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Michael & Chelsea

We feel extremely grateful for the opportunity to become parents through adoption. To trust us to be your child's parents, would be mean the world to us. We promise to spend the rest of our lives loving your child as our own and creating a home where they are loved and accepted. We appreciate you reviewing our profile during this time in your life and will continue to respect the decisions you make!

About Us

Director of Investment Strategy
Benefits Manager
Master's Degree in Finance, Economics and Mathematics
Bachelor's Degree in International Business and Marketing
Legally Married

Our Family Traditions

Family Fun at Ribfest!

Two of our most important family traditions are Ribfest and summers in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Ribfest is a tradition on Michael's side of the family. It started 30 years ago when Michael's dad and uncles got into a disagreement about who cooked the best ribs. The disagreement eventually turned into a weekend celebration where each participant cooks several slabs of ribs and those in attendance conduct a blind vote on which ribs taste the best. At first, the parties were relatively small and hosted at Michael's uncle's house. The celebration has now evolved into a full weekend event with over 70 family members filled with children and friends in attendance. The winner gets to take home a handmade trophy constructed by Michael's dad, which has all prior winners engraved.

On Chelsea's side, family reunions are hosted in Cannon Beach, Oregon over the summer. Chelsea's family has lived in Oregon for generations, so it has become a symbolic gathering place. Our summer's are spent waking up for early morning strolls along the tide pools near haystack rock, riding bikes across the beachfront and visiting the local candy shops to try out the newest salt water taffy flavors. At night the whole family gets together for dinner by the fireplace to tell stories and reminisce. We are looking forward to carrying on these traditions with our children for years to come!

Addressing Cultural Diversity

It was an easy decision for us to be open to all races and backgrounds for adoption. We will love our child unconditionally and have no concerns about our family extending the same love. However, we recognize the importance of not only teaching our child the traditions from our different backgrounds but also from recognizing and celebrating their cultural differences. We want our children to love themselves in both our similarities and our uniqueness. Living in a city, we both appreciate the mix of individuals we get to connect with on a daily basis. We feel strongly about exposing our child to different traditions and customs to develop their knowledge of the world and to cultivate a stronger connection with them self.

Chelsea was raised in a blended Caucasian and Hispanic family, while Michael was raised in a family of Sicilian and German decent. In our households now, we continue to celebrate our families historical traditions and also like to incorporate other customs picked up from friends or during travels abroad. We understand that there are important conversations that need to be had as our child grows and steps out into the world. Although we are aware that a child may not resemble us in appearance, we will be there to protect, guide and teach others to spread the message of acceptance and inclusion. Chelsea continues to be involved in many peer groups discussing cultural differences and we would be proud to continue championing diversity at home.

Our Individual Strengths

Morning Strolls Along the Ocean

Michael about Chelsea: Chelsea is energetic, adventurous, empathetic, and a great conversationalist. Chelsea 's personality always lights up the room and makes sure no one ever feels left out. One of the thing I love most about Chelsea is the way she forms deep connections with those she holds close in her life. Chelsea has always taken the time to understand how people around her are feeling so she can better relate to their unique situation. She is one of the first people friends and family go to if they need something because they know they can count on her. I am excited to watch her become a mother and share all of her unique qualities.

Chelsea about Michael: I was first drawn to Michael because he had a warm smile and inviting eyes. Michael is calm, rational and humble. When problems arise I feel lucky to have someone like Michael who can remain patient and come up with a solution. Michael is also very good at recognizing strengths in the people around him. I have watched him interact with our niece and I love the way he builds up her confidence even doing small things like coloring inside the lines. I know Michael will be a dad that will stay up all night finishing a science project or spend the entire weekend building an elaborate fort!


