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Matt & Jordan

We cannot describe the excitement we feel at the idea of welcoming a child to our family. We will provide them with love, support and encouragement to become whoever they are meant to be, all while celebrating where they come from. The decision you are making is as selfless and full of love as they come. We hope that in this journey, you have been met with love and support. Thank you for considering us.

About Us

Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Law Degree
Master of Business Administration
Legally Married

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Enjoying the Sunset on the Front Porch

Matt About Jordan: Jordan is able to give so much of herself so completely and so easily. I love how much she loves. I respect how she simply does what she feels needs to be done to ensure the people around her are loved and cared for—whether its family, friends, or people in our community. It is rare that a person will work so hard to make the world better, and Jordan does that time after time. She does things for the right reasons and the results are amazing.

Jordan About Matt: Overall, the best word to describe Matt is constant. He is constant in showing his love and support for me, our family and friends. He is also constant in his faith and involvement with our church. He is constant in his love of learning and using that knowledge to improve our lives and the lives of those around us. He always puts the well-being of others before himself. I am married to my best friend and constant source of joy in my life. I know he will continue this in his role as a father.

Our Leisure Time

Matt Tuning His Guitar

A lot of our leisure time is spent at home cooking out on our back patio, watching a movie or spending time with friends and family. No matter how hectic life can get, we always find comfort in just being together, cooking a meal, and talking through our day. In our down time, you will find Jordan painting, reading or working on an art project. Matt loves to read and play golf.

Jordan Painting the Local Library's Windows for Winter

We are both involved in our community. Jordan raises funds to support the local library through used book sales and other events. She also volunteers at a local summer camp for at-risk youth. She loves working with the children and seeing their excitement each day. Matt has served on a number of boards and advised the local Mock Trial team. We are also active members of our church and enjoy the fellowship it provides.

We love taking weekend road trips--anywhere with great entertainment, food and sports events (especially hockey!). We love exploring, and especially enjoy visiting Farmer's Markets and finding new ingredients to try, taking cooking classes, and attending festivals.

We also take a few longer trips a year. Our favorite destination is the Caribbean. Our last big trip was a cruise through Alaska and Canada. Our dream vacation is a tour through Asia. Each year, we take a family beach trip as well as a Labor Day beach trip with friends and their children.

Most importantly, we love being together and making memories.

Cultural Diversity

Should we be presented with the opportunity to adopt a child with a cultural background different from our own, we intend to provide a home that consistently incorporates their heritage in our daily lives. As parents, we will educate ourselves to ensure we fully encompass all it means to be a culturally diverse family and create a safe environment where a child feels comfortable asking questions and exploring their background. We will also strive to seek out opportunities for them to interact socially with others of similar heritage. We will plan trips and educational opportunities outside of our town to provide an even broader understanding of who they are.

We believe a child should learn to embrace the fact that this world is a diverse place full of interesting cultures and something that should be explored and appreciated. We want them to grow up understanding their culture and knowing that we embrace it as well. Whether or not our child is a different race/ethnicity we will instill the importance of being open and accepting of all cultures and to embrace those attributes that make us different and unique.

We do know other local families who have biological and adopted children of ethnicities different from their own and will be able to utilize their experiences and advice to better provide for our child. While our community is small, it is accepting and provides a safe place for others to celebrate who they are and where the come from.


