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Jeff & Marc

Considering an adoption plan is one of the most courageous choices a mom can make and we consider it our purpose to help your child grow into their most authentic self. In learning more about us, you will find we have much love to give. We believe in open adoption and would never stop honoring your courage. We invite you to learn more about us.

About Us

Refugee Employement Manager
Innovation Director
Bachelor's Degree in Spanish, Latin American Studies
Master's Degree in Marketing
Legally Married

Our Hopes for an Open Adoption

Fire Pit with Friends!

We love the idea of having an open adoption because we know your child will draw strength from knowing their mom and knowing that they ended up with us because of your boundless love for them. Your child will grow up in a loving home, part of a loving extended family and diverse group of friends. She or he will have space and grow into their best most authentic self and will have our unwavering support, commitment and help along the way.

Hanging Out with Jeff's Nephews!

We will teach them responsibility, kindness and love for others, in hopes that they will become as courageous as you are. We never want your child to wonder where they came from and we never want you to wonder how they are doing and where they are going. We believe in open adoption because you are forever a part of your child's journey. We hope to gather lots of information and pictures from you, the mother, to make a history & family book for the child to keep forever.

Our Most Memorable Moment

Tulip Fields in Amsterdam

Neither of us believed in love at first least not until we meet each other. Nevertheless, we both felt that we were meant to be together. This was put to the test early on in our relationship, when Marc's work asked to move him across the country from Miami, where we met, to Salt Lake City, two very different cities, only four weeks into our relationship. Although our families thought we were crazy, we took a leap of faith and moved cross-country together. Luckily we trusted our hearts and have had a rock solid relationship ever since. One year later, we packed up our things again and moved together to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, again for Marc's work, and spent the next five years traveling around Europe as much as we could. Some favorite places include the classics like Paris and Rome, but our favorite moments took us further afield, spending thanksgiving on small family farms in rural Italy or going hiking in Norway. Last year we returned to the US, knowing that it was time to settle down. Armed with a broader perspective we have made a home in the Midwestern Town where Marc's company is located in.

Our Lifestyle

Marc Playing the Piano with Zane

Marc loves to play the piano and has played ever since he was a little boy. In addition, he loves to sing, so there is always live music happening in the house, including everything from classical music, to show tunes, to Disney music. You name it, and the sheet music is probably part of the ever growing collection. A favorite evening is spent with friends around the piano making music together.

Jeff has a wide variety of interests, including making his own soap (lemongrass is Marc's favorite), which he frequently gifts to everyone he knows. He is very prolific so there is never a shortage. In addition, Jeff likes to play tennis and has recently developed a love for pickleball.

Together, Jeff and Marc love to make home made pizza, noodles, cookies and cakes, really anything with lots of carbs. To balance it out, they grill vegetables and corn on the cob on their smoker and work it off with a brisk walk through the neighborhood.


Hiking in Norway
Hiking in Norway
Geyser Viewing in Yellowstone
Geyser Viewing in Yellowstone
Riding Rides with Jeff's Sister Laura
Riding Rides with Jeff's Sister Laura
Visiting Marc's Hometown in Germany
Visiting Marc's Hometown in Germany
We Usually Make Pizza on Saturdays
We Usually Make Pizza on Saturdays
Sunset on the Beach in Sarasota
Sunset on the Beach in Sarasota
Jeff Baking Bread with Marc's Mom
Jeff Baking Bread with Marc's Mom
Enjoying the View at the Amalfi Coast, Italy
Enjoying the View at the Amalfi Coast, Italy
On a Bike Ride in a Local Park
On a Bike Ride in a Local Park
Out to Eat at Our Favorite Korean Restaurant
Out to Eat at Our Favorite Korean Restaurant
Visiting Jeff's Family Farm
Visiting Jeff's Family Farm
Making the Traditional Christmas Cookies
Making the Traditional Christmas Cookies
1 / 12
Hiking in Norway
Hiking in Norway
2 / 12
Geyser Viewing in Yellowstone
Geyser Viewing in Yellowstone
3 / 12
Riding Rides with Jeff's Sister Laura
Riding Rides with Jeff's Sister Laura
4 / 12
Visiting Marc's Hometown in Germany
Visiting Marc's Hometown in Germany
5 / 12
We Usually Make Pizza on Saturdays
We Usually Make Pizza on Saturdays
6 / 12
Sunset on the Beach in Sarasota
Sunset on the Beach in Sarasota
7 / 12
Jeff Baking Bread with Marc's Mom
Jeff Baking Bread with Marc's Mom
8 / 12
Enjoying the View at the Amalfi Coast, Italy
Enjoying the View at the Amalfi Coast, Italy
9 / 12
On a Bike Ride in a Local Park
On a Bike Ride in a Local Park
10 / 12
Out to Eat at Our Favorite Korean Restaurant
Out to Eat at Our Favorite Korean Restaurant
11 / 12
Visiting Jeff's Family Farm
Visiting Jeff's Family Farm
12 / 12
Making the Traditional Christmas Cookies
Making the Traditional Christmas Cookies

Our Extended Families

Jeff's Parents

Both Jeff and Marc grew up in very tight-knit and loving families which is not something they take for granted. Jeff is the youngest of three siblings and was born and raised in a loving home in Kansas, right in the middle of the country. Although he grew up in a suburb of Kansas City, he spent much of his childhood on the family farm, riding the tractor and looking after the animals. Marc has one older brother. Marc grew up in Germany, close to the black forest and his family emigrated to the United States when he was 16.

