose
Movie Munchie
Popcorn with hot sauce.
Movie Quote
Check ya later
Movie Type
Anything I don't fall asleep to.
The Newsies
Musical Group
Boyce Avenue
Nursery Rhyme
You Are My Sunshine
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Snowboarding halfpipe
Personal Hero
My Dad
My Mom and Dad
The Lion King
Quality about my Spouse
Very caring
Loving and fun
"Let It Be"
Broders Italian Pasta Bar
Yum. It's an amazing small, family owned restaurant in Minneapolis with the best food and bakery
Italian Hoagie
I love a good veggie sandwich, even though I'm far from a vegetarian.
Shopping Store
Into the Mystic. It happens to be our wedding song
Sport to Play
Softball, cycling
Dance. I danced when I was little and was on the dance team in high school.
Sport to Watch
Dance is so fun to watch, especially when a team is good and football is a fun couch activity
Sports Team
Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Twins. It's exciting to attend the games live, at the stadiums.
Subject in School
Math. I'm not sure why because I'm not good at it anymore.
Dead Pool
Family. They come and save the day all the time.
Thing to Cook
Smoking or Grilling meat
Patrick is the cook in our house but I do bake banana bread. I'm still trying to perfect it.
Time of Day
Early morning before anyone is up
Cutting down our Christmas tree as a family
Hunting and cutting down our Christmas tree in the woods.
TV Show
Top Gear
Friends. No matter how many times I re-watch it, it's still funny.
TV Show Character
Ross from Friends. Funny, loyal, compassionate and socially awkward
Type of Music
I like it all
Lover of all music, especially when I get to see it performed live
Vacation Spot
Mexico, Florida, Colorado
Costa Rica
Video Game
Original Nintendo. Mario Bros 1, 2 and 3

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