Making Our Families Traditional Limoncello!
Making Our Families Traditional Limoncello!
Wearing Matching Pajamas on Christmas Eve
Wearing Matching Pajamas on Christmas Eve
Playing Games with Our Niece!
Playing Games with Our Niece!
At Our Favorite Lookout!
At Our Favorite Lookout!
Cousin's Spa Day!
Cousin's Spa Day!
Hiking to the Top of Moorea Island
Hiking to the Top of Moorea Island
Our Niece Lily!
Our Niece Lily!
Michael and His Older Brother Joe
Michael and His Older Brother Joe
A Cozy Breakfast
A Cozy Breakfast
Fall Walks Along the Lakefront Path
Fall Walks Along the Lakefront Path
Lounge Wear for Warm Weather
Lounge Wear for Warm Weather
Great Day Spent Boating in Our Home City!
Great Day Spent Boating in Our Home City!
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Making Our Families Traditional Limoncello!
Making Our Families Traditional Limoncello!
2 / 12
Wearing Matching Pajamas on Christmas Eve
Wearing Matching Pajamas on Christmas Eve
3 / 12
Playing Games with Our Niece!
Playing Games with Our Niece!
4 / 12
At Our Favorite Lookout!
At Our Favorite Lookout!
5 / 12
Cousin's Spa Day!
Cousin's Spa Day!
6 / 12
Hiking to the Top of Moorea Island
Hiking to the Top of Moorea Island
7 / 12
Our Niece Lily!
Our Niece Lily!
8 / 12
Michael and His Older Brother Joe
Michael and His Older Brother Joe
9 / 12
A Cozy Breakfast
A Cozy Breakfast
10 / 12
Fall Walks Along the Lakefront Path
Fall Walks Along the Lakefront Path
11 / 12
Lounge Wear for Warm Weather
Lounge Wear for Warm Weather
12 / 12
Great Day Spent Boating in Our Home City!
Great Day Spent Boating in Our Home City!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Family Room

We live in a large urban city in Illinois, whose vibrant scenery and diversity first attracted us. We are located in a safe, family-friendly neighborhood 1 block from our local elementary school, community parks and recreational center and the lakefront. Being close to the lakefront gives us access to kid-friendly beaches, playgrounds, baseball fields and programming such as the Air and Water show. We are also situated three blocks from our cities baseball stadium which was recently renovated to present outdoor movies during the summer months and events like the Christkindle market and ice skating during the winter.

We own the top floor of charming three story walkup originally built in 1905. Our living room is outlined with two beautiful bay windows which are flooded with natural light during the day. Although our place is not expansive, we have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms that have been decorated to feel cozy and warm. The other 2 couples in our building are families with young children who we envision interacting with often during our children's playdates. We love living in the city, and the opportunity and cultural diversity it provides!

Our Extended Families

Chelsea Camping with Her Two Sisters

We are both fortunate to have big loving families with a host of unique traditions and personalities. Michael grew up in a large Midwest city with his parents and two older brothers. Both his parents, grandmother, brothers and two young nieces live within a 20 minute radius which makes it easy for us to drop in for some of his mom's homemade Italian cooking or for Chelsea to sneak in a quick "race" with our oldest niece. Every year Michael's family hosts a rib cooking competition in the summer called "Ribfest"- the whole family gets together in Michigan for bonfires, wine tasting and a lot of barbeque.

Michael's Family

Chelsea was raised in a few locations throughout the Midwest in a big extended and blended family! Her parents are both happily remarried, with a total of 6 siblings and 3 nephews. Chelsea's family has a love for adventure and the outdoors. We block out a few weekends throughout the year to vacation in the west coast and spend time near the ocean. Chelsea and her father have been taking trips to the coast ever since she was a little girl and it is her dream to take her children for walks along the ocean with her someday.

Both our families are overjoyed at the possibility of welcoming a child into their lives! Chelsea's mother was adopted and cannot wait to become a grandparent through adoption as well!

From Us to You

Words cannot express our admiration for the choice you are considering and we hope to be supportive partners throughout the process. We understand that there are many unknowns but we promise to try to alleviate any stressors by remaining patient and respecting your boundaries.

As time progresses, we hope our relationship grows organically so we can find comfort in our unique connection and develop a lasting bond filled with mutual respect for one another. The two of us welcome the idea of having an open adoption. Whether it’s through photos and letters, emails and phone calls, or in person visits, we want you to know the door is always open for communication. We know adoption will have its ups and downs, but we are committed to the well-being of your child and feel that you are an important part of it!