Sunset with Marc's Parents

After moving around a lot, Marc and Jeff now live in Michigan and their families live in Kansas, Florida and California. Both families love to travel and with the grandparents semi-retired they can't wait to add another child to their already busy workload of baby sitting. Jeff and Marc have a total of seven nieces and nephews so holidays are a wild and fun time. The family gets to sing songs around the piano, have a soccer match outside or just sit around to read a book, color or eat! There's always too much food to go around. Your child would be welcomed with open arms and would have plenty of cousins to play with. Marc's family still has a home in Germany so there is always the opportunity to experience what life is like in Germany too.

Our House and Neighborhood

Our House Looks Like a White Barn Which We Love!

We live walking distance to the downtown area of our University town, where you might find us indulging in ice cream or enjoying one of the many local restaurants. In the other direction is a large park with playgrounds, sports fields, pools, a community garden and a nature area popular with young families. Our neighborhood is known for being welcoming, safe and diverse with great schools in walking/biking distance. We love to go on strolls through our neighborhood and see all different kinds of families living side by side with their kids playing together. Our three bedroom house is 100 years old, very cozy, looks like a barn and is at the end of a dead end road, complete with a basketball hoop. We have been working on it a lot over the last year. It has a cool old attic, which we can't wait to turn into a child's hideaway. Our house was actually built on the other side of town but was relocated in 1960 to make room for a new hospital.

There are many programs and services offered by our community from a hands on museum, events at the library to a famous annual art fair. Older kids like to spend their summers on the river that flows through town, either in a kayak or just floating along in a tube. While the winter is cold, summers seem endless with backyard fire pits and roasting marshmallows. Summers stretch into mild falls, filled with cider mill visits, pumpkin carving and marveling at the changing leaves of century old trees.

From Us to You

We want to be honest with you from the start: We really don't know what you're going through as a pregnant woman. As hard as we try, we can't imagine what the changes to your body feel like, why you might be craving weird foods and what goes through your mind while you decide what is best for you and your child.

What we can tell you is how happy and honored we are that you would even just spend a few minutes looking at our profile to learn more about us as you are considering your options. Thank you!

We have been together for eight years, married for two and, after having lived oversees in the Netherlands for five years, have settled down in a Midwestern college town to grow our family through adoption.

Marc works in Innovation at a global restaurant company where he has worked for the last ten years. His career provides a stable foundation and has given us the ability to travel, experience new things and expand our horizon. We can't wait to share these experiences with a child. Jeff works for a local non profit organization finding jobs for refugees who have recently arrived in the United States. While Jeff knows that his calling is to be a dad, his work has taught him so much about the power of community, the difference a helping hand can make and, no matter what hardship someone faces, that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

We both always knew we wanted to be dads. From the very beginning of our relationship we knew that we wanted to grow our family through adoption. We feel so luckily to have been provided with such a great upbringing, driven by a set of strong core values. We want to provide a similar experience for a child, to help set the child on the path to live their best life. We also want you to be part of the child's journey as much as you are comfortable. Of course we commit to sending letters and pictures but ideally we would like there to be more contact. We believe that in order to know where you are going, you have to know where you came from. And we want this child to know that it came from a brave and courageous mom.

We want you to know that no matter what, this child will have a bright future full of opportunity on a path that is not preordained. Your child will know that all along the way, they have our love, support and guidance as well as a safety net in case they stumble.

We lead a happy life, have a trusting and stable marriage, have created a house full of music and laughter, filled it with a large and varied group of friends and with our families who visit as often as possible. We are all set for the next stage of our lives: To become devoted and caring dads. Even though we feel ready, we know you might not be, so we appreciate you considering us and would love to get to know you better.

Jeff & Marc


Christopher Isherwood
At Swim Two Boys
Candy Bar
Kit Kat
Childhood Memory
Family Vacations
Spending our summer in Florida (I grew up in Germany)
Childhood Toy
Tommy Tutor Play Computer
Children's Book
The Stinky Cheese Man
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Day of Week
Cinnamon Roll
Tres Leches Cake
Disney Movie
Alice in Wonderland
Dream Job
Opera Singer
Family Activity
Making Pizza
Going to the Beach
Flower / Plant
Any Fruit
Brussels Sprouts
Form of Exercise
Playing the piano and singing
4th of July
Holiday Tradition
Opening Presents!
Baking tons of christmas cookies
Ice Cream
Birthday Cake Ice Cream
Birthday Cake!!!
Junk Food
Sour Candy
Birthday Cake
Leisure Activity
Fire Pit in Backyard, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows
Going on Walks together
Time Magazine
Memory with Spouse
Our second date at an Indian Restaurant
Getting married on a sandbar in the ocean
Movie Munchie
Salty Popcorn
Movie Type
Sound of Music
So many. Sunday in the Park with George, West Side Story, Les Mis....
Nursery Rhyme
Humpty Dumpty
Olympic Event
Gymnastics, of course!
Quality about my Spouse
His Super Blonde Hair
Most thoughtful person I know
Jack Stack BBQ
Yardhouse (best vegetarian bar food)
Burnt Ends BBQ Sandwich
Veggie Reuben
Shopping Store
Colors of the Wind
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Team
KU Jayhawks
Subject in School
Spanish and Latin American Studies
Geography, English
Thing to Cook
Indian Food and Pizza
Roasted Vegetables
Time of Day
Marc & Jeff's Thanksgiving Vacation
Singing songs before opening christmas presents
TV Show
The Americans
Type of Music
Oldies, and Lady Gaga
Vacation Spot
Sarasota, Florida
The Beach
Video Game
Any Mario Game!

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