Picking Strawberries
Picking Strawberries
Weekend Trip to the Biltmore Estate
Weekend Trip to the Biltmore Estate
Naptime Snuggles With a Friend's Daughter
Naptime Snuggles With a Friend's Daughter
With Our Pups, Zelda & Zoe
With Our Pups, Zelda & Zoe
Playing Princess Candyland With a Friend's Daughter
Playing Princess Candyland With a Friend's Daughter
Jordan's Birthday Dinner
Jordan's Birthday Dinner
Pumpkin Patch Smiles
Pumpkin Patch Smiles
Matt's Catch of the Day
Matt's Catch of the Day
Movie Night In
Movie Night In
Tennessee Snow Day!
Tennessee Snow Day!
Relaxing in the Bahamas
Relaxing in the Bahamas
Exploring a Local Garden
Exploring a Local Garden
1 / 12
Picking Strawberries
Picking Strawberries
2 / 12
Weekend Trip to the Biltmore Estate
Weekend Trip to the Biltmore Estate
3 / 12
Naptime Snuggles With a Friend's Daughter
Naptime Snuggles With a Friend's Daughter
4 / 12
With Our Pups, Zelda & Zoe
With Our Pups, Zelda & Zoe
5 / 12
Playing Princess Candyland With a Friend's Daughter
Playing Princess Candyland With a Friend's Daughter
6 / 12
Jordan's Birthday Dinner
Jordan's Birthday Dinner
7 / 12
Pumpkin Patch Smiles
Pumpkin Patch Smiles
8 / 12
Matt's Catch of the Day
Matt's Catch of the Day
9 / 12
Movie Night In
Movie Night In
10 / 12
Tennessee Snow Day!
Tennessee Snow Day!
11 / 12
Relaxing in the Bahamas
Relaxing in the Bahamas
12 / 12
Exploring a Local Garden
Exploring a Local Garden

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We built our home on five acres in the country and have been here since 2018. We have a large front and back yard with lots of room for a child to play. Our home has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a large family room/kitchen where we spend most of our time. When we were planning this home, we knew we wanted to grow a family here, and we built it with that in mind. Our favorite part of our home is the wrap around porch. When Jordan was little, she loved sitting on the front porch with her grandmother. Just that small moment made a lasting memory. We hope the home we built will have the same impact on a child. Our neighbors are wonderful and it is common to see families outside grilling, playing or just walking their dogs.

We live a few minutes outside our city. Jordan was born here and Matt's family moved here when he was young. While our city is full of tradition and charm, it is continually growing. We love the idea that the same park we played in as kids will be the same park our kids play in—with a few new additions! We have annual events like our Christmas parade, downtown Trick or Treat, community BBQs and the county fair. We also live within a few hours of three major cities which allow access to shopping, sporting events, museums, and entertainment. It is the best of both worlds!

Our Extended Families

We Are Aunt JoJo & Uncle Matt to Our Friend's Daughter

We live in the same community as our parents and love the support that provides as well as the benefits it will have for a child. From vacations to dinners to holiday celebrations, our family provides a richness that only true love and unconditional support can bring.

Our Family

Holidays are big with our family. We decorate together and prepare special meals to celebrate. Jordan's mom always cooks a big breakfast on Christmas morning and we spend the day opening presents, eating and watching holiday movies. We love to grill out during the summer and Matt is our go to chef for those meals. He loves to try new barbecue recipes and our family loves to try his creations! Matt's mom bakes and decorates cakes, so she always provides dessert when we get together.

We have been blessed with selfless parents who supported us throughout our entire lives and remain an active part of our life. We talk at least daily and see each other several times a week. We know they be will an active part of a grandchild's life. Matt is an only child and Jordan has an older brother who lives in another state with his family. He and his wife have three children. Our family is as excited as we are to welcome a child and will love and support them whole heartedly from the first minute. Without question, our family has made us who we are and will help us make a child's life wonderful.

From Us to You

Words cannot adequately express the profound honor we feel knowing that you are taking the time to read our profile and get to know us a little better. Even more, we would like to express our hope that in this adoption journey you are on, you have been loved and supported by those around you. We hope to become a part of that support system and honor the hard decision you are currently contemplating.

We met in high school and were friends through our teen years, college, and into our early twenties. In 2005, Matt returned to our hometown to begin his law practice and Jordan returned to study for and receive her MBA at a nearby university. We eventually started dating in 2007­-although are parents assure us we were dating long before that! After Jordan finished graduate school, she moved several hours away to start her career and we continued in a long distance relationship. In 2009 we were married and decided to settle back in our hometown. Even before we were engaged we knew that we wanted a family and that at least a part of that family would come through adoption. We chose to build a home where we grew up because we knew firsthand the type of childhood and love it would provide as a community. Our parents also live close by and just as our grandparents were a large part of our lives, we knew we wanted our children to have the same experience with our parents.