Adoption is something we have talked about since we met and have never viewed adoption as a secondary choice to having children biologically. Chelsea’s mother and aunt were both adopted at a young age into a household of a different ethnic background. Chelsea has seen firsthand how wonderful adoption can be and it was always something she wanted for her family.

Our relationship is a classic example of opposites attract. Chelsea is energetic, intuitive, and quick-witted. Michael is calm, methodical, and has a dry sense of humor. We began dating just over 4 years ago and recently celebrated our 1-year wedding anniversary. In our free time, we enjoy spending time outdoors with our families, playing with our cat, Bandit, or going on one of Chelsea’s spontaneous adventures. As a couple, we love to travel the world - exploring new cities, tasting different cuisines and making friends in different countries. We envision taking our children on these adventures as they get older so we can instill an appreciation for all cultures and give them the ability to navigate the world from different vantage points.

We want our child to have a strong sense of identity and a respect of their cultural history and traditions. It is also important for our family as a whole to celebrate our child's background and embrace everyone's unique character. Both of our families have rich histories that we cannot wait to share with our children someday and we think adoption will only add to the beauty of our blended family backgrounds.

Michael is most excited to share his love of baseball, barbequing and mathematics with our children someday. He loves attending sporting events with his brothers and nieces, and hopes to one day carry his own children on his shoulders for an outing at a game. Chelsea can't wait to take the kids out to the beach to run barefoot on the sand, collect seashells and build sand castles. She is most excited to share her love of the arts, music and outdoors with her children so they can continue to grow their imagination and live their lives to their fullest potential.

We are confident that we can provide all of the resources necessary to make sure your child is set up for success in life. Your child will be loved unconditionally by the two of us and our extended families. We cannot begin to imagine the difficulty of your decision but we sincerely thank you for taking the time to get to know more about us and we hope to learn more about you!

With love,

Michael & Chelsea


Leonardo DiCaprio
Christian Bale
Scarlett Johansson
Meryl Streep
Michael Lewis
C.S. Lewis
Under Plum Lake
Candy Bar
Kit Kat
Milky Way
Hey Arnold!
Childhood Memory
Chicago summers playing backyard baseball
Taking early morning walks on the beach with my father to look at the tide pools
Childhood Toy
Silly Putty
Children's Book
Peter Rabbit
Angelina Ballerina
Portland, Oregon
Classic Movie
Pride and Prejudice
Day of Week
Chocolate chip cookies
Carrot Cake
Disney Movie
The Lion King
Dream Car
Dream Job
General manager for a baseball team
Run a Nonprofit for Children
Dream Vacation
Remote Island Vacation
Seychelles in East Africa
Family Activity
Wine tasting
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
Hot yoga
Fantasy Baseball
Traveling and trying new foods
Holiday Song
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Let it Snow
Holiday Tradition
Making manicotti with my Italian grandmother
Cooking large batches of tamales for Christmas with my father
Ice Cream
Mint chocolate chip
Vanilla with Caramel
Junk Food
Jays Hot Chips
Jays Hot Chips
Leisure Activity
Going to the beach
Going for walks along the lake front
The Economist
Travel and Leisure
Memory with a Child
Sleepover party with our niece
Playing Barbies with our niece and baking fake Playdoh cakes for the Barbies to eat.
Memory with Spouse
Honeymoon in French Polynesia
Shawshank Redemption
Home Alone
Movie Munchie
Red Vine Licorice or Sour Patch Kids
Movie Quote
Get busy living or get busy dying.
Movie Type
Musical Group
The Beatles
Olympic Event
Ice Skating
Personal Hero
My Dad
Langston Hughes
Quality about my Spouse
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams - Eleanor Roosevelt
JP Grazianos
BLT Club
Italian sandwich with hot peppers
Shopping Store
"Let it be," The Beatles
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Michael Jordan
Sports Team
White Sox
Subject in School
Iron Man
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
My family hosts its own Ribfest in Michigan every year
Saturday morning breakfasts
TV Show
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Office
TV Show Character
Michael Scott
Five from the Umbrella Academy
Type of Music
Hip Hop
Hip Hop and Country
Vacation Spot
Southern California
Hanoi, Vietnam
Video Game
Mario Kart

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