After we were married, we realized that our careers were both time consuming and as we work towards building our family we have been blessed that Jordan is able to stay at home so we have more time for each other, our family and future children. The decisions we have made during our marriage, where to live, how to manage our careers, even the house we built, were made with our dream of having a family and providing the best for a child in terms of attention, support, and opportunities.

Your child will be the center of our world and the first thought in all that we do. We want them not only to have a life that is full of unconditional love and support, but we also want to supply them with the confidence and tools needed to pursue their dreams-whatever they may be. We look forward to the simple joys of attending church together, blowing out birthday candles, reading bedtime stories, and just sitting on the porch making funny faces. We also will ensure they have every advantage we can give them and know that we will always be there for them no matter where their life takes them.

We are excited to share letters, photographs, and mementos with you as your child grows up. We understand the comfort and assurance an open adoption can provide for everyone involved, and we are committed to pursuing that relationship with you.

We want you to know that we truly appreciate this opportunity and that your child will know that the decision you made to entrust them with us is the greatest honor of our lives. They will know that your decision was made out of love, and that their life is full of people that love them, wanted the very best for them, and made hard decisions with their best interests at heart.

We would love to have the opportunity to get to know you better, and we pray the Lord will bless you in your journey and in the future!

Matt & Jordan


The Rock
Keanu Reeves
Scarlett Johansenn
Sandra Bullock
Koala Bear
JRR Tolkein
Roald Dahl
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maude Montgomery
Candy Bar
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Scooby Doo
Muppet Babies
Childhood Memory
Camping with my Dad
Baking bread with my grandmother.
Childhood Toy
Any type of paint, clay or markers.
Children's Book
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
New Orleans
New Orleans
Classic Movie
The Bishop's Wife
Now Voyager
Day of Week
Disney Movie
Sword in the Stone
Dream Car
Jeep Wrangler
Dream Job
College Professor
Dream Vacation
The Maldives
Family Activity
Cook Outs
Family Dinners
Flower / Plant
Fettucine Alfredo
Form of Exercise
Strength Training
Settlers of Catan
Playing the guitar
Painting and Pottery
Holiday Song
Auld Lang Syne
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Christmas Even Dinner with our family
Our town's annual Christmas Parade
Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Junk Food
White Powdered Donuts
Cheez Its
Leisure Activity
Visiting the beach
Golf Digest
Southern Living
Memory with a Child
Visiting a pumpkin patch with our friends little girl.
Teaching my then baby niece to blow raspberries at her dad!
Memory with Spouse
Our first trip to the Bahamas in 2013.
Our first trip to the Bahamas.
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
The Princess Bride
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
I should not have said that! Hagrid, Harry Potter
"Well that escalated quickly!" Ron Burgundy
Movie Type
Les Miserable
Meet Me in St. Louis
Musical Group
Rolling Stones
Too many to name!
Nursery Rhyme
Five Little Monkeys
Wynkin, Blynkin and Nod
Olympic Event
Figure Skating
Personal Hero
Teddy Roosevelt
My Mom
Miss Saigon
A Christmas Carol
Rudyard Kipling
Christina Rossetti
Quality about my Spouse
Sense of humor
The selfless and devoted way he loves his family and friends.
Commander's Palace
Texas de Brazil
Grilled Cheese
"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has trouble enough of its own." Matthew 6:34
"I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken. Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest secure," Psalm 16:8-9
Shopping Store
The Container Store
All Along the Watchtower, Jimmy Hendrix
Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Jack Nicklaus
Not a big enough sports fan to have one!
Sports Team
University of Georgia Football team
Nashville Predators
Subject in School
Iron Man
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
early morning
Watching Charlie Brown holiday specials on their coordinating holiday.
Christmas Eve Dinner
TV Show
Boston Legal
Greys Anatomy
TV Show Character
Sherlock Holmes
Sheldon Cooper, Big Bang Theory
Type of Music
Classic Rock
All the types! Mostly rock/pop genre.
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Legend of Zelda
Super Mario Bros